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so i was work in enginear on my 1st day cuz i was good at numbers and stuff and who was there but ichib (sry i speld it SO wrong last time... OOPS!)!1

so tho i was fixing up the engine things in the tubes i keep an eye on ichib because he is the only guy who iskind of mine age.

he was real smart too and was callibreating the wharf nasels. i saw his silver eye thingy and it looked kind of tuff like a tatoo but not sin full like a tatoo because he obvs did not choosing to get the silver borf impant.

"um hi shaundrah how are you my name is icheb"

"oh ya i know" i saying.

he set aside his trixorder and stomped up to me but nobody saw evin though belana tores and also that vulcan dude was there.

"i guess every one knowing everry one else hear."

"Ya!" I say modistly.

"well it is excilent to meet you shaundrah becuase i heard that you saved the ship with your knowlidge of twenty century cultuer!" i srarred at him and he look really cute but his face turned pink and he looked away from my gaze. "ummm i totaly better go i gotta fix this crap and stuff."

"i under stand I gotta callibreat the engins too maybe i will see u at dinner then bye."

so he walked away and crawled into a tube with his trickorder and then belana tores told me to get back to work cuz she was kind of mean and prob would have been more happy if she stay home with her little baby.
So then I want to diner and I sat down and I ate some food but it taste like s**t so i aksed nellix if I can use the repeator to make me sth proper!!! I have a HUGE hinkering for red vines and slurpeys.

"Umm noooo!" nellix say "it take too much energies to reapplicate the food!!!

"um i just saved the ship man" I said don't you think that i deserve a little kind ness especially sence i am from a diferent time where we have diferent foods and i got bad in degestion from this food"

"nooo, um, i don't think so just eat your algey poridge yummy yummy like a little shuttel going into a shuttel bay your spoon in ur mouth"

everyone in the dining room glarred at nellix because everyone hates nellix.

then hary kim roled his eyes and walked up to the repleater. "hear you have your rations you can order something better than algey porridge just tell it what u want."

so I say to computer "um can i have some red vines and a super big gulp mountain dew slurpey?"

then it made it and everyone cheered and nellix ran back to his slop-making kitchen and i sat down and sharred the yummy candy with Harry kim.

"you are interesting shaundrah, you must know everything bout the 20th century... it must be so interesting, you could be a historean when u get back to earth..."

"but are't we like 60 yars from home?"

He sigh. "ya. it sucks."

and then we sat and ate the lickorish together in depressing silents.
so i goy my paino techaer to look this over and make it spelld goof becase on my other sotry my readers told me the storey was beeter when i made sara look it over

hope u likw it!!!!!1!!!!!11!

xoxox biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin


I went to school with Eecheb each day. Also with some other people. But Eecheb was very shy around me. Every boy is. I have very long brown hair and sapphic blue eyes and wear feminine and flowing long skirts with beautiful Chinese Laundry espadreels.

So every day I would go to the classes taught by Tom Paris and Tucok and Sever of Mine. I would sit down next to Eecheb and smile. But Eecheb would just look away and not talk to me ever. (BTW to answer of a question from my STUPID COSINE AMY, NO that is not a sign that EECHIB IS GAY).

It was so good for a long time... three weeks passed and every one was happy on Voyager.


I was sitting with Harry Kim like I always did at lunch time, eating some algey slop from Nellix. We were talking about how much we both loved hanging out and watching Teen Mom, drinking cherry cola and eating licorice whips. Harry was the super nicest person on Voyager and we totally hung out whenever Nomi Whiteman was busy (you know the girl with the spiky face).

Then suddenly the whole ship went BOOM and shook violetly! Algey slop plates flew everywhere in the dining room! People screamed!

"OMG Harry, what's that?" I asked.

"I dunno, Shaundrah..."

The lights went out and I screamed. I felt Harry's hand on my shoulder to calm me down.

The emergency lights came on. When I looked toward the hand it wasn't Harry, it was... EECHEB! He had somehow come into the room without me noticing.

Harry glared at Eechib. Eechib took his hand away from my shoulder and looked to the ground and scuffled his blue pumas against the carpeting.

"Eechib, you report to Seven of Mine." He looked at me. "Shaundrah, you get to Nomi Whiteman's apartment. The two of you can stay there until I find out what's going on."

I nodded and so did Eeechib. Except when I turned to grab my purse from the ground, I caught a glimpse out the window... and gasped.

"Look, Harry, Look!" I pointed.

Out the window was an enormous bog cube!!!

Nomi wideman and me sat in her apartment. She was big now so she got her own apartment. We sat there and chewed gum and read a couple of future Seventeen magazines.

"So um what do u tink of HARY?" she asked me as she pooped a bubble.

I craked a even bigger bubble. "Um he is super nice. Why?"

"ya i think he realy likes u, cuz you're pretty and modist, you are so thin but still so curvey."

"Aw ur the best sweetz," I replyed. "But u are so awsom too, look at ur fabulous hare!"

"Well I tink Hary likes u and also Echeb."

"OMG... um... are you intrested in them?"

"WUT ME?" Nomi said "NO WAY HOSAY. I am only ment for one guy and that is Q Junoir, once he gets 19 and gets a job were gonna get maried."

"Oh ok."

Then there was a big CRASH and the ship shook. I wnated to be in the fight mabey fixing stuff in endginearing, or maybe going to the bredge and helping but i told hary i would stay in nomi's apartment so i keep my premeses!

then nomi's cream soda fell on her lap.

"oh no!!!" she said "i will brb just gonna run and take a shower to get this sticky stuff off my pants!"

so she went in the shower

but then while she was in the shower the lights all went off... it was totaly scray...!

then there was a hideous green lite that appeared in the corner of hte room... it was........ A BROG!

i scremed but nobody cold hear me over the big shower noise....

"hello shaundrah it is i the borg queen" the bog said but it was in ny head, not in my ears "thou art especally important to the bog, for thy can help us..."

"no i will not help u!" i replyed

"yes u must... u must, shaundrah or we will asemblate harry kim!!!!"

"no not hary he is my best frend on voyager!" i cryed

"thy frend wilt be asimbilated... unless u kill icheb and bring us back his body"

"nooooo!" i scremed "i could never do that"

"thine can make thy choice either icheb or harry but if we kill harry we will also asibilate the whole of voyager."

the bog queen came close to me and there was a black thig in her hand and then she dropped it on the bed...... and then she vanished into a ball of green lite!!!

Then the lites came back on and I could see and i saw that the bog queen had left a black bottle on the bed!!! i knew from looking tat it was filled with POSION!!!


BTW this is based on a real thing that hapend in my life one time there was a crean soba on my frends coffee tabel then it fell in her lap and she had to showr
I picked up the bootle. it was filled with squickly glitery things and i was sertain it was filled with posion.

the shower came off and the door opened and out walked nomi wideman in a bath robe. i slipped the poson into my skirt pockit and smiled as if everything was A-OK.

"hay did i hear u screan, shaundrah?" she asked

"Scream? oh um ya.... but it was just cuz the lites went out, u no I am totaly scared of the dark!"

"Realy? No i diddent know that, weird, anhow, it seems like the red alert is over."

I walked to the window and peared out. there was no sine of the brog cub outside anymore.

"ATENSHION CREW MEBERS!" Captan Janeways voice came thru the ceiling spekers. "The bog have flown away. we donot know why. we did not defete them with our fire power. But every spair hand must attend endgineering and assist with repares to the dilithium chamber so we can get the hell out of bog space ASAP!"

I turn to nomi whiteman and she nodded resolutly. "Let's get down there right now!"


We both left but as I did i could not help but think of the borg queen who came into nomi's apartmint. was it just a dream? or was i really now suposed to be a hired, secrete killer of the BROG?
HAY EVRY1 if u wana see pictur of GAUTAMLAA just drop me a privet messege! ALSO ITS ON MY NEW FACEBOOK AT ME AS FREIND! Shaundrah Courtney M. I have a pic of a girl with a flag.


i felt tortuered over the horribel encounter with the brog queen for so long. At least 3 days i kept that poision in my pocket, argueing with myself whether i want to use it, whether i should ignore it, or whether it was all in my hed and actually i just found the poision and amnesiad a memory of the borg queen giving it too me.

But then i fell asleep in my apartment and i had a dream.

"Hello Shaundrah! It is I, the queen of the majisty of the brog! How art thou doing today?"

"Um I am ok."

"So have u poisioned Echeb yet?"

"Um no... i kind of was busy latley, Maam."

"Oh. Thou art a very busy girl round here. But please do it by end of week, otherwise, thine will be asimbilated, as we must do it by the end of the week."

"Why in such a rush your majisty?"

She sighed and rolled her eyes at me. "Becuase we have a time line we must meet. Should we not compleat this assimilation by Friday at five... thine future shalt be messed up."

The queen reach into my pockit. She knew exacly where i had kept the posion. When she pull it out i smile in embarisment.

"thou needst to give this to harry kim!!! DO IT SHAUNDRAH!!! BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!"

i shiver and open my mouth but sudenly she had run away in a gigantic cloud of green borgish light, and i was left alone in my apartment... but then I realized... IT WASN'T a dream. IT WAS REAL!


What would I be watching?
BTW MY PAINO TECAHER HAS EDIT THIS FOR US THANX!!! Also thx for my sister KYLEAGH who is given me inspiration!


The poison sat in my hand like a steel weight as I shuffled toward the dining room. What could I do? I liked Harry; but I also liked Icheb. The brog had stopped attacking us - but this was only because Her Majesty the Brog Queen excepted me to kill Harry with the poison!!!

When I walked in Icheb wasn't there but Harry was and I turned around to leave, feeling guilt in my heart that I was involved in any plan to poision him. I sighed. Deep.

"Shaundrah come here and have some dinner with me and also 7 of 9."

"OK..." I tried not to cry at his happy looking face. How was I suposed to get out of this? The other members of the crew were all so cold and mean and old.

"So I was jsut reading this book it's really good called Left Behind, i am on the fourth book already, and the evil one world governmint reminds me a lot of the brog..."

"it is allot like the Fediration of Plants," I replied.

Harry nodded. "Yeah, i guess so. I never think about it that way. The Bible tell us not to go for big governmnet like that."

"The Maw Kee believe in that." 7 of 9 say. "They make up half our crew and that is why so many of them are followers of our SAVIOR."

"Mabey we cold start a weekly Bible study, that mite be interesting. Voyager can be realy boring at times," Harry said.

He was just so nice and wonderful. Here he was talking about sweet fellowship, knowing I would apreciate it, and here I had a bottle of poision in my pocket which was meant to be used on him.

I ran away, sobbing loudly.

"Shaundrah, shaundrah, whats wrong..." I heard him call after me but I ran really fast and hid in one of the craggo bays so he could not find me.

What was the best way out of it???
I hope u liked the last chapie! This one is edited by my cosine, AMy since my paino teacher is away in Flordia visiting her granny. She is pretty smart despiet going to pubicl school... : THANX AMESSSS!


I tiptoed through the jefreys tubes. I knew seven of 9 would be in there somewhere because she could not transstport away, and she could not steal a shuttel.

"6 of 9, wher are you?" I called out "I have some redvines and some watermelon slurpy!"

I figuered that everyone loves those things, even an immodestly dressed, masculinely behaving ex-brog. But she did not reappear. I was descouraged and let out a deep sigh.

Then I was in the hospital and Naomie was there. She lied on a bed looking all paled and sick. Harry was in the bed beside her. The doctor said, "Oh no!"

"Whats wrong with her."

"I dunno" the Doctor replied. "It seems there are borg nanna probes in her bloods streams."

"I csn't believe it! First Ha then Naomi rry. What is heppening to my freinds?"

"Coinsidents." The Doctor Said.

I nodded it had to be. Knowing i caould do nothing at that point I left the hospital and I returned to my room and lay down on mybeutiful 4 poster bed and tried to rilax. Sudenly I heard a voice that came through all the speakers in my room... and the lights were green!

I gasped!


"Who is it?" I looked arund but could see nobody. I felt scared. I jumped up from the bed and ran to the door bt it did not open like the doors are supposed to open (like the doors at walmart or piggly wiggly), and there were no handles. I tried to grab something to pull the door open but my hands just slid all over it slippery and smooth.

"there is no escaping me, shaundrah."

"Is that... 7 of 9?" I gasped

The womans voice laughed satinistically and low. I pressed my body aware the door and began to pray quietly.

"where are you?" i demanded!

"dont take that tone with me, you inlosent CHIlD!" She let out an evil hiss.

"Are you... using the ship computer to blare your voice in my room?" I asked "I can track you down..."

"By the time you figure out where I am, I will already be gone, hahahahahAHA! No, Shaundra,h I bring you a message from her majisty the BORG QUEEN."

I waited. She took a moment, and then she spoke loudly.

"If you do not kill Icheb as you were demanded..." She cackled evilly. "We shall kill each and every one of your friends!"

I gasped and fainted a little bit. "So... so you did that to Naomie and Harry! YOU MADE THEM SICK!"

She answered only with a long and evil laugh. I passed out.


also i just want say fanficton dot net sux because they deleated my story about Herminoe gRanger becomming a CHRISTINA and i think they just have discrimatory policies about my religion!!!

i desided to walk around te ship to cleared my head. sudenly i saw q! the young good looking q not the old one AND he was carrying a big baskit of red vines and nachocheese bugles, all ov my favorite things!

"Hello shaundrah i have been watcching u from affar and i think you are the utterly cherming member of the carew! your faith and ccountenance and your knowledge of 21 century culture is unmatched!" he handed me the baskit "i bring you some gifts of your time..."

i looked thru the basket and there were red vines, cheese bugels, some cans of barqs root beer, a copy of the dvd Couragous, and even a copy of sara mally's book before you meet prince charming (my fave) signed by the author!

"WOW!" i said "its as if u know me perfectly!"

we looked out the window beside one another and he looked very turmoiled and intelligent. his hair looked very beutiful and he wore a perfect checkered shirt and a pair of really nice abercormbie jeans and a pair of converse with neon yellow laces. he looked like a guy off the cover of a magazine or from a boy band or some thing.

"I do said q "I have watched u for a long, long time... i knew you were a very special girl, shaundrah."

suddenly he snapped his fingers and we were at chick fila, my favorite restarant, and i had a plate of chicken burger in front of me. q sat across from me watching me with his dark forest black eyes. he had the same chiken burger, and he had got a plate of fries and a pepsi for us to share. we just sat there and ate for a while and i really enjoy the taste of not-replicator, not nellix sloppy food. we did not have to say anything.

"shaundrah i am sure u want to go home, don't u?" he asked after a while

"yes,, yes, please!" i said.

"your wash is my command, my dear" he whispered "I will visit again soon..."

and he snaped his fingers and suddenly i was on my bed, and my abeka booklets was beside me, and i could hear britney downstairs singing and using the vacum cleaner.

i stood up and i looked around. i looked out the window - it was lawn out there! no stars or brogs!

"Praise the lord!" i said "he sent me Q to rescue me!"

I ran downstairs and began helping my mom make girlled cheese sandwich for lunch. but i would soon learn that it was not the end of 24 sentury for me...
oh wait sory she didn actually edit this capter, she edited the next chapter sorry


I spend three months in home, just hanging out with my sisters and brothers and attending on line univresity. I study online.
I many times thinking about Voyager... about beutiful Harry and Echeb and my awsome friend Naiomi Wideman. But there something missing and I jsut did not enjoy vacuuming and studying like I used to before Voyager.

Had they ever gone home? Had Harry and Naiomi ever recovered from their illness? I felt rack with gilt. I just left tem there, at the foreis of the Brog Queen and her Brog Army.

So one day i had a great idea and I walked down the street to the library at Patrick Henry College and looked through the really old books and I found a entry in one ancient book about Voyager. I read it to my self "Voyager the starship it was asimbilated by the Brog Queen only 17 years after it got lost in space leaving... 0 people alive. It happened just after a grate member of the crew, Shaundrah, a person who had a vast knowledge, vanished mysteriosly from the ship."

I gasped! Then dropped the book!

Then the libarian yelled at me for dropping books and I ran away back home. That night i did not even want to eat even though Britney had made her specialtey, frito pie with bacon and I usually loved it. I just sipped on diet rootbeer in my room and sobbed for my friends who had died... HARRY and ECHEB and NAIOMI!

If I had styed... I probably could have saved them, I was sure of it!

Then suddenly one day there was some one at the door to my parents house. It was a streange boy. My father almost shooted him because he just showed up, like actually just WHOOSH appeared... witch obviously confused my father grately! I went down and saw him.

It was Q Junior! I went and said hi by him and I told my Dad not to shot him because I knew him. I went down to see him and talk to him. So he sent Britney out side to watch me and Q Junior from a far and make sure no hankie pant key went on, haha!

"Hi Shaundrah how are you?"

"Um good Q junior... um why are you here? Why did you come here after leaving me like six months ago?"

"Oh was it that long? For us Q's thats like six minuets. Its nothing to me! Any how you wanna grab some Chik Fila and slurpeys?"

"no! I beed to know! What happened to my Voyager friends? Are they dead? Did they become asemblated because I left them?"

He scowled. "Um I came here to hang out and you are so lame."

"I am a serious person Q Junior and I think about thought full things, I do not wasting my time on frivellus persuits!"

"woah, you are soooo lame..." He rolled his eyes. "I thought you wanted to come back home! And now you are here and you are just complaining about what happened to Harry and Naiomi and stuff! I helped you but if you are gonna be lame and ungreatful and don't want to go hang out with me at chick fila, then I guess you dont even disserve to stay here!"

"Q Junior what do you mean?"

Then suddenly, I saw a white light,a nd all I could hear was my sister's voice sounding so far away, yelling... "SHAUNDRAH NOOOOOOO!"

I passed out.


I groned.

Sudenly I looked up and... whow! Seven of 9 was over me! It was... me frowad in time! I was in the crago bay! But it was a dark and also there were lots of green lights all around and it looked kind of like a car wash does at night.

"W have got you now, Shaundrah! Youwill NEVER ESCAP US!"

I said. "NOOOOO!"

Then I remembered that I had a knife in my back pocket. I took it out and began slashing at her.

"OMG why the eff do you have a sword" seven of 9 asked "I told that Q guy that I would give him a milion bucks to bring you to me! Q was so effing tarded he didnt even take all your wepons off him god i am gonna kill him with my bear hands..."

She leapet back as I slashed the katana at her stomich and her face and her legs and cut little skashes through her skintight spandex romper thing, then she started to scream. Thats cause I had cut her leg right into her ayortic artereis and there was blod squerting all over the linoleum tiles and the plants.
As 7 screamed and jumped up and down i grab her con badge from her chest. I kept slashing her with my katana.

"Shaundrah to the bredge! She is tryin to atack me!"

"OMG SHAUNDRAH you have been missing for two months and the brog have nearly beating us off in." Hary Kim said angrilly. "I am so happy youre back, prase Jesus."

Then 7 of 9 fell to the ground and I pointed the dager at her neck so she cold not move. Then tuvock ran into the apartment with that other Vulcan guy and they took 8 of 9 away to the brigg. She was scream and swearing and cursing my name and flaling her arms like a person posess by the devil. Then I threw some paper towels onto the blood and then I went to the bridge where Harry and Tudock was in Command and Icheb. They all cheered me and patted my back.

Sudenly I locked around. It was kind of weird because nobody was there but them and also tom paris. "Um Harry where is Chackotay and the Captain"

Then Harry and Iceb gave each other sad looks and i knowing I would not like there answer.

"Shaundrah you had better come with me its easy if I sow you" Hary sigh deeply.

AUTHORS NOTE I JUS WNA SAY THAT I DO NOT CONDOAN THE LANGRIDGE USED BY 8 of 8 in thos srtory. It is use to shw she is a bad vilain, not becuz i really hate on other ppl or i distriminate or becuase i believe that the eff word is ok to be droped like nothing okÉÉ
sorry i ditched u guys for so long,, i visited my bro he just move in buffalo and i spent lots of tim at the waldin galleria witch is a WAY better mall then we have in canada, they even have a dsw and also a maceys and a cheese cake factorey! i cold totally live at that mall! also i saw the sabres but they lost.

I was in engineering with tucok and belanna and vorrick and icheb and we were all hot from woking. the jeffrey's' tubs were all smoking and broken from the brog attack a few days early, and since we only had a crew of 66 everyone had to work doubel shifts.

I was al sweaty and i was reading some books before on quantim michanics so i had been talking to vorric about that while we worked all day. Idheb was watching us and he did not seem very happy but then again when every one is working double shifts every one is kinda grumpy. Then suddenly vorick stood up and said "I think you are such a cool girl shaundrah." Then i said "I think you are cool too vorick but isn't it kind of strange for a vulcan to act that way."

And Icheb narrowed his eye at Vorick and say "yes, yes it is, VORIK..." he paused dramaticly. "You absolutly are acting strange for a volcan!"

Then I start to laugh because I thought icheb was over reacting but then suddenly Vorick growled like a giant tiger or a lion! I screamed and voric tried to jump on me like a giant tiger! He had the strength of a thousand ancient vampires combined and i could not move from his deathly hard hands around my shoulders after I fell to the ground. I could hardly breath! I tried to push his grip off my neck! Ichem suddenyl stood over us and icheb's hands grabbed voricks shoulder's and then all of icheb's borg implants began to flash and whirr. Icheb looked ENRAGED! I saw something sliver wriggling on his hands like a pair of metal earth worms but I didn't think anything of it.

"YOU ARE NOT BEHAVING LOGICLY!" Icheb shouted "You are asalting Shaundrah! I will not alow this!"

As if vorick was made of stirofoam cups, ichem threw him off Shaundrah. I sighed with relief and rubbed my now sore shoulders. Thorick had hit a water pipe (like the one Scotty was in in the startrek movie) with an enormous thud and I thought his back might have been broken. Water began to drip out of the pipe because he had hit it so hard it broke. And then... HIS SKIN STARTED TO TURN GRAY! I scream.

"COMANDER TUCOK! QUICKLY!" Icheb shouted "it is vorick he attacked shaundrah for no good reason!"

"surely she agravated him some how!" Belanna said, her eye brows lifted up as if i had dome some thing wrong.

"No! We were just talking about quantum mechanics and then... boom! He jumped on me."

"ah, it is obviously the pon far" Tuvok nodded "but icheb... we have a biger problem..."

Bellana and Tuvock stared at Vorrick for a second. His skin had turned all splotchy gray and a big silver thing had come from his face. Belanna and Tuvok looked at icheb for an explanation.

"I dont' understand it..." icheb looked so brooding and paned "i was so angry and thinking about shaundrah and suddenly... it just hapened... my nanotubes just erupted i could not control the nanaprobes shooting out..." he stared painfully at vorrick

"We now have a full brog vulcan in our ship!" Belanna screamed.

Suddenly the waterpipe broke in half. Voric was covered in water. A big wave splashed over our feet and made all of our shoes wet whitch sucked.

but what was really weird... vorik began to wriggle and rithe on the floor!

"What's happening to him? whats going on?" I asked

he looked like he had been posessed by the devil, and I began to whisper a prayer!

"no shaundrah it isnot the devil! its the WATER!" icheb said "the nanaprobes can not survive in water..."

"yes" tuvoc said mater of factely "borg and water do not mix, it is common knowledge that captain jean luc picard has not been able to take a bath since wolf 359"

"because there are still implants in him..." belanna whispered "the poor man."

then suddenly vorick stopped wriggling.

I had an idea.
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