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This is only a little tiny bit of my fanfic! What do you think should happen next? I already have Danny turning into Danny Phantom and flying over to Sam's house(invisible of course) and surprise her.

Sam Manson, who was 19, was near an Off Fenton Portal at the Fenton House alone at 3am. She was wearing a white long sleeved shirt and a short white skirt while her black hair was tied in a ponytail. In her hand she held a picture of Danny Fenton holding a lab suit before going into the Fenton Portal that was thought to be broken but was not and Danny Fenton turned into the half ghost boy named Danny Phantom. Sam had come her so that she could have the same life as Danny by being half ghost too. She wanted the powers and to be able to do things she dreamed of but could only do as a ghost. She set the little clock like things like in her picture and walked into the off Fenton Portal.

"This may hurt like hell but it will be worth it. I promise I'll try not to scream." she said to herself as she was preparing the ON button inside the portal.

"Good bye to the old Sam Manson and hello to the new Sam Manson." she said as she pushed the On button inside the portal.

A big white light started to flash then it turned green and struck Sam Mansion alternating her DNA so that she would become half ghost. Her white shirt and skirt turned black as her hair turned white. As she promised to herself, she did not scream and then turned off the Fenton Portal with a switch on the outside of the portal, climbed through a little basement window and ran home. By the time she returned home and reached her room, she had turned back to normal. She slipped a short black tee and shorts and looked at herself in the mirror.

"It looks like my outer appearance didn't alter. I need to try to turn into my ghost self again!" said Sam quietly.

Fours words were starting to form in Sam's head.

"I hope this works. Ghost Power, Make Up!" said Sam.

Two light blue rings ran over Sam's body turning her into her ghost self.

"I did it! I'm gonna call myself...um...Sam Phantom? No. I got it! Samantha Phantom! I'll hate this name later but I can't let Danny know who I really am!" said Sam.

After deciding on her ghost name and turning back to normal, Sam got on her laptop and went on Myspace, the number one social networking site that her, Danny, and Tucker use. She always went online at 5pm and played until 7am. At 7am she had to get ready for work. She always took a special pill that fools the body to thinking it got 8 hours of sleep. Danny and Tucker did the same thing because the had the same pills that Sam had.Sam and her friends were all interns who worked at The Myspace Company as Myspace Moderators and made sure that fellow players followed the rules. Sam always worked on the forums making sure that no porn or offensive words were posted. Danny browsed the profiles making sure that none of a user's comments were offensive. Tucker read all the blogs (can make you sleepy very fast) to make sure everything was all clean. Sam was in the forums where Tucker and Danny spotted her. Sam's username was gothgirl, Tucker's was tuckercool, and Danny's was DannyPhantom2.

"Sam, where have you been for the last 2 hours?" Danny typed.

"I was out taking a walk." Sam typed back.

"Oh. Let's put on our special helmets so we can hear each other than type a 1000 times." Danny typed.

"Ok." Sam typed as she put on her helmet which was actually a headset she had gotten from Myspace.

"Can you hear me guys?" Danny asked.

"Loud and clear dude." said Tucker.

"Clear and Perfect." said Sam.

"I think someone came into my house and opened the Fenton portal!" said Danny.

"What!?" said Sam.

"Don't worry, guys. I was just joking. No one came." said Danny, laughing.

"Don't talk about things like that Danny!" said Sam, yelling through the headset at Danny.

"Sorry, Sam. Didn't mean to make you mad." said Danny.

"It's ok." said Sam.

"I gotta go. See you Tucker!" said Danny.

"Bye Danny. See you at work!" said Tucker.

"See you Tuck. Bye Samantha." said Danny, romantically.

"Bye." said Sam, blushing.
Sam logged off at Myspace and looked at the clock which read 5am.

"Danny almost scared me for a moment there. I hope he doesn't find out." said Sam.

Sam didn't know that Danny had saw Sam use the Fenton portal to become half ghost. He had been invisible of course. Danny was on his way to Sam's house to tell her what he had saw. Sam began playing a Youtube clip of The Chipettes singing Proud Mary. Danny or Tucker never knew Sam liked The Chipettes cause she thought that they would laugh and make fun of her. Sam started to dance to the song.

"Working for the man every night and day..." sang the Chipettes when a voice scared Sam. (She has a ghost sense but it can't sense half ghosts like Danny,Vlad, or Danielle.)

"I didn't know you liked the Chipettes, Sam! I like them too!" said Danny who had turned visible.

"What are you doing here, Danny? We have to go to work in an hour and a half!" said Sam.

"I saw you use the Fenton Portal this morning at 3am, Sam." said Danny.

"I never went to your house, Danny. As I said on Myspace, I went for a Midnight walk!" said Sam nervously.

"So if I overshadow you, I can hold you for about three seconds or more, right?" said Danny.

"Sure!" said Sam.

"Here I go.'' said Danny as he entered Sam but got thrown out of her body a tenth of a second later.

"Are you okay?" said Sam.

"Yeah. Sam, just admit it. You're half ghost like me." said Danny.

"Fine. You win. Ghost Power, Make Up!" said Sam as she turned into Samantha Phantom.

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