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My name is Shiori Aikono. That's pretty much it. I know I was a ninja. Chunin level I think. I was on a mission with my team, although I can't remember them...I think when people die they lose memory of their life on earth, to make leaving less painful. So that's all I remember. One moment, I was on a B+ ranked mission. The next, I was floating up to...here.

"Where am I?" I asked into the air, my voice being swept away into the wind. I turned around trying to look at my back. "What the heck? Wings?" I flapped them and jumped, shocked. I moved my hand to my head. No halo. I guess I wasn't completely an angel yet. Wait, I thought, Angel? I'm dead? I had a surge of painc, but was calmed down by a soothing, gentle voice.
"Calm down, Shiori." A middle aged woman glided down from the powdery clouds, light illuminating from her body. She wore a simple, yet elegant white dress that flowed down past her ankles. Her hair was auburn and her eyes golden. "My name is Aikina." She said. I stared at her, eyes wide open. "So, I'm...dead." I still couldn't believe that I was dead. I had trouble saying it, and thinking it. The thought was too hard to bear. "What happened?"
Aikina's gaze softened and a comforting smile edged up at the corners of her lips. "Shiori, you were on a mission and one of the enemy ninja stabbed you in the back. Ne-I mean one of your teamates tried to save you but..failed."
"Oh. So what-" I began. "Wait...Ne..Ne..." Aikina's gaze turned to worry as I appeared to remember something. "Neji? Hmm...Sounds familiar. Who is he?" I asked. Aikina just shook her head.
"You shouldn't remember. It will make things harder..." She stopped speaking as a peaceful ringing came from above. I raised an eyebrow. "Oh, that was...The one who runs the place if you know what I mean. He says that you are to be given one more chance." My eyes lit up with glee. "What does that mean? Do I get to go back to earth?!" I bounced on my toes getting higher and higher until I was flying. "Woah!" Aikina grbbed my ankle and pulled me down. "Yes, you are to be given one more chance on earth. Only because you are young...But..."
"But what? There's a catch isn't there?" I asked a little disappointed, but not too much. I mean, I was getting another chance! Aikina nodded. "Yes, a catch is involved. You will be sent to Earth, but you will have no memory of anything except your name. You have no Family so memory of them is no problem."
I raised my hand like a young school child. "Will anyone remember me?" Aikina nodded. "Yes but you will not remember them." I was silent for a moment then decided. "I want to do it. Send me back."
"Alright." Aikina stood by me and the light around me grew and grew until I could no longer see. I felt faint and light-headed. Everything began to spin and I became too dizzy and fell unconcious.
Someone was crying. A boy. There were short sobs, as if he had been crying for a long time already. He kept repeating, "She's dead. She's dead." everytime he took a breath. Poor guy. I thought. I wonder who died?..Oh wait. I died! But now I'm alive!
I opened my eyes cautiously, expecting the blinding light. Instead, I saw a white room. I was in a bed, snuggled under some blankets. At first, I didn't move, not wanting to startle the boy. He didn't notice me since his head was burried in his arms. I wrinkled my nose as an itch gathered. I tried my best not to sneeze, but unable to hold it in, I let out a slight, "Ah-choo" and my nose wrinkled. I have a rabbit sneeze! I thought. The boy jerked his head up and looked around the room. He looked bewildered when his eyes landed upon a, living, me. He jumped up and hugged me.
"Shiori! You're alive!" He exclaimed. I stared at him in confusion. "As happy I am to be alive...Who are you?" The boy pulled away, a look on his face that said, you're-kidding-right? "What? You're just joking...right?" I stared at him blankly. "I'm really sorry...But I don't..." My voice trailed off. He looked at me with the greatest look of disappoinment and sadness. Then that look was replaced by a smile. "You don't remember me? Well, at least you're alive. That's what matters most." Still, I stared blankly at him.
"You know my name. But I don't know yours." I pointed out. "Oh. My name is Neji. Neji Hyuga, remember me at all?" I shook my head no.
"Neji, I'm really sorry but I don't remember you. Actually...Where am I?" I asked noticing I had no memory whatsoever. The feeling was strange. I had no idea what happened or what was going on. I knew I died, or almost died. But how am I alive again? All of a sudden, the memory of Aikina came rushing back. "I'm not going to remember anything." I mumbled. "What?" Neji asked. I shook my head and said, "Nothing, nothing...So what happened?"
"Shiori, you really don't remember? Anything? We were on a mission in the forest village and you fell and hit your head causing major brain damage. You passed out and we, Tenten, Lee, and our sensei, brought you here. The doctors wrapped bandages around your head, but by the time the bleeding stopped, you had already suffered too much damage to your brain... Everyone thought you died. But miracuously you're alive again!" He hugged me again. "Why do you keep hugging me? Were we friends?...Were we more than friends?" I eyed him suspicuosly. He blushed at my comment. "Yes we were friends...We're pretty close actually."
"Are you just making this up or can I trust you?" "You can trust me. Really." I gazed in his eyes and believed him. Deep in his eyes I saw that he was sad. Although he smiled on the outside.
He helped me walk out of the room to the waiting area where a few, distressed people sat. There was a man with a funny hair cut and a boy who looked the same. There was also a girl with chocolate brown hair who rested her head on the boy's shoulder, weeping a bit. They all stood up in a rush when they saw me comming. Neji walked me over to them and the group stared at me, disbelieving. I smiled kindly, "Hello...Do I know them?" I asked Neji. He nodded. They all stood up and hugged me. "Shiori you're okay!" The girl exclaimed. "It's me, Tenten. Remember? And Lee and Gai too!" I observed them, but nothing came to my mind. "I'm sorry...But I don't- I can't remamber..." I dropped my head. Neji lifted my chin. "Hey, it's alright. As long as you're okay. Let's go get something to eat." My eyes glistend at the sound of food and I grabbed Neji's arm. "Yay! Food!"
We all went to get Sushi, my personal fave, and then I sat down to watch them train. Gai-sensei let me sit out and watch. Tenten sat down with me while Neji and Lee sparred.
"So," She began. "You don't remember us?" I shook my head. "Were you one of my frineds?" "Friends?! We were like sisters! We always hung out. I always tried to get you together with Neji." I blushed. "Him? Neji Hyuga? No way..." I tried to bluff.
"You really don't remember do you?"
"Nani? Was there something going on with me and Neji?" I asked staring her in the eyes.
"Eh...Forget I said anything." She shook her head. I pouted and crossed my arms. Tenten samcked my head softly. "Don't worry your memory will come back."
After training, Neji walked up to me and asked, "Shiori, do you wanna...Maybe go out? For like a walk. It might help you remember..." I smiled sweetly and nodded.
"Sure Neji-kuhn. I'd love to!" Neji blushed a bit and said, "Okay. Great. You wanna go in a few minutes? I'll go home and change first." I nodded and watched him walk home. I sat there in a tree waiting for Neji.
A cool wind blew and twirled around some leaves on the ground. Then it swept past me. I whispered, "My memories...Gone with the wind." I watched the leaves twirl around and then jumped down. A little white daisy caught my eye. I picked it and spun it around in my hands. "Hey there!" I turned around and saw Naji walking towards me. I held the flower infront of him. "Here. I thought you might like it." He smiled at me and took the flower. "Thanks. Shall we get going?"
I nodded and took his arm. "Let's go...So where are we going?" Neji glanced at me and said, "Just wait and see."
We stroled around town, occasionally saying hello to the villagers. The setting sun painted the sky orange and red, and soon the blues and purples began streaking the sky as night approached.
"We're almost there." Neji said after some time. We approached a beautiful lake in the middle of a cleaing. There were verdant hills, covered with flourishing grass and flowers. My eyes glistened at the sight of all the vibrant colors of all the flowers dancing in the airstream. I released Neji's arm and twirled around on the top of a hill, the rolled down the side of it.
I landed in front of Neji. He looked down at me and smiled. "Same old Shiori." He offered me his hand to help me up, and I took it and pulled him down. He fell next to me with an "oof". I giggled. Neji lay a few feet from the lake, and I next to him. Sighing at the sight of the stars, I asked Neji, "Hey, how come no one else is here? This place is so beautiful. People should appritiate it more."
Neji smirked, then let out a small chuckle. "Shiori, that's one of the things I love about you. Always appretiating the littlest things in life. No one goes here because no one else know about it. Only you and I do. This was like, our secret getaway. Our little magic place." He sat up and pointed to a lone cherry blossom tree atop the hill I rolled down. "See that tree? Well the two of us used to always go up there to talk and watch the flowers sway in the breeze. And this lake," Neji gestured behind us and I too sat up. "We had so much fun here when we were littler kids. We would splash eachother and get soaked." He let out a humorless chuckle. I smiled, "Neji, I don't know if this means anything, but...This place does seem kinda familiar. Almost like I've seen it before in a dream."
At the sound of this, Neji jumpped and hugged me again, knowing me over. "Shiori that's great!" I hugged him back, then realizing he was on top of me, Neji stood up in akwardness and apologized. I grabbed his arm and pulled him up the hill. I sat down gracefully beneathe the tree and Neji plopped down beside me.
I stared out towards the shimmering lake. The sun was begining to set beneathe the horizon, it's golden streaks of light, streaming onto the surface of the crystal clear lake and painting it orange.
I sighed. "It's beautiful." I whispered. Beside me, Neji murmured too quietly for me to hear, "Just like you...just like you."
"Neji?" I turned my head and my eyes locked with his. "umm...well" I was entranced by his pale, ivory, eyes and lost all words. He leaned in closer. Slowly closing the distance between us. Our lips were centimeters apart when I pulled away.
"Shiori? What's...wrong?" Neji asked a little saddened.
"I'm Sorry Neji. I...like you, I do. But I still don't remember anything...and to me right now...You're still a stranger whom I just met today. I want to remember, and I'm trying so hard, but I just..." I took in a breath. "Can't. I'm sorry." I turned away and avoided all eye contact with Neji.
"Shiori, it's okay. I understand."
"No, it's not 'okay'." I said kind of brusquely. "I can't remember and...I'm afraid."
Neji put a comforting hand on my back, but I held my gaze steady and watched the lake shimmer. "Siori-" He began, but I cut him off.
"I'm afraid Neji. And lost...and confused. I feel so alone, not able recognize anyone. I don't know what to do." I sighed. "Well, you have me. And I will never leave your side until you remember. That way, you won't be alone and you won't get lost." he smiled comfortingly and hugged me. "Thanks." I hugged him back then released. I looked up, and the sky was dark, the sun had set. "Neji, do I have a home?" I asked standing up.
"Yeah... I'll walk you there." At my door, Neji turned to leave but I stopped him. "um, I know it's childish...But do you maybe think you caould stay with me?..I mean...um..." I was at a loss ofr words but thenk goodness Neji spoke.
"Of course Shiori. I told you I wouldn't leave your side didn't I?"

***At My house***

I pulled up the covers to my chin and shivered beneathe the blankets. Neji was beside me, laying out a blanket and a pillow on the floor. "Thanks for doing this."
"No problem Shiori...I'd do anything for you. Okay? Just know that." He layed down and faced away from me, pulling the blankets onto himself.
I thought over what he said and I felt my cheeks heat up. was I blushing? Closing my eyes, I whispered, "Good-night Neji"

:::Next Morning:::

Blurred visions popped randomly into my head. A vision of a litle girl, around 8. she was happy. She jumpped onto the back of a boy, her friend probably. He carried her to a beautiful place with many flowers and a shining lake. They splashed in the lake laughing and giggling. Not a care in the world, just enjoying each other's company...
It was still the same girl, only older now. 10. The boy was there too, the same age. The girl's mouth moved, as if talking and the boy replied. They walked to the same place and climbed up the hill. There, ran down the hill, rolling, then running up again...
Once again, the same two people, Genin now. They stood under a gorgeous sakura tree, like the one they played under when they were little. The petals flew around them, spiraling. The two hugged and the vision darkened and became sinister. Time seemed to pass. The two were on a ninja mission, with their team. The girl was fighting, the boy yelled, "Shiori!" From behind, the girl was knocked down and rolled down the side of a clif with the enemy ninja. She bounced up off a raised part, and landed harshly, hitting her head on a rock, passing out... ~end dream~

"Ow!" I yelled as my head collided with the floor. I slowly opened my eyes and sat up. Beside me, Neji awoke, startled.
"Shiori?! What happened? Are you okay?!" He asked panicked. I nodded and grinned sheepishly. "Yeah, I sorta fell of the bed...So, what time is it?"
"About time to get up." "Okay...So where are we going today?" Neji pondered for a moment while putting away the cot. "How about just taking a walk ouside of the village?" He suggested. "That sounds nice! C'mon let's go!" I grabbed Neji's wrist. When my hand touched his arm, for a split second I felt an inward shock but I shook it off and ignored it. Dragging him out the door, I lead him to the gate of Konoha. When we arrived, we slowed our pace to a walk and began talking. "Shiori? How did you know the way out? Ever since you got out of the hospital, you've never been out of the viilag so..." "Huh? The way out?... Maybe when I fell off the bed and hit my head it gave a jolt to my brain and jogged my memory a bit!" I stated hopefully.
Neji's eyes grew wide with excitement. "so maybe if you get the right jolt to your brain, then your memory will come back!" "Well, maybe, more like a shock...But it needs to be strong enough to affect me..." My voice trailed off.
"But not so strong that it will kill you." Neji finished for me. "You wanna do it? It's your choice."
"You mean, if I did want to, there would be a way to shock my brain?" I asked, thinking of ways to do so.
Neji nodded. "Yeah, but only if you want to." I decided to do so. Neji sat me down underneath a large tree nearby.
"Okay, you ready? this might sting a little...And don't worry, killing you won't be a chance I'm gong to take." Neji placed his palms above the top of my head, letting them hover. I felt a slight sting, and then a large jolt.
"Ow!" I yelled as Neji jerked his hnad away. He crouhed down beside me. "Anything?" I shook my head.
"Aside from all the events since the hospital, sadly, no." I sighed in unison with Neji. "This is hopeless." I stood up in exasperation and begand to walk agian. Neji followed.
For a short while, neither of us talked. Then, I felt something brush against my hand and I looked down. It was Neji's hand. Instantly, I felt another inward shock, like the one this morning, only stronger. I liked this feeling, so I held onto his hand. Involountarily, I led him to our sercret place.
"Neji?" I began as we sat ontop of the hill, under the sakura tree. I was still holding his hand. "I think I'm starting to remember something..."
"Really?! What is it?"
"I'm not sure...they're like little bits and pieces of memories in the past...Our past."
Neji's cheeks became a light tint of pink and he grinned. "Oh...um...well at least its something."
"Neji, maybe you should tell me about...us since it seems to be what I remember the most. Was someting going on that you weren't telling me about?"
The tint of pink becam redder and Neji cleared his throat. "Okay," He began. "We met at the academy..." Neji relived his perspective of our time together and I listened intently, racking my brain for any memories of his retelling.
As he got to the more intimate parts, he studdered and I also turned red, yet he continued reciting. "...And then the day before our mission we got in a fight over something really stupid I don't even remember what. But we began yelling and as I stormed off, you screamed at the top of your lungs that you hated my stupid guts and never ever wanted to see me again. You also added that you wished you never knew me or had any memory of me at all because I was such 'an egotistic self-centered imp'." He took in a breath and I didn't dare interrupt. "Then, we stormed off our different dirctions and the next day, on our mission, you were killed and then...well you know the rest."
"Wow." I took in a sharp breath. "You remember all our time together like it was only a few minutes ago."
He nodded. "Well, what can I say? I cherished our time together and I love you Shiori...I know you might not remember, but I love you even after we had that aweful arguement."
I was quiet. love? Neji loved me. But did I love him? Oh how I wish I did. Strange isn't it. How I wish I love him. But I do...And I think that if I remember, then I would but I don't. "Neji?...I'm sorry. For all those mean things I said. I don't remember, but I'm sorry anyway. How come...When I 'came back' you weren't mad or mean and you didn't even mention it?"
"Like I said, I love you and I wont hold a grudge against you. And besides, you think I'd be mad at you after you died then came back?" He laughed which caused me to laugh.
We fell over laughing smiling then when we stopped, a slight breeze blew and I was captivated once again by his eyes. "Neji," I whispered.
"You wanna try that kiss again?"
I closed my eyes and leaned forward. Neji pressed his lips against mine. And on that magical moment, spraks flew. No really, inside me, it felt like something exploded. Like one of those inward jolts, only massive. I opened my eyes and jerked away from Neji.
"What is it Shiori?" He asked a bit disappointed.
"Neji! I remember! I remember EVERYTHING! You, this place, everything!"
Neji stood up beside me since I had jupped up. He was speechless. "N..you- Rea-I-"
I cut off his pointless stuttering. "And I remembered that I love you." I hugged him this time and we both smiled. He pulled me by the waist and I pressed my lips against his. Happily, he kissed back.
I finally remembered. And now, I can go on living with the one I love, Neji Hyuga.
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OMG!! I love it!!! What a way to start after being dead...sneezing XD that was funny I had to admit! The story was awesome!! 5/5 4laugh
Your OC is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. Why the hell couldn't you just have used TenTen, or another Naruto girl, instead of contributing to the hapless myriad of half-assed ninja Sue's?
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whoo. that was kinda hard to read, the blue was really bright on my comp and so it blinded me for a while. xD

it was really cute. ^^
though my only question is why didn't aikina want her to remember her memories?
You like Neji too??
If you want, you can read my fanfic in my journal about Neji and I.
Oh wait, you have to be my friend to read that.
PM me k?

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