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I don't really like it.. I was reading City of Glass again and I love Jonathan. I prefer JonathanxClary over JacexClary. c:

I hugged Jace tightly from behind and slightly giggled. He laughed and touched my arm, but his beautiful, golden eyes were elsewhere. Looking elsewhere. I tried to simply disregard it. He was paying attention to me. That's all.
I blinked.
Jace had dropped me off at my house after we had dinner. The moon was high in the sky when I got home, stars dancing with one another in the night sky. I changed into a tank top and shorts and got into bed.
I've been on and off with sleep. I've been trying to sleep, but I get the weirdest feeling that someone's watching me.
A knock rapped on the window.
I froze and weighed my options. I could scream, call 911, and grab a knife to defend myself, or I could just see who it was. The former made me feel stupid and panicky, so I acted on the latter. I sat up and stared out the window.
I sighed, and stood to open the window. A light breeze tickled my cheeks and swept my hair back.
Jonathan sat on a tree, grinning down at me, chewing on an apple.
I sighed. "Jonathan, what are you doing here?"
He puffed out his bottom lip and flipped his white bangs before saying, "What, you don't want to see me?"
I rolled my eyes and his arms wrapped around me. He positioned me on his lap. We were both on the windowsill, capable of falling.
"Jonathan, we could fall!" I exclaimed.
Jonathan shook his head, smiling. "Not going to happen with me," he said cockily, pointing at himself.
I loosened up and leaned against his shoulder. My eyes met his black ones. I smiled weakly, while he gave me a fake crooked grin that he knows that I love. I giggled, and he stroked my hair.
"Why'd you come?" I asked.
Jonathan chewed on the last of the apple and threw the core. I stared at it and marveled. He had thrown it really far. He has great aim. Jonathan wiped his mouth with his sleeve. His face became an art piece of black eyes and a white glow from the beautiful moonlight, mixed in with seriousness.
"Well, Clary, I came to tell you something."
I arched my eyebrow as if saying "Well, shoot".
Jonathan sighed, and his hand found mine in the darkness, locking our fingers together. He looked beautiful in the moonlight.
Jonathan's white hair was swept to the side because of the wind. His shadowy eyes appeared to have the moon in it with strokes of white here and there. He sighed and said, "Jace is.. cheating on you," he whispered.
I froze.
"Is he really telling the truth? Probably not. He's always wanted to date me. He's probably lying so I'll break up with Jace. But, wait a minute.. Jace was really distracted today. And he was looking at someone earlier.."
My mouth opened and closed. I racked my brain for something to say. Jonathan looked at me expectantly.
"..You're lying," I whispered. Jonathan shook his head and squeezed our hands.
"I'm not, I swear," he said.
A small tear flowed down my cheek and Jonathan caught it delicately with his index finger. His white hair fell jnto his eyes. I looked up at him and whimpered.
I eventually broke down and clung myself to Jonathan, tears cascading down my cheeks.
"H-how do you know fhis?" I sobbed. Jonathan's eyes grew soft.
"I've been seeing him with another girl. Holding hands, hugging, and kissing," he murmured softly.
At that, I cried even more. Jonathan carried me inside ny bedroom and shut the window.
"May I?" he asked.
I nodded frantically and Jonathan laid me down on the bed and slipped me under the covers. He wrapped his arms around me, trying to put me at ease.
"What am I supposed to do?" he whispered pitifully.
I took in a sharp breath."I don't know," I whispered. He tightened his arms around me and laced our fingers together again.
My tears slowed and I calmed down. My breathing evened out.
"Better?" Jonathan whispered. I nodded and sighed. I turned in his embrace and hugged him back.
"Thank you," I whispered, smiling. I kissed his cheek softly and closed my eyes. I succumbed to sleep, catching Jonathan's voice, but I couldn't understand what he was saying. I then felt a soft, smooth pressure on my lips. I disregarded it and fell asleep.
Jonathan's POV

I was pissed at Jace for cheating on Clary. My Clary. Yet, I was filled with glee. She was single. She's going to break up with Jace. I finally have a chance with her. And so far, I might have her as my own.
She fell asleep quietly in ny arms, her chest rising and falling with each breath intake. I smiled, and kissed her lips softly.
"I love you," I whispered. I turned her back to my front and fell asleep smiling, for the first time.

Comments? <3
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Can you make the formatting a bit more...normal? The color, size, and centering hurt to try to read.
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Sorry~ I fixed it for you.
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It's better, but there's not much to it. I'm not really getting the emotional connection she has with either Jonathan or Jace and she's very upset before she even knows the details of what Jace has been doing.

Has she always doubted Jace or does she trust Jonathan that much? Why is Jace staring at another girl so significant? Does he have a history of cheating?

It's not bad it just seems... lacking.
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Oh my gosh, You're a mortal instrument fan, I didn't know xD
This deserves a high five thing just for that xD
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Anyway, about the story. Well, Jace has never had a history of cheating well not that I know of and Clary, she loves Jace so dearly and she wouldn't even believe Jonathan since she loathes him. So I'm not really sure what to say about the story but I do agree with the first person who has commented a while ago, It's lacking of something.

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