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If you're going to be critical, first of all, SPELL CHECK! After that, do try to be kind... I acknowledge I'm not the best speller, however, I do have a British spell check and I can't seem to switch it.

For those posting just to be mean, I WILL report you. I don’t tolerate flamers... not even the gays ones. And don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the gays, I just don’t take well to people shoving something in someone’s face just to be a jerk.

For those with legit things to say, even if they’re negative, I love you. Thanks!
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Go read the Rules and Guidelines again maybe? If it doesn't contain a fanfic then shouldn't the thread be in the writers forum, or even the chatterbox? Though I realise that this forum is spammed to hell and back with discussion threads, but you seem surprisingly literate and keen on rules so I don't really know what to do of this furum any more.

I mean, there are discussion threads that span several months back, has some mod gone in and given clear to disregarding the R&G without actually changing the sticky?

This is my first time in this forum so please forgive me but I'm awfully confused.
Um... the first link IS the fanfic, so technically, this is linked to the fanfic, and part of it through comments.... Normally if the Admins think it's not right for this thread to be here, they'll move it to Barton OOC or somewhere, but I figured I'd put it in fanfiction because technically it's still part of the Fanfic. I just hate it when my chapters are broken up due to banter stare

But, um.... did you like it?
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But in the Rules and Guidelines sticky it reads:

Commonly Misplaced Threads
  • Discussion topics
  • Topics containing nothing but a link

Honestly I'm just as confused as The Chosen Captain about this forum. There seems to be a lot more discussion threads than fanfic threads. Doesn't really help that there isn't a single mod assigned to this forum either.
But... the story!!!! Whas THAT okay? It won't have nothing but a link if people comment and post their thoughts!
Critique: For me, it is a little boring to have the story follow the actual game cut-scenes almost exactly. Although this is personal preference, really. In my fics, I tend to summarize or skip canon events because I assume my reader has seen the canon work and could care less about my recap.

However, that's when I get complaints from people that wanted to read events elaborated on from a unique perspective. So it's really your call.

Also, your character might be OP. For example, if they are a vampire, isn't their weakness sunlight? Are these events happening at night?

Writing a fic about the main Skyrim character is a very cool idea. I should write a story about my Nord. XD You have to have them specialize in something though, because it's kind of unrealistic and boring if they are great at everything (Like magic, archery, swords, etc, everything at once). They need a weakness of some kind.

And, instead of making a new thread....why not "Reserve" the first 3 or 4 pages of your fanfic's thread and leave the rest for comments.

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