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(The more I hype this, the more I'm likely to not get writer's block and suddenly stop..)

Following the events of Muv Luv Alternative, Humankind was able to clear out the BETA, and unknowingly shielded itself as an attempt to block corporate expansion. Eventually the Armored Core NEXT was developed, and after two large wars, a hero, Strayed, stood as the greatest of all NEXT pilots (Lynx)... and destroyed the unmanned Orbital Weapons, the Assault Cells.
What Strayed had done had unwittingly opened another door... for while humanity can reach space, the BETA could reach Earth...

When faced with the BETA, the tried and true strategies revolving around the use of chivalrous Lynx in 1 on 1 scenarios fail... the castles humankind relied on in wars past are made out of sand, and the gods of the battlefield, the NEXT and the Arms Fort, are not quite the gods people had believed.

Only by creating more adaptive strategies, and working together will humanity have a chance, and so the Lynx Adler begins recruiting for an irregular squad with the intent to destroy the BETA on Earth once more... Project:Ignition.

From Chapter 1, Day 2

"VOB unit at 12%, it's nearly time to purge the VOB, May." Cristoph said, looking at the reports. "I think you're right, it is starting to seem strange that they haven't fired. But what's stranger is the reading being displayed from May's Long-range Radar. That's an extremely abnormal cluster of large, ground based objects. They're not matching the Radar cross-section of anything known."

"A new weapon, perhaps? Should we have her abort the mission...? No. This is our only real chance to seize the Richland facility. If they've picked her up, and alerted Omer, Omer will reinforce the facility: we're only afforded this chance because we know Omer is taking advantage of the fact that the Union flew the Cloud of Eden into their AA field and got it destroyed. We can't take the inevitable Cabracan force and multiple NEXTs. Hell, just the Rank 5 was dangerous enough." The commander spoke. "How long till we can get a visual on the unknowns?"

"May, VOB at 6.2% prepare for purge, but mission detail has changed. We're picking up a large number of unknown, ground-based targets at the facility- the mission will be adaptive based on the scenario... Unknowns coming into visual range in 6...5...4...3...2...1... WHAT THE HELL?!...VOB purging, prepare for combat against whatever that is... the Bio-Sensor is going nuts..."

"Well, what are the Unknowns?" the commander asked.

"Switching main screen, now displaying primary Optics for NEXT Merrygate, the Unknowns are in view." Cristoph said, as the large primary viewing monitor shifted to display a comprehensive view, as seen from Merrygate, which revealed the large, unknown objects that were picked up on Merrygate's Radar earlier. There were notably multiple types of unknowns. The most notable were the large Green-armored, beetle-like ones up front, but other types, such as a white and black crab-like one with what appeared to be a large head, lacking eyes, but having a large mouth, towards its rear and several massive, white, purple, and orange objects mixed in. The unknowns ranged in size, with the beetle and crab like ones approximately the size of a NEXT, with the orange, ten-legged spider-wasp ones easily three times a NEXT's height. There were also numerous red spider-like ones with large mouths, but while they were small in comparison to a NEXT, they were in immense numbers. However, their most notable distinguishing characteristic was the fact that they appeared to be living creatures, rather than any mechanical weapon.

"What the hell? Are those bio weapons? ...by Kisaragi's ghost! What the hell has Omer done?!"

"Cristoph? What do I do? Are these things..?" May Greenfield's voice cracked over the communicator, her fear and shock at appearance of the unknowns was clear in her voice.

"We're thinking here..." Cristoph said, unsure of what his next order would be. "Well commander, do we have her abandon the mission? If we have her engage, we don't know what kind of power those things have. We need to gather intelligence on that enemy. Also as we can view, the target facility is in shambles... wait a second, the unknowns are forming a pattern..." he broke off his question to reactivate his link to the Lynx, "MAY! Watch out! Those things are hostile! They're moving in for an attack!"

On screen, May's NEXT shot into the air, boosting above the charging beetle-like unknown, and she quickly turned, and fired her GAN02-NSS-WR into the target, which cause it to burst in shower of what could only be determined as blood. "What the hell is going on?" she asked, as her NEXT shifted into a slow hover above the swarm of unknowns.

"I have no idea. We've never encountered an enemy like... ENERGY SPIKES DETECTED! EVASIVE MANEUVERS! NOW!" Cristoph exclaimed as his information windows connected to the sensors on board Merrygate flared- the telltale sign of incoming EN attacks. However, his warning came a bit too late. Flashes of several bright, white, laser beams shot into the air, with at least two striking Merrygate as the NEXT dropped in altitude suddenly. "Nine-thousand three-hundred fifty seven... Nine-thousand one hundred thirty two... That's Eighteen thousand four hundred eighty nine... a little over 30% AP gone in two hits. May you can't survive those! Keep your altitude low! You're still... they're firing again... No, it's a second group! May! Lower!"

May successfully dropped in altitude to avoid the second volley of laser fire, but quickly found herself significantly close to the hostile unknowns on the ground.

"Those unknowns... their EN weapons... are they really capable of wiping out 30% of Merrygate's AP in just two hits? That's comparable to the Procyon energy cannon..."

Link: Project: Ignition on Fanfiction.net

(Random curious Notes:
Sumika = Sumika
And the Icon for a NEXT in the League of Ruling Corporations "Balance of Power" chart is highly similar to a 00-Takemi...C's silhouette.
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Invisible Genius

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Well, I'm glad to say that this is well up in the air now.

Needs More Luv..! [/badpun]

No, really, it does. 8 "Chapters", 8 reviews, most from one person, too.
Did make a Tvtropes page.

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