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I am at an understanding that my writing can be confusing, and therefore, please offer some critique. I'm only presenting a scrap of it, sorry. ;-;

“Elizabeth, my pearl,” Darcy whispered as he settled beside her. “Has winter not been cruel this year?” He chuckled in delicate felicity, and then gazed at her as she stared into the fireplace, as if expecting her to gaze back.

The fireplace cackled. “Perhaps a bit,” she answered quietly.

His hand reached to graze her arm, and then rubbed comforting circles on her back. Elizabeth, whose face was partially buried in her knees, hugged her legs tightly against her chest, the heat of the flames dancing on her skin. So immersed she was in her thoughts, she could hardly discriminate between the heat of the fire and the heat of Darcy’s tactile affections.

Mr. Darcy had curiously become more gentle and more daringly intimate since she and him began living under the same roof at Pemberly. But before she moved into Pemberly—before, when she resided at her home with her parents and remaining unmarried sisters—Mr. Darcy scarcely acted on anything remotely intimate, save for a stroke of her cheek. However, now that they have been living together, with his eyes alight with affection, he’d been off in unrestrained folly, stealing kisses in the morning upon her waking or immediately after breakfast was finished. “Good morning, Mrs. Darcy,” he would soothe as he reached out his arms to embrace her. Indeed, he was infinitely more intimate than before, and yet still, she pondered if he may be confining himself to only these few privileges in consequence to decorum. She struggled to fathom her confusion into a question of adequate propriety.

Sensing that his lover was rather occupied, Mr. Darcy offered to fetch her a cup of tea. She accepted, then quickly returned to her contemplations. Once he had returned, however, Elizabeth had at last retired from her thoughts and decided to take the initiative.

“Are you—,” they both began simultaneously. Little did Elizabeth know that Darcy also had been contemplating on his own.

“Nevermind me, please,” Elizabeth said quickly, gesturing him.

Well, this excerpt is confusing because it's so short. I certainly can't tell what's going on.

I was also puzzled by the idea that Elizabeth was burying her face in her knees while simultaneously staring into the fireplace.

Also, a small correction - it's Pemberley, not Pemberly.
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This excerpt shows some potential. I like it.

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