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Greetings! I've decided to make this thread as a combined discussion thread for all of my fics. I was actually flattered and honored that people began discussing theories in regards to my running fics. I currently have 6 stories running; three CCS, two Bleach and one Gakuen Alice fic. I'm really proud of them. Hence, I am posting them all here instead of making separate thread for each fic.

You are all welcome to submit a review in FF.net.
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::My Stories::
(by upload date-chapter breakdown at the end of this post)

[ Story Link in FF.net]
Anime: Card Captor Sakura
Genre: Romance/Mystery
Chapters: 28
This was my very first fic, hence the early chapters weren't proofread...it may contain errors but not that much. Plus, the tensing switches. I wasn't aware that I should write in one tense only until a reviewer pointed it out. Enormous changes happens around Chapter Ten. My apologies. I will edit the earlier chapters when I got the time.

A reality wherein people can exist in two different worlds; the world of cyberspace and the world of real life. Wherein anything done inside this computer world is lawfully legal in real life as well. Inspite of having a "perfect life", Sakura finds herself roleplaying someone in alliance with Li Syoaran (an elite businessman who concocts his money making plans inside the NET) in an online game named "InterVEST". Real life identities unknown to each other, what will happen if they find out that the other belongs to a family who is in a feud with their own. See how Sakura, being the sweet young lady that she is suppose to be, gets involved with something her father wouldn't have dreamed of as she signed a binding contract online that became legal in real life. Thus, throwing everything in topsy turvy.

CyberSpace, Games, Contracts, Dreams, Legacy...a long buried past unearthed in the quest to bind two warring families...will love be a part of it? or everything is just a game?

"The Covens Underneath"
[ Story Link in FF.net]
Anime: Card Captor Sakura
Genre: Suspense/Action
Chapters: 8

The people of Mercallis, a country with four islands separated by the sea, lived a peaceful life. Or rather...for the mortals of Mercallis, that is. Blinded by the facade created to shield their eyes from the truth, no one ever suspected nor questioned the unexplained events that happens every now and then. For hidden beneath their cities, the horror of reality can be found. Unknown to the majority, the minority species ruled over them. Beings that were supposed to be just a product of folklore walked in the same earth as they do. They were society's high-classed families, but when night falls...

they...feed among the living...

they...fight over their territories...

their...territorial boundaries for human blood...

their...respective vampire covens enriched with advance culture and evolution.

So when the human orphan named Sakura stumbled on these secrets underneath her school, the existing caste was greatly disturbed. It would have been easier to either erase her memories or to kill her. But the unbelievable happened when the Li clan's beastshifter vampire, Syaoran, started obeying the mortal damsel in his animal form...

in his animal form wherein...he is in his strongest self...

in his animal form wherein...he has no memory of whatever he ends up doing...

in his animal form wherein...his power cannot be controlled by anyone..even himself...

...supposedly...until she came...a human.

An unthinkable exception was made as Sakura journeyed to the reality with the facade taken out of her eyes. She found herself thrown in illusions, encantations, curses, tournaments and mortal deaths...including the path towards her roots and the key to unlock an ancient power in the world of the damned.

"Secret of the LetterMaker"
[ Story Link in FF.net]
Anime: Card Captor Sakura
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Chapters: 4

An old story…

…long forgotten.

An existence…

…completely erased from the journals of time.

A boy…

…whose life was unfairly judged.

And the girl…

…who will believe despite of the uncertain odds.

In this realm where magic once existed…where everything used to be governed by magnificent enchantments yet through time had, unfortunately, ceased to exist. Mechanical inventions dominated everyday living and people became accustomed to these conveniences that made every single chore…every single task…every single duty became equipped, or, for some huge routines…monitored by a machine fit to perform every functions to near perfection.

But only one stood out from the rest…the invention in the heart of the postal service; their only means of communication which passes thru intricate webs of pipelines from one city to another.

It was the letter maker; which has the ability to create the appropriate type of mail for any person…for any mood…for any purpose…and you need not formulate the right set of words and phrases…it will do it for you. It seemed to have an in earth ability to know ones feelings and make the right kind of message for the recipient.

The letter maker…a device which has been a part of everyone’s lives yet had always been taken for granted.

Will it remain hidden and unnoticed?

Will it remain buried amongst the endless pipes which crawled from one home to another?

Will it continue every task for eternity?

Will it? When a certain girl shall grow fond of it?

Will it? When she starts sending letters addressed to it directly?

Will it? Especially when her heart became determined in finding a way in discovering its true nature?

Will it…

reply to her?

"Sealed in Mt. Tenkou"
[ Story Link in FF.net]
Genre: Mystery/Spiritual
Chapters: 5


‘A wish in exchange for your soul.’

…was something overly used in movies and novels. But was that…as simple as it sounded to be?

Hinamori Momo was a quiet and sweet girl living with her sickly grandmother near an old shrine at the foot of Mt. Tenkou; a mountain rumored to have taken many lives of people who had gotten lost and weren’t able to return. Even so, much was yet to be proven and everything was reduced to nothing more than folklore and urban legend.

Until one day…in this girl’s life…something happened which altered her psyche and enabled her to see things she wasn’t supposed to see…

…in this mysterious mountain...where winged beings sometimes fall from the sky

…in this mysterious mountain…where cloaked creatures sometimes emerged from the earth

…in this mysterious mountain…where her view shall be changed as to what truly awaits a person after death.

Curiosity took over which lead her into accidentally summoning a high-ranked devil amongst those who came from deep the ground and was granted a rare contract.

A rare contract in result of her unexpected wish as a bargain for her soul…

‘I want to be you! My wish is to be at your side for as long you live!’

Thus, turning things upside down which earned her a pass to enter the gates of hell, not as a tormented soul, but as a companion of a certain white-haired devil named Hitsugaya Toushirou who turned out to be a colored officer in hell’s fearsome army.

"Oh, HOLLOW Night"
[ Story Link in FF.net]
Genre: General/Humor
Chapters: 4

Ichigo tried to shut his hollow side,only to find himself in a training which turned him into his hollow self at night.Catastrophic it may seemed but the unexpected happened when his hollow self started fancying Rukia & did things Ichigo would never do.

"The Night Festival"
[ Story Link in FF.net]
Anime: Gakuen Alice (Alice Academy)
Genre: Romance/Fantasy
Chapters: 2

Fire is one of the greatest of all transformers, for it alters anything it touches, hence the fire obake (Japanese ghost) will not submit to anyone's control.”[/i] Thus, quoted by someone from an old book passed down from one Hyuuga fire alice bearer to another which mysteriously appears once every mid-summer.

The book was entitled ‘The Night Festival’ which was created by the Hyuuga family’s ancestors with their alices in the late 18th century. With relatives gone, Natsume was next in line to receive the mythical tradition. The book has the ability to materialize its story within its reader’s dream, making that person join its little world for a certain period of time. To Natsume, it was his escape and rest from the harsh reality the academy had bestowed upon him. But to ordinary people, the book was utterly scary, weird and eerie.

Hence, his grandfather’s instructions were simple; do not let other people read the book.

Unfortunately, the innocent new student, Mikan, oddly stumbled on the book and curiously flipped through its pages, which instantly earned her a pass to enter not only her own dream, but Natsume’s dream as well.

::Chapter Break Down::


[ CH1 : My Little Secret ]
[ CH2 : Damaski-is ]
[ CH3 : Agatha ]
[ CH4 : Like Stars ]
[ CH5 : The Ultimate Patch ]
[ CH6 : Three Days ]
[ CH7 : Unexpected Meeting ]
[ CH8 : That Guilty Feeling ]
[ CH9 : Agatha Believes ]
[ CH10 : Central Park Mishaps ]
[ CH11 : The Deal ]
[ CH12 : Family Duties ]
[ CH13 : Tavenzouh ]
[ CH14 : When Characters Unveil ]
[ CH15 : The Show Must Go On ]
[ CH16 : Fujitaka's Secret ]
[ CH17 : Together Again ]
[ CH18 : Meeting Secretly, Regularly ]
[ CH19 : DAYS with Li Syaoran Part I ]
[ CH20 : DAYS with Li Syaoran Part II ]
[ CH21 : Sakura's Drastic Move]
[ CH22 : Someone Suspects]
[ CH23 : A Bind For Real Part I]
[ CH24 : A Bind For Real Part II]
[ CH25 : The Past]
[ CH26 : Trouble in Paradise Part I]
[ CH27 : Trouble in Paradise II]
[ CH28 : I Thee Wed]
[ CH29 : Against All Odds]
[ CH30 : Story of the Heirloom]
[ CH31 : Freedom]
[ CH32 : For the Third Time]

::The Covens Underneath::
[ ACT 1: The Beginning of an End]
[ CH1: An Orphan ]
[ CH2: Tetsuroh Day School ]
[ CH3: Arrival in Tetsuroh ]
[ CH4: Doggy ]
[ CH5: The Scarf ]
[ CH6: Rumors Spread ]
[ CH7: Trouble Magnet ]
[ CH8: Questions ]

::Secret of the LetterMaker::
[ PROLOGUE and CH1: Admiration ]
[ CH2: An Idea ]
[ CH3 : Unexpected Reply Part I]
[ CH4 : Unexpected Reply Part II]
[ CH5 : The Guest ]

::Sealed in Mt. Tenkou::
[PROLOGUE and CH1: A Mysterious Cat ]
[ CH2: The Wish ]
[ CH3: That Place Called Hell ]
[ CH4: Rukongai ]
[ CH5: Enma States Ground Rules ]
[ CH6: Sharing More Than a Lifespan ]

:: Oh, HOLLOW Night::
[ CH1: When the Sut Sets ]
[ CH2: First Encounter ]
[ CH3: The Gift ]
[ CH4: Same Person? ]

:: The Night Festival::
[ CH1: Appearance of a Book ]
[ CH2: A Dream? ]
[ CH3: The Mysterious Boy ]

: biggrin isclaimer::
I don't own Bleach, CCS or Gakuen Alice but I do own the story in this fic and things that are non-Bleach, non-CCS, and non-Gakuen Alice. All the name of places, historical events and other things mentioned which you don't seem to know IRL, are products of my imagination. Any similarities with the actual thing are purely coincidental.

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by Majah
[ Link in FF.net ]

: razz rologue::

Three huge flat screen wall monitors lit the dark room as deep red velvet curtains covered the walls and windows. Only the monitors seems to illuminate in the medium sized room together with the ember of a tobacco cigarette, old scrawny fingers grips it.

"Lad...I think...it is time to load the last patch." a voice arises from behind a well-cushioned seat in front of the huge screens. His body concealed by the chair. A large black dog, who had been resting beside him, perks up his ears as the man spoke.

"Do you think so?" a man answered at the back. His features hidden in the shadows. But you can tell by his voice that he is still young.

"Yes..." the man behind the seat replied slowly. His difficulty to speak shows his great advancement in years.

The young man stepped out slightly, his glasses became evident yet his features remained difficult to distinguish. He types in a computer keyboard nearby and the three monitors changed their display. The left and right monitor both displayed tree-like graphs. Names of people from the top to the bottom of the tree can been seen. But on top of the two trees are two different crests. The one in the left carries a symbol of a sun surrounded by stars, powerfully adorned by words in another language. The one in the right has the symbol of a moon, also surrounded by stars, but elegance is more emphasized than power. It also carries the same words from the same language.

"Are you sure?" the young man verified.

"Abso-lutely..." the old man said. He pats the head of his dog. "It is now or never...I am no longer young, lad. And I am the last in line in my family. This is my last chance to amend peace to something that shouldn't have been done in the past."

"I am there, sir" the young man started. "But don't you think it is quite ambitious?..this plan of yours?"

"My lad, you disappoint me!" the old man said in a slightly high voice which resulted for him to cough. The young man rushed to his side. "Bah!" still coughing, "Don't worry about me I am fine.." he brushes of the young man's hand. With one last cough he continues. "As I was saying, you disappoint me, lad. Young people nowadays should be the reckless ones."

The young man smirked a little as he went back to his previous posture. "Sir, some of us had grown responsible due to the needs of our time. You must have more faith in the futures of this country."

"Ha! Faith you say? Of course i have faith. I wouldn't be scheming this plan if not." He smiled and points one commanding finger to the computer keyboard. "Go on, lad. Show it to me. Show me the fruits of my hard work."

The young man pushes the load button on the keyboard, "The fruits are not yet ripe, my dear sir."

"Don't worry..." the old man said confidently. The center monitor lights up as a program begins to load. "...in due time..."

A welcome tune plays as the splash screen of the program appears on the screen.

"..it will be."

The room has brightened a little as the center monitor flashes the name of the loaded program.

'InterVEST', it continues to display.
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by Majah

:Chapter One:
"My Little Secret"
[ Link in FF.net ]

"Sakura! Are you still in front of that computer....again?" Tomoyo pouted as she places her hand on her hips; tapping one foot as she stands beneath the pink elegant door.

"Hoe!" Sakura exclaimed; surprised to see Tomoyo. "You're already here ;;" she smiles guiltily, peeking on top of her small laptop.

It was Saturday, mid of May. Sakura and Tomoyo had plans to see the fashion show event in Marianas, a remote island who had just been laid eyes upon by Kinomoto Developers Corporation. Her father, Fujitaka, had inherited the family business of developing locations into Five-star establishments. May it be hotels, malls, spas, vacation escapes, or like in this case, an ultimate beach resort, complete with white sands, coral reefs, exotic foods and promising nature full of green plants and flowers you wouldn't have thought exists. Yes. This is their family's legacy. Paradise after paradise...passed down from the very first Kinimoto upto the recent. Their large family tree and crest are placed up in every main hall in every developed area. To everyone's eyes everything is a "well oiled machine". Fujitaka, the dreamer. That is what everyone calls him. He had put every effort in all of his dreams to accomplish everything from nothing. Touya, his son..also known as "The Architect". The one behind the designs of these beautiful establishments whose reputation preceeds him as he came up with the most original and unique structures you wouldn't have dream of. Engineer Yukito, a close friend of the family, hired by Fujitaka, recommended by Touya claiming that Yukito is the only one capable of building his designs.

This is the Kinomoto Developers Corporation's dream team.

"Actually Sakura..." Tomoyo started with a sigh, her elegant shoulders drooping down, beautiful eyes looking hopelessly at Sakura who sits in the far end of the vast room behind her glass-topped pink table. "...I've been here for more than half an hour."

"Wai?!" Sakura replied wide-eyed.

"Yes." Tomoyo strode across the carpeted room, her long wavy hair bouncing as she tries to make her point. "You were to absorbed in that laptop of yours to even notice me arrive! I've come and and go...and you're still there buried in that machine of yours!" she says irritably, but her small cute voice doesn't seem to agree in her current mood.

Sakura tried to suppress a laugh as she hides behind her laptop once again, but Tomoyo is too observant to missed it. "Don't try to laugh at me, Kinomoto Sakura!"

Sakura broke down laughing cheerfully at her bestfriend. "I'm so sorry Tomoyo-chan," wiping tears from her laughter, "You're so cute when you are angry that it seems that you are not angry at all."

"That is not fair! Are you trying to imply that I can't make a good angry distinction when I want to?!" Tomoyo hovered in front of Sakura.

"....yes..." Sakura blurted out, laughing once more.

Tomoyo grabs a pillow nearby and hits Sakura smack on her face. "Ouch!" Sakura remarked between laughs.."Haha..I'm so sorry, Tomoyo!" ..and in between pillow attacks from Tomoyo. Sakura finally stands up and reached for a pillow to be her weapon as well. Two girls bashed each other until they both dropped down on the carpeted floor.

"Ow...look what you did to my hair," Sakura complained as her carefully arranged ribbons, now lay loose on her hair.

"To your hair?Look what you did to my beautiful clothes," Tomoyo countered as she motions to her now disarranged designer dress and jacket. "I spent nights making this," Tomoyo whimpers.

Sakura could only laugh. It was always fun to be with Tomoyo, and she had always admired how her dear bestfriend can make ordinary looking clothes to designer ones. Fresh out of Fashion school, both ladies in their early twenties had come up with an idea of opening a boutique. With the help from Daidouji Enterprise and Kinomoto Development Corp. the shop had been well-known. Unfortunately, Sakura dropped out of it and left everything to Tomoyo. For some reason, Sakura feels that fashion is not her thing. Although, it was proven many times that fashion loves her. Sakura kept feeling uneasy as if she doesn't really belong.

"Sakura-chan..." Tomoyo started looking down at her hands.

"Hai?" Sakura glances at her bestfriend thoughtfully.

"I really miss you in the boutique."


"Is there any chance that you want to go back?" Tomoyo looks up hopefully at the emerald eyed girl.

Sakura sighed and started to stand up. "We've talked about this for..." she picks up the pillows and carefully places them back on her sofa. "..it just...isn't my thing."

"Then what is your thing?" Tomoyo asked standing up. "I know Kinomoto-tosan prefers his little princess not to work at all, but don't you want to achieve something for yourself?"

Sakura reached her chair and once again sits behing the glass table. "Of course, I do. But I think the shop isn't it." She stares up helplessly to Tomoyo trying to explain what she is feeling.

"Then what?" Tomoyo once more asked, just in time for Sakura's laptop sending out a bell alert. Both ladies jumped out startled."Wai! What is that?" Tomoyo said, curiously peeking behind Sakura's shoulder. She saw a small message window flashing.

It reads...

'InterVEST Message received from Damaski-is. Do you want to read it? 'yes'... 'no'... 'read it later'

Sakura hurriedly clicked 'read it later' and blocked the screen so that Tomoyo won't see what she was doing.

"Sakura!" Tomoyo says surprised. "You're still playing InterVEST? I thought you said to me...about a year ago that you are just passing time in logging into it."

"Well yeah.." Sakura stumbles to press the log-off button and shuts down her laptop. "...I'm just still passing time now." she smiles cutely at Tomoyo.

"Don't give me that smile, Sakura-chan," again Tomoyo places her hands on her waist. "Is InterVEST the reason why you are so absorbed with that new laptop of yours? I thought you said that laptop is just cute that's why you bought it."

"Oh but..it is cute Tomoyo-chan," she smiles cheerfully. "...very fast and handy as well."

"I've heard that people can be really cunning, dangerous and powerful in InterVEST," Tomoyo apparently not convinced. "InterVEST is the only massive multiplayer game that is legally credited in real life. I heard investments made inside InterVEST may it be stocks or or..." Tomoyo seems lost in word, " ...gah...I am not familiar with the terminologies.. . " Tomoyo took her time and spoke once more, "the thing is whatever business deal you made within that game, it is considered legal in real life."

"Yes...yes indeed." Sakura noded."It is what the developers and the government pertain to as the 'way to the future' A game of capitalism"

"And you actually like it?" Tomoyo stares in disbelief. She and Sakura both spent their college days in fashion school that it seems way out of Sakura's type to be playing such a game.

"Well...umm" Sakura stammers as Tomoyo eyes her more closely. "It gets my attention sometimes..."

"And who is this Dama....Dama..." her bestfriend tries to remember the name in the message box.

Sakura's hands reaches out to clutch Tomoyo's arms and smiles alarmingly, "It's nothing, Tomoyo-chan. The name is not important...it is just someone I know online. You don't need to be worried. Trust me."

Tomoyo narrows her eyes and was about to say something when George, the Kinomoto family's butler cleared his throat.

Both girls looked at him a bit startled. Tomoyo ended up clutching Sakura as well.

"A vit jumpy 'tis mornin', the two of yah 're?" George said in a lifeless voice.

"Oh George! You scared us." Sakura recovered and lets go of Tomoyo. Her bestfriend did the same. "What is it?"

George hovered like a zombie, his eerie voice rang inside the room, "'D heli-coptre iz waitin' up front in 'd main gar-den. I wuz like to remind of both 'ur appant-mentz in the Marianas Isle."

Tomoyo leaned closer to Sakura; her eyes still at George as she whispers to her ear, "What did he say?"

Sakura replies back silently, "I think he says the hellicopter is waiting for us in front in the main garden and he is reminding us about our appointment in the Marianas Isle."

"The fashion show!" Tomoyo exclaimed, clapping her hands. "Sakura! We're going to be late!" she runs across the room and went passed George. "Hurry up, Sakura! And Yukito is going to be there, isn't he? You better not keep your boyfriend waiting."

Sakura was so grateful that George interrupted them. She didn't know how to tell Tomoyo about how deeply involved she is with InterVEST. Sakura fixes her hair scurrily, picks up her handbag and cellphone. "George." she stops beside the butler.

"'es, Miss?"

"You have ubber good timing, but you can also be so scary. ;; "

"'am aware of zat, miss." George slightly bows. "'wuz der an urgent message from z mastre?"

Sakura fumbles with her clam-type cellphone and flips it open. "I am not aware if it is urgent or not. I logged out quickly."

She starts to create a text message as she walks down the hall and out of the Kinomoto's mansion. George follows close behind. "I trust you will not tell anyone, George?" she looks up at him with pleading emerald eyes.

"Ov course. Hav I ever let yah down, Miss?" he answered back in a monotonous voice but Sakura knows how loyal George is to her.

"I'm so pleased." she smiled sweetly.

"He iz not requesting to meet perzonally, iz he?"

"No. As far as we are concerned. It is best that we only know each other by our handles...and one means of contact outside InterVEST just in case something comes up."

"I zee."

"Well...see you later, George." She waves and scurries of towards the helicopter as her cellphone prompted on its screen,

'1 Message sent to Damaski-is'


Staring out in the open balcony of his office, Li Syaoran leans in the railing. His computer still indicating that 'Agatha' has logged off. He glances back at the room as someone entered his office.

"You should learn to knock, Eriol." he said to the newcomer.

"Ah well, " Eriol puts one hand behind his head, "..my apologies. Sometimes I forget with all this work you give me."

Syoaran smirks, "I make you rich by giving you all that work." He stretches out a hand to receive the bulky folder his lawyer and friend is giving to him.

"Hai...hai. As you say so." Eriol notices an alert message blinking in Syoaran's computer. "Oh, you were talking to her?"

"More of fighting with her in the tournament...than talking."

"But you sent her a message?"

"Yup," Syoaran said bluntly.

Eriol raises a brow, "...and?"

"And what?" Syoaran says irritably.

"Have you asked your InterVEST rival about it?" Eriol peered closely with a smile.

Seeing his lawyer's expression makes him smile as well. "I sent my proposal in a private message."

Eriol continues to raise his brow, "...and?"

"And..well..." Syaoran looks exasperately at him, "well..I don't know...okay? as you can very well see she logged out," motioning helplessly at the blinking message on the screen.

Eriol was about to say something when Syoaran's cellphone humed a tune indicating it, receiving a text message. Syoaran walks towards it, picks it up and reads.

'1 Message Received from Agatha.'
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by Majah

:Chapter Two:
[ Link in FF.net ]

Syaoran reads the SMS (text message) that he received.

‘Sender: Agatha


Sorry I left you hanging in the tournament grounds. I just remembered a very urgent

appointment. I’ll read your private message later and shall crash you to the wall

when I get back.’

Syaoran gave a small laugh and smirked, “Crash me to the wall...yeah right.” He said sarcastically. Agatha can be very childish sometimes but come to think of it, perhaps she is just being playful since they are, after all, interacting in an online game.

Eriol cannot help to overhear this. "Both of you know each other's cellphone numbers?" he exclaimed in disbelief; assuming immediately that his friend had received a message from Agatha. "As in...real life information?" he continued, fully stressing out the word 'real life'.

"Well, yeah..." Syaoran shrugs as he walks back to the balcony and composes a reply to the message. "You seemed surprised." His hair gets blown ubruptly by a gush of wind that seems to be forever lingering in the 40th floor of his company's building.

"I'm surprised, indeed." Eriol faced Syaoran. "This is very unlike you. As far as I can remember, you only give real life information to your clients. Those people you 'business-ly' deal with in InterVEST. But Agatha..." Eriol's voice trailed of, a grin beginning to form on his face.

"But Agatha, what?" not looking at Eriol since he is busy punching the keys in his cellphone.

"She's not your client, Syaoran." Eriol reasoned out. "She is not even your ally in InterVEST. Who was it who kept complaining of her being such a pain in the butt?"

"I believe it was like that at first...and often times still." Syaoran said thoughtfully; preoccupied in the message his is composing.

"...a thorn in the throat?"

"...ah yes...very very much so..." Syaoran nods absent-mindly.

"...a b***h?"

"...with fang-like motives..." he finally pressed 'send' in the menu, just in time to see Eriol's wide grin. "Oh for pete's sake, Eriol. Don't smile at me like that."

Syaoran slides his phone's shutter in one swift movement. He strides back to his huge oak antique desk and sits behind the executive chair. Leaning back, he turned sideways to face his friend. "It is purely for emergency purposes. We," making motions with one hand, "sometimes get cut off in the middle of an exchange or trade of gold and it is crucial to know whether you are being scammed or something IRL just happen to occur. It is for security that the other is being honest with the deal. That's all. You know as well as I do, that..." spreading his arms sideways, "...everything you see here is the fruit of my InterVEST dealings. It is just plain common sense that we search for other means of communication."

How long has it been? Syaoran couldn't help but to think. He was barely twenty when he decided to venture life on his own. It's not like they are poor. Yelan, his mother, had been the heir to one of the country's top publishing company. It is the business the Li family had for generations now. Great great great great grandpa Li, being an ordinary person during his time, had a vision. A vision that ignited the rebellion's hope. Those were the dark days of the country. People were harassed, deprived and taken advantage of by a cunning dictator. Grandpa Li started to voice out the side of the people as he printed out two-page newsletters which contains the truth behind the facade the dictator had created for the country, as written by rebelious yet influencial people of the society. No sooner than that, the two-page newsletter became a six-page tabloid which circulated secretly in the community. The rebellion was able to recruit members through the inspiring writings in the published media. A couple of months more the rebellion was able to throw off the dictator and a new government had been established. Life after that had been good. Better even. For many generations, the country had flourished and advanced immensely that traces of the scars of the past can no longer be seen. People actually may have forgotten what happened back then. But not in the Li family. History is something they prided. For every Li, there are two things that are very important that changed their lives forever. One is Grandpa Li's role in the rebellion. Second will be how from something small, something big flourished. The shop which published the tabloid became a full-time publication company and had extended its arm, from newpapers, to magazines, to books. The Li Publishers Ltd. became one of the best in the world. This is his family's legacy.

And like Grandpa Li, Syaoran wanted to start something. He is no hero nor does society had been plague with a dictator leader. All he wanted is to begin life once again equipped with nothing but himself. Something he could say 'his very own'. It was this reason why Yelan fainted the day he told her that he wanted 'out' of the inheritance. He told her that the family had been good to him, but as a man with his principles he would like to have something that is not simply just passed down to him. He would forever more support his family's legacy but he would like to try the outside world first. He has many sisters, after all. Many to tend to the business.

His trail of thoughts was interrupted by Eriol. "Ah...plain common sense...okay..." he sits in a chair in front of Syaoran's massive desk. "So..." he started, still studying Syaoran closely. "How was her voice?"

"Excuse me?" Syaoran thought he didn't hear that right.

"Her voice? Is she young?" Eriol repeated.

"Her voice?" Syaoran looked at Eriol confused.

"Her voice. You know...the one you hear when you talk to a person. Considering that it is also plain common sense that a phone is something that you use to talk to someone by speaking in one end...and hearing it in another..." Eriol seem to be seriously going to continue his avid description of a phone if Syaoran did not cut him off.

"I know what a phone is, Eriol." he said getting irritated with his smart aleck friend.

Eriol laughed and looked at Syaoran questioningly again resulting for the man behind the desk to raise both hands in defeat.

"I get your point. And the answer is I don't know." Syaoran answered.

"You don't know?" it was Eriol's turn to get confused.

"As you can see, my dear friend, that a cellphone is also capable of other features such as SMS or short messaging system. Agatha and I communicate using only this superb feature." he finished talking as if he is a salesman in a home TV shopping network.

Comprehension dawned in Eriol's eyes. "I see." he smiled. "Now isn't that convenient."

"Don't you dare use psychology on me, Eriol."

"What? What did I do?" Eriol asked innocently.

"You know what I mean. Use it in court, but don't use it in my office." Syaoran countered; a finger pointing down on his desk indicating his argument.

Eriol laughed once more. "Okay...okay. You're the boss." Eriol shifted in his seat to give him a better view of his friend. "So...did you tell her about your proposal?" motioning to the message that Syaoran had just sent in his cellphone.

Syaoran looked at the device and said, "Nah. Not there. I want her to meet me in a private channel in InterVEST. It is better to chat live than leave messages. My plan is too important to be discussed in that manner. Although, I did give a hint, in the private message she hasn't read yet, about my intentions."

"Your intentions...uuuuuu.." Eriol teased."...Are they noble?"


"Okay. Okay." he said trying desperately to hide his laughter, then he finally cleared his throat and asked Syaoran more seriously. "What do you mean by 'too important to be discussed in that manner'? Aren't you just after a massive asset she has in InterVEST? You want to buy it from her, as I can recall. It is not like you are dealing with real money. As to my knowledge, you interact with Agatha as how someone would play online, with game gold and character."

"I changed my mind." Syaoran said quietly.

Eriol thought he heard wrong. "You changed your mind?"

"Do you remember about that ultimate patch InterVEST game developers want to install?"

"Yes." his eyes narrowing.

"It's up." Syaoran said leaning back once more in his seat.

"No way?! Really?"

"Believe it. It's not that known yet because an official announcement hasn't been made. But since yours truly is a game god, I've gotten early information from my 'sources' about its contents." Syaoran confirmed; looking pleased with himself for getting first hand information.

"I see. How truly reliable you are, dear Syaoran Li." Eriol smirked. "I heard that the ultimate patch is something near to the unthinkable; that, it was just a dream. But now, you tell me, that's its already been installed?"


"So what are the contents of the patch? What mind blowing feature did they made this time?"

"I think this..." Syaoran pulled a folder full of print-outs from the stack of files he has on top of his desk. "...will explain things accurately."

Eriol reached out to received the folder. He opened it and read through the papers. When he finished reading he looked back at Syaoran. "Unbelievable." was the only word he was able to say.

Syaoran decided to remain silent. Eriol was not kidding when he termed it 'near the unthinkable'. The newly installed InterVEST game patch is truly ambitious. A year after he dropped the bomb in the Li family house about him venturing out on his own, the InterVEST game was launched. Just in time for a young person like him to get involved with something new. InterVEST was not like any other online games he had played before. It is a cross among MMO-strategy to role-playing to capitalism to investments that can be connected to real life business. There is no rule that real money can not be involved. That is why the game had earned its popularity not only to teenagers but to established businessmen. What's more is that there is an option on whether or not you use your real name. Even your exclusive bank account from InterVEST is masterfully protected that the clever would really see the oppotunity this game provides. Its likeness to how things are done in real life also added to it growing reputation. The support the government gives it even made it more of the 'trend of future business' therefore living up to its original name, 'Internet Investments'.The very large sum of tax it pays is the one which earned the government's side. But considering the volume of players it has, that sum will be nothing more than spare change.

For all this time, Syaoran had used this game's virtual world to gain clients, contacts and to comb throughout the investment world. He had learned to deal with stocks, how to run a company and even save one from bankruptcy. He also got too much involved with the technology that six months after joining InterVEST, he had setup his very own computer company. He had started with the gambles he made inside InterVEST and now, his company is one of the strongest (and still growing) IT company. But one way or another, he is not contented. Like any human being...he wanted more. There is still this empty space inside that he cannot explain. It feels like there is something he needed to do still.

It is not enough.The things I have now. I want society-wide control. Syaoran thought to himself. This new feature of InterVEST is the key to have it all.

"And what is Agatha's role in this whole thing?" Eriol finally said. "Pray it is not what I am thinking."

Syaoran smiled mysteriously and this time opened his desk drawer. He fishes out softbounded documents and a CD labeld with the word 'SkyLark' on the cover. "Here." he gives it to Eriol.

Eriol bent over and read the new documents. His eyes burrow into a frown as he gets farther. Time seem to pass as he read word per word; making sure that he is not missing anything.

"Great..." Eriol said unenthusiastically as he closed the softbounded papers. "It is what I am thinking...and more." He takes off his glasses and began to wipe it with a piece of cloth.

"You don't look happy."

"Actually Syaoran, I am just a little bit worried about it." Eriol continues to wipe his glasses; not looking at Syaoran.

"I can tell. You are doing that habit of yours of cleaning your glasses out of no where, whenever you are worried, tense or excited." Syaoran said with a twinkle in his eyes.

"This is no time for jokes, Li Syaoran." Eriol looked up to him with serious eyes.

"Ah. Look who's talking now." Syaoran couldn't help to remind his friend of how he acted a while ago.

Eriol gave out a sigh. "Okay. But are you sure? Do you want to do this? Your proposal is very complex."

"I am sure." For a moment Syaoran looked out in open space.

"I see." Eriol said looking at his friend intently. "Very well then. As long as you know what you are doing. I shall support you. Both me as your friend and as your lawyer.

Syaoran looks back at Eriol. His eyes unreadable. "If Agatha accepts..."

Eriol glances at him inquiringly.

"...Eriol...do what you do best." Syaoran continued.

"And that is?"

"Make it legal."

And with that Eriol placed his glasses back on his eyes and stood up. "My pleasure." smiling mysteriously before leaving.
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-jumps into thread- BWAAHAHAHAHA! This time I GET the first non-Majah post.

Anyways, when's the next chapter. -poke- eh? -poke- eh? eh? -poke poke-

I'm only 20% percent done with Chapter 20...lolz. if I can write every night then perhaps this coming week.


Egad! I just realized that I got a lot of chapters to paste here in Gaia since "inc" had been running for quite a while!
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by Majah

:Chapter Three:
[ Link in FF.net ]

Sakura's cellphone hummed as it received a message. Unfortunately, the handbag which contained it,was alone in the seat by the VIP table. Its sound was drowned by the festivities around.

"Sakura! Over here! Over here!" Tomoyo's excited voice filled Sakura's ears as she stepped down the grey brick steps of the veranda.

Morning in the Marianas Isle is truly breathtaking. The beach shines with light blue waves sweeping sea shells ashore. Dandelions adorn the side shrubs; out of season yet blooming attractively. Mocachitas hang above the paved walks from high wooden stands. Its purple vines twists exotically in contrast to the green bermuda together with its orange flowers topped with coffee-colored strands. They seem like little fiery stars if viewed from above as every streak of the paved walk leads to the center of the resort. The main hotel sits like a magnificent sculpture of a lost city in the middle of towering trees. Although the establishment is quite new, the ambiance it projects takes you in a wilderness; long forgotten yet found.

Inspite of its secluded image, excitement cannot be hidden. For today, the Marianas Ultimate Beach Resort is having one of its most grand events; the Fashion Escape. This is a fashion show held annually as designers from all over the world gather in a chosen location, displaying their works parallel with the theme of the year. In this case, that theme is "Exotic Paradise".

"This is truly an honor, Sakura-chan!" Tomoyo exclaimed as Sakura joined her in the steps going to the beach where the main event is being held. "One of your family's most recent 'hopeless' project being chosen for this year's Fashion Escape!"

The word 'hopeless' rang inside Sakura's head. It reminded her of the day she saw her father in a debate with her brother Touya.

--- flashback---

"You want what?!" Touya can't help to ask in a high voice as he heard what his father wanted to do.

"You heard me right." Fujitaka's calm smile spreads across his face. "I think that island has a very great potential."

"That island is a junk reservoir!"

"Oh come on, Touya. I little cleaning up and it will be restored to its original look." Fujitaka said hopefully.

"A little cleaning up?! Look," Touya picks a large picture of the island, "are you blind, father? Has old age finally catched up with you?" Indeed the place in the picture is full of turmoil of garbage, unused steel and dump.

Fujitaka took the picture and examines it and flips it back to his son. "We pick this up." pointing to a massive structure in the picture. "Clean this thoroughly." he points to another area. "and recycle this." taps one finger at the thing he pertains to. "The beauty hidden beneath it shall be unearthed." He finally concluded, his smile never leaving his face.

Touya's jaw dropped open. In everyone's eyes, that island is entirely hopeless. But to his father, it is shimmering elegance screaming out to be unfolded. Nevertheless, it is also pointless to argue with his father. Touya relaxed a little but his face is still grim. He tried to clear his mind. "Okay. Very well. As always I will be supporting you and think of something to rehabilitate this 'exotic' island of yours."

"I know you will." Fujitaka said cheerfully.

---end of flashback---

"You know, Tomoyo-chan...I think father has an eye to see beyond things and brings out their potential." Sakura told her friend as they reached the white sandy beach.

"I think so, too." Tomoyo replied. "Kinomoto-tosan is the only person I know that can get away with such a farfetched idea." she hopped a little farther towards the crowded area and twirled. Her long dark hair caught in the wind as she does so. "Look at how everything turned out!" she said excitedly; her hands waving; pointing to everything around her.

Sakura smiled. Indeed, her father was right once again. The island is a success. She tried to look at everything with a critic's eye but can't seem to find any fault.

Both she and Tomoyo had reached the main event area. The surroundings is totally another world as cameras, sound and lighting systems blended with the exotic set of the catwalk. The whole stage, where the fashion show is too be held, was placed in the middle of the shallow waters of the beach. The clear water allows corals to reflect as lights adorned the pilars above. Everything was made to look like a sunken city brought up to face the sun once more. It was skillfully placed as to not ruin the natural habitat of the sea floor. Probably another work of her dear Yukito.

As if on cue, Yukito spotted them and waved. "My cherry blossom, over here!" Sakura felt warm as she saw Yukito. She went to his side and raised her head as she received a kiss from him on the forehead.

"Your work, I assume?" Sakura said proudly at him and smiled as she saw her brother nearby.

"Is there any other one?" Yukito laughed and placed one arm around her waist.

"I see you've brought chipmunk with you." Touya commented as Tomoyo came bouncing towards them.

"I heard that, Kinomoto Touya!" Tomoyo said angrily, placing her hands on her hips. "Who are you calling chipmunk?!"

Sakura and Yukito both laughed. Tomoyo always gets a large amount of teasing from Touya due to her sweet little voice. She doesn't really sound like a chipmunk. Touya just like to exaggerate things.

"You." Touya answered calmly as he sips the champagne he is holding.

"Why you...you..." Tomoyo tries to search for the right words to throw back at him, "...you cold piece of wood!"

"Well, I bet you love me then." Touya still calm and unwavered despite the angry Tomoyo as he looks far at the stage. "Chipmunks love trees...and trees are wood."

Tomoyo's mouth dropped open. Sakura was trying desperately not to laugh that much, same with Yukito. Touya is still sipping in his glass quietly, eyes diverted from Tomoyo.

Tomoyo looked at him angrily but she was lost in her words. She is not really that good in this sort of thing. So instead, she walked beside Touya. Stopped and glared at him. When he still did not look at her. She raises her heels and stomped it on his foot.

"Eeow!" Touya exclaimed.

"Eventhough, you are my bestfriend's brother, it doesn't mean that I can't hurt you!" With one fatal look Tomoyo scurried off.

Sakura and Yukito finally could not restrain their laughter as Tomoyo left to join the other guests.

"Damn brat." Touya said giving the waiter his champagne glass. He stands silently for a moment; unmoving, then finally speaks. "I must think of my revenge." And we that he goes after the dark haired girl.

Yukito shakes his head. "Touya truly amazes me sometimes."

"You amaze me, too" Sakura said looking up to him.

How long has it been? She thought. She had been merely sixteen when she first met Yukito. He was her brother's schoolmate and bestfriend. Although both men took up different courses, they've been acquianted with each other through special classes they both enrolled. At first, Sakura was mesmerized on how gentle and kind Yukito can be. He was immediately welcomed to the Kinomoto's household and in time became a very close friend of the family. As she grew up, Sakura had secretly admired the young engineer. She never thought things could ever develop from there.


--- flashback ---

"This is such a lovely party." Sakura said to herself as she strolls towards the buffet table.

It was another one of the Kinomoto Developers Corp's project's opening day. A fancy hotel in the middle of the city. Sakura was busy with her thoughts when suddenly...

"Die! You Kinomoto heiress!" a man armed with a knife shouted out of nowhere as he hurled towards Sakura.

Sakura was shocked by his sudden appearance that she wasn't able to move in time as the knife gets trusted towards her. Sakura screamed and shut her eyes. When she opened them, she found out that the knife did hit something. But it wasn't her. She looked up and saw herself in Yukito's arms. Yukito apparently grabbed her just in time, thus saving her from having a fatal wound. But in return, the knife dug inside Yukito's left arm.

"Sakura! Are you alright?!" her father rushed towards their side. Touya was already apprehending the culprit as it attempts to escape but to no avail.

Amidst all of the confusion, Sakura is only aware of one thing. Yukito is hugging her tightly.

"Sakura, did he get you in anyway?" Yukito said alarmingly.

-- blood from his arm drips to the floor --

"Are you alright?! Speak to me?" he continued, completely oblivious that he is badly bleeding.

-- drip --


-- drip --

"Yukito-kun..." Sakura stares up at him.

-- drip --

"My cherry-blossom..."

-- drip --

"You are already kissing me." she finally said. Yukito was unconsciously showering her hair with little kisses.

-- drip--

Yukito fell silent. He seemed surprised at his own reaction. Then finally he spoke. "Indeed, I am." He hugs her more tightly. "Indeed, I am."

---end of flashback ---

After that, the rest was history. She was eighteen back then and they've been together for four years now. The attacker that night never did tell whom he is affiliated with. He had kept his mouth shut inspite of whatever 'means' the police used. He was very loyal to his master; whomever it was. The knife he used back then mysteriously disappeared. Although, Touya claimed of seeing a crest in the knife before it disappeared. A crest of a sun with stars around it was etched in the handle.

It was the crest of the Li Family.

Her father was furious. Very very furious. The Li Family and the Kinomoto family had been hostile with each other for generations now. It is not that uncommon for the other to pull a stunt like that. The only problem is both families had been clever enough not to get caught.

--- flashback ---

"You ordered one of your men to kill my daughter!" the usual calm Fujitaka confronts Li Yelan. Yelan was in a summit when her father barged in together with Touya. Yukito back then, was still recovering in the hospital.

"What on earth are you talking about, Kinomoto." Yelan said unwavered. Flashes from the reporters' camera kept invading them. This is indeed a very good story for the media. The two most powerful families in a face-off.

"Last night, my daughter almost got killed. And the knife the attacker used had the crest of your family etched on it!" Fujitaka said accusingly at Yelan. This created whispers in the crowd around them.

"How dare you accuse my family with murder!" Yelan snapped back. "I don't believe it. If what you said is true," she said cunningly at him. "...then where is this weapon you are talking about?" she looked challengingly at him.

"It disappeared in all the commotion last night." Fujitaka faintly started. "If I know any better, you made sure it won't be found."

Yelan gave a small laugh. "So, therefore your accusations are not supported with any hard evidence. Unless you can produce this said weapon and link it to my family, you cannot condemn me or throw any more disgrace towards us." And with that Yelan turned around and walked away. A smirk pasted on her face as she glanced back. "Send my regards to your loving daughter, Kinomoto. Do pray...that she'd be careful always."

Touya was about to go after her when Fujitaka stopped him and shook his head. No matter what angle you look at it. Yelan was right. They don't have any solid proof to link her to the incident.

---- end of flashback---

"I bet you do, my little cherry blossom." Yukito said, leaning closer to Sakura. The crowd around them seems to disappear as Sakura closes her eyes.

Inches before Yukito's lips touch Sakura's...

"Miss," an eerie voice filled the air.

The couple jumped apart; startled. Yukito was wide-eyed as he stared at the newcomer.

"Ge--" Sakura stammers. Her cheeks hot with embarassment. "--George!" she finally blurted.

"Yez, miss. It is I." George said with his graveyard aura.

"What are you wearing?!" Yukito exclaimed.

George appeared out of nowhere. He now stands between them. His face white and hallow as always. His graying hair sticks out in one side. His body is all skin and bones. Makes you wonder how on earth Fujitaka ended up hiring such a butler for Sakura.

"Zon't yah lyk it?" George started in a lifeless tone. "I zink it bringz out 'z color of mah cheeks." he pats his face with two slow taps using one hand. Then he continued,"...Kinomoto-sama inzisted zat I wear zis to get into ze mood of ze event."

--- insert image of Fujitaka smiling cheerfully at a not so happy George extending the paraphernalias towards him.---

George was wearing his usual butler uniform; black nicely cut coat and pants plus white shirt inside with matching gloves. But in addition to that he is wearing, a rather huge headset made out of banana leaves and with real banana fruits dangling around his face. His hips has a straw skirt tied around it which reaches two inches below his knees. It also has fruits dangling around it; oranges, apples, mangoes...

Yukito leaned towards Sakura, and asked her silently. "What did he say?"

Sakura's face cannot be painted as she answered, "He said that he thinks that it brings out the color of his cheeks and that father insisted that he wears it to get into the mood of the event."

"Oh." was the only word Yukito can master.

Sakura recovered a little as she once again smiled at her beloved butler. "That was fast, George. You were able to fly over here from the mansion."

"Yez, miss. Ah second...halicoptre waz zer, ze moment u 'nd Miss Daizouji...departed."

"So, our luggage are in?"

"Yez, miss."

"I'm glad." Sakura said smiling as always.

"'nd miss."

"Yes, George?" From afar the program is about to start. They are calling all the guests to be seated.

"I wuz lookin' for you, to zee if zer iz anything else yah vant me to do, when I zaw ur bag up in ze VIP table. It wuz open...zo...I got worried 'nd went zu check. Everything seems to be zer, but I noticed ur zelfone." And with that George showed the cellphone that he is carrying in one hand to Sakura. It dangled a little as he was only holding it with his thumb and forefinger. "...u hav...one mezage, miss."

"Hoe!" Sakura said, her eyes fixed at the blinking green light of her phone; indicating a new message received.

Yukito looks at it curiously when George immediately said, "...it cud vee from ur father. He wuz lookin' for yah a while ago."

"Oh! I see. Okay then." she reaches out and takes the phone from the butler.

In the seats near the water shoreline, Tomoyo was waving for them.

"We should be taking our seats, cherry-blossom." Yukito said. He seems to have recovered from George's scary entrance.

Sakura flips her cellphone open before answering, "...Ummm you go ahead, Yukito. I'll be right with you. There are some things I need to instruct George with." she said smiling at her boyfriend.

"Well, okay. I'll wait for you there." Yukito started to walk towards the seats. "See you, George." He waves.

"U, too." George answered back lifelessly.

Sakura waited until all of the people had settled down at the seats below before she spoke to her butler. She made sure no one can hear them.

"That was a nice save, George." she said silently, looking down at the blinking message on her cellphone's screen.

"Which wan?"

Sakura blushes. "George!"

George raises one hand, "Mah apologies, miss."

"And that was not even a 'save'!"

"Anyzing you zay, miss."

Still blushing Sakura pressed the 'view message' key on her phone.

'Sender: Damaski-is


Crash me to the wall? Yeah right...in your dreams.But seriously, there is

something I needed to talk to you about. This goes way beyond our rivalry,

and I think, shall define both OUR FUTURE in InterVEST. It is of grave importance

that you read my private message. A-S-A-P.'

"Our future in InterVEST?" Sakura said out loud frowning.

"Hmmm?" George started. He was peeking behind Sakura's shoulder the whole time she was reading the message. "Z mastre iz not proposing marriage now, iz he?"

"Wai?!" Sakura said; surprised.

"Itz bloody time zat he do, me zinks." George nodded.

"What are you talking about!" Sakura exclaimed, whose face is even redder than the time George interrupted her and Yukito.

George raises one brow.

"I barely even know this guy! Okay...let me rephrase that.." Sakura cleared her throat. "I don't know the guy at all. He could be old. Older than father." she said in defense.

"Vut u are not hopin' iz as old as you zay he iz?"

"George! I cannot believe you are teasing me!" Sakura pouted. "I...have a boyfriend. And that is Yukito. He is everything I ever dreamed of. And why is it that you always call him as "MAstre"? He is not your master. Plus, I can't believe you actually interrupted my moment with Yukito, just because I receive a message from him." Sakura sniffed.

"In mah defenze, miss. I shall enumerate."

The show below seems oblivious to the two people talking at the back.

"Virst," George continued. "Me callin' him az ze "mastre" iz something I'm fond of doin'. Coz ze name 'Damaski-is' iz ze name of one of ze most powerful vampire overlord in one of ze books I am readin'"

Sakura suddenly felt curious. "Really?" Could it be that Damaski-is is fond of reading like George? For all this time, never once did she ventured in the possibility of what kind of person her InterVEST rival could be in real life.

"Zecond," George interrupted her thoughts. "Vat if...Yohkito-zan asked u to go out to dinner 'nd it olzo happens zat Damaski-is stirz up trouble 'nd challengez u on a stocks bet. Which appant-ment zhall u choose?"

"That is not fair!"

"Aah...not fair, vat zat iz a fact. Wat miss, zhall u do?" George asked her directly.

Sakura was shocked at how difficult it is to answer George's question. Dinner with Yukito or a stocks bet with Damaski-is.

After some time, George spoke again. "Zee wat I mean, miss?"

Sakura snaps back from her thoughts. "This is insane, George. I am not having this conversation with you."

"Anything u zay, miss." George went back to his butler posture.

Sakura sighed. "At any case. I thank you for always being loyal to me."

"Anyzime, miss"

"I have to go now. I'll never hear the end of it from Tomoyo if I missed the whole event." Sakura started to move towards the shoreline.

"Very well, miss"

"And George..."

" 'es miss"

"Take that costume of. I think it really does effect your mood."

George goes on tapping his face slowly. "Givz more color to mah cheeks."

Sakura once again gave out a sigh as she walked away from the butler. The music, the lights, and the people are once again back in her eyes. As she takes her seat beside Tomoyo, her heart still felt heavy. In truth, she doesn't know the answer to George's question. But one thing is for sure.

She would dread the day she would have to answer it.
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by Majah

:Chapter Four:
"Like Stars"
[ Link in FF.net ]

It was sunset by the time the young man arrived in the park. The deep shade of the sun spreads its arms towards the trees below. It casts warm shadows in the playground nearby, as children starts to go home for supper. He walked towards a huge willow. His features can be barely seen as the light faded quickly. Not far from him an old man sat on a wooden bench. His back from the newcomer. The young man stopped and leaned on the tree. Both hands insides his pockets as he casually spoke.

"Should you be outside?" the young man asked. "I heard you had another attack."

The old man seems to perk up a little at the sound of his voice. "Mmm...but that is not new for someone of my age..." he started while stroking the head of his black dog "...I am not expecting a visit from you."

"I am not expecting to report to you that quickly, either." the young man said, shifting his weight as he looks at the rustling leaves above him. His glasses reflects the retreating sun's final flare.

"How interesting." the old man replied, slightly turning his head towards the man at the back. His white hair became evident as the shadows shifted preparing for the night. "So tell me, lad..." he continued. A hint of excitement can be found in his voice. "...what news do you bring me that couldn't wait another day?"

The young man bent his head down, staring at the grass below his feet. He took his time before answering back. "He had taken the bait." he finally said.

"Really?" the old man said. His posture indicates no change of reaction yet it can be noticed that his voice became suddenly intense.

"He already made plans...at this early stage."

"Is that so?" a grin started to spread across the old man's pale cheeks.

"Yes, and he calls it 'SkyLark'"

"SkyLark?" the old man stopped stroking his dog's head.

"I've given you a copy of it. I've placed it on your desk. Read it when you are feeling better."

"Oh but I am already feeling better, lad." the old man said happily.

The young man smirked, "No, you're not. Because if you are, then you would have made some kind of a joke or said something absurd."

The old man bent his head down indicating how he had deteriorated from their last meeting. The young man watched with worried eyes as his mentor drooped his shoulders weakly. "You know..." he started, taking off his glasses, "...you shouldn't be over exerting yourself." he begins to wipe it with a piece of cloth. "Don't be so stubborn and follow your doctor's orders."

The old man gave a small laugh. By this time, the sun had vanished totally. Lamp posts starts to lit up one by one. The pebbled walk of the park now gives a cold feeling as it welcomes the night.

"Do not worry yourself, lad." his voice croaked as he tried to suppress a cough. "I will not die. Not yet. I've sworn to myself that I shall accomplish it." the old man said looking up at the stars as it slowly appeared in the dark sky. "Like these stars I see every night. Like how they turn-up...one by one..." he said with perseverance; pointing one thin finger up "...step by step...I shall. Ever since that day my brother told me the truth...just before he died."

The young man could only look at the old man. He admire his dedication and sense of duty. But inside him, he knows that when the time comes...he...himself...will be left with a huge chunk of his being gone.

"If you say so." he finally spoke. Inspite of everything, he could not place what he really want to say into words. He wears his glasses back on and starts to walk away with the same casual face. He was about to turn towards the park's exit when the old man called after him.


The young man glanced back.

"Everything will end well." the old man said reassuringly.

The young man gave a weak smile but did not say anything as he continues to walk past the park's iron gates.

I'm only 20% percent done with Chapter 20...lolz. if I can write every night then perhaps this coming week.


Egad! I just realized that I got a lot of chapters to paste here in Gaia since "inc" had been running for quite a while!

blaugh Yay! I think maybe I'll this opritunity and re-read the older chapters when I get time. ^^
Nyuuu~ Why is there no 6 in the poll? gonk This is one of my most favorite (if not the most) fanfic heart I can't wait for the next chapter!
Nyuuu~ Why is there no 6 in the poll? gonk This is one of my most favorite (if not the most) fanfic heart I can't wait for the next chapter!

Super agree because the fanfic has "super-genius" written all over it. I'm not a fan of fanfics that much, so this rocks. whee
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Lolz...thanks guys. Actually, pasting them again over here gave me the chance to reread some things and tell myself...hmmm...this is spelt wrongs...this should like this and like that. haha. I guess my own standard grew...and it's all you guys fault.

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by Majah

:Chapter Five:
"The Ultimate Patch"
[ Link in FF.net ]

Sakura flopped down the hotel's queen-sized bed. It is almost midnight and she is very tired. The fashion show took longer to finish than expected. There is still an after event party at one of the hotels shindig halls, but Sakura couldn't bare to dance nor to eat nor to socialize any further. All she wanted to do now is to sleep. Still wearing her stylish satin dress, Sakura closes her eyes slowly. Flat on her back, she is very grateful with the room's soundproof walls. Aside from the shindig hall, the whole island is still very alive. Parties from every corner is still being held.

"They would probably go on till morning," Sakura whispered, letting herself be drowned in the inviting softness of the mattress.

The hotel room assigned to her is not as big as her room back in the Kinomoto mansion. But its desirability is not affected by its size but with its exotic aura. Fantasy illuminates even in the shade of the night as aztec walls flourished with vine-like ornaments beckons the room. The bed is supported by four stone-like posts adorned with white orchids and carnelias. The ceiling fan above rotates in a lullaby together with sprinkles of fragrant herbs. At the side, two sliding glass doors are evident. It leads to a balcony overlooking the island's white sandy beach and deep blue ocean.

Normally, Sakura would have slide the doors of the balcony open to let tropical air into the room. But unfortunately, the noise below is too loud that she had chosen to just shut it and turn the aircondition on. Much to her relief, the room had proven to be quite solemn and peaceful when casted away from the parties below. Now she can finally catch up with sleep. George had already unpacked her luggage and had taken care of every tiniest detail that there is nothing left for her to do. She reminded herself to thank her dear butler in the morning. He even brought her laptop, knowing that she always use it.

Her laptop. Sakura's eyes flung open.

'...it is of grave importance that you read my private message. A-S-A-P.'

Damaski-is' SMS rang inside her head. Sakura turned sideways to look at the machine resting on top of her bedside table.

'...of grave importance...'

She groaned. Damaski-is had been keeping her up for nights now. There had been a tournament inside InterVEST and Damaski-is, as usual, had been giving her a very hard time.

No. She thought and closed her eyes once more. Enough with all that for now. I need to get some sleep. Let him be. That's his problem.


Sakura's forehead creased in a frown inspite of closed eyes.

'...This goes way beyond our rivarly...'

She twisted, face down to the mattress and burried her head under the pillows.

'... shall define both OUR FUTURE in InterVEST...'

"I know what I'll do." she murmured beneath the covers, eyes still closed. "I'll think of Yukito instead." She desperately tries to think of her special moments with Yukito that day. Unfortunately, George's pale ghostly face keeps popping out of nowhere with his banana headset. Sakura ended hugging the covers more.

'...read my private message...'

She slowly opened one eye and peered at her small silver laptop resting invitingly on the table. Time seems to pass as she lay unmovingly. An ancient looking clock on the wall ticked indicating a quarter after midnight.

-- tick --

Sakura's eyes are both opened now as she daze more intensely on the machine.

-- tick --

-- tick --

-- tick --

"Wai!" Sakura finally said, jumping out of the covers. "I can't take this anymore." she exclaimed as she reached for her laptop and placed it on her bed. She didn't even bother to turn the lights on. Instead, she hurriedly flipped the laptop open.

"I'm so weak." teary-eyed Sakura said to herself as she waits for the OS to load.


Syaoran rests on a wooden chair near his pool with eyes closed. One hand dangles on the side clutching his cellphone. He had lost track of time as he battles within him on whether or not to send Agatha another message. It had been morning when he sent the last one. Now, it is already night time and he had not gotten any reply from her. Most of the time, Agatha replies promptly. But this time it is taking a while. He wonders if she had read his private message already and perhaps thought he is insane and decided not to communicate with him anymore.

"That is very unlikely." Syaoran said to himself as his flipped his eyes open. "Not with her character." he continues to stare out at the sky above him.

Stars spread like glittering pieces of a broken glass at the clear dark sky. Cold air blows softly, lightly rustling his plain white shirt and loose khakis. Syaoran is at his condo unit. One hundred stories above ground, it is one of the highest building in the city. And he, Li Syaoran, got the priviledge of owning its penthouse. The unit is vast and has its own rooftop pool which now sparkles beneath the light rays of the moon.

His hair is still damp from swimming earlier. He could not sleep so he decided to go for a dip in the pool. After that, he changed clothes to go to bed, but sleep still would not come. Anticipation is killing him as he thinks of what Agatha shall answer. Finally, he decided to go out and sit on his lounge chair to pass time. Inside he knows he is waiting too patiently. But he is too proud to send out another message to her. It would look like he is relying with her that much. He won't have his InterVEST rival to think such a thing.

...InterVEST rival...

Syaoran turns his head towards the tall glass doors of his penthouse. Inside, only the light from his flat screen computer can be seen. The rest of the unit is dark and impersonal...like him.

Many people often called him as such. In their eyes, he is no more than another brutal businessman which shall destroy any livelihood they got online. Very few people will defy Damaski-is inside InterVEST.

...very few...

Syaoran turns his head back to stare out at the night sky once more. He is a game veteran. He had spent years building up his reputation and income. He wouldn't care less of what people will say as long as he gets want he wants. Everything was a breeze....until one day...a rogue character showed up. A very feisty character named Agatha. She was either too brave or too stupid to stand up against a veteran player like him. Nevertheless, he was amazed at how Agatha was able to build her networks, assets and stats in matter of months. Weeks even. Most beginners will observe or go to starter quests. But Agatha...she jumped in ahead to places beginners shouldn't be in. Luck seems to be with her as she always ended up alive in each risky task. Hence, she earns bulks of experience points.

He tightened his grip to his phone that his knuckles almost turned white.

"Damn it. What's taking her so long." he muttered under his breath.


Sakura is staring at her laptop. She had finally logged on InterVEST...in invisible mode. George also plays online since he is also her assistant with things she do in InterVEST. Eventhough she is not a full player, her massive assets are hard to manage alone. Hence, convincing George to log on as well. Somehow she feels that it is best to keep her online status not known from him. Recalling the conversation they had that morning, she could just predict what George is going to think if he finds out that inspite of her tired self, she manage to get online just to read Damaski-is' message.To be honest, she is feeling quite quilty sneaking like this. May it be from George or from Yukito.

Yukito. She wonders if he'll get mad if he finds out she is talking to another man. Then she shakes her head as if to erase the thought.

"It's not like I'm cheating on someone," Sakura said out loud. "This is just something online. This is just a game." she pointed out to herself.

She inhaled a deeply as her mailbox came to view.

'You have 10 new messages in your inbox.'

Sakura opened her inbox. Most of the messages are regarding bids and assets. She skipped them to find the message she really need to read.

'Subject: InterVEST is getting ambitious, we should as well.

Sender: Damaski-is'

She clicks the link and waits for it to load on her screen.

'Ms. Agatha,

I know this is uncalled for, but I would like to share something I just found out. It has something to do with the new InterVEST patch the admins were planning for a long time. Yours truly has gotten first hand information about it and would like to share this to you. You might be thinking why I am telling this now. Me of all people. But realizing the bulk and potential of the patch, I think it is best that we BOTH look into it. I am talking here as a businessman ...and this is another deal. I know that you are not that thrilled to do business with me, but considering this massive issue...I am not blind to see who I can cooperate with in this matter, for both you and I had established our own domes inside InterVEST.

The matter at hand is too important to be discussed through private messages. I would like to request that you and I talk in a private chat channel in Ilgoin, south of Mandana. We could talk in a secluded pond at the far end of the meadow. I don't think people will be roaming around. Give me a buzz and I will be there in less than five minutes.

I would not like chance to pass us by...so I am risking it in meeting you in a friendly environment...unarmed.


Helroi Damaski-is

P.S. Don't you dare bring your torch blower. I come in peace.'

Sakura couldn't help but to smile a little at the comment about her torch blower. It was a something she ended up using against him when she miscalculated her real weapon's ammo. Heck, it was able to burn something so why not use it as a weapon? It was unorthodox for her, but nevertheless her character survived that ordeal with Damaski-is by utilizing it.

She once again looked at the screen and re-read everything from top to bottom. The new InterVEST patch? Is that real? For all this time it was just a rumor that the developers and admins are planning to do something grand with InterVEST. Another first for an online game. But she also heard that it is too ambitious to be done. As for its details, she has no clue. But now, Damaski-is wants to tell her about it.

"Is there such a patch? or he is bluffing?" Sakura asked out loud. For all she knows it could be a trap. Again, Sakura finds herself weighing to decide the course of action she needed to do. Once again, Damaski-is is giving her a hard time. May it be a friendly attempt or not. She sighed and dropped down sideways on the mattress, her eyes still fixed on the screen.

"He sounded okay...should I...or should I not?"

Sakura pulled herself into a sitting position. Will she risk it? Logic tells her that it is not wise to meet that private with the Damaski-is. But somewhere inside her guts, she feels excited and curious. IF the patch is indeed true, what are its contents? Is it really that massive? And why does Damakaski-is willing to deal with her? Is it really worth it? It is rare for a full player like him to come strike one with a rogue like her. Petty trades are common but 'deals' are another thing.

There are three kinds of players in InterVEST; Full players, half players and rogues. Full players are people who walks inside InterVEST who can do dealings inside it and it will be valid in real life. Their identities may or may not be known by other people but being a full player you need to be registered officially in InTerVEST using your real name. Only game admins has this record and are strictly confidential. You get your own bank account in real life that is connected within the game. Meaning you can transfer real game money to its equivalent IRL. Its either that or you can find clients within the game that will very much deal with you IRL. They also have the high playing fee due to this.

Half players are people registered also with the game admin's knowledge of real life identities but are only 50 involved with the real life legality priviledges. They pay half of the fee full players pay.

Rogues are people who can play the game for free. InterVEST admins do not care of their real life identities due to the fact that they are not entitled to the real life legality rule. They are just there to enjoy InterVEST as a game and help in building up the economy and social community. And also another attribute is that, they do not have last names in the game. Only full players and half players are allowed to have full names. Damaski-is' first name is Helroi, but she doesn't think anyone ever calls him that.

InterVEST, indeed, is another world and Sakura became addicted to its fantasy and sense of being who you wanted to be without anyone restraining you. She felt free. Free from rumors...free from angst...free from the dangers of the real world.

Sakura gave out a sigh and clutched the edge of her toes as she crossed her legs to bent over her laptop. She types hurriedly on its keyboard and sent it out. The she clicks 'Enter the World' button.

She is a rogue after all. She has nothing to loose.


Syaoran woke up in a jolt at the sound of a loud buzz. He realized that he had fallen asleep. He straightens himself up and checked the time in his cellphone which he had unconsciously dropped at the ground. Thankful that it is still in one piece, he reads the time. It is almost two. He is glad that he woke up cause if not, he would have gotten a cold in the morning if he stayed out there sleeping.

Another realization hit him. He woke up....no...he was waken up...by a buzzing sound.

He quickly glanced at his computer's screen inside. From afar he can still see the large lighting alert.


You've received an ALERT from Agatha.'

Syaoran stumbled to his feet. His left leg hit a picnic table near the lounge chair. He muttered a curse under his breath and limped towards his computer. He click the red blinking sign as he sits on a cushioned steel seat. Unlike his massive executive desk in the office, this particular one is just a small modern table. Actually, his whole condo is interiorly designed using modern pieces in both art and furniture. It is also equipped with the most hi-tech gadgets and devices since he is afterall, running an IT company.

He reads the message in the Alert.

'Ilgoin it is.'

Syaoran takes a deep breath. "Here we go."


Sakura is laying flat on her stomach on top of her bed. The silk pink nightgown she changed into is slightly disarranged as one leg swings up and down at the back. She is now using her character, 'Agatha', as she strolls about Ilgoin county. She is clicking her mouse to indicate Agatha's destination. There are five major cities in InterVEST.The rest are small villages. Ilgoin happens to be one of those remote and poor villages. People rarely comes here. The truth is, she doesn't know why the county was there in the first place. Not a single quest even utilizes the county. No businessman would even bother to come here as well since the place has no natural resources at all.

"A very good place to be for people who don't want to be found." Sakura told herself.

Her character, Agatha reached the said pond. Sakura rotated the camera view, there is no one there. She is half relieved. The thing is, she actually nervous. She doesn't know what to expect from Damaski-is. She is actually glad that no one can see her right now. If she is to meet someone like him in real life, she wouldn't know how to react. But inside InterVEST, her character looks cool and collected. She wonders if she can be like that in real life under same circumstances.

Sakura lets her character sit down on top of a rock by the pond; legs tucked under her. Her eyes surveyed the 3D world before her. There were barely trees around as rocks and mountains beckons. She couldn't help but praise the ubber likeness of the things inside the world of InterVEST to the ones in real life. The view in Ilgoin county is not that good in the eyes since the place is more often deserted and dusty. But still, to be able to produce such an effect is really amazing. Even the tiniest detail as to how the short green shrubs moves due to the wind is evident. The water in the pond which lays still sometimes gets disturbed by sudden movement of a small fish. Although you cannot literally feel the game using the sense of touch, your eyes makes it seem real that you could almost taste it.

Sakura took her eyes off her laptop's screen and looked at the clock in her hotel room. Damaski-is said that she would only buzz and he will be there in less than five minutes. She did just that and wonders if he will really come. Inside InterVEST it is only sunset. The retreating sun is casting shadows in the mountains and hills nearby. But in real life, it is already two in the morning. Who would be up in this wee hour? Aside from her that is. But nevertheless, she decided to wait.

But for five minutes. Just five minutes.


Syaoran is already logged in InterVEST even before Agatha had sent her Alert. It is easy for him to teleport his character, 'Damaski-is', towards the remote county of Ilgoin. Inside he is both excited and anxious. This is the first time he would ever chat to Agatha in a friendly manner.

The surround sound system he got in his condo now vibrates the sound effects inside the world of InterVEST. He led his character to the said spot. As he drew near he saw her. Agatha is sitting on top of a large rock on the pond; her fair legs tucked beneath her. Agatha is one of those players like him which had the luxury in modifying their characters to their heart's content. Only elites can do this in InterVEST. Again, there very few rogue players that had accomplished this status. His eyes are full of admiration as his character approaches the girl.

Agatha turns her head towards his character. Her vibrant blue eyes looks at him as he nears. Her copper hair braided in two in front of her chest. She is wearing a hooded short cloak and short brown leather skirt which shows her smooth legs. A fitted leather-like armor protects her body yet does not compensate the curves that she has.

A few feet away, he notices that she is doesn't have her usual set of weapons with her. Syaoran leaned back in his chair smiling. At least she trusted him with that.

It's a start.


Sakura's heart almost jump out of her throat as she recognizes the approaching character. Damaski-is' strides became evident. His long velvet hair is tied in a neat ponytail at the back. His tall lean body is covered with protectors. His armored booths make cracking sounds as it smashes small stones below. Sakura studied the man and is relieved to see that he is indeed unarmed.

Damaski-is stopped beside her character and a window popped up in her screen.

'Damaski-is invites you in a private chat channel.' 'Accept' 'Deny'

Sakura exhaled heavily as she looks at the screen. She paused for a moment to doubtfully look at Damaski-is. She pulled herself up in a sitting position once more and clicked 'Accept'. In an instant another translucent window popped up, positioning itself in the middle of the screen. Their two characters still in the backdrop.

'Welcome to InterVEST private chat channel in Ilgoin. Enjoy.'

Damaski-is started to type in the other end.

Damaski-is: What? no torch blowers? I'm disappointed.

Sakura types her reply.

'Agatha: I am starting to regret not bringing one. Wow, you actually came...in less than five minutes.

Damaski-is: Of course I would. I always keep my word.

Agatha: I did not think you would still be up in this hour.

Damaski-is: But you are. And that is what matters.

Agatha: Do not patronize me. Go straight to the point. What is this nonsense about a new patch?

Damaski-is: You don't waste any time, do you? Good...good. We are going to get along in that area.

Agatha: Getting along with you is in the least of my pariorities.

Damaski-is: Ouch. And I am kinda hoping you and I will.

Agatha: What on earth gave you that idea?

Damaski-is: Three words. InterVEST Ultimate Patch.

Agatha: that patch again...

Damaski-is: You're doubtful about it?

Agatha: Who wouldn't be? As far as I am concern, it is just a rumor. What are you upto, Damaski-is? Are you trying to trap me?

Damaski-is: I am not trying to trap you. And for your information, the patch is not just a rumor.

Agatha: Oh really.

Damaski-is: What I say is true. It is real.

Agatha: Stop wasting my time.

Damaski-is: Oh but, do you really believe I am wasting your time, Agatha? Coz if you really think I am, then you wouldn't meet now.

Agatha: ...

Damaski-is: See? You know that there could be some truth behind what I say. So far InterVEST had been successful introducing unrealistic features and no one can really predict what they would come up next. Anything is possible with them.

Agatha: Okay, fine. Let's just say, what you say is true. What does it have to do with me?

Damaski-is: Are you contented in being a rogue player, Agatha?

Agatha: What do you care?

Damaski-is: Just answer my question.

Agatha: I think I am doing well where I am.

Damaski-is: That's about it?

Agatha: Look...it will be 3 am in half an hour and I'm really tired, Damaski-is. Just say what you want to say.

Damaski-is: Fine. Fine.

Agatha: --

Damaski-is: What I am about to say to you is very confidential. Promise you would not tell anyone.

Agatha: You're actually going to trust me to keep this as a secret? Are you feeling well? oO

Damaski-is: I'm serious, Agatha. Promise and I will tell.

Agatha: Okay..okay..fine..I promise. (But I am only doing this to shorten this conversation because I want to sleep already)

Damaski-is: I'm quite happy with that for now.

Agatha: ...

Damaski-is: As I was saying. This is about InterVEST's Ultimate Patch.

Agatha: I'm listening...and snoring....ZZzzzzz

Damaski-is: It's already been installed.

Agatha: Excuse me?

Damaski-is: It's here, Agatha. Right before our very own eyes. It has been uploaded last maintenance day.

Agatha: Oh really?

Damaski-is: You don't really believe me, do you?

Agatha: Nope.

Damaski-is: :sigh: I don't blame you. But don't pm me when the official announcement comes out. I would hate to say "I told you so". My resources had never let me down before.

Agatha: Fine. Let's just say that it is already been installed. Isn't this something you shouldn't be telling me about? Me of all people. What's the catch?

Damaski-is: The catch is that the potential power of this patch cannot be utilize by only one person. It needs two to get things working.

Agatha: In short, you want to use me.

Damaski-is: How direct of you to say that. In one area you can say that.

Agatha: Ha! And what makes you think I would let you use me in this scheme of yours.

DAmaski-is: Because you will be getting something of same equivalent in return.

Agatha: And that is?

Damaski-is: You will be using me as well.

Agatha: ???

Damaski-is: The word "use" is kinda a more morbid term of partnership in my vocabulary.

Agatha: You want "partnership"?? with me????

Damaski-is: Yes.

Agatha: You can't be serious.

Damaski-is: I'm not joking. That is why I am asking you earlier if you are contented in being just a rogue. As far as I am concern, your InterVEST assets and performance can be compared to any full player's stats.

Agatha: So?

Damaski-is: I want you to register as a full player.

Agatha: haha...and what makes you think that I will comply just because you told me so?

Damaski-is: You are really difficult to deal with.

Agatha: This is my character in InterVEST. Deal with it.

Damaski-is: Your character in InterVEST? So does that mean, you are not like that in real life?'

Sakura was thrown back at his question. Is she really different IRL? This is the first time Damaski-is ever mentioned something about real life background. Something is not right. She knows its all going to be a lie, but still... he seems really serious.

'Agatha: Are you trying to trick me? Coz now you are asking about what I am like in real life. We have an agreement, Damaski-is. No real life reference.

Damaski-is: It would help to get a little IRL information if we are going to be partners.

Agatha: That "partner" thing again. Do not jump to conclusions. I am not going to be your "partner". I can't even think of any reason why I should end up as one.

Damaski-is: The ultimate patch will cover it. Look, I am going to go over the contents of the patch. The important things, that is. It is up to you whether you will be believe it or not. But at least I know you will think about it. The official announcement date will be two weeks from now. As a veteran full player, I want to get ready. I want everything to be set to get a head start before everyone else. And as an elite player, you should be planning as well.

Agatha: I am a rogue. I just want to have fun in InterVEST.

Damaski-is: Is that really all? I think you also crave for things and you are just using that as an excuse.

Agatha: I am not just using it as an excuse.

Damaski-is: Don't you really? Either way, here me out. The Ultimate patch is the most ambitious thing, InterVEST ever had. It takes legality to full swing. It will be more than just money conversion or business dealings. They are uniting real life assets into InterVEST's world.

Agatha: Wait, wait...real life assets into InterVEST?

Damaski-is: Yes. People behind InterVEST had stroke another deal with the government. Full players will have the outmost benefit. If you own a mall within InterVEST, it is very likely that you will also own a mall in real life?

Agatha: What? I'm getting confused. How is that possible?

Damaski-is: Establishments in real life, as well as companies, now has the option of putting their business inside InterVEST. For example, the Jade Restaurant in 4th street Avalon. Have you eaten there?

Agatha: Yeah. My brother loved their fortune cookies.

Damaski-is: Its owner will be given an invitation. An Invitation to incorporate his establishment inside InterVEST. Have you ever wondered why I chose this place, Ilgoin county, to meet?

Agatha: Coz its secluded and no one comes here?

Damaski-is: That is only a part of it. Another will be because, two weeks from now, this path of Ilgoin county will transform. Beyond these rocky mountain and hills, the largest city in InterVEST will rise.

Agatha: Here?!

Damaski-is: For all this time, this place had been kept barren but now I know why. It is because they had been developing something big for it. And within this city, if the owner of the Jade restaurant agrees to incorporate his business in InterVEST. Then the very same Jade Restaurant will be created inside. Profits and liabilities made in real life and within InterVEST will be the same. For full players, thare is no longer such a thing as "just online" or "only in real life" issues. Everything will be consolidated. Now imagine...if everything will be equally the same in monetary value and asset. How do you think that will affect elite players that are very much established in InterVEST? It would be a chance to monopolize the industry.

Agatha: If that is really possible...then it is indeed very ambitious of InterVEST to do. I still don't see why you need me, Damaski-is. As far as I am concerned, you are already rich in this game. You'll do well without me.

Damaski-is: There is just this tiny little problem.

Agatha: ???

Damaski-is: There is a certain requirement before you can enter this new city. And the very reason why I would like to propose something to you....now.

Agatha: ...certain amount of asset?

Damaski-is: No.

Agatha: ... liquidated gold quota?

Damaski-is: No. It is just something related to the characters' roleplaying socially within the community to add a more realistic "feel" to the whole thing.

Agatha: ???

Damaski-is: You needed to be binded with someone conjugally.'

Sakura's surprised face cannot be described as she stopped typing her answer. His last words ringing inside her head as realization dawned at her.

'Damaski-is: Umm..hello? Agatha are you still there?'

Without really thinking, Sakura reached for her portable mic, jammed it in her laptop which automatically activated the voice chat function and shouted with all her might, "HELROI DAMASKI-IS! Are you actually suggesting that I marry you in InterVEST??!!!"

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by Majah

:Chapter Six:
"Three Days"
[ Link in FF.net ]

"HELROI DAMASKI-IS! Are you actually suggesting that I marry you in InterVEST??!!!" she said in full volume.

Syaoran almost fell from his seat the moment Agatha's voice rang all over his condo through the centralized sound system.

"Holy s**t." Syaoran exclaimed dumbfounded. He was not expecting Agatha to use the voice chat function. He was thrown back in his seat as he tries to recover.

"You are crazy, Damaski-is!...Insane!" Agatha continues to say in a high voice. The sound vibrated on the walls.

"Um...ah..." where the words Syaoran mutterred as he leans on his desk. His fingers don't know what to type as they roam around the keyboard. He became confused as what to say to her.

"The patch is not real! You are only trying to deceive me." she said accusingly at him.

"No, I am not trying to decieve you!" Syaoran blurted out in front of the monitor. "Damn it! I frogot I'm not in voice mode." he realized. "Where the hell is that mic!" he looks left and right, up and above the table to no avail.

"I've had enough of this. I'm logging off." Agatha sounded pissed and irritated.

"Oh wait! No!" his hand gestures in front of the screen as if Agatha can see him. "I can't find the mic. I know I should have gotten a built-in model." One of his hands opened the drawers while the other types on the keyboard.

'Damaski-is: waait! N...theres more i needtotell toyou. let mefid m y mic.'

Syaoran fumbles as he used only one hand to type his message.

"What? Hmph! You're wasting the time I should be putting in sleeping." Agatha replied. "Have a nice evening." she said sarcastically.

"NO! WAIT!" then finally his hand fished out a familiar object. "Yes! Found you at last!" Syaoran said triumphantly as bents over to connect the microphone to his computer. It gave a confirmation sound that he is now connected in voice mode.

"Hello Agatha?" he started to say as he goes back to sit. "Hello?"

There was no answer. His eyes fell on the blinking message box on his screen.

'Ilgoin Private Channel Message:

Agatha has left the conversation.'

Syaoran cursed under his breath as he slams a fist, slightly on top of his desk.


"This is nice." Tomoyo chirped happily.

Early morning at the resort is truly refreshing. It is a day after the fashion show was held. Sakura and Tomoyo are both lazily sunbathing. Another batch of island visitors arrived that day yet it doesn't seem crowded. Apparently, the exotic retreats of the island are keeping the crowd dispersed. From the sandy beach to the deep blue waters to the luxurious hotel. It is truly a paradise.

"We can always sunbathe at the beach, Tomoyo." Sakura said; arranging the big green straw hat she wore that day.

"Mmmph," Tomoyo started as she zips from a tall glass of pomelo juice. The glass is topped with a small umbrella decor and lemon slice in the side.
"I figured that we can enjoy this resort one location at a time." she places her glass down at the small bamboo table and lays back at the lounge sit near the pool. "The beach in my opinion is best visited if we go water skiing."

"And scuba diving! Can we go scuba diving later, Tomoyo-chan? Puhleease..." Sakura looked pleadingly at Tomoyo. Her emerald eyes shimmering in contrast with the auburn two piece bikini she is wearing with matching green floral cover that has the same shade as the straw hat.

"Eh? I thought you would rather go with Yukito-chan in that kind of activity?" Tomoyo looked at her inquiringly. Her long dark hair tied in pigtails. She is wearing same-style two piece as what Sakura is wearing, except that hers are in the shade of navy blue and has a yellow floral cover that also matches the straw hat she has on her head.

"Umm..." Sakura felt hot on the face at the mention of Yukito's name. She felt a pang of guilt as she remembered him knocking on her door the day after the event, only to find her still soundly asleep. "Yukito needs to go back to the city this morning together with brother. It seems that there is another project at hand." She slept all day and when she woke up there is no time to go enjoy island activities with him since he will be leaving the next day. If only she hadn't been awake all night. If only she hadn't logged on. If only Damaski-is didn't keep going on and on about that stupid patch. She might have gotten enough rest to spend an entire day with Yukito.

"Wai? Another? Yukito becomes busier and busier everyday."

"Yeah..." Sakura said silently and reached for the mango shake the waiter had just brought.

"Well...he better not be. Coz if he becomes too busy for you then another man might come and take you away." Tomoyo said as she puts her sunglasses on.

Sakura almost dropped the glass she is holding. It tipped a little, splashing a bit of mango shake on the chair. "Hoe!"

Tomoyo glanced at her surprised. "Sakura-chan, are you okay?" she asked as her bestfriend placed the glasses on the side table and dabs tissue on the spill.

"I'm fine, Tomoyo. It just slipped...hehe" Sakura replied cheerfully, tying to cover her anxious face. "It's just a small spill. Not a biggie."

"Umm, okay.." Tomoyo said a little worried. "You're really can be clumsy somestimes, Sakura-chan."

Sakura could only give a small smile then turns her back from Tomoyo and pretends to tend to the spill. But in truth, she wanted to hide her flushed face. Why did the image of Damaski-is' long-haired InterVEST character flashed on her mind as Tomoyo mentioned the 'another man' thing? It had been more than a day since she last communicated with him. She still couldn't believe all the crap he had been telling her.

"Needed to be binded conjugally....in his dreams."

"Huh? Did you say something, Sakura-chan?" Tomoyo peered in her sunglasses.

"Wai! Nothing, Tomoyo-chan...its nothing." small sweatdrop started to form on Sakura's forehead. How careless can she be as to talk out loud like that?

"Hmmm..." Tomoyo continued. She seems not convinced.

"Really, Tomoyo it's nothing. I just thought that everything is like a dream here in Marianas Isle." Sakura desperately said returning to the over-wipped spill.

Apparently, Tomoyo's attention got shifted. "Yes, indeed! Let's go here every summer and..."

Sakura was relieved. Her bestfriend went on and on about summer plans. She sighed and tried to relax back on her seat. She is not really listening to Tomoyo. Instead, her mind wandered off. After she left the InterVEST conversation the other night, she decided to turn off her cellphone. Thinking ten steps ahead, she knows that he will send her messages. The whole day yesterday, her phone was not on. When she opened it last night, she received countless of SMS messages from him. All queued to be received. She decided not to reply and her cellphone remained dead that evening upto that day. She hasn't logged on InterVEST either. Coud there be some truth in what he says? About the ultimate patch?

Sakura placed her sunglasses on and stared at the glistenning water in the pool. Before her, people are enjoying an early swim in the massive resort swimming pool. The white marbled sides adorned with tropical flowers gives the center of the resort an eye-catching view from above. At it's bottom, the crest of the Kinomoto family lays; a moon surrounded by stars. But even with this little fantasy world in front of her, Sakura is still deep in thought. She couldn't explain what she had been feeling as well. She doesn't know what to believe. Correction. She knows she shouldn't believe Damaski-is. They are rivals inside InterVEST after all. But howcome she seems to be giving him a benefit of the doubt?

"Sakura-chan, we could go scuba-diving this afternoon." Tomoyo said interrupting her thoughts.

"Sure." Sakura replied cheerfully. That is enough stress from that guy. She is here to relax and enjoy the isle.

A few minutes passed as she and Tomoyo lay beneath the sun. A relaxing conversation had started between her and her bestfriend. Both of them were laughing about something when a shadow blocked the sun on Sakura's side.


Sakura looked up. "Oh hello George," she said smiling at him. Tomoyo waived.

"Houzekeepin' haz brought ur frezhly pressed clothes, Miss."

"That's nice, George. I can finally wear the new white sundress I bought before going here." Sakura replied as she carefreely returned to her subathing position, expecting her dear butler to leave after informing her.

But George continued, "I waz arrangin' ur clothes when I notiz zat ur zelfon waz turned-ov. I plugged zee charger 'n turned it on sinz I remember u tellin' Kinomoto-zama last night zat u keep forgettin' to charge ur fon zat's why u alwayz leave it in ur room."

Sakura glances back at George half-alarmingly. "You didn't..." she said faintly. This caught Tomoyo's observant eyes.

George cleared his throat. "I zid." He went on. "Not zo long zat I open'd ur zelfon, it rang."

"It rang?" Sakura asked. Tomoyo's full attention is now focused on the two people talking.

"Yez." Then George lifted one hand and Sakura's phone dangled before her. It was folded yet the yellow blinking light indicates it being put on-hold in mute. "I've taken zee libarty to anzer it. U hav a fon col on hold, Miss."

"Oh." Sakura said in a small voice. "I wonder who could it be."

"It's probably you dear boyfriend, checking up on you." Tomoyo said reassuringly to Sakura.

Sakura smiled, "Ah...you're probably right." Good old Yukito. She took the her cellphone from George. "Thank you, George."

"Zon't tank meh, yet."

Sakura's puzzled expression beckoned as she flip her phone and un-mute it without looking. "Hello?" she said.

"It's not like we're going to get married in real life, you know." a deep smooth voice replied in the other end.

Sakura froze. This is definitely not Yukito's voice and it also doesn't sound like someone she knows. What did he say? Marriage? Then it hit her. Her mouth dropped open as she looked back at George slightly panicking. George only gave her an apologetic shrug.

"Who is this?" she said trying to lower her voice; hiding from Tomoyo, but her bestfriend only eyed her more.

"Guess." the man in the other line said.

Sakura closed her eyes. She sits up; her back at Tomoyo. What am I going to do? Please don't let it be him. He couldn't possibly call me. That is not part of our agreement.

George cleared his throat.

Sakura opened her eyes and took the phone off her ears to read the display.

'On-going call with Damaski-is

(this is the call duration counter)

"No..." she whispered in disbelief.

Gearge cleared his throat again. This snaps Sakura back to her senses.

"Who is it?" Tomoyo asked curiously as she sits behind Sakura and leans towards her shoulder trying to peek.

Sakura became aware of this and quickly covered the display. "Oh, It's nothing important." She quickly stood up."It is just some salesman who keeps bugging me these days....about buying a new phone or something like that." She said and tired to act as if it is really nothing. "I've been avoiding the telemarketer from quite some time now. I think I should finally talk to him." Sakura said; full of perseverance.

"Oh." Tomoyo said frowning. "That's the problem with you. You are too kind. Just shove the telemarketer off so that he won't bother you anymore."

Sakura gave a small nervous laugh. "That's what I am about to do. So if the two of you will please excuse me." She hurriedly left the pool area and tried to look for a private place.

After Sakura left, Tomoyo looked up at the old butler. "That is quite a salesman, George."

"Indid" George said lifelessly.

"Umm..." Tomoyo cutely placed one finger below her chin thinking. "Yes. Coz I know you have a knack for telling off those type of callers."

George only gave a stiff shrug. "Zee coler iz very perzistent."

"I see." Tomoyo's eyes are twinkling. "I've been wondering what is making Sakura anxious, excited and dreamy these past few weeks." she giggled and said, "I hope it is really worth it."

George gave a ghastly smile and bowed. "I zhall leave u to contemplate zat, Miss Daidozji" and with that he went back inside the hotel.

"I shall truly contemplate." Tomoyo said to herself smiling. "It's time to put Sakura-chan on the hot seat."

Sakura walked passed the pebbled steps until she reached an empty cavanna. Making sure that she is alone, she placed the phone back to her ear. "Damaski-is?"

Once again she was greeted by the man's deep voice. "Ah finally. The princess answers the salesman."

Sakura's cheeks felt hot of slight embarrassment. Unlike George, she didn't place the phone in mute while she talked her way out from Tomoyo. "I can't help it. As far as my social life IRL is concerned, you do not exists." she stopped for a while trying to weigh things. "Is that really you?" she finally asked vigilantly eventhough for some reason hearing the man's voice is giving her a slight tingle in her spine.

"You don't really trust people that easily, don't you?"

Sakura replied proudly, "It depends on the person I am dealing with." She places one hand on her waist as she paces around the wooden cavanna.

"Well if you didn't left the conversation the other night then we might have talked there and there...in voice chat."

"You were typing nonsense. How do you suppose I react to that?!" she exclaimed.

"I was trying to find my mic! I wasn't expecting you to use voice chat. I thought you said we should only communicate through messages?" Damaski-is said accusingly.

"Umm..." Sakura realized that she used the voice chat function without really thinking. "...I was so shocked with all that crap you were typing that I forgot that I was already jamming the mic. And what about now? Why are you calling me? This is not part of our agreement."

"What's the difference if its part of our agreement or not? You were the one who first broke it by using the voice function. Hearing each others voices is not going to be such a big deal on your side since I've already heard yours. Shouldn't you be glad that I am letting you hear mine so that one way or another...we are equal."

Sakura's mouth opened and closed as she thinks of something to throw back at him. Unfortunately, Damaski-is has a point. He already heard her. And it would only be fair that she hears his voice as well.

"Okay fine. I got your point." she sighed and sat in one of the cavanna's seats.

"Which reminds me of yet another point. You wouldn't be all that shocked and could have laughed it off, if you really thought that all that I am saying are just lies."

"Are you actually saying that I believed you?!" Sakura said, her voice starting to rise.

"Are you going to shout at me, again?" Damaski-is sounded amused in the other end.

Sakura is not aware that she is currently blushing. "I am not!" then she realized that she did said that in a high voice. "I am not." she repeated calmly. "I'm just not expecting to talk to you right now."

"Did I disturb you?"


"You were doing something?"

The image of Tomoyo and her sunbathing in the pool side flashed through her mind. That is not exactly 'doing something'. "Ummm, well...no.."

Damaski-is sounded confused. "I didn't disturb you then?"

"Mmmmm....why are you making it so difficult!" Sakura pouted.

"What? I am just aking you a straight question." he reasoned.

Sakura sighed once more. Typing answers back to Damaski-is is different from actually talking to him live on the phone. Her thoughts were interrupted by Damaski-is' laughter at the other end.

"You're laughing!"

"Isn't that quite obvious?" he said in between laughs.

"I don't see anything funny!" Sakura demanded.

"Oh yes there is..."


"Do I make you nervous, Agatha?" he asked when his laughter died down. But eventhough Sakura can't see him, she knows that a wide grin is pasted on his face.

"No, you do not." Sakura lied.

"Oh really?"

"Yes." she said boldly.

"I find that hard to believe." he said huskily.

"If you think you can manipulate this conversation to your advantage, you're dead wrong." she throws back at him trying desperately to put some leverage back to her benefit.

Damaski-is became silent for a moment. "Okay..." he finally spoke. "If you want to talk business, then we talk business."

"I have this idea that it is what we should be talking about from the start." she said seriously.

"As you wish, princess." he said flatly.

Sakura was about to comment about the 'princess' remark but decided against it. She had this feeling that it will only prolong their conversation. "What do you want, Damaski-is?" she asked him in her best impersonal tone.

"I want you to register as a full-player."

"That thing again?! Are you still pushing that?" she exclaimed.

"Look, it is the best thing to do. The industries I handle in InterVEST are not same kinds as the ones you have. If my character gets married with yours, then all assets will be combined as one. All will fall under our conjugal names hence we can access the new city and have assets which falls on every kind of industry. We can both acquire real life assets here, Agatha."

"Why me? Why me of all people?" Sakura said tirely as she slumped back on her seat. "There are lots of female full-players out there that will gladly jump in that oppoturnity. Provided that the patch is real."

"If the patch is real...then I don't see why you are letting this opportunity pass."

"You still haven't answered my question."

The man in the other end gave a small laugh. "Okay...then I shall answer it."

Sakura raised one brow. "And that answer shall be...."

"I like you." Damaski-is said straight and clear.


"I'm serious."

"You can't possibly!"

"Why can't I?" he countered.

"First of all, I think you are forgetting this 'little' detail that you and I are rivals. Next, you don't even know me. For all you know I could be a psycho or...or...I could be old or too young. YOU DON'T KNOW ME."

Damaski-is chuckled. "There is always a thin line between love and hate, don't you think?" he joked.


He continued. "and what more to spice up a relationship but a dash of psychotic 'encounters'?"

Sakura's mouth dropped open. "I can't believe I am hearing this."

"And judging from the sound of your voice, I don't think you are too old either."

"I could be young." Sakura contested. "I could be a kid."

"A kid...hmm... after ten or fifteen years it won't matter. I can handle that."

"Okay, let me rephrase my argument." Sakura started. "What makes you think I'll marry a crazy phidophile like you?"

"Hey! I could very well be a kid, too. A rich kid who wants to play a big boy's game."

"Your voice is too deep to be a kids'"

"Do you like it?" he once again said huskily.

"Aren't we suppose to be talking about business?!" Sakura pouted; blushing horridly.

"We can't talk about business if you don't believe me." Damaski-is pointed out.

"Okay...let me think. Just give me a moment to put some sense to this news of yours." Sakura said, allowing her head to rest on a wooden pillar near her seat. She gave out a sigh.

"Sure. But make it quick coz I'll be going on a meeting any minute now. I'm just waiting for my lawyer." he said.

"You're leaving already? After disturbing me in my activity, you're just going to leave me like that?" she complained.

"Do you honestly want to keep talking to me?" Damaski-is asked. "I had this impression you want to get rid of me the sooner the better."

"Hoe!" Sakura exclaimed. She didn't mean to sound that way.

"Don't worry. If you miss me that much, then I promise to call you as soon as my meeting is over."

"You think of yourself that highly?!" Sakura said angrily. "You're so arrogant!"

Damaski-is chuckled once more. "Sssh...don't get angry, princess. It will ruin the moment you were asking to put some sense into my news."

Sakura desperately tries to restrain herself from biting him off. She needs to think clearly.

"Listen..." she started. "...if I register as a full-player, considering that this patch has been installed, wouldn't it mean that I would also be married to you in real life?"

Damaski-is is silent for a while then he finally spoke, "Good question. But like what I said earlier, it's not like we are going to get married in real life."

"I thought you said that anything that happens within InterVEST will be acknowledged as valid in real life for full-players?" she pointed out.

"You can also be married in real life, but you don't have to be married in real life."

"Huh? I don't get it." Her ear is burning. She had been talking to Damaski-is for quite sometime. This is probably the longest conversation she had over her cellphone.

"The legal agreement of marriage is optional." he explained. "It is not a requirement to be married in real life as well. You just need to roleplay your characters as a couple inside InterVEST. If people want to make it valid in real life then it's their choice. The only thing that InterVEST is focusing is the legal trade and valid equivalent of game gold and assets to real money. No more conversions. If I have 1000 gold in InterVEST then I would also have 1000 real life money. That's about it. So don't worry. Like what I said, this is a business deal."

"I see." she said, trying to absorb everything.

"That wasn't so hard, was it? All you needed to do is to believe me."

"I still don't believe you!"

It was Damaski-is' turn to sigh. "This is going to be a problem. Fine. How about I give you three days to do your own investigations? I've dealt with you for so long now to know that you have your own sources of underground information. You can be lazy in looking for it, but I have confidence that you will find a way to know things. So go ahead. After three days I shall ask you again."

That sounded logical. "Okay. I agree. That will be much better." Sakura nodded. She was about to say something more but Damaski-is spoke first.

"My lawyer is here. I have to go."


"Don't be sad. I'll call you again later."

"Wai!" She can't believe how confident this guy can be. "There is no need to call me. I still have three days to.." But it was too late. Damaski-is already hanged-up. "Mmmmph!" Sakura clutches her cellphone tightly; frowning.

Damaski-is is definitely harder to deal with IRL.


"You were talking to Agatha, weren't you?" Eriol spoke the moment Syaoran ended the call.

"You should really learn to knock, Eriol." Syaoran said standing up from his executive chair. His office looks vast with only two people inside it.

"...and flirting with her." his lawyer teased.

Syaoran looked up. "I am not flirting with her."

"Oh yes, you are."

"No, I am not. What on earth gave you that idea?"

"Coz if you are not, then why do you have that silly smile on your face." Eriol said with a small laugh.

Syaoran finally realized that he is indeed smiling. "I do not have a silly smile. This is just an ordinary smile."

"...an ordinary smile?" Eriol peered closely behind his glasses.

"Yes, a very very common smile." Syaoran nodded.

"...a common smile...uuuu do those define the level of intimacy you have with a person?"

"Eriol..." Syaoran started seriously.


"Client meeting...NOW."

Eriol laughs. "Sure..sure...you're the boss."

Syaoran opened the door of his office. He and Eriol both walked towards the lift. They entered the lift and waited for it to reach the ground floor. Both men are silent.

Finally Eriol spoke. His tone no longer carries humor. "Syaoran, I heard you say to Agatha that you are giving her three days to do her own investigations."

"As usual, your ears a very reliable."

"If she indeed finds out that the patch is true and reconsiders your proposal. How are you planning to tell her about Section 41 of InterVEST's Conjugal Code whose details are given only to veteran full-players?"

"That is simple. I am not planning to tell her." Syaoran answered not looking at Eriol.

"Excuse me?"

The lift's bell rang indicating that it already reached the ground. Both men stepped out.

"You heard me right. There is no need for her to know about Section 41." Syaoran said.

Eriol glanced at Syaoran and a small smile crept on his face. "Okay, if you say so."

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