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Although I'm truly experienced in the realm of BL, I know next to nothing about Kpop. All I know was "DO" is the lead singer of the band and is the uke as he is smaller and therefor more feminine & "Kai" is the lead dancer and is the seme. Here's the result of that:
wahmbulance WARNING CONTAINS YAOI wahmbulance
Kai and D.O. were back stage, alone, after their long performance. Screaming fans still filled the background. They were alone, privately, in their dressing room off in a corner. They’re bandmates were still running around, Kai and D.O were able to sneak off. Kai felt bad for how he’s toyed with his poor childhood friend’s emotions. He couldn’t resist himself. The small touches, a brush of his lips here and there, they were all he was allowed to get. In the excitement of the stage, it was impossible to control his impulses. The managers and producers loved it, encouraged it, hinted for them to do this and that in public. Half of the fellow band members didn’t approve of such stunts, but the other half “understood that it was what you had to do as a boyband for the fangirls.” He couldn’t do that to him though. He couldn’t possibly be that cruel. His friend was so innocent. He always said he didn’t mind because it was Him. He’s tried to explain that he wasn’t doing it for the producer’s sake, but he thinks that only just confused the poor boy more. They were alone now though, hearts racing from the adrenaline. It was hot, so they were pulling off their shirts.

Kai was turning into a jerk, DO thought. He’s just teasing me. Touching me on stage, but he couldn’t blame him. The producers tell him to. But he was still hurt how extremely insensitive he was being. Don’t touch me unless you’re going to notice how much I look at you. Don’t touch me unless…

As if Kai could hear DO’s thoughts, he turns around. DO realizes that he was staring at Kai’s bare toned back unintentionally as he sat on the couch in their dressing room. Kai drops his shirt on the floor beside DO’s and reaches to lock the door.

Kai got pissed off. How can you expect me to not touch you when I see you staring at my body? Why must you always be watching me? I’ll show you what it’s like, I’ll make my gaze burn into the back of your head.

Kai licks the tips of his fingers before sitting on DO’s lap, knees spread on either side. “Kai? What are you-” Kai shuts him up with a kiss. DO’s eyes were open as Kai’s hot lips pressed against his. Kai’s lower teeth pinches DO’s lower lip between his upper teeth, allowing him easy entry as slipped his tongue in between his lips. “Aaaahn…” DO let’s his head drop back and closed his eyes as Kai’s tongue over took his mouth. Kai’s hands slid from behind DO’s neck, down his collar bone, his sternum, and he twists his chest, rubbing and squeezing between his wet fingertips. DO let his head fall to the side, exposing his neck to Kai’s teeth. He dragged his pointed tongue up along his neck, biting as he goes, making sure to leave a mark. He licked the outer rim of his ear, biting his earlobe. DO placed his hands on Kai’s thighs, still covered in his skinny jeans. Kai’s hands slid from his chest down to unbutton DO’s pants.

Although DO wanted to hold Kai closer, his hands pushed him away by the chest. “I’m not your girl!” he yells.

This doesn’t faze Kai, he has to have DO. “You don’t have to be. I care about you DO. I…I want to touch you.” His left hand held DO’s head close to his as he kissed him, enjoying as DO slipped his tongue into Kai’s mouth, desperately wanting to taste his taste. His right hand slid down his front and between his skin and the undone fabric of his jeans, gripping him. He’s already hard, and he can feel his heat in his hand. Kai’s excited pelvis pressed against his was driving him crazy. DO was baffled when Kai suddenly departed from the kiss, the sudden heat from his body gone, only for him to get on his knees and tug at DO’s jeans, down past his thighs.

“What are you doing…” Kai couldn’t answer, his mouth was full. He dragged his tongue across it, wrapping it around the length, as he swallowed deeper. DO was running his grabbing his hair and pulling, biting down on his lower lip, anything to keep from screaming, anything to keep still and fight against the violent convulsions his hot tongue was giving, he could feel all of his muscles tightening unbearingly. He was getting hotter, or was it harder? Either way, he could take much more of it. “Kai, Please! Stop!!!” Kai released DO from his mouth, sliding his tongue and biting as he worked his way back up to eye level.

“But you’re still excited.” DO let his head rest on Kai’s shoulder as he caught his breath.

“Then take me.”

Kai tried to look at DO, who’s face was down. “Are you sure? It will hurt…” he breathed into his ear.

“You can be… a little rough.” DO said embarrassed. Kai stood up and undid his pants, pushing them down, and sat on the couch beside him. He told him to stand up, and after quickly preparing, he separated DO’s knees and pulled him down onto the length of him. Holding his hips he helped maneuver DO as he rocked him. “Oooh…” He swooned his head back, moaning. He always knew he would sound good moaning in his arms. Kai licked the length of his neck, continuing across his shoulder. “Kai…” he said. Kai’s tongue might have been blistering hot, it might have burned his skin, but DO was the one who skin was hot to the touch. Every time he held his skin back against his as they rocked, the contrast of hot and cool made them shiver. Feeling Kai excited and hard in him, deeper and deeper, he turned Kai’s head towards his and kissed him. Kai couldn’t help but grabbing OD again, rubbing, squeezing. Heat started rising. It wasn’t like any kind of heat OD has ever felt before, it was hotter than fire, hotter than Kai’s tongue, hotter than his own skin, but it was light like air, and spread throughout his entire body. “Kai…stop…I’m…” but so was Kai. “Ahh! Aaah-oh…” he screamed.

DO had a feeling he wouldn’t be able to walk on stage next concert. He also had a feeling he would look forward to performances for a whole new reason if Kai kept doing this. Being so close to Kai…what a jerk, taking advantage of him, he thought.

DO’s trying to kill me, Kai thought. He kissed him on the cheek anyway and slid out from under him, leaving DO on the bed naked and vulnerable, as Kai pulled up his pants and fled, embarrassed of his crime.

Before I give this to her, I wish to know.
Is it any good?
please? emotion_kirakira
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Came across of this story.

Oh. Em. Gee.

I can imagine it.... Shiki and Akira... doing this... >///<


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