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I hope you like it, please post/ pm feedback, I want to make the later chapters better. It's also, already on Fanfiction.net:

Chapter One: The Team


Everyone in the meeting room was shocked.

"As I was saying, there are Keronian aliens among us. I have also heard that these invaders are the reasons such worldwide events as everyone in the world falling asleep because of a pink cloud, all the tap water turning into cola, the mysterious island of killer flowers, and much more have happened." Explained Japan.

"And because I just can't seem to be able to track them down, I believe a team of countries should be made. I cannot help out right now, because I'm still dealing with damages from what was apparently… a giant Gundam…" Japan sighed remembering how a giant, red, gundam Zaku with a yellow skull shape on its head, had destroyed half of his house. He shuddered, and then suddenly heard a voice.

"I wanna do it!" Yelled America from across the room as he waved his arm wildly in the air. "Sounds like fun!"

Japan wrote his name on a piece of paper.

"Ve~! Me too!" Exclaimed Italy, raising his hand. Japan wrote his name down.

"And Germany, too" Italy volunteered Germany.

"What?" Germany exclaimed. He thought for a moment.

"Oh fine." He figured he could at least keep Italy out of trouble this way. Japan wrote his name down, also.

"I am curious as to what these 'Keronian Invaders' are like," Said Russia, "so I'll join."

Everyone waited for another moment while Japan wrote down Russia's name.

"Okay!" declared America, "Then I'm the leader!"

He pointed his thumb at himself, and smiled happily.

"Why do you get to be leader?" asked Germany.

America quickly responded with, "Because I'm the hero!" no one wanted to argue with him about this matter so they left it at that. After the meeting, they all met up at Japan's mostly repaired home. They were in Japan's living room sitting seiza style at a low table. His house was still in shambles, but the living room was still good enough to sit in. Japan was at the front, to his left were Italy and Germany, to his right was an empty seat and America, and across from him was Russia. Japan was first to speak, "I have a company that would like to fund the team." he looked towards the door and said, "Nishizawa-san, you may come in." A girl with short, blue hair, purple eyes, and wearing a pink, dress with puffy shoulders and a bow on the front walked in.

Japan Gestures for her to sit in the seat next to her.

"Her father runs the Nishizawa Peach Group, and the only thing she asks for in return for funding is being able to come to the meetings. She does not want the money going to waste." Japan says once Miss Nishizawa had sat down.

"Wow! No way!" Exclaimed America.

"Ve~! Yay!" Cheered Italy.

"Nice to meet you." Greeted Germany.

"Good to be working with you." Said Russia.

"Your dress is very pretty." Said a voice just above a whisper. Everyone looked over to see Canada sitting between Miss Nishizawa and America.

"Whoa! How long have you been there bro?" America asked.

Canada sighed and replied, "The entire time…"

Miss Nishizawa saw Kumajirou, Canada's Pet bear, in his arms. "May I pet your bear?" She asked.

Canada nodded and said, "Sure, his name is Kumajirou."

Miss Nishizawa Started petting Kumajirou while saying,"Oh, and you can just call me Momoka-chan."

Kumajirou, hearing this, said, "Mo-mo-ka-chan."

Momoka giggled and replied, "Yeah."

Japan, blushing from the cute act that just happened, stated, "The only info I have been able to gather is that these are Keronians from outer space, and that there are approximately five of them. I have no idea of what they look like."

"Ve~! I hope they aren't scary!" Supposed Italy, shuddering at the thought of a scary alien.

"If they are really this crafty, then I want them to become one with Russia." Alleged Russia, creepily, as a dark aura enshrouded him. Momoka shivered for a moment.

"Either way, we can take them." Said Germany.

"I wonder if Tony knows them." America thought aloud.

"Why don't you ask him?" Replied Japan.

"He's on some vacation on another planet. I forget where…" America said, trailing off as he was thinking.

Hearing this, Momoka asked, "So this "Tony" guy is an alien friend of yours?"

"Yeah, He's my totally righteous alien friend." America said, grinning happily.

Momoka smiled back, "Cool."

After the meeting, Momoka went home to her mansion. Once she entered, she was greeted by her butler Paul, "Welcome home Miss Momoka.", and her pet/friend, Tamama.

"Hey, Momochi-san!" Tamama greeted excitedly. They walked into Momoka's gigantic living room and sat down. Momoka and Tamama sat across from each other with a small table in between. The room seemed to darken as their conversation began.

"You got the info?" Tamama asked, eerily.

Her face darkened, "Yeah." She replied. A smile crept onto her face.

She leaped up and exclaimed, "Yeah! Now by helping you guys, you won't get captured, and I can still have my connection to my precious Fuyuki-kun!"

She was filled with happiness, as she reached into her dress pocket and pulled out a sheet of notebook paper, folded twice.

"Here's the notes." She said, handing them to Tamama.

"Thanks, Momochi-san!" Tamama twisted the badge on his head, turning on his anti-barrier, and making him invisible. He ran as fast as he could to the Hinata house. Once he got there, he ran straight down to Keroro's room, Tamama ran in so fast, even the ghost residing in Keroro's room was a little shocked. Sergeant Keroro, Corporal Giroro, and Sergeant Major Kululu were sitting at the small, round, table in Keroro's room.

Tamama ran over to Keroro, "Here mister Sergeant Sir." Tamama said as he handed the notes to the Sergeant.

"Good work Private Tamama!" Keroro said, looking at the notes. Tamama sat down. Keroro turns towards the three keronians, "Gero, Gero, Gero! Now that we have these notes and Momoka-dono on the inside, we'll always be at least one step ahead at all times! They won't stand a chance."

Giroro looked up from washing his gun and said, "This plan is actually a pretty good one. For once I don't feel like shooting you in the face."

Keroro smiled towards Giroro and sneered, "Finally you recognize my true genius." He walked towards the mini fridge, that was really a portal to their secret underground base, in his room and said, "Now let's get started on a plan."

Tamama ran after Keroro, following him in. Giroro strode in after that, with Kululu following last.

After they left the room, crying noises started to pour from above. Hiding in the ceiling, sitting on the ceiling boards, was Lance Corporal Dororo, crying. He was watching from above, sad that he wasn't invited to the meeting.

"Keroro-kuuun…" Dororo cried as tears fell from his face hysterically.

Chapter Two: Momoka's Side

The Keroro Platoon was sitting in their usual spots in their meeting room. With Keroro at the podium, Giroro, Tamama, and Kululu in the first three chairs closest to the front, and Dororo watching from above, though no one knew he was there.

"So, our last plan was a bust." Keroro started, stating the obvious. Their last plan was to use giant Gundam mechas to invade by attacking resources such as rivers and fields, but instead, Giroro's mecha went on a rampage and its anti-barrier broke, making it visible to everyone. It destroyed a big chunk of Japan. Keroro was very surprised when he was able to get away with blaming some other aliens for the cause so Natsumi wouldn't take a chunk out of him.

"Kukuku… I've fixed the bugs in the mecha, so if you need it again, it's ready for another run." alleged Kululu. Keroro looked towards Kululu and replied, "Nah, invading Pekopon will have to wait. These guys have to go first."

Hearing this, Giroro suggested, "Why don't we just kill them with the mechas? Get that over with, then take over Pekopon without as much trouble."

Keroro smiled and replied, "No, we will read the notes Momoka-san gave us. Then we will come up with a plan better than that—"

Keroro was cut off as Kululu started with another flaw in Giroro's plan, "Kukukuuu, and if we attack them randomly, don't you think that would make a big mess of our secret? We don't want the Pekoponians finding out that we're here. Kukukukuku."

"Yes." Keroro agreed. "So… Here are the notes!" Keroro read them aloud so the whole platoon may hear him:


Alfred F. Jones- Leader of the team- has alien friend named "Tony"-has a lot of hamburgers and sodas-American- energetic.

Appearance: Short sandy-blonde hair-blue eyes-glasses-wears brown jacket with star on the left side

Feliciano Vargas: Says "ve" a lot-Loves pasta-Has a lot of white flags-close friends with Ludwig- Italian- has multiple personality named "Romano"

Appearance: Shortish Brown hair with a weird curl sticking out of one side-cute face (not as cute as Fuyuki's though)-wears casual clothing-a little flashy

Ludwig: Friends with Feliciano-very militaristic-German-seems strict

Appearance: Slicked back blonde hair-blue eyes-never seems to smile-wears green military uniform

Ivan Braginski: very creepy-Loves vodka-says "become one with Russia" a lot-Russian-can make a creepy atmosphere at any given moment

Appearance: Very tall-purple eyes-very light colored hair, almost silverish-wears big coat with a star badge on the left side and scarf

Mathew Williams: Nice but shy-has cute pet bear named "Kumajirou"-Canadian-as unnoticeable as Dororo (even his bear doesn't remember him)

Appearance: longish blonde hair-blue eyes-glasses-wears big sweatshirt with maple leaf on it

Keroro stopped reading.

"Kukukuuu…" laughed Kululu. "Sounds familiar."

Keroro looked towards Kululu and asked, "What?"

Kululu laughed once more, and then replied, "Nothing."

A week later, the countries had another meeting.

"Nothing? Not even one weird sighting all week!" America exclaimed surprised.

"Yes." replied Japan warily.

"Ve~! Are you absolutely sure?" Questioned Italy, just as surprised.

They both had been asking for almost an hour now. No one could believe that there wasn't even one out of place event in Japan. Everyone was pretty surprised, considering the problems he usually had every week.

"Yes!..." Japan exclaimed annoyed. "I haven't had any weird appearances, no destroyed buildings, and not even one random light in the sky or out of place object! I am just as surprised as you are..." Japans head was on the table, aching from all the questions.

After a moment, Momoka ran in and sat down at the same spot as last time.

"I apologize for being late, but I have information on the Keronians." The questioning stopped, and everyone looked at Momoka. Even Japan lifted up his head to listen to her.

"What?" Everyone asked, almost in shock.

"Well, I don't actually have much info yet, but I have captured one Keronian alien. He is currently at my house. I have a limo waiting outside to take us there." Momoka replied calmly

Germany stood up. "We must interrogate him at once!"

Everyone walked outside, and into the limo.

"Ve~!" Italy cheered aflutter. "I love limos!"

When they had arrived at the mansion, everyone got out of the limo. The countries stared in awe at the Nishizawa mansion. The Nishizawa mansion is the biggest in the world. It towered over them, leaving them in the gigantic shadow it created.

"Woooooo! This is totally awesome!" America exclaimed, still staring at the mansion.

"Ve~! Do you have pasta here?" Italy asked.

Momoka motioned for Paul, who had driven them to the mansion, to go make some pasta for him. "It will be with you momentarily." she assured.

She smiled and then said, "Follow me, please."

They followed her into the mansion, down a few hallways, and up to a big metal door. She took out a key-card and swiped it through the card scanner to the right. There was a loud, but low, beep and the door unlocked.

They entered the room. It was very spacious and was bigger than a football field. There were exercising machines and weights, and there were many different snacks such as soda, cake, candy, and potato chips. Running on a treadmill, not too far from them, was a little black and white alien wearing a yellow hat with flaps on both sides, and a pair of blue jogging shorts. The treadmill was facing away from them so the little alien couldn't see them. Momoka walked towards him, the countries following close behind. They stopped a few feet from the treadmill.

"Tamama-chan?" Momoka asked, trying to get Tamama's attention. He turned his head to see them, and looked back at the treadmill. He turned it off, grabbed a towel that was hanging to his left, and swung it around his shoulder.

"Hey Momochi-san! Who are they? Are they the guys you were telling me about?" Tamama asked while running to Momoka.

Momoka giggled for a moment and replied, "Yes."

"This is Honda-san." She said, pointing to Japan as he bowed to Tamama.

"This is Jones-san." She said pointing to America and he gleefully smiled to Tamama.

"This is Vargas-san." She said pointing to Italy as he was dazed in a daydream about pasta.

"This is Ludwig-san." She said pointing to Germany as he looked over Tamama, wondering how something this small and cute could cause this much trouble.

"And this is Braginski-san." She said pointing towards Russia. She didn't want to get too close because his menacing aura scared her a bit.

"U-um….M-Momoka-san?..." said Canada, just loud enough to be heard. She looked towards Canada.

"Oh! I'm so sorry." She said, very embarrassed that she had missed him. "And this is Williams-san." She pointed towards Canada. He smiled warmly at Tamama.

"Hey peoples! Want some soda or cake?" Tamama offered, while smiling his cutest smile. He looked so cute that even a baby kitten couldn't rival him.

"VE~!" Italy screamed, running to Tamama. "You're sooooooooooo cute!" Italy gave Tamama a big hug.

"Hmm…So this is a Keronian?" Japan thought aloud. With all the chaos that usually ensued, he thought a Keronian would at least be a little scarier. Suddenly Paul appeared with a bowl of pasta and a fork.

"Ve~!" Italy exclaimed as he ran to the bowl of pasta and grabbed it quickly out of Paul's hands.

"Grazie!" Italy thanked him in Italian.

"PASTAAAAAAA!" He was very ecstatic. No one loved pasta more than Italy. He stuffed a forkful of pasta into his mouth.

"Is there anything else you require Miss Momoka?" Asked Paul.

"No thank you." She replied, giggling at the sight of Italy overjoyed by the pasta.

"Wow! So this is a Keronian? Cool!" America yelled excitedly as he kneeled down and pet Tamama on the head. Germany walked up to Tamama and crossed his arms.

"Who are you and why are you on Earth?" He questioned.

Tamama saluted and replied, "I am Private Second Class Tamama, sir, and I was sent to invade, but I really just wanna hang out and play. I don't want to invade such a friendly planet." He looked up at Germany giving him full eye-contact the entire time.

"Whoa, really?" exclaimed America.

"Yeah, but don't worry about them finding out and sending some other Keronian soldier that'll actually invade. I got it under control." Tamama replied. "I just hope to be friends and -" Tamama stopped for a moment.

"I sense something…" He said just loud enough for the closest countries to hear.
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Chapter three: The Keronian Greeting

Tamama looked towards Italy, who seemed to be annoyed by something. Italy looked towards Tamama and the countries.

"This place isn't so cool." He sneered.

Germany facepalmed. "He is Romano again. I'll get him out of here until he returns to normal again."

"You aren't taking me anywhere you potato loving ba-" Romano was cut off by a sudden outburst from Tamama.

"You are very powerful."

Tamama was suddenly enshrouded by an aura of jealousy and rage. Romano smirked.

"And you aren't as cute as you make people think, are you?" Romano mocked Tamama.

After that comment, Tamama snapped. He yelled "TAMAMA IMPACT!" as he did his signature move. He generated a beam from his mouth the almost hit Romano. Everyone was shocked at the sight.

"W-what was that?" America yelled, a little shocked from the beam.

"It seems to me that this stupid alien is hiding his true power." Romano sneered as he stared menacingly at Tamama who was gasping slightly from his attack.

"How did you dodge that!" Tamama yelled angrily. "I made it extra big so you would at least be singed by it!"

"Romano dodged that? I thought he just missed…" Germany was shocked. Usually Italy couldn't do any fighting, no matter what happened. The only things he thought Italy could do were making pasta, and white flags, and surrendering, or running away.

Russia, who was sitting back watching until now, stepped forward and replied, "No, He is just very fast." Germany flinched at the statement as Russia creepily said more, "It seems the Keronian had noticed something in the Italian that we had not."

Russia stared at the two, waiting for one of them to make their move. Romano was standing, cross armed, half turned towards Tamama, smirking happily. Tamama was in a total battle stance, covered in and aura of hatred and negative thoughts.

Everyone backed away from Tamama and Romano just to be safe. Suddenly Romano sped towards Tamama at full speed. Tamama jumped and did another Tamama Impact towards Romano. Romano vanished before the beam got him and reappeared in the air, next to Tamama. He kicked Tamama in the face, sending him to the ground.

"So…..Um…" Momoka started. "Does this happen a lot?"

"He doesn't change too often, but I've never seen him fight before." Germany sighed.

"He changes completely at random. You never really know when it's going to happen."

"Ah…" Momoka replied.

"Whoa! This is so cool!" America yelled excitedly. Tamama tripped Romano and barely singed his sleeve with another beam.

Romano jumped back onto his feet and yelled, "Is that all you got?"

Japan took a few steps closer to Momoka.

"Are you sure that this is a Keronian?" He asked. "He may seem mildly destructive, but-" Japan flinched for a moment as a stray blast almost hit Canada. Canada squeaked, wide-eyed at the thought of almost being barbequed.

"But, I don't think that this little alien alone could have done all that damage." Japan continued.

Momoka thought for a moment. "Well… He says he is one, and I've never really met another alien before, so I'm just going with it. Plus, he's so adorable!"

Japan blushed, thinking about how cute Tamama looked before when he offered everyone soda and cake.

"Finally, the fight ended." Germany said. The alien and Italian were shaking hands.

"I'll beat you next time." Tamama said as he smiled at Romano.

"Same to you." Romano replied grinning back slightly.

When they finished taking a rest, Romano turned back into Italy and they started chatting, eating cake, and drinking soda together. While this was going on, Momoka made a suggestion.

"Why don't we start having the meetings here? You can see, and question, Tamama any time you need to, and he doesn't have to leave the mansion. The Nishizawa army and I can make sure he doesn't do anything bad." She smiled.

"That sounds like a great idea Momoka-san, as long as you really don't mind." Japan replied.

"I don't mind." Momoka alleged while checking the time. "Oh, and it's getting late. How about I set up some rooms for you all here tonight?"

"I don't want to burden you Momo-" Japan started before he was cut off.

"That would be so cool!" America blurted out.

"Thank you Momoka-san." Russia said.

"I-if you wouldn't mind." Canada voiced just above a whisper.

"While those two are chatting," Momoka said glancing towards Tamama and Italy. "How about I show you around." They all agreed and walked into the hallway with Momoka and Paul.

"Before I show you all around, I should mention that if you get lost, you can just press the red button next to the door inside every room. I had to have those added when I first moved in because… well…. I got lost a lot." Momoka said.

Momoka started the tour while Paul informed Tamama and Italy that he could stay over. After a few rooms she introduced them to, "The training room. This room is for the part of the Nishizawa army that resides at this mansion to use for daily training and such." The room was filled with weapons of all kinds, and more targets than you could count. "Feel free to use this whenever. There are hundreds of different kinds of guns, and every types of knife and sword in the world here to use."

"M-may I stay for a bit?" Asked Germany, as he was staring in awe at the amazing training room.

"Yes, we will go on ahead, then." Momoka replied, and smiled, then walked off to the next room.

Another few rooms later they found another room that caught a country's attention.

"This is the guest bar. I can't use it, of course, because I'm not old enough, but you, as guests, do so as much as you like." The bar was very fancy, had three HDTVs and was big enough to seat five families. "There is every type of beer, wine, and vodka in the world available."

Russia's eyes lit up at the word "vodka". "I would like to rest here for a while." He said as he walked in. "See you all in a bit." He waved as they walked off towards the next room. Momoka sighed of relief, Russia scared her a bit.

They walked a while longer until Momoka stopped for a moment. "Oh!" She turned around towards them. "I almost forgot." She walked to a door a few feet away from them. "Welcome to the indoor garden area." She said as she opened the door to reveal a very beautiful garden.

"Wow!" Canada exclaimed. "May I look around for a bit?"

Canada had asked Momoka, but found that she had already left to the next part of the tour with the other remaining countries.

"Who are you?" Kumajirou asked Canada.

"I'm Canada…" He replied.

Back at the tour, Momoka took them to her shopping district in her backyard.

"This is my personal shopping district. Feel free to check out the stores. Everything is free." Momoka informed them.

"Aw sweet!" America exclaimed as he ran off towards a McDonalds.

Momoka turned towards Japan, the last country with her. "Would you like to drink some tea with me Honda-san?" she asked.

In the Nishizawa surveillance room, the Keroro platoon, minus Tamama, was watching the screens. After Keroro saw Japan walk off with Momoka to drink some tea, he turned around to face the center of the room.

"Gero gero gero!" He laughed. "Plan A might not have gone right because of a certain someone's fight, but Plan B will not go wrong! It is already working out perfectly."

He started laughing again. "Geeero gero gero gero!" Suddenly Angol Mois ran in with a bag of snacks.

"I got the snacks you wanted uncle!" She said as she ran to Keroro. He grabbed the bag from her and said, "Thank you Lady Mois! Phase two can begin!... After a few snacks." He threw a package of curry flavored snacks to Kululu. He took out a soda, opened it, and chugged it down.

"Let Phase two begin!" He yelled while throwing his little green hand into the air. Angol Mois copied and asked, "What should I do uncle?"

"You, Lady Mois, are going to keep watch on the screens for us and tell us if there's any interference coming."

"Okay uncle!" She replied smiling. She sat in a chair almost centered to the middle of the room, put on a microphone headset, and started watching intently. "All clear!" She said happily.

Keroro laughed one last time before saying, "Move out!"

Everyone followed him out of the room and towards their checkpoints.
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Chapter Four: The Battle

Back in the training room, Germany was examining some of the more advanced weaponry. While looking he found some guns that even he wouldn't be able to get a hold of.

"Hmmm….. Maybe she could let me borrow them sometime?" He thought.

Suddenly he heard a low, buzzing noise coming a ways away from his right. His first reaction was to get closer to check it out, but considering the fact that he was in a weapon room, he decided to back away. All of a sudden, two giant explosions came from the wall, one to his left about 25 ft. and one to his right about 50 ft. He quickly turned around, and jumped behind some boxes and equipment. After the wall settled a bit, he heard some small footsteps. Germany quickly peeked over a box and saw lots of smoke still settling, but he saw a silhouette of a Keronian with two massive guns on his shoulders that were almost as big as the alien himself.

"It must be Tamama." Germany thought.

"I knew we couldn't trus-" He stopped for a moment. The dust had settled enough for him to see that the Keronian was red with a black had, a yellow skull symbol on his hat, a black belt hung across from his left shoulder to his right side, and a scar across his left eye.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are, stupid Pekoponian." said the little red alien. "I know you're not dead."

"This one seems to be... more skilled than Tamama." Thought Germany as he scanned the Keronian.

The country thought for a moment, "I only have my knife with me right now, I'll have to find a better weapon..."

He looked all around him as silently as he possibly could. The closest gun to him was to his left. It was slightly damaged from the explosion, and must've been blown off the wall and onto the floor near him. The gun was too far for him to stay hiding. Suddenly the Keronian shot off a warning blast not far from Germany.

The Keronian got impatient as he was waiting. "I'll give you five seconds to come out...one...two...three...four..."

Germany made his move, he lunged towards the gun, grabbing it, while rolling as to not hurt himself. He quickly stopped on one knee, and shot at the alien. The Keronian easily dodged by jumping into the air. He landed a few feet from Germany, one of his guns pointed directly in Germany's face.

"Got you." said the Keronian as he smirked. "You must be Ludwig. I am Corporal Giroro. Now, stupid Pekoponian, what do you choose. Either you fight me and have another few minutes to live, or you die now."

"H-how do you know my name?" asked Germany.

"That's classified information." replied Giroro.

"Hmm... Well, I choose to... fight!" He quickly tried to slash Giroro with his knife as he yelled 'fight'."

Giroro quickly dodged and shot back. Germany jumped behind the boxes he was behind, again. He smashed the back of the gun into a box and grabbed some ammo out. After reloading he peeked up to see where Giroro was and shot back. Giroro sprinted towards him, dodging every bullet. Just as Giroro was about to get a close range shot, Germany slashed him with his knife. When Giroro landed, he wasn't bleeding, but his belt has fallen off. The knife had cut right through it.

"Well, that wasn't such a bad fight." He said, looking at Giroro who was still on the floor. He saw the belt and picked it up, examining it.

Back at the guest bar, Russia was trying every type of vodka he could get his hands on. He sat at a table with four chairs, one to his right, one across from him, and one to the right of that. Suddenly a yellow puff of smoke appeared in front of him, a few inches away from the bottles of vodka he was drinking. It took a second to clear. After coughing for a moment, Russia saw a yellow Keronian standing on the table. He had an orange hat with a red swirl symbol on it, and an orange swirl symbol on his front. He also wore swirly glasses and, instead of flaps, had black and white headphones on the sides of his hat.

"Kukuku." Laughed the alien. "I am Kululu, and you must be Ivan, the vodka-addict?"

Russia stared at him for a moment, then replied, "Yes, I am Ivan Braginski. Your name is Kululu? What do you want little Keronian?"

"I would like to challenge you to a drinking game. Do you accept?" Kululu generally isn't the type to do hand-to-hand combat, but he is very smart and had to at least incapacitate the Russian. A drinking game seemed to be his best bet.

Russia smirked. "So, the little alien thinks he can best me in a drinking game?"

Kululu took out his I-pod shaped controller, and pressed a button. He jumped onto the seat across from Russia while two holes quickly appeared and disappeared on the table, leaving a glass of vodka in front of both of them. Kululu grabbed his and chugged it down while another hole appeared leaving another glass in front of Kululu. Russia grabbed his, but not completely trusting the Keronian, took only a sip.

"This tastes very spicy, I have never heard of a spicy vodka before." Russia said before chugging the rest down.

"It is my special blend, super spicy curry vodka." Kululu replied. "Kukukuuuu..."

Russia smiled for a moment, then made a darker atmosphere. "I will not lose."

After about an hour, they both had drank so many glasses, the entire table was full and they had to start setting them on the chairs next to them.

"Kuuuuuukukuuu...kuuuuu...ku..."Laughed Kululu. "Kuuuuuuuuuu..."

"G-give up yeeeeeeet?" Slurred Russia. "I c-can last waaaaaaaaaay longeeeeer..."

Suddenly Russia fell sideways onto the floor.

"Kuuuuuuuuu..." Kululu laughed while taking out the curry flavored snacks he had gotten from Keroro. He fumbled with opening it. When he had gotten it open, he ate one and said, "I wiiiiiiin... Kuuuuukukukuuuuu"

In the Indoor Garden, Canada and Kumajirou were relaxing on a bench next to dozens of multicolored flowers such as roses and daisies. He could smell the beautiful scent of the flowers as he listened to music on his I-pod. Kumajirou started pulling his pant leg with his little bear teeth. Canada opened his eyes, took out his ear buds, and looked at Kumajirou.

"Yes, Kumajirou?" He said smiling.

"Alien." Kumajirou turned his head towards the ceiling. "There."

Canada looked up and saw an embarrassed, blue Keronian, looking down from the ceiling. He had a gray hat on with a light gray cloth coming down from the sides and back of it. There was a yellow, 4-pointed star on his hat and front, and he wore a gray cloth over his face leaving only his eyes uncovered. He dropped down in front of Canada and Kumajirou.

"I am sorry, but I must incapacitate you." The little Keronian said sadly.

"You are adorable." Said Canada. "Are you a ninja?"

The Keronian, a little shocked at what he said, replied, "Uh... Y-yes. I am a ninja assassin. I was the number one assassin in the Keronian army ranks."

"Wow." Canada smiled. "That's amazing. I wish I could do stuff like that. Maybe then someone would notice me..." Canada looked down for a moment.

"You... Your really forgotten a lot? M-Me too!"

Suddenly, both Canada and Dororo felt happy that they knew someone that went through the same torment that they had gone through. They now had someone who understood them; someone to talk to.

After a moment of silence, and tears of happiness, Kumajirou said, "Who are you?"

They both felt depression fall over them.

At McDonald's, America was sitting at a table with two chairs with his back to the door, chugging down sodas and stuffing hamburgers in his mouth like crazy.

"eez ah oo oo" America voiced, trying to say 'these are so good'.

"Gero..." America heard a voice behind him.

"Geero gero gero gero!" The voice sounded like a weird frog laugh. He turned around to see a little green Keronian standing in front of the door. He had a yellow hat with flaps on the sides, and a red star. He had a yellow star on his front and he had big beady eyes that seemed like they never blinked.

America slurped some more soda, smiled, then asked, "Are you a Keronian?"

"Geeeero gero gero gero! I am Sgt Keroro of the Armpit platoon, and I am going to make you suffer!" Said Keroro.

America stared for a second, then be burst out laughing.

Shocked, Keroro asked, "Wh-what's so funny!"

"Th-th-the Ar-Armpit platoon!" America could barely talk with all of his laughter.

"Yeah,! Soooo!" Yelled Keroro, obviously bothered by the laughter. "It stands for Advanced Recon Mission Preparatory Invasion Team!"

America stopped laughing, smiled happily, and said, "It sounds cooler when you say the entire thing."

"Gero gero gero, It doesn't matter what you say now." Keroro took out a ray gun with a switch on the side.

America got out of his chair, ran to Keroro, sat down in front of him, and exclaimed, "Dude, that is so cool! What does it do!"

"Gero gero gero, you'll see!" Keroro pulled the trigger, and a ray shot out at America.

"You have an amazing home, Nishizawa-san." Said Japan as he drank his tea. They were sitting at a small table on a patio next to a smaller extension of the building. They could see the Momoka's private Shopping District.

"Thank you Honda-san." She replied smiling.

Suddenly there was an explosion from a bigger part of the mansion, but before anyone could ask, Paul came over to them and assured them that it was under control and there was nothing to worry about. A few minutes later, a whirring noise, and a flash of light came from a building in the Shopping District. Again, Paul assured them it was nothing to worry about. Suddenly, Germany was running towards them carrying Giroro.

"I was attacked by this Keronian." He stopped in front of the table, and set Giroro's belt down for them to see. He kept Giroro in his hands, and showed him to Japan and Momoka. At that moment, Momoka growled angrily, but softly so no one would hear her. She saw Giroro's belt on the table.

"Is that the Keronian's?" She asked.

"Yes. Would you happen to know someone who could mend it?" Germany replied.

Shocked at the fact that Germany cared for Giroro's accessory, Momoka hesitated for a moment, but then answered.

"Yes. Paul?"

Paul responded by fixing the belt in a mere five seconds. Giroro woke up and saw his belt. He leapt from Germany's arms, and tried to snatch his belt back, but before he could, Germany grabbed him again.

"You are a very skilled Keronian. Why can't you fight without your belt?" Germany asked.

Giroro crossed his arms and replied, "I'm not telling my secrets to some stupid Pekoponian."

"It has something to do with that picture in your belt's compartment, right? You have a crush on a human girl, or something?"

Giroro's face turned from red to pink as he blushed. "I-I-It's got nothing to do with her!" He exclaimed full of embarrassment.

"Hey guys! Could you help me out?" America said as he ran towards them. He had two small demon horns on his head, and was wearing tiger striped shorts, tiger striped shoes, no shirt, and had five small, floating, drums following him. America stopped next to Germany. He had soy products splattered all over him.

"This weird, green, Keronian shot me with this cool laser-thing, and it turned me into this demon-thing that attracts soy products like a magnet! Its soooo cool, except for the magnet part!" After he finished talking, a bunch of soy beans flew at him, hitting his back. Japan's eyes went wide when he saw America.

"Alfred. You're a Thunder God." Said Japan.

"Huh?" America was confused at the comment.

"A Thunder God. Those drums create lightning when you hit them." Japan explained.

America's eyes lit up, while another soy product hit him in the back.

"I'm so going to try these things out!" He turned around to start heading towards Keroro, who was still throwing products at him. Suddenly a carton of soymilk hit his face and drenched him.

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