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Hey guys. This is just a movie idea that I came up with for Naruto Shippuuden. I realize this idea may never come to fruition, but I’ve been toying with it for quite some time. I hope you will take the time to read this and let me know what you think. I will be posting one Act at a time. I'm also hoping this idea will help with those of you who are suffering from Artist's Block; therefore, all Deviants and Newgrounders are welcome to illustrate and/or animate any scene from any Act. I do have some guidelines for you to follow as a suggestion only:
1. The rogue Kunoichi wears her headband the traditional way. Other than that, use your imagination.
2. The seal on the Fourth Hokage's coffin consists of a paper tag with complex markings spreading out from the center all over the coffin. If you wish to depict the seal breaking, show the tag ripping in half and the markings disappearing.
3. If you're going to illustrate a scene with dialogue, put the dialogue as subtitles.
4. The "thin black thread" around the vial is more like a thick black cord with a clasp. The shape of the vial is up to you.
5. The lighting inside the tomb is up to you, but try not to make it too dark.
6. Feel free to use one of your OCs as one of the random people wishing Naruto a happy birthday.
7. If you wish to portray the outside of Minato's hospital room, the outside of the windows are mirror-like. The privacy curtain should be thick and opaque, and curves around the bed.
8. The book, entitled "Forbidden Jutsu", reads right to left, just like in manga. The chapter should have the title written in Japanese (除細動復活:屍鬼封尽・解). Feel free to choose your own color for the cover.
9. Feel free to use your imagination for Bun, the Assistant Captain, but keep in mind that she was the rogue ninja from Act 1.
10. When Sakura answers the door in Act 8, her angry look should be replaced by that of confusion.
11. If you've seen "Naruto Shippuuden Movie: The Lost Tower," you should be able to imagine the second part of the jutsu in Act 8 accurately. It looks the same as it did in that one parade scene shortly after Naruto and the others leave the supply room in one of the towers, when Naruto exposes the chakra strings leading to the pipes.
12. Feel free to use your imagination for the enemy, as long as you include the scar.
13. Minato should be wearing the black cloak, hood up, as soon as Act 9 starts.
14. The ending song I chose is a song I wrote entitled "Remember". You can see the lyrics here, but you can also choose your own song for the ending.
These "guidelines" will be updated as I add each Act. I'd like to see your illustrations and/or animations once they're done. Send me the link using either method:
DeviantArt: Send me the link via PM here on Gaia Online. I don't have a DeviantArt account. sweatdrop I now have a DeviantArt account, so you can send the link to PPGirl16 there.
Newgrounds: Send the link of your animation via PM to PPGirl16. She'll make sure I get it.
Most importantly, take your time, and if you choose not to do this, that's fine, but I'd still like some feedback. Thank you.
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Act 1
Fade in; it’s dark, just before midnight. The camera pans down to show the Hokage Tomb as a rogue Grass ninja is seen heading towards it from deep in the woods. Close up; the rogue ninja, a Kunoichi, enters the tomb.

Kunoichi: Seventeen years; it sure has been a long time since you died, Fourth Hokage.
Dark clouds swirl above her head outside as the Kunoichi begins forming the hand signs for a complex jutsu.

Kunoichi: Or, it will be, starting tomorrow. Shame; you were doomed to spend eternity in such a hellish place. Of course, I’m sure you chose that kind of death, didn’t you?
She finishes the hand signs. Lightning appears in the dark clouds above as the Kunoichi prepares the jutsu.

Cut scene; Naruto’s house. He is sleeping, having a typical dream about his teammate, Sakura.

Naruto: Ha, ha. Sakura, you sure look pretty today. Did you do this just for me?
Cut scene; the Hokage Tomb. The rogue Kunoichi looks up at Naruto’s house and smiles.

Kunoichi: Sleep well, Naruto Uzumaki. You will be in for quite a surprise when you wake up tomorrow. Consider this a birthday gift from an anonymous benefactor.
She looks to the Fourth Hokage’s coffin, still sealed shut with a seventeen-year-old seal. Lightning flashes outside.

Kunoichi: Lightning Style: Defibrillation Revival: Reaper Death Seal Release! God of Death, I command thee, release Minato from his eternal bondage, so that he may once again be the legendary ninja he once was.
Cut scene; Minato’s afterlife. Voices from below are shouting, and the clanging of weapons can be heard. Minato opens his eyes as a deep voice calls to him.

Voice: Awake, human. It is time.
Minato: Time? For what? What’s going on?
Minato feels a sudden jolt of electricity. A powerful force pushes him backwards, then downwards. Cut scene; Hokage Tomb. The Kunoichi finishes her jutsu as a giant bolt of lightning hits the top of the tomb. The seal on the coffin breaks. She smiles with pride.

Kunoichi: Allow me to be the first to welcome you back, Minato Namikaze.
Fade to white; movie title appears in big letters: “Naruto Shippuuden Movie: Journey From an Unknown World”.
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Act 2
The camera pans down to show Naruto’s house. It is early in the morning, and Naruto has just woken up. He looks to his calendar and grins, for today is his seventeenth birthday.

Naruto: [singing.] Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me.
He heads to the shower, whistling “Happy Birthday” to himself. Moments later, he comes out of the shower, fully dressed. He has a worried look on his face.

Naruto: That’s weird. What’s this feeling?
He hears a knock at the front door and goes to answer it. There is a delivery ninja at the door.

Naruto: Hello? Can I help you?
Delivery Ninja: Special package for Naruto Uzumaki.
Naruto: That’s me.
Delivery Ninja: [holds out a clipboard with a slip on it] Sign here please.
Naruto signs the slip and accepts the package. He sets it on the table and reads the tag.

Naruto: [out loud.] “To: Naruto. Happy birthday. From: an anonymous benefactor.” [Sets the tag down.] Hmm. I wonder who it could be.
He begins opening the package and is delighted at the contents.

Naruto: Whoa. A replica of the Fourth Hokage’s cloak. Amazing.
The first gift comes with a second tag. Naruto reads it out loud to himself.

Naruto: “This cloak is a replica of the one the Fourth Hokage used to wear. Take good care of it.” Huh. [Pulls out the second gift.] What’s this?
The second gift is more amazing than the first. Naruto can’t believe his eyes.

Naruto: [wide-eyed.] Oh, wow. [Reads the tag.] “Naruto, don’t try to use this kunai to perform the Flying Thunder God, because this is another replica. Even if it was real, you still wouldn’t be able to use it anyway.” [Laughs.] No sweat. I haven’t even learned that technique. And besides, the Fourth Hokage’s the only one who can use that jutsu, and he’s dead. [Sighs.] He’s been dead for exactly seventeen years.
The final gift doesn’t look like much, but Naruto’s drawn to it. He picks it up.

Naruto: What’s this? [He sees the final tag and reads it out loud.] “Consider this the most valuable gift you will ever receive. This is a vial containing a small amount of the Fourth Hokage’s chakra. Keep the cork in at all times, as this chakra will never be found again. If you wear it around your neck, it will help suppress the Nine-Tails chakra.” [Naruto looks at the small vial and notices a thin black thread.] Suppress the Nine-Tails, huh? I could definitely use some help with that.
Naruto puts the vial around his neck and secures the thread. He feels the effects almost immediately.

Naruto: Whoa. This is amazing. Well, whoever sent me this stuff, thanks. [He grins.] I’ll make sure everything I got is stored in a safe place.
Naruto sits down for breakfast as the camera pans upward to reveal the sky. Cut scene; inside Minato’s coffin. Minato slowly opens his eyes to take in his new surroundings. The events from earlier are still fresh in his memory.

Minato: [to himself.] Where… where am I?
It’s dark inside the coffin, but Minato can see tiny slivers of light trying to peek through the cracks.

Minato: [thinking.] Death God, what happened? Where am I?
Voice: The contract has been nullified. You are no longer under my authority, human.
Minato: [thinking.] What? But, how did this happen? Who did this?
Voice: The seal you placed upon yourself has been released. It is no longer effective.
Minato: [thinking.] What about the half of the Nine-Tails chakra I sealed as well?
Voice: That seal still holds, human.
Minato contemplates the earlier events. The last thing he remembers is the electric shock. Cut scene; village streets. Naruto is taking a morning stroll. Several people stop what they’re doing to wish him a happy birthday.

Naruto: Thanks. Thank you. I appreciate it.
A voice is heard behind him. It’s Sakura, his teammate.

Sakura: Hey, Naruto! Happy birthday!
Naruto: [grins.] Thanks. What’s up, Sakura?
Sakura: Oh not much. Say, did you hear the lightning storm this morning around midnight?
Naruto: [scratches back of head.] Yeah. It woke me up this morning. Man, that storm was pretty loud, huh?
Sakura: Yeah. Anyway, Naruto, Lady Tsunade needs to see us. She says it’s important.
Naruto: [groans.] Aw, man, a mission on my birthday? That sucks.
Sakura: Quit complaining, Naruto.
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Act 3
Cut scene; Tsunade’s office. Naruto, Sakura, Yamato, and Sai are there. Tsunade explains the situation.

Tsunade: As I’m sure you all know, there was a severe lightning storm this morning. One of the Jonin who was up at the time on patrol witnessed a lightning strike on the Hokage Tomb. I want you guys to head over there and assess any and all damage and report back to me. If the damage is minor, fix it if at all possible.
Yamato: Yes, milady.
Naruto: Uh, Granma? I’m not too sure about this mission.
Tsunade: And why not? Is there a problem, Naruto?
Naruto: I’ve had a bad feeling since I woke up this morning.
Sakura: Don’t worry about it, Naruto. It’s your birthday today remember? I don’t think you’d want to spend it being paranoid.
Sai: [thinking.] Naruto’s birthday is today? [Pulls out a book, still thinking.] It says here that when a friend is celebrating a birthday, the most thoughtful thing to do is bring a gift. [Puts the book away, still thinking.] I don’t have a gift to give to Naruto. I wonder how old he is today.
Tsunade: Anyway, don’t forget the mission. I have a feeling that the lightning storm last night may have caused some significant damage already.
Cut scene; cemetery, in front of the Hokage Tomb. Naruto has a worried look on his face.

Naruto: Man, I have a bad feeling about this.
Yamato: Don’t worry about it now, Naruto. All we have to do assess the damage and fix any minor ones. That’s all.
Sai: Don’t worry, Naruto. I’ll be right here in case anything goes wrong.
Naruto: [typical “freaked out” look.] No thanks! Don’t think I forgot the last time you tried to do that.
Cut scene; inside Minato’s coffin. Minato is still contemplating the recent events when he hears voices. One voice sounds awfully familiar.

Sai’s voice: What’s wrong with what I did last time?
Naruto’s voice: You got way too close! So keep your hands to yourself!
Sakura’s voice: Knock it off, you two. Let’s get inside so we can get on with our mission.
Minato: [thinking.] Who’s there?
Cut scene; Hokage Tomb. Naruto and the others head inside to assess the damage. Not much has been damaged at first glance.

Naruto: Well, looks like nothing is here. [Tries to leave. Sakura grabs his ear.] Ow!
Sakura: Hold on, Naruto. We just got started.
Yamato: I’ll check the First Hokage’s coffin. Sai, you check the Second’s, Sakura, the Third’s, and Naruto, you check the Fourth’s.
Sakura and Sai: Got it.
Naruto goes over to check the Fourth Hokage’s coffin for damage. He notices a pale green light around the bottom edges of the lid.

Naruto: Uh, guys? You better look at this.
Yamato and the others join Naruto and see the same thing. Naruto pulls out a kunai.

Naruto: I knew something was up ever since this morning.
Yamato: We better check this out, nonetheless.
Naruto and Sakura work together to lift the lid. Sakura peeks into the coffin first and can’t believe her eyes.

Sakura: Uh, Captain? You better take a look at this.
Yamato: What is it, Sakura?
Camera pans downward to reveal Minato; he tries to keep from cluing anyone in about his status.

Naruto: [tightens his grip on his kunai.] Hey, pal. What do you think you’re doing, messing with the Fourth Hokage’s coffin like this, huh?
Sakura: [hits Naruto’s head.] Idiot! Pay attention! We don’t even know if he’s an enemy or not yet. [Turns to Minato.] Uh, are you okay?
Minato: [thinking.] Don’t say a word.
Sakura: I know you can hear me. Are you okay?
Minato slowly opens his eyes. The first person he sees is Sakura looking down at him. Sunlight streams into the room.

Minato: [squints; the sunlight is too bright for him.] Where… where am I? Who are you?
Sakura: You’re in the Hokage Tomb.
Naruto’s curiosity gets the better of him. He puts his kunai away and peeks into the coffin. His face shows not surprise, but familiarity.

Naruto: Whoa, no way. It really is you, isn’t it? The Fourth Hokage?
Sakura: You’re not surprised, Naruto? I could’ve sworn you’d be freaking out by now.
Naruto: Aw, come on, Sakura. Don’t say that.
Minato: [thinking.] Sakura? Is that her name? [Looks at Naruto, still thinking.] I haven’t seen you for quite some time, Naruto.
Minato suddenly starts feeling the effects of the rogue Kunoichi’s jutsu and starts coughing.

Sakura: Whoa, be careful! Here, let me help you up. [She helps Minato sit up. Naruto is silent, analyzing the situation.]
Naruto: [thinking.] The Fourth Hokage; alive after all this time. But how is this possible? [Turns to Yamato.] Captain Yamato, didn’t the Fourth Hokage die after using the Reaper Death Seal?
Yamato: Yes. I believe he did.
Naruto: And doesn’t that seal prevent the user from being brought back through a reanimation jutsu?
Minato: [still coughing, but manages to speak.] I… I don’t think… this is a reanimation jutsu…. [Coughs loudly.]
Sakura: What do you mean? Do you know what happened to you?
Minato: I… I remember… at first…. [Coughs.] The last thing I remember is a sudden jolt of electricity, and then— [Coughs.] — I woke up in my coffin. It was dark, but I could hear voices outside.
Naruto stays silent, but the bad feeling he had earlier still lingers.

Yamato: Sakura, I think it would be best if we get him to the hospital.
Sakura: Got it.
Minato: Wait! Not yet. [Coughs and sputters.] I don’t want… anyone… to know… quite yet…. [Coughs.]
Naruto: I think he’s right, Captain Yamato. Who knows how everyone will react if they see the Fourth Hokage alive and well after seventeen years.
Sai: Maybe we can try concealing his identity before we head to the hospital. Naruto does have a point.
Sakura: But how are we going to do that, Sai? He doesn’t seem to have enough chakra to do a basic Transformation Jutsu. Besides, people are going to get suspicious if they see us transporting him to the hospital in broad daylight.
Minato: [thinking.] That explains why it’s so bright. [Coughs.]
Sakura: Please, be careful, sir. You’re probably worn out after what happened.
Naruto: [getting impatient.] Sakura, isn’t there something you can do to help him hold his own until we can get him to the hospital?
Sakura: I’ll see what I can do.
Sakura performs some basic first aid with her medical ninjutsu. Minato’s coughing stops.

Sakura: There. That should do it. However, he will need to rest for some time.
Yamato: Sai, report to the Hokage that we only found minor damage and managed to fix it.
Sai: What about the news concerning the Fourth Hokage, Captain?
Sakura: I’ll tell her myself when he feels comfortable with it. Until then, Naruto, Sai, you need to keep your mouths shut, got it? [Shakes her fist at them.]
Naruto: [gulps.] Got it.
Sakura: Good.
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Act 4
Cut scene; Hidden Leaf Hospital. Naruto and the others head inside, carrying Minato on a stretcher. Minato is covered with a blanket to conceal his identity.
Camera pans to the right to reveal a private hospital room near the back of the building. The door is shut and locked. A keypad is attached to the wall next to it.

Sakura: This is a private room. Only medical ninjas like myself are allowed inside. [She types in a numerical password after making sure the others aren’t looking. She then turns to Naruto.] Since this room is private, no visitors will be allowed. That includes you, Naruto. I’m not making an exception for you just because it’s your birthday today.
Naruto: [groans.] Aw, man!
Minato: [thinking.] Today’s Naruto’s birthday, huh? He’s grown a lot since I last saw him.
Minato is placed on a hospital bed and is then wheeled into the room as Naruto, Yamato, and Sai leave the building. After closing the door, Sakura uncovers Minato’s face so he can see where he is.

Sakura: I hope this is okay for you, sir. The windows are one-way only, so no one will be able to see inside. [She opens the curtains to let in some light.] You’ll need to rest here for a while.
Minato: Sakura….
Sakura: Hmm?
Minato: That’s your name, right?
Sakura: Yes. Sakura Haruno.
Minato: Is today…Naruto’s birthday?
Sakura: Yes, it is. He’s seventeen today, which means it’s also the seventeenth anniversary of the Nine-Tailed Fox attack. How do you know Naruto anyway?
Minato: Well, this is probably going to sound a little crazy, but—
A knock is heard at the door, cutting Minato off. Sakura closes the privacy curtain around Minato’s bed before answering.

Sakura: Sorry, but this is a private room. No visitors allowed. [She opens the door.] Oh, milady. I’m sorry about that.
The person at the door turns out to be Tsunade. She heads inside.

Tsunade: I’ve heard what happened from Yamato. He told me you found an injured VIP while you were assessing the damage at the Hokage Tomb. How is he?
Sakura: He’s doing okay. I managed to provide some first aid before bringing him here. He requested a private room, and he still needs to rest for a while.
Tsunade: Very well. Let me know if there are any changes.
Sakura: [bows.] Yes, milady.
Tsunade leaves the room and closes the door behind her. Sakura goes back over to Minato’s bed and opens the privacy curtain.

Minato: Who was that?
Sakura: That was Lady Tsunade. She’s the current Hokage, the Fifth.
Minato: The Fifth? What happened to the Third?
Sakura: He died four years ago during the Chuunin Exams. The Sand Village attacked unexpectedly while they were in league with Orochimaru. The Third Hokage had to fight Orochimaru, and he supposedly died the same way you did seventeen years ago.
Minato: So Tsunade’s Hokage now.
Sakura: That’s about the size of it.
Cut scene; village streets. It is early afternoon, and Naruto is walking along, muttering to himself. He hears another voice behind him and turns around. It’s Ino, one of his classmates.

Ino: Hey, Naruto! Happy birthday! What’s up?
Naruto: Oh, hi Ino. Nothing much really, thanks.
Ino: Sai told me you found an injured VIP this morning while you were assessing the damage at the Hokage Tomb.
Naruto: Sai said that?
Ino: Yeah. He also told me the damage wasn’t that bad, but you seemed to have a worried look on your face the whole time.
Naruto: Well, there was a severe lightning storm around midnight last night, so I was hoping the damage wasn’t that bad. Plus, the cemetery in general gives me the creeps. [Shudders.]
Ino: [laughs.] Calm down. Anyway, I have to get going. Hope you have a great birthday, Naruto. [Turns to leave.]
Naruto: Thanks, Ino. [He heads home, thinking about the past events.] This sure has been one crazy birthday so far. [Thinking.] I’ll have to find a way to help the Fourth Hokage conceal his identity once he’s out of the hospital. Think, Naruto, think.
Naruto walks past an alleyway. A voice calls to him.

Naruto: [turns to the voice.] Who’s there?
Voice: [the same voice Minato heard in his coffin.] Are you seeking a solution to a problem?
Naruto: [a little reluctantly.] Yeah. Who are you?
Voice: The storm this morning caused more damage than you can possibly see.
Naruto: What kind of damage?
Voice: You know about what happened with the human you call the Fourth Hokage?
Naruto: Not really. I’m not too sure how it happened, but I’ve had a bad feeling since this morning.
Voice: Go to the library and find a book on forbidden jutsu. Turn to page thirty-two. You should then find all the information you need.
The shadowy figure disappears without a trace. Naruto grows suspicious but takes the shadow’s advice.
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Act 5
Cut scene; Hidden Leaf library. Naruto is in the nonfiction section. He finds a book on forbidden jutsu and pulls it off the shelf.

Naruto: [to himself.] I wonder why that shadowy figure wanted me to read this anyway. [Opens the book to page thirty-two. The title says: “Defibrillation Revival: Reaper Death Seal Release”.] Well this is weird. I’ve never heard of this jutsu before.
Naruto checks the book out of the library and heads home. Cut scene; Naruto’s house. He is sitting at his table reading the chapter to himself.

Naruto: [reads.] “Defibrillation Revival: Reaper Death Seal Release is a forbidden Lightning Style revival jutsu. This jutsu can only be used on someone who’s been dead for no more than thirty-four years, but is most effective if used on someone who’s been dead half that time.” [Shocked.] Seventeen years. That’s how long the Fourth Hokage had been dead. [Continues reading.] “A jutsu of this caliber has been deemed forbidden because, like reanimation jutsu, it goes against the laws of nature. This jutsu requires a body that’s fully intact, with no missing parts. That’s why it will only work on someone who’s been dead for thirty-four years or less. After that, the body will have decayed beyond recognition. Seventeen years is the most effective time because the spirit of the deceased has had time to adjust to the afterlife, while still having memories of the previous life.

“Electricity is often used to revive patients whose hearts have stopped for a short amount of time. This jutsu works by taking that method to higher levels. Lightning or Lightning-natured chakra is used to start the heart of someone who has already died after using the Reaper Death Seal.” [Wide-eyed.] So that’s it. Someone must’ve used this jutsu to bring the Fourth back. It makes sense. It’s been seventeen years since he died, he used the Reaper Death Seal, and his body had been perfectly preserved. [Continues reading.] “Unlike a reanimation jutsu, this jutsu is permanent. Once the deceased’s heart starts back up again, the God of Death, who rules over all users of the Reaper Death Seal, as well as those sealed, will have no choice but to let the spirit go. A permanent jutsu like this one can only be reversed if the one brought back uses the Reaper Death Seal again and returns to the unknown world.” [Shudders.] Man, that is just plain creepy.
He hears a knock at the front door and goes to answer it. It’s Sakura.

Naruto: Oh hey, Sakura. What going on?
Sakura: Lady Tsunade needs to see us at the hospital. It’s about our “VIP.”
Naruto: Did something happen?
Sakura: Yes. We need to hurry.
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Act 6
Cut scene; Hidden Leaf Hospital. Naruto, Sakura, Yamato, and Sai are in Minato’s hospital room. The monitor shows Minato’s heartbeat is abnormal. Sakura immediately gets to work. The defibrillator charges up.

Sakura: Clear!
A small jolt of electricity is delivered to Minato. The defibrillator charges up again.

Sakura: Clear!
Another small jolt of electricity is delivered to Minato. His heartbeat goes back to normal. Everyone sighs with relief.

Sakura: Phew! That was close. Are you okay?
Minato: [coughs.] Yeah. I’m fine. Thank you.
A knock is heard at the door. It’s Tsunade.

Tsunade: Is everything okay, Sakura?
Sakura: Yes, milady. Everything’s fine. The VIP just had a minor heart problem, that’s all.
Tsunade: Good. And you can all drop the whole VIP story. I know exactly what happened this morning.
Naruto: [wide-eyed.] What? How?
Tsunade: They didn’t name me Fifth Hokage for nothing, Naruto. [Turns to Sakura.] Open the curtain.
Sakura: Yes, milady.
Sakura opens the privacy curtain to reveal Minato, who is still awake.

Tsunade: If I wasn’t so surprised, I’d say “Welcome back,” Minato. Do you know how this happened?
Minato: No, not at all. All I remember is a sudden jolt of electricity.
Naruto suddenly remembers what he read in the book from the library.

Naruto: Wait! I just remembered something.
Yamato: What?
Naruto: [explaining.] I read in a book from the library about a forbidden revival jutsu. It allows the user to bring back anyone who’s been dead for no more than thirty-four years after using the Reaper Death Seal. That could be what the lightning storm this morning was all about.
Sakura: The library? You never go in there. What made you head to the library anyway?
Naruto: I saw a shadowy figure earlier this afternoon. It said to head to the library to find a book on forbidden jutsu and turn to page thirty-two. It had all the information on this jutsu, and when I read it, everything fell into place. It all made perfect sense.
Tsunade: And what is this jutsu?
Naruto: It’s called the Defibrillation Revival: Reaper Death Seal Release jutsu. It’s a Lightning Style jutsu that nullifies the Reaper Death Seal by doing what Sakura did just now with the Fourth Hokage, only on a much larger scale. The book said that once the deceased’s heart starts back up again, the God of Death will have no choice but to let the deceased’s spirit free. The jutsu is also permanent; the only way to reverse it is for the one brought back to perform the Reaper Death Seal again, thus sending him or her back to that unknown world.
Sakura: [impressed.] Amazing, Naruto. But what about the bad feeling you had this morning?
Naruto: The book also said the Defibrillation Revival: Reaper Death Seal Release jutsu sends a mental message to any and all living blood relatives the deceased may have in the form of a strange feeling.
Sai: But the Fourth Hokage doesn’t have any living blood relatives, right?
Naruto: Wrong. There’s one living blood relative. And he’s standing in this very room.
Minato: [thinking.] Does Naruto still remember?
Sakura: Who’s that?
Naruto is silent for a moment, wondering if he should tell his teammate what he learned about a year ago, when he was sixteen. He looks up at Minato, a worried look on his face.

Naruto: To think this happened on my seventeenth birthday, of all days, gives me a feeling I can’t shake off. I received a package from an anonymous benefactor before the mission this morning. The package contained three things: a replica of the Fourth Hokage’s cloak, a replica of one of his specially made kunai, and this. [He pulls out the small vial around his neck from under his jacket and shows everyone, including Minato.] This came with a note saying if I wore this around my neck, it would help suppress the Nine-Tails chakra, since Granma Tsunade’s necklace is gone.
Yamato: It was destroyed when you went Six-Tails about a year ago, Naruto. I was worried when I got the news.
Minato: [thinking.] I remember. I had set the seal so that I’d appear if he went Eight-Tails. It was then that I told him everything.
Sakura: But that doesn’t tell me anything. Which one of you is the Fourth Hokage’s living blood relative?
Naruto: You’re looking right at him, Sakura. I’m the Fourth’s living blood relative. I’m his son.
Sakura and Sai are surprised. They can’t believe what they just heard. Naruto looks to Minato, a worried look on his face.

Sakura: [still a little surprised.] Naruto…. Why didn’t you say anything before?
Naruto: [turns to Sakura.] I only found out myself fairly recently, last year, after I sprouted the eighth tail. You were there, weren’t you? All that had happened in my head. I was going through a lot of problems, and I was so close to giving up everything, including my own life, just to end it all. I was about to break the seal when the Fourth Hokage suddenly appeared and stopped me. He then explained everything, including the reason he sealed the Nine-Tails inside me, as well as a fact I never knew beforehand, that I’m his son.
Yamato: Naruto’s right. According to the late Master Jiraiya, the Fourth Hokage would never do anything without a legitimate reason.
Sai: [thinking.] So that explains everything. Naruto was worried. [Looks at Yamato.] Do you think there’s a reason why someone would bring the Fourth back?
Naruto suddenly hears the rogue Kunoichi’s voice in his head, saying the same things she said earlier that morning, before performing the jutsu.

Kunoichi: Sleep well, Naruto Uzumaki. You will be in for quite a surprise when you wake up tomorrow. Consider this a birthday gift from an anonymous benefactor.
Naruto: [thinking.] A birthday gift? From whom? And how does that voice know my name and when my birthday is?
Minato: [sighs.] I had a feeling this would cause some problems. When I woke up in my coffin, the first thought in my head was “Where am I?”. I was confused because I didn’t know what was going on. [Sits up.] I don’t remember much before I was brought back, and I still have a lot of questions waiting to be answered, including who did this to me.
There is a knock at the door. Tsunade goes to answer it. It’s her assistant, Shizune.

Shizune: Lady Tsunade, I’ve just received a report that a rogue ninja from the Grass Village was seen around the Hokage Tombs last night around midnight. [She hands the report to Tsunade, who reads it thoroughly. Her eyes widen.]
Tsunade: A rogue ninja from the Grass Village, eh? Any information?
Shizune: [pulls out a packet of information and flips through it.] The ninja is a Kunoichi who possesses Lightning-natured chakra and is capable of performing even the most complex and dangerous jutsu. Her whereabouts are currently unknown, but like I said, she was last seen at midnight last night near the Hokage Tombs.
Tsunade: Send out an ANBU squad to look for her. I want her captured alive so we can get any and all information from her. She could be the one responsible for the lightning storm this morning.
Shizune: Yes, milady. [She turns to leave, shutting the door behind her.]
Naruto: What happened?
Tsunade: Shizune received this report saying a rogue Grass ninja was seen around midnight this morning. [She hands the report to Yamato.] I figured something was up, because that lightning storm didn’t seem natural.
Minato: [thinking.] A rogue brought me back? Why?
Yamato: This is serious, Lady Tsunade. We’ll have to find a way to fix this before any more problems arise.
Tsunade: My thoughts exactly. The ANBU squad I’ve dispatched hasn’t left the village yet. They’re waiting for further orders. [Turns to Naruto.] Naruto, head to the main gate.
Naruto: [wide-eyed.] What? Why?
Tsunade: I’m sending you along with the ANBU to search for this rogue Kunoichi. Once you get there, tell the ANBU my orders to spread out and search.
Sakura: But, milady….
Naruto: Come on, Granma. I’m still a Genin. What makes you so sure I’ll be able to help catch this lady?
Tsunade: Don’t ask questions, Naruto. Just go!
Naruto: Fine.
Naruto leaves the hospital and heads to the main gate. Determination replaces the bad feeling as he prepares himself for the search.
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Act 7
Cut scene; deep in the woods outside the village. Several ANBU members lead the way. Others are in the back, and Naruto and the rest are in the middle.

ANBU squad captain: [a male.] We should be able to find her if we split up. Everyone, spread out and search!
ANBU: [together.] Right!
Naruto starts to join the others when the assistant captain stops him.

Assistant Captain: [a female.] You and I will head this way.
Naruto: [a little confused.] Got it. I might be able to help further if I use Shadow Clones.
Assistant Captain: The rogue we’re looking for is not easy to find, even with Shadow Clones. I have a feeling her status as a rogue Grass ninja is just a cover. Stay on your guard.
Naruto: [thinking.] I sure hope the Fourth Hokage’s gonna be alright. I still have a bad feeling. The rogue Kunoichi might’ve had a plan in mind that involved bringing back the Fourth. But why do so on my birthday?
Naruto and the assistant captain arrive at the border to the Land of Fire. They stop on a tree branch and survey the area. The wind blows steadily through the trees.

Assistant Captain: Let’s go.
She takes off, with Naruto following close behind. Cut scene; Hidden Leaf Hospital. Minato has a worried look on his face as he tries to remember what happened before he was brought back. Sakura is sitting in a chair nearby, keeping an eye on his vitals.

Minato: [thinking.] Something’s not right. Why can’t I remember what went on before I felt that sudden jolt? [Sighs, still thinking.] That’s all I can remember; a sudden jolt of electricity, and then I wake up in my coffin, without a single clue as to what may have happened.
Sakura: Are you okay, sir?
Minato: [looks up.] Yeah, I’m fine. I’m just trying to remember what happened before I was brought back. All I remember is a sudden jolt.
Sakura: You can’t remember anything else?
Minato: No, I’m afraid not.
Cut scene; Naruto and the ANBU assistant captain are still searching for the rogue.

Naruto: Hey, lady, what’s going on here? What do you mean when you say the whole “rogue Grass ninja” thing is a cover?
The two of them stop and land on a tree branch. The assistant captain turns toward Naruto.

Assistant Captain: You don’t have a clue as to what’s going on, do you?
Naruto: [shakes his head.] No.
Assistant Captain: Very well then. I have no choice. [She removes her mask.] My name is Bun, and I am the assistant captain of the ANBU Black Ops. What I have to tell you is very important, Naruto, so pay close attention.
Naruto: How do you know my name?
Bun: Never mind about that. Before you jump to conclusions, I have something to say. The rogue Grass Village Kunoichi is really a well-respected Jonin of the Hidden Leaf. Her status as a rogue was a cover, and she had a reason for bringing back the Fourth Hokage.
Naruto: What’s the reason?
Bun: There is a very serious threat out there that only the Fourth Hokage can defeat. However, he cannot do it alone. That’s why she brought him back and made sure you knew about it; this threat must be defeated by a father-son duo in which the father is a former Hokage.
Naruto: Why the Fourth?
Bun: He had been dead for seventeen years, as you already know. Asuma Sarutobi and the Third Hokage couldn’t be brought back because first, the Third had only been dead for four years, and second, Asuma didn’t die after using the Reaper Death Seal, and he too hadn’t been dead for very long.
Naruto: I still don’t get it.
Bun: I’m the one who actually performed that jutsu at midnight last night.
Naruto: So you’re in league with the rogue?
Bun: No, Naruto, I was the rogue. Like I said earlier, that was a cover, and I already told you why I did it.
Naruto: If there was a threat that serious out there, why didn’t you tell Granma Tsunade? You know she’s Hokage now, right?
Bun: Lady Hokage wouldn’t have approved of the measure necessary to defeat this threat, so I did what I had to do last night.
Naruto: Do you even realize the Fourth Hokage is in the hospital?
Bun: Yes, I do. And yes, I realize he still needs to rest. But time is running out. In a few moments I will need your help to perform the second part of the Defibrillation Revival: Reaper Death Seal Release jutsu to help him recover faster.
Naruto: [shocked.] There are two parts to the jutsu?!
Bun: Yes. The first part had to be done last night. The Fourth needing to rest in the hospital is a side effect I had hoped to avoid.
Naruto: [yelling.] Do you have any idea that he won’t even be able to move once he’s out of the hospital? He’s been dead for seventeen years, so he won’t even be used to being alive again!
Bun: That’s what the second part of the jutsu is for. The second part involves someone with the same chakra nature as the one brought back giving some of his or her chakra. You and the Fourth both have Wind-natured chakra. I can’t do it because my chakra nature is Lightning, as you may have seen when I performed the jutsu this morning.
Naruto: I can’t do it. I can’t perform the second part of the jutsu.
Bun: Why not?
Naruto: Because I’m a Jinchûriki. I don’t want to risk some of the Nine-Tails’ chakra getting passed to him as well.
Bun: Didn’t you already manage to obtain control of the Nine-Tails’ chakra some time ago?
Naruto falls silent. Bun replaces her mask and turns toward the Hidden Leaf hospital.
Bun: Come. We don’t have time to lose. If we don’t hurry, the threat will only get worse.
Naruto: [speechless.]
He and Bun head for the hospital.
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Act 8
Cut scene; Hidden Leaf hospital. Minato is sleeping when suddenly he jerks awake. A cold sweat drips down his face.

Sakura: What is it? What happened?
Minato: I… I just remembered something.
Sakura: What?
Minato: A few moments before I felt the electric jolt, I remember hearing the Death God say it was time for something. I didn’t know what he was talking about. After I woke up in my coffin, I learned some more information. He said the Reaper Death Seal had been released, and that I was no longer under his authority.
Sakura: That’s terrible. Were you even ready?
Minato: The electric jolt took me completely by surprise. Next thing I knew, I felt something push me backwards and then downward, and then I wake up in my coffin. [Sighs.] I don’t think I’ll ever find out what’s going on.
There is an urgent knock at the door.

Naruto: Come on, Sakura. Open up! There’s something I need to tell you immediately!
Sakura: [getting angry.] Naruto! How many times do I have to tell you? No visitors allowed!
Naruto: This is urgent! Open up!
Sakura: CHA!
Sakura stomps over to the door and opens it with her fist ready. She stops when she sees the serious look on Naruto’s face. The ANBU assistant captain is with him.

Sakura: Naruto, what is going on? Did you catch the rogue?
Naruto: No, but there’s something I need you know. I already told Granma Tsunade. This ANBU assistant captain behind me will explain everything.
Bun removes her mask before speaking.

Bun: My name is Bun from the ANBU Black Ops. The rogue Kunoichi from last night was really I. There is a very serious threat out there that can only be defeated by a father-son duo in which the father was once Hokage. I brought the Fourth back because he had died seventeen years ago after using the Reaper Death Seal, as you already know. He and Naruto must work together in order to defeat this threat. I had to bring the Fourth back in secret to keep enemy lands from catching on.
Sakura: [shocked.] Wait, you mean Naruto and the Fourth Hokage are…?
Bun: Yes. They are the only ones who can defeat this threat, but first, the second half of the Defibrillation Revival: Reaper Death Seal Release must be performed. I can’t do it myself because only someone with the same chakra nature as the one brought back can do it. Naruto here has Wind-natured chakra just like the Fourth.
Sakura: What does Naruto need to do and why?
Bun: He has to channel some of his chakra into the Fourth to help him recover quickly. The need to rest is a side effect of the jutsu I had hoped to avoid. We need to hurry; the more time we take, the worse the threat becomes. [Turns to Naruto.] Are you ready?
Naruto: Yeah.
Naruto places his hand on Minato’s chest and relaxes. A blue glow appears and enters Minato, who feels the effects immediately. His strength returns, and he stands up.

Bun: Good. Now, we need to hurry.
Minato: [still a little unsure.] I don’t think I’m ready for this.
Naruto pulls out a black hooded cloak that Bun gave him on the way back to the hospital and hands it to Minato.

Naruto: Here. If you put this on, no one will be able to recognize you. [Turns to Bun.] How are we going to defeat this threat?
Bun: The first thing you must do is weaken him. It will take a lot of time and effort, but I know you’ll be able to succeed if you use the Shadow Clone Jutsu. Do whatever it takes. Once he’s weakened— [Turns to Minato.] —you will need to perform the Reaper Death Seal again. That way, the threat will be defeated, and the jutsu will be reversed. You will return to the unknown world, despite not deserving that kind of afterlife.
Minato: I will do what I must, even if it means using the Reaper Death Seal again. I chose that path seventeen years ago not only for the village, but for Naruto as well.
Bun smiles before turning to Sakura.

Bun: I will need you to be there as well, to treat any and all of Naruto’s wounds.
Sakura: Got it. Do you think Naruto and the Fourth will be able to do this?
Bun: Yes. I have faith in them both.
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Act 9
Cut scene; deep in the woods outside the village. Naruto and Minato are standing together on a tree branch, waiting. Suddenly, an explosion occurs. Naruto and Minato get ready to fight as the dust settles, revealing a powerful enemy from an unknown village. Close up; Naruto’s determined face. He growls, ready to charge. He holds a kunai in hand. Minato turns to Naruto.

Minato: Naruto, are you ready?
Naruto: Yeah.
They both head out to the center of the explosion and meet up with the enemy. Close up; the enemy. He has a wicked scar on his face going diagonally from his left eyebrow to his right cheek. A nasty grin fills his face upon seeing Minato.

Enemy: So, you’ve come at last. I’ve been expecting you.
Minato: What are you up to?
Enemy: I’ve heard about what you did seventeen years ago. How about we do a repeat of that, shall we?
Naruto: No way! We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen!
Enemy: [snickers.] Too bad. You're mine!
The enemy charges for Naruto, who immediately jumps out of the way and forms a hand sign.

Naruto: Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu!
A thousand clones appear in a puff of smoke. They all charge straight toward the enemy as Minato gets another jutsu ready. He pulls out some shuriken throwing stars.

Minato: Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu!
He throws the shuriken, which immediately start to split into thousands, all hitting the enemy at once. Dust flies everywhere before settling. The enemy is unharmed, much to Naruto’s dismay. He forms the hand sign again.

Naruto: Shadow Clone Jutsu!
A single clone appears. They both begin building up chakra as it spins and compresses itself into a perfect sphere; the Rasengan. The shadow clone disappears in a puff of smoke as Naruto charges.

Naruto: You’re not getting away with this! Rasengan!
The enemy simply moves out of the way. Naruto slams into the ground, creating a giant crater with his Rasengan. He gets up and forms the hand sign for the Shadow Clone Jutsu. Twenty clones appear and charge, each with a kunai in hand. The battle continues on for some time, with Minato and Naruto working together. Naruto tries the Shadow Clone Jutsu several times throughout the battle.

Enemy: Ha! Is that all you’ve got?
The enemy jumps up and lands behind Naruto, kunai to his throat. Minato stops and stares in utter shock.

Enemy: Heh, heh. Not too smart now, are you?
Minato: What do you want with Naruto?
Enemy: I’m going to release the Nine-Tails upon this village, just like seventeen years ago. Take one more step, and this brat dies.
Minato is unsure of what to do next. He thinks back and remembers the Death God’s words.

Voice: Awake, human. It is time.
Minato: [thinking.] I still don’t know what he meant by that.
Naruto: [struggling.] Hey, pal. Let me go!
Enemy: Not a chance, brat. You’re going to die today.
Naruto manages to break free and fights the enemy. He forms the hand sign for the Shadow Clone Jutsu, creating five clones.

Clone 1: [kicks the enemy upward. Shouts.] Na!
Clone 2: [kicks the enemy again. Shouts.] Ru!
Clone 3: [kicks the enemy a third time. Shouts.] To!
The fourth clone kicks the enemy again, then the real Naruto jumps up off of Clone 4’s back. He spins high up in the air before slamming into the enemy, sending him downward.

Naruto: [shouts.] Uzumaki Barrage!
The enemy hits the ground face-first, sending dust flying up into the air. The dust soon settles, and the enemy, much to Naruto and Minato’s dismay, gets up relatively unharmed. Naruto gets infuriated.

Naruto: You jerk! [Forms the hand sign.] Shadow Clone Jutsu!
Minato throws one of his specially made kunai toward the enemy, who dodges it by sidestepping to the left. The enemy then gets caught off guard, suddenly finding another specially made kunai to his throat. Minato stands behind the enemy, having performed his own technique, the Flying Thunder God. He looks to Naruto, who is now standing with two clones on either side of him.

Minato: Now, Naruto!
Naruto: Got it!
Naruto and his clones build up their chakra, which starts spinning and compressing itself again. Small blades of chakra begin to form as the third clone adds Naruto’s Wind change in nature, creating the Rasenshuriken. The clones disappear as Naruto gets ready.

Naruto: Okay, here it comes! Wind Style: Rasenshuriken!
Minato jumps up and out of the way as Naruto throws the giant shuriken. It heads straight for the enemy, who is too shocked to react. The jutsu slices his leg right off. Naruto steps back as Minato once again forms the hand signs for the Reaper Death Seal.
His face shows the same determination he had seventeen years ago.

Minato: [thinking.] Naruto, I’m sorry I couldn’t stay long, but this is the only way to defeat the enemy. Forgive me.
He looks up as he finishes the hand signs, watching the clouds go by, knowing he won’t get the chance to do so ever again. He then looks at the severely injured enemy, who is losing blood fast due to Naruto’s jutsu.

Minato: This is the last time anyone will threaten the village while I’m around. [Thinking.] Death God; I’m on my way back. Sorry for the interruption. Hopefully this will be the last time. [Shouting.] Forbidden Art: Reaper Death Seal!
A flash of white light appears, blinding everyone. Naruto covers his eyes as he hears a voice in his head.

Minato: Happy seventeenth birthday… my son….
The light fades, revealing Minato and the enemy lying dead on the ground. The black hooded cloak Minato had been wearing was now a small pile of tattered fragments. Naruto stands in one spot, a solemn look on his face.

Naruto: [thinking.] Thank you… Dad….
Naruto looks up at the clouds and smiles before collapsing to the ground from exhaustion. Fade to white, then fade in; Hidden Leaf Hospital. Naruto lies on a hospital bed, unconscious, but with a smile on his face, because he knows he helped save the village with the greatest hero of all time; the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze.

Sakura: [turns to Tsunade.] Is Naruto going to be okay?
Tsunade: Yes. He’ll just need some rest. [She looks out the window, thinking.] Once again, you helped save the village. If only Jiraiya were here to see it. [Smiles.]
Fade to black; the end credits roll as the ending song plays.
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I think this is a good idea. I agree it will probably never be made into a movie but I like that Naruto and his father see each other again. The only problem with it is that it's alittle slow in some areas and it has a tendency to repeat. It's a good way to incorporate all the main characters from Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. But still I do LOVE what you are trying to do in this. Anyway I can help just ask! 3nodding
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Kira Rae Fury
I think this is a good idea. I agree it will probably never be made into a movie but I like that Naruto and his father see each other again. The only problem with it is that it's alittle slow in some areas and it has a tendency to repeat. It's a good way to incorporate all the main characters from Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. But still I do LOVE what you are trying to do in this. Anyway I can help just ask! 3nodding

Great! Why not spread the word? Thanks for your review.
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It probably doesn't help that I haven't actually seen Naruto, so I felt a little lost with all of the ninja-esque terms and names and such, but the idea itself sounds good. You set it up very well, and I'm sure that had I actually seen Naruto, it would have made quite an impact on me. My only question is this: what does the enemy look like? I never really got a mental picture of it, and for some reason the only thing I could think of was an eight foot tall furry rabbit-like thing with six legs and fangs o.o Don't ask me why. I'd also say that Naruto found out all of the information about forbidden jutsu very quickly, and I've always been a fan of characters actually struggling to find the information rather than having it just handed to them on a silver platter. That's just me, though o.o

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