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| Written by Phy Grl |
Posting: No

                            Objective: I decided to touch upon something I've always wanted to do. This story I am writing is based off of the show Heroes that first aired back in 2006 on NBC. I will be using the same characters. All rights go to NBC and the creators of Heroes, the only thing that is original is the plot and writing. I have no idea how long I will be writing but it will be a while and this story is about Syler and Claire. I will be switching back and fourth between the two when it comes to perspective but there will be times where a post can be both combined. I might even include Peter into the story so you might see a couple posts in in his perspective.

                            Rules: If you are reading this then you have happened to stumble upon this forum. PLEASE DO NOT POST IN THIS FORUM!. If you have constructive criticism then by all means PM me. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns PM me. I cannot stress the fact of PMing me and NOT posting in this forum. I will be posting multiple post containing different scenes. This is going to be like a book with chapters. So yes, it's going to be more than one page in this forum.

                            The Why:I'm writing this for my own personal pleasure. This is something I have been thinking about doing for a long time. I finally am ready to sit down and just write. If you enjoy reading my posts and you would like to suggest something and you PM me I might take that into consideration, but it's MY writing so I can control what's going on. Where it starts may not be where the last season ended or might, it's up to me and only me. If you don't like it then don't read any further after the first post if you dislike it. If you're still compelled then by all means read along! Just NO posting. If I get a writers block, don't worry, it'll pass and I'll be back to writing in a jiffy. My writer's block doesn't last long usually. I'm doing this on gaia instead of FanFiction.com because I like to see pretty post and pictures and sh!t.

                            Additional: This is how it's going to go down. After this post the next post will be the character post, containing a brief summary and picture along with the name of each character. Don't worry I'll use spoilers so the post isn't that long. I will add on my own characters if I want and there will be a separate part in the post. If not all of the characters are on the list that means that the characters that aren't there I'm not using in this story, but frequently check the list in case I do add someone later on to give the story more fluff. The list is there not only to help myself in my writing process but to help you out if you don't remember who a person is or it's a new Original Character I created to look up and see their picture and their brief summary. I hope you all enjoy. - phy grl xoxo
| Characters |

Strike = Deceased

              |Syler | 32 | x | Power
              - Gabriel Gray (or Sylar, which he got from his watch) is the main antagonist of the Heroes series. He was once a casual watchmaker until he was visited by Chandra Suresh who identified him as Patient Zero, and revealed advanced humans to him. From there on, Sylar became a serial killer by examining other advanced human's brains to replicate their power, killing them. Syler as killed Claire Bennett's biological father Nathan Petrelli and her adoptive mother; Sandra. He has a strange facination in Claire Bennett seeming how he sawed off the top of her head and took her power of rapid cell regeneration seeing that she could live forever.

              |Claire Bennet | 23 | x | Power
              - Claire Bennet is a college graduate student and former cheerleader, adopted by Noah Bennet and his wife, and is the biological (and illegitimate) daughter of Nathan Petrelli and Meredith Gordon and niece of Peter Petrelli and Flint Gordon. She is an evolved human with the ability to rapidly heal from any injury. When she was 16 Syler came after her and sawed off the top of her head and gained the same power. She has recently been able to squeeze her way out of jump she took at the circus after defeating an enemy named Samuel. Noah Bennett got Matt Parkman to Erase everyone's memory that was there about her jumping and made the TV broadcasters say it was a student film with CGI. She now lives in New York City with her fiancé. Alex who can breathe underwater who she helped save from government officers hunting people with abilities.

              |Noah Bennet | 46| x | Human
              - Claire Bennet's adoptive father who worked for The Company in rounding up People with Abilities. He hunted Sylar while working there. He never successfully captured Sylar and died after the carnival incident. His cause of death is unknown.

              |Hiro Nakamura | 38 | x |Power
              - Hiro Nakamura is an Advanced Human with the power of Chronokinesis. He is the best friend of Ando Masahashi who also gained a super charge power. His friend Ando died in a motorcycle accident. Hiro gained all his powers back after Claire gave him an injection of her blood a year after thing's calmed down and she learned that he couldn't use his power. He heads his father's company in Tokyo Japan. He and Claire are good friends.

              |Ando Masahashi | 39 | x | Power
              - Hiro Nakamura's best firend. He gained a super charge power. He died in a motorcycle accident shortly after the carnival incident.

              |Angela Petrelli | 59 | x | Power
              -Angela Petrelli was the last surviving founding member of the Company, as well as the wife of the late Arthur Petrelli, and the mother of the late Nathan Petrelli, and Peter Petrelli. She is also the grandmother to Claire Bennet. She still lives in New York alone in the Petrelli mansion.

              |Peter Petrelli | 30 | x | Power
              - Peter Petrelli is Angela Petrelli's youngest son. He is also Nathan's brother and Claire's uncle. He has fought with Sylar numerous times. Claire also injected Peter with her blood to let him use his full powers enabling him to retain the powers he absorbs instead of only being able to keep one at a time the second time he had powers. He lives in Las Vegas and has given up looking for Sylar and spends his time in the casino's and strip clubs.

              |Nathan Petrelli | 37 | x | Power
              - Peter Petrelli is Angela Petrelli's oldest son. He is also Nathan's brother and Claire's biological father. He has fought with Sylar and died in a fight.

              |Alex Woolsly | 28 | x | Power
              - Alex was a young man Claire helped escape the government hunters. He had saved her life when the were hiding underwater in a pool by kissing her helping her breathe. Shortly after the Carnival Incident, they bumped into each other and decided to start dating at the time she had just turned 19. He asked her to marry him 3 months ago from the present. They live together in New York City.

| Original Characters |

              |Moira Tate | 28 | x | Power
              - Moira Tate grew up in Cali. She discovered her power when she had to hide money from muggers in her purse, they looked but couldn't find anything. She met Peter after the incident at the Carnival. She knows Peter keeps her around to Cloak him so no one will find him. She also has a relationship with him and has no family.
| Chapter 1 |

"Old Friends"
| Claire Bennet |

                        Claire woke with a hand gently rubbing her back. " 'Morning." Alex whispered in her ear. She smiled and turned onto her left side so she was facing him in the bed. "Good morning." she said to him gazing into his brown eyes. She leaned forward and gave him a kiss. She felt his arm wrap around her waist and pull her close to him. He rolled onto his back taking her with him so she was lying on top of him. She pulled away from the kiss with a giggle. "I could get used to this." she said to him as she brought her arms up and folded them one on top of the other on his chest, she rested her chin on her hands. She watched him look down at her and raise a brow. "Get used to what?" he said to her as he ran his hand up and down her back. "Being with you, being your wife." she said with a smile. Alex smiled down at her and kissed her forehead. "I love you." she said to him as he pulled away. "I love you too, but i'm going to be late to work." he said, she groaned and rolled off of him when he gave her a pat on the back. She sat up in bed, as he climbed out and headed for the closet.

                        "Speaking of being my wife, have you decided on asking peter to walk you down the isle?" Alex asked from inside the closet. She frowned, none of her fathers were alive. Her biological father was murdered by Sylar, a man she loathed with a passion. Her adoptive father, Noah Bennet, died shortly after she had exposed herself. The only person she had left was her uncle, Peter Petrelli. If she didn't ask him she would be walking alone. "I haven't found him yet." She replied as she bit her lip. She saw Alex come out of the closet with a pare of jeans on without a shirt, buckling up his belt. "Claire, you promised you would try and find him. Go to your grandmothers." he said to as he buckled his belt. "And what makes you think she's going to tell me where he is? He doesn't want to be found so nobody can find him." she said to him as she narrowed her eyes. She watched Alex roll his as he pulled on a white plain T-shirt. He worked at a construction company. Nothing to dressy. "You should have never given him your blood." she heard him mutter. "What was I supposed to do, deny him of his power?" she said to him in an annoyed tone. Her mood had just went from good to bad. "No, come on, Claire - - You know what I mean. Look, we'll talk about this later but promise me you'll go talk to Angela. I gotta go to work. Promise?" Alex said to her as he picked up his keys off the dresser next to the bed.

                        Claire's only excuse for not going to Angela's because she hadn't told any of her family that she was getting married. She also hadn't seen or talked to her grandmother since after they quieted the press about her little.....stunt. She huffed a sigh and said, " 'Kay, fine. I promise..........wait give me a kiss." she said, the last part was for before he left the room. Alex put his hands on the bed and leaned down and kissed her. She kissed him back and watched him get up and walk out. She sighed and decided she should get going too. She crawled out of bed and fixed her camisole and sleeping shorts so they weren't all wrinkly. She walked out of the bedroom and out to the kitchen. She saw that Alex had left a warm cup of coffee on the kitchen counter for her. "My man making me coffee." she thought with a grin on her face. She picked up the coffee mug with her left and hesitated as she stared at the diamond engagement ring. It was a Leo cut Diamoned, 11 Karrot. She, was going to be married in the next 6 months.

                        The thought made her feel warm and fuzzy inside. She took as sip of her coffee and decided to take a shower. She finished up her coffee and walked back to the bedroom and stripped down. She walked into the bathroom and reached her hand in and turned the nob in the shower and heard it spring to life. She climbed in and quickly washed her hair and scrubbed herself clean and then got out of the shower. She wrapped a towel around her and took out her blow dryer from under the sink and plugged it in. She picked up a round brush and blow dried her hair. Once her hair was dray she walked out of the bathroom and into the closet. On the left side was Alex's clothes and on the right was hers. She grabbed a pair of dark colored jeans and a light blue top along with under garments. She got dressed and put on some makeup. She slipped on some healed boots and grabbed her purse as she headed out the door of the apartment.

                        She walked down the hallway and to the elevator. She patiently waited for elevator to ascend. She watched the doors slowly slid open and there stood their the elevator operator, Mark. "Good morning, Ms. Bennet." he said politely as she stepped into the elevator. "Good morning." replied as she pushed her purse farther up her arm as the doors to the elevator closed. "So is it Cake tasting today?" Mark asked her with a small smile after he hit the L button.The elevator started to descend; she gave him a coy smile back and said, "No, I'm going to visit my grandmother." He raised a brow at her and nodded. She watched him turn back to face the doors and she quietly followed. When the elevator came to a stop and the doors slid open Mark said, "Have a nice day, Ms. Bennet." She gave him a nod in reply and stepped off the elevator and past a small group of people waiting to get on the elevator.

                        Clair and Alex lived in a rather expensive, upper class apartment complex. Alex insisted, he wanted her to be closer to his grandmother, even though she never visited her. They didn't live at the top of the building but they were on floor 16 out of 18 floors. She walked through the lobby and out of the revolving doors onto the streets of New York City towards Angela Petrelli's mansion. Dreading the moment where she would tell her grandmother that she was getting married.
| Syler |

                        Syler walked into the local drug store in Queens New York. He was looking for a woman named Maria. A very unique power, a power that Syler wanted. He didn't fully understand her power but he would soon find out. He randomly pickedup a small bag of pop corn and went to the check out area. He got into the line behind a guy buying a pack of cigarettes. He smiled played on his lips as he saw that the check out clerk was Maria. He had been in the store once or twice to see what she looked like. When the guy in front of him finished paying and took his cigarettes and quickly walked out of the store. " Hello." Maria politely said as she picked up the bag of pop corn he had placed on the counter and scanned it. "Hello....Maria." he said, his eyes flashing to her name tag. It was just for show, he knew everything about her but she didn't know that. He saw her punch in a pin number in and he saw her watch. It was a Syler watch. He cocked his head to the side and listened to hit tick. "Nice watch. It's 15 seconds behind. I can fix it for you if you'd like." he said to her cutting her off before she even start talking. "How can you tell?" Maria questioned him. "I'm a watch maker, it's an ability. Just like your's." he replied narrowing his eyes at her.

                        Maria blinked and then shook her head and said, "Um....ability. I have no idea what you're talking about. You're total is $8.15." Syler chuckled and he tentatively place his hand on the counter and said, "You're lying. That's another ability I have. Why don't people touch you? Is it because you some how hurt them?" He raised a brow at her and saw her at a loss for words. "I wonder how it works..." he thought to himself as he reach out and grabbed her hand. For a second there was nothing but after his grip tightened a shooting pain went up his arm and into his core, making him release his grip on her hand and his knees buckled and he fell to his knees gasping. After a moment of catching his breath and hearing the running foot steps and stood up. He spun around to see her running towards the exit. "Where do you think you're going?" he called and he held up his hand using telekinesis and he motion towards the wall and she rose up off the ground and flew against the wall. He walked towards her, it was convenient that there was nobody in the store. He stopped walking and stood in font of her and stared at her. "Impressive, I don't feel pain anymore and that was...........painful." he said to her and he frowned. "That will be useful to me." he said as he held up her hand but froze when Maria spoke. "What are you going to to do me? Kill me? Not before I kill you." she said as she struggled to try and get herself off of the wall. He chuckled and but then stopped when the worst pain struck him.

                        He didn't understand, he wasn't even touching her. "My power isn't just limited to touching." Maria said to him as he clutched his head with his free hand, he struggled to keep his hand up to keep her pinned to the wall. His head felt like it was exploding as he groaned in pain. He couldn't hold her any longer so he did what he had to he pointed and slowly moved his hand sideways, sawing off the top of her head. The pain stopped halfway through cutting of her head, he smiled in pleasure hearing her shrieks and cries. He watched her body slump and he studied her brain until he understood how her power worked and he absorbed it. He looked at the blood splatter on the wall and the pool of blood around her body. "I'd hate to be the janitor the cleans this up." he muttered with a smile playing on his lips. He turned on his heals and walked back to the check out counter and pulled out a 10 dollar bill from his pocket and placed it on the counter. He grabbed the bag of popcorn and walked out of the convenient store. As he walked through the parking lot he saw a man pull into a space and he shape shifted into a blonde headed woman when he passed by a pillar, when he came out the other side he wasn't Syler anymore. He waved to the guy as he continued to walk out of the parking lot and continued down the street. In the distance he could here a police sirens a few block away. He smiled to himself as he continued to walk, he opened the bag of popcorn and popped a Cornell in into his mouth and hummed 'For He's a Jolly Good Fellow' as he walked.

                        After Syler was a couple blocks away he shape shifted back into himself. He threw away the now empty bag of popcorn in a garbage can on the street. He walked into an apartment complex and walked up the stairs to the fourth floor. He pulled out his keys and unlocked the door giving a polite wave to the girl next door who was leaving her apartment. He opened the door and walked inside and closed the door behind him. He walked into the kitchen and threw the keys on the counter. He took out a glass from a wine rack and poured himself a glass of water. He took a seat on the couch in the small tiny living room. He pulled out a file from a box that was next to the coffee table and set it on the table. He took a swallow of water and opened the file. Thank's to the death of Noah Bennet he was able to find out where he stashed all of the files of other people with abilities. Now he had a whole laundry list of abilities just waiting to be taken. As he studied the next file he couldn't help but hear the words of Dr. Surresh in his mind saying, "If you keep killing others you will be alone and you will die alone." . This statement swirled around in his head. He closed the file and leaned back holding his water glass to his forehead. The cool glass calmed his thoughts. Syler knew he was right, he would die alone, the only person left with abilities. But that wasn't one hundred percent true. There would be one person who would live forever like himself. Claire Bennet.

                        He shook his head, she would never agree to being friends with him or even be in love with him for that matter. Yet again, he didn't want to be alone. Yes, he loved the thrill of killing for an ability but he wasn't sure he wanted to be the only one left. After 20 minutes of circling his mind he decided, he wanted Claire and he wasn't going to take no for an answer. As annoying as she may have seemed to him 3 years ago, he hadn't seen her since and who knew, she could be a completely different person. Besides, he now had a way of making her do what he wanted, painfully, thanks to Maria. He knew that she would be a challenge to win over but, who didn't love a challenge. "It's about time I had a challenge." he muttered to himself and took a sip of his water. He shrugged along with furrowing his brows and set the glass on the coffee table. He stood up and walked into the kitchen. He snatched up his keys in a single swift motion and opened the door using telekinesis.

                        Syler stepped out of his apartment and closed the door behind him. After he locked the door he slid hes keys into his pocket and he quickly jogged down the steps and out of the apartment complex. His best bet to find Claire was to ask Angela Petrelli. He knew that she would know where Claire was. He pulled the collar up on his black coat and walked down the street and turned into an alley way. After finding a girl named Rebecca who could turn in visible, he now could had her power. It seemed like a Peter Petrelli show down; except this time, pulling out an object from Rebecca's head wouldn't allow her to come back to life. He looked behind him before turning invisible and quickly made his way to the Petrelli Mansion in New York City.
| Claire Bennet |

                        Claire hesitated in front of the huge doors of the Petrelli Mansion. She knew that Angela had told her father's wife; Heidi, about Claire and explained there relationship. Heidi was a little upset in the beginning and wasn't as excepting . Claire didn't really spend much time with her half brothers that where about 10 years younger than her. She didn't know if Heidi still stayed with Angela at the Petrelli mansion or if she had taken the boys and moved out. She guessed she couldn't hold of any longer. She reach over and rang the door bell and took a step back from the door. She adjusted her purse on her arm and waited.

                        She stiffened when Heidi opened the door but she told herself to relax. "Claire?" Heidi asked, eyes wide and blinking. She didn't smile at Heidi, she didn't smile much unless she was with Alex. "I need to see Angela." she replied as she could hear her brothers running around in the house. They were probably throwing a football or a basketball. She felt bad, there father had died and left them to be raised with just their mom. A part of her also hated them because, they had more time with Nathan than she had. She had only known him for 3 years and she didn't get a chance to even really get to know him. "Mom, who's at the door.?" she heard Simon ask as he appeared next to her. She saw a big grin appear on his face and he said, "Claire! What are you doing here.?!" He stepped around his mother and closed the space in between them. He was as taller than her she wasn't very tall to begin with but, he was only 16 now and Monty 12. Heidi unfortunately found out about abilities when Simon turned 12 and started flying, and now Monty could fly as well. He gave her a big bear hug and she let a small smile slip through the cracks and she gently hugged him back. "I need to talk to, grandma." she said after pulling away from the hug at the same time he did, but was left with an arm draped over her shoulders. She looked at Heidi and her face returned expressionless. she raised a brow and and saw Heidi was scared, probably because the last time Claire came down was because Simon started to Fly and Angela wasn't home to explain things. She was able to get him to come down from the ceiling of his room. She didn't come when Monty started flying, She knew Simon would help him.

                        Heidi swallowed and before she could answer Monty appeared with a foot ball under his arm and two other boys behind him. "Oh, hi Claire." he said, giving her wave and then motioning for his friends to come back inside with him. "Claire, what's this about. Angela is very......fragile." Heidi said guarded and she watched her cross her arms over her chest. Claire narrowed her eyes and set her jaw square. This was one reason why she didn't like Heidi, she was to nosy. "It doesn't concern you, Heidi. I need to speak with Angela.Now." she said, her voice wasn't as polite as before. She could feel Simon's grip around her shoulder tighten and he cut his mother off by saying, "Mom, just let Claire in. If she needs to talk to grandma Angie then let her. You're being rude." Claire held back a smile when she saw Heidi see she was outnumbered and she reluctantly stepped aside. She wrapped an arm around Simon's waist and walked inside with him. "Thanks." she whispered to him. He gave her a pat on the shoulder and whispered back, "You don't have to tell my mom sh!t. but me on the other hand; that's another story." She rolled her eyes and nodded, she would tell him and only him. He could do what ever he wanted with the information she would give him. She cleared her throat and saw Simon sigh and then run off out to the back yard and met a few of his teen age friends on one side of the yard and Monty was on the other side.

                        She followed after them with Heidi walking next to her. "I don't appreciate you barging into the my house like this and demanding things." Claire had stopped in her tacks when Heidi spoke and grabbed her arm to stop her from walking any further into the back yard. They were standing at the edge of the covered patio. She turned to Heidi, "Let's get something real straight. You don't own this house, you're not a Petrelli, not after you decided to divorce Nathan before he died. The house belongs to Angela, and when she dies it belongs to Peter. I'm next in line before Simon and Monty, my name may not legally be Petrelli but it says Petrellli on my birth certificate. You wanted me here to help Simon and Monty so i'm here but today does not concern them it concerns myself and Angela. Now, where is she?" Claire snapped at her and saw Heidi wasn't expecting her to talk back. Heidi wasn't her mother and she wasn't a teenager, she was an adult. She saw the Heidi had nothing to say because she knew that Claire was right. "She's in the master bedroom at the top of the stairs on the left at the end of the hallway." Heidi said, defeated.

                        Claire turned around and walked back into the house. She quickly walked back up stairs and made a left, walked down the long hallway and knocked on the door. "Come in." she hear Angela say. She opened the door and walked inside closing it behind her in case Heidi tried to stand outside the door way to listen to the conversation. Judging by how heavy the door was the room had to be sound proof. She saw Angela sitting by the window in an antique arm chair staring out the window down at the back yard. Her hair was pulled up into it's usual bun, she was wearing no jewelry and had on minimal makeup. She was dressed in pair of dark dress slacks and long sleeved black shirt. Angela's age had caught up to her, she had two streaks of gray in her hair on the left side of the part and she had a couple more wrinkles then remembered. Her hands showed the early stages of Parkinson disease as they slightly shook as they where resting in her lap.

                        She walked over to Angela and sat down in the chair that was at an angle facing the window that look out at the back yard, but was also facing Angela. She watched Angela's eyes drift to hers and a smile appeared on her face. The grim look in her eyes disappeared. "Claire, oh, how nice it is to see you." she said to her she reached for her hand but Claire pulled it closer to her, in her lap. She saw hurt flash on Angela's face but a few moments after it was gone. Claire still hadn't forgiven her for lying to her about her fathers death. She felt that she couldn't trust her. "Well, you obviously came for a reason and it wasn't for a visit." Angela said to her raising a brow. She definitely knew how to fool people, Claire had felt bad for a few seconds but when she heard her response it only reminded Claire of why she didn't visit. She cleared her throat and said, "I need to find Peter. Will you tell me where he is?" She crossed her legs and leaned back in her chair staring at her grandmother. She watched Angela look back out the window and stare at Simon, Monty, and their friends playing football in the back yard. "I can't tell you that Claire......because I don't know where he is." Angela said, her voice distant. Claire hated this, she knew Angela wasn't telling her something. She rolled here eyes and said, "Oh, come one. I know you know where Peter is. You're the only one he would possibly talk to. Are you going to tell me or not." She crossed her arms over her chest and waited. "Claire, I don't know where Peter is. The last time I saw him was the night at the carnival. Peter doesn't talk to me. And, if you're going to ask me to find him through my dreams I can't. I don't dream up where people are, I dream the future, and mos to the time they're like riddles. Besides, I don't sleep much. Not since you're Fa-.......Father died." Angela said to her looking at her but then returning her gaze to the window.

                        Claire bit her lips and looked away from her grandmother. She sighed in frustrations and stood up and started to walk away but Angela's tight and firm grip on her arm stopped her. " Claire, please. I don't know where Peter is. What more do you want from me?" Angela asked her, desperation in her eyes along with tears. "Just..........stop lying to me." Claire replied rolling her eyes trying to keep the tears that were pooling there, to stay. A disobedient tear slid down her right cheek. She saw Angela's eyes widen in shock, she had let the truth out, that's all she wanted was to be able to trust her grandmother again. The tears slid down Angela's face as well as she spoke, "Claire, is that why you haven't visited me? Is it the lies in my past that has kept you here from me? Claire, I'm so, so, so sorry. What I did was wrong, lying to you in the first place was my number one mistake but the decision that came after was the decision of a hysteria woman. I promise to never lie to you. I lost your father, I lost Peter, and I'm afraid that I have lost you too." By the time Angela had finished she had let go of Claire's arm and had placed her left hand over her face, weeping into it. Another tear slid down her face. She cold see that Angela was truly remorseful and that she hadn't talked to Peter in years.

                        She wiped the tears from her cheeks and walked back to the chair and sat back down. She took Angela's right hand off the arm chair and held it in her's. She gently squeezed it but held it firmly. "You haven't lost me. I don't know if I can forgive you for lying to me about, Nathan. I am willing to build up trust again." she said as she saw Angela slowly look up at her and stair at their hands. She felt Angela's response through the gentle squeeze back. "Thank you Claire, for not loosing hope on me." she said rubbing the tears from her eyes. She guessed that Angela was wearing water proof makeup too. "Do you really want to find Peter? Why are you looking for him?" Angela asked after using her thrum to gently run it across her hand over and over. Claire sighed and then lifted her fingers from the hand that Angela held. Her engagement ring sparkled in the sunlight that was coming through the window. She saw Angela's breath caught in her chest as her hand gently cradled Claire's as she studied the diamond. " I want him to walk me down the Isle." Claire said and saw a small smile appear on her Angela's face. "Nathan would want only Peter to do it, too." Angela said and she placed her other hand over Claire's and she leaned down and kissed it. "Congratulations." Angela said to her and saw her face was torn, as she looked out the window down at the boys.

                        Claire felt Angela release her hands and saw her resume the position she was in when Claire first walked in. "As much as I want to help you and tell you were Peter is, I can't. I'm sorry." Angela declared, as she continued to stair out the window. Claire narrowed her eyes, she couldn't believe this, she had just put her faith and trust into Angela and now she was throwing it away? Unbelievable. "But there is someone who can." Angela said after a few moments and looked at Claire with a sly smile on her face. Angela must have not told her the last part for dramatic effect. " You find Peter, through Simon. A couple of nights after Simon's ability manifested, I had woken in the middle of the night and passed by his room on the way downstairs to get a glass of water. I heard Peter's voice and Simon's talking. I believe Peter was telling Simon about his father and how to use his ability. The next morning Simon acted as if nothing happened but I think; and if I know Peter as well as I think I do, he probably told Simon were to find him if he was ever in trouble." Angela concluded turning back to the window and staring. Claire new why Angela was staring out the window. She was watching over Simon. "Thank you,....grandma." Claire said, and watched Angela quickly look at her and smile. "I've waited a long time to here that, from you." Angela said to her and then gave her a pat on the leg and then resumed her position. She stood up and gave Angela a kiss on the cheek and walked to the door. She took a glance back at her grandmother before opening the door and walking out. She had to break the news to Simon and ask him where Peter was. It was the only way.

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