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Proceed with caution. This is a lime- meaning it is a soft core fanfiction. I have not gotten a beta reader to proof read this for me. There are several spelling errors and run on sentences. Please, if you decide to criticize my work, make it constructive. Thank you and I hope you enjoy ~

Humming Bird Wings

Sophie opened the door of the bathroom, releasing all the steam that her hot bath had produced. She had been caked with dust from head to toe, and was in much need of a hot bath. Once she had ridden herself of the dirt and the wads of dust that had invaded her hair, she dressed in a new gown she had purchased at one of her trips to town. The gown was a soft pink satin and conformed to Sophie’s body, showing off all of the soft curves of her torso, clinging to her waist and hips like a silky second skin and flowing down to her feet. She stepped into the hallway, her feet bare on the hardwood floor and inhaled deeply, burning her lungs with the crisp clean air that resided beyond the clouds. “This is one upside to having a flying castle.” she sighed. She gathered all of her short, damp, silver white locks in her hands and squeezed, ridding her hair of the excess water.

She walked down the corridor, swaying her hips, enjoying the sensation of her newly bought satin nightgown swishing at her ankles and the bridge of her feet. She smiled to herself and made her way swiftly to her quarters. She passed several rooms and closets and hummed what seemed like a soft lullaby. She reached the entrance of her room and grabbed the knob and opened the door, peering into its welcoming darkness. And then, as gently as the door was opened, it was hastily closed by a powerful, unknown force.

Sophie turned quickly to see Howl leaning against the archway of the door behind her, smiling grimly. She looked at him puzzlingly. They both had already said their good nights and parted earlier that night right before Sophie took her bath and prepped herself for bed. She had assumed that he was already in his own bed, snoring away in a blissful sleep. But apparently that was not the case.

“Howl...What’s this about?” she said while taking in his image. Howl was shirtless and leaning in front of her, his face only inches away from hers. She felt her cheeks flush and a wave of his radiating body heat hit her like a ton of bricks. She found herself staring at his broad muscular shoulders and arms. Her eyes lingered on his rippled torso. She bit her lip nervously and looked up and was immediately ensnared into Howl’s beautiful baby blue eyes. His eyes were like deep pure pools of blue ocean that stretched into oblivion, but behind those stunning eyes seemed to be hiding a mischievous intent. He had noticed her staring and Howl’s smile grew even wider. Sophie lowered her eyes to the ground, focusing on her feet, ashamed and embarrassed that he had caught her in the act. Acknowledging that she was salivating didn’t help her situation either.

“You are heading into the wrong room.” Howl uttered, voice smooth and soft as silk, but had a seductive tone it. “But this is my room!” Sophie retorted, trying not to taint her words with her anger, but failing miserably. She was exhausted from a long day of cleaning up their new castle. Her fingers and knees ached from unloading packages and making the final corrections to their new home. The only thing she wanted was the sweet salvation that her bed offered, but unfortunately, there was an extremely seductive wizard with the persistence of an anxious toddler in front of her that would not budge. He was the only thing that stood in the way of her and a soft welcoming bed.

“Howl what is this about?” Sophie asked, clearly annoyed and suffering from sleep deprivation. She was shifting her weight from foot to foot and pinching her sides, trying her best to keep awake. She was so tired... If only she could …

“I wanted to talk.” Howl said innocently, smiling and glowing brightly like an angel that descended from heaven. Sophie bellowed with irritation. “This is not the time of night to be having a heart to heart. I’m tired. I want sleep. Can’t we do this tomorrow? When I’m not tripping over my heels just to get into my room?” She uttered sharply, not even bothering to sound even remotely civil. She didn’t want to be here in the hallway, so close to her bed, having a pointless conversation with Howl. She wanted the comfort and the cold sensation of her sheets wrapping around her body. She wanted the slight sinking of the mattress that conformed to her body and the gently support to her head that only her soft pillow could provide. She wanted her bed. She wanted it now.

“I love you Sophie. “ Howl replied. His eyes seemed to twinkle with an angelic brightness even in the dark corridor. Sophie sighed. She knew. And she loved him too. She loved him with every fiber of her being. Everything about him was alluring and beautiful. His smile set her mind into a frenzy and his touch made her feel as if she was hanging off a live wire. Her heart was constantly brimming with the purest and sweetest of loves. The love of all loves. She loved him. Oh dear God she loved him. But right now she was tired; maddened with exhaustion. And as much as she cared about him, his confession of love would have to wait until tomorrow, when she was awake… and coherent.

“I love you too Howl.” She whispered sweetly, her tone softer and less demanding. “But it’s time to go to bed. Okay? I’ll see you in the morning.” She kissed his cheek tenderly and then turning to the door, ready to enter her salvation.

“I love you.”

Howl then grabbed a hold of Sophie’s waist and pulled her close to him. He pressed his firm lips to hers and moved his spare hand to her cheek. His lips were blazing and Sophie’s face burned fire as Howl began to kiss her deeply and passionately. The kiss was unbearable, it was too sweet, too loving, that it clouded Sophie’s mind and crumbled her remaining resolve to dust. The kisses were long and deep and soon enough Sophie began panting from lack of air. Howl’s hot breath hit Sophie’s face hard like a ton of bricks as he licked her bottom lip, begging for entrance. She allowed him and soon both lovers’ tongues were intertwined, dancing around each other’s mouths. Her nimble fingers fumbled on his chest, feeling the indents of his toned chest and abs, quickly losing any clarity that she had before. Howl pulled her as close as their bodies would permit and soon, her knees began to buckle.

An electric shock ran up Sophie’s spine, violently waking her nerves, leaving her feeling like putty in Howl’s arms. Quickly, without her realizing, Howl quickly swept Sophie off her feet and into his arms. She made no struggle and locked arms around his neck and pressed her tomato red face against his burning chest. She played with his earrings, watching them sway back and forth as he began to walk in long strides away from her quarters, away from her salvation, down the corridor to his own bedroom. Sophie was too distracted to even care; she concentrated on her breathing, trying to calm herself and her rapid heartbeat. She tried to control the persistent blush that painted her white cheeks and peel back the heavy fog that clouded her usual clear mind.

When Howl finally reached the entrance of his bedroom, he placed a tender kiss on top of Sophie’s head, and with one hand supporting Sophie, he opened the door and led her into the darkness of his chambers. He then led her to the very core of his room and softly, but forcibly, placed her on his bed.

Sophie adjusted her eyes to the blackness of his room. It was hideous and was virtually unrecognizable. She saw the tall bookshelves that carried vast amount of literature and spell books, whose shadow was long and intimidating, as if it were a monster reaching out for prey. The crinkled papers and quills littered the desks and a giant black ink puddle was growing at a leg of a chair. Many of his clothes and shoes were lying carelessly on the floor, wrinkled and discarded as if trash. Pictures were hanging crooked on the wall and there was paint or hair product, she really couldn’t tell which, that coated every tangible surface he owned. She sighed heavily; she most definitely had her work cut out for her.

Sophie turned to her side, and stared at the two glass door ways that led to Howl’s balcony that overlooked the clouds and the sky. The pale moonlight streamed through the doors and its heavy blue curtains and illuminated Howl’s face and body from across the room. Sophie then gasped for air, winded by Howl’s beauty, like a fish out of water. Not only was he the most beautiful man she had ever laid eyes on, but with just a glance, a simple look, he took the breath out of her. He was too desirable, too perfect. His eyes were soft and warm but hiding some emotion that Sophie couldn’t seem to pinpoint…Was it lust? Love? Anxiety? She couldn’t tell.

Howl then began taking long strides towards Sophie, his movements were like that of a panther, careful and sleek. He moved like he knew what he wanted. He moved like a killer. Quickly he strode up to the bed and leaned down, his arms slammed down on the bed at Sophie’s sides, startling her and making her heart pound wildly. She felt trapped, as if she was in a cell in a prison. His arms were iron bars and she wouldn’t be able to escape. Unless of course, he gets what he wants.

Howl then leaned down even further; bringing his face close to Sophie’s. He pressed his forehead against her own and stared into her eyes. His gaze made her feel bare, as if it stripped her of all her clothing. She felt naked and vulnerable unlike her usual self who was starky and pigheaded. No one made her feel like this. No one could fluster her like he did. He was the only one who could see her bare, the only one who could peer into her soul with just a look. He is the only one Sophie would ever allow to see her like this.

Sophie let out a jagged breath upon hear her name whispered by Howl. Her heart slammed into her ribcage and Sophie wondered if it would just thrust itself through her chest and run away. Howl smiled at her, teeth glistening like diamonds in the moonlight, listening to the rapid beating of her heart and comparing it to his own that hammered away like a war drum. Only hers was different…It was fast, wicked fast. It beat as fast as a Humming bird flapped its wings. Delicate but powerful, such was like Sophie.

Howl smiled to himself and leaned forward, closing the remaining space that was between both Sophie’s and Howl’s lips. He kissed her fully and deeply, allowing himself full access to her mouth. Their kisses were short and rapid and burning with intensity. Like a desperate and dehydrated man who had been stranded for days in the desert, no food or water, who had found a buffet, Howl attacked. He wanted her. He needed her. Everything about her drew him in. Her chocolate brown eyes, her silver white hair, her scent, her lips, her curves, her everything; everything about her was alluring to him. He wanted her fully and completely and every part of his body screamed for her.

Any remaining clarity that Sophie possessed was gone now. She was too distracted by a certain wizard. She locked her arms around Howl’s neck, basking in the heat the radiated off his skin. Sophie began panting, momentarily forgetting how to breath. Howl took the opportunity to veer his scolding hot kisses off her lips and down her chin, and around the angle of her jaw. He paused at the base of her throat, inhaling her sweet scent and then proceeded, leaving a trail of small burning sensation all the way to her ear. He paused again, and then his hot wet breath whispered in her ear.
“Do you enjoy this?”

The question sent massive waves of blazing heat over Sophie’s entire body bathing her in warmth, and with each receding wave, she shivered uncontrollably until another one started again. Sophie could only muster a pleading moan in response to Howl’s question. He understood and proceeded kissing her on the lips and she entangled her fingers into his dark set hair, moaning in pleasure. They kissed each other hungrily, needing the close contact. It was a necessity.

Both bodies were in sync. Both were connected. Howl and Sophie needed one another like they needed air. It was necessary. Everything about it was natural. She was his anchor that planted him firmly to the ground and he was the breath of fresh air that set her free. Both completed another. And both, like day and like night, complemented one another and made each other whole. Both knew this. Both understood this need. Both were one another’s everything.

Howl then propped all of his weight on one elbow, freeing one hand. He then began to trace Sophie’s side with his fingertips, feeling the soft descending and ascending of her curves. Sophie arched her back in pleasure, feeling the tinier waves of heat the crashed into her side.

“M-Mmph. H-Howl?” Sophie managed to say between kisses. “Hnn- Mmmm H-Howl?” Sophie mumbled again. Howl immediately crashed his lips into her own. Howl didn’t want talking. Talking meant that they wouldn’t be kissing, and right now he was on cloud nine. He couldn’t stop. In fact, he wanted more. He was growing unhappy at the lack of skin Sophie was showing, and as he smothered her with kisses, he ached to feel her soft, warm skin under his. Howl wanted to see the body Sophie was hiding under this nightmare. He hated this gown. It was not revealing enough for his tastes. He wanted her and anything that would come between them would be shown no mercy. Her body sack was no exception.

Howl then, out of desperation, tore the satin fabric at its seam at her shoulder, leaving a rip that exposed her arms and shoulders. The sound of fabric ripping scared Sophie, making her flinch, and then she realized her newly bought gown had a rip from the very top of her shoulder, to the middle of her chest, exposing most of her cleavage. Sophie bellowed with anger. Why couldn’t he take off clothes like a normal person? But as quickly as her anger arrived, it was soon relinquished. Howl had pressed his sweltering lips to her white rounded shoulder and down to her collar bone. Gasping sharply, she ran her fingers down his neck and to his chest, feeling his toned muscles and writhing in pleasure.

“Mnnn –H-H-Howl!”
A low growl rippled through Howl’s chest as Howl pulled away from her and looked into her chocolate brown eyes. He didn’t want any distractions. All he wanted was her and nothing else. He looked at her, a look of such intensity it left Sophie fumbling on her words. “H-Howl, I-I can’t take mu-much more of t-this.” she muttered, trying to make sense of her own words. Her mind had reached the clouds and even pronouncing one syllable was a great accomplishment for her. Howl smiled a smile that reached his eyes that were now glinting with humor. His voice came in a low, commanding hiss.

“Then you better be brave.”

She jumped again as she heard the sound of ripping fabric again, this time from her ankle all the way up to upper hip. He was no longer content with one tear. Howl’s fiery hand snaked up her toned legs and further up her milky white thighs. A giant wave of heat, the size of a tsunami careened down her spine and to the tips of her toes, making them curl in pleasure, she let out a soft whimper.

“H-Howl, W-Why are we doing this?

Howl leaned down in her ear again, letting his hot breath tickle her. “I’m getting what I want.” He murmured softly in her ear. Sophie’s mind was losing her, and she was beginning to see a blackness taint her vision.
“Howl, s-seriously I don’t think I can-“

“Shh, it’s okay”
The fog that blunted her mind trailed to her vision, leaving her feeling fuzzy and delirious. Sophie began to see shadows elongated and colors began to look dull. Her tunnel vision seeped deeper, from the corners of her eyes in, and progressively became worse. All sensations went quiet and she no longer knew what Howl was doing. All she knew is that the blackness was here and it was beating the crap out of her consciousness. Her body began to relax and drown in comfort, the kind only a pillow could provide. And then, her eyes closed.

Howl observed as Sophie’s body went limp, her once rapid heartbeat slow, and shuttered gasps calm. He cursed violently under his breath and slipped Sophie under his sheets, tattered clothing and all. He adjusted her head on one of his pillows and pulled her bangs out of her eyes, letting her short silver white locks shimmer like starlight across the pillows.

Howl got off the side of the bed and began to walk in circles around the room. He took in deep breaths and clenched his fists, trying to calm his heartbeat but mostly trying to calm his sexual appetite. He felt like a rocket whose fuse had been put out right before takeoff, like a movie that has been put on pause at its climax. He was not done. He wanted more. She excited him more than a new box of hair dye. He walked until he tired his legs and left what seemed like skid marks on his dirty wood floor. He then went to Sophie’s bedside and knelt in front of her sleeping figure and stared at her angelic face. Howl stifled a laugh. Whenever she was asleep, Sophie had a habit of puckering her lips, which was the que that she was having a good dream.

He stared at Sophie’s elegant features. Sophie was beautiful, an absolute goddess. Aside from her bruised lips, which were usually a soft pink, there was nothing about her that wasn’t perfect. He stared at her pale white eyelids and long lashes, her cute button nose, rose stained cheeks, and her silver white locks that glowed dimly in the moonlight. Howl then peeled the covers back and allowed himself to grab Sophie’s left hand. Howl reached into his pocket and grabbed a tiny ring with a silver band and a bright blue sapphire that was followed by a bunch of smaller white diamonds. He then grabbed a hold of Sophie’s delicate ring finger and slipped on the ring.

Howl smiled to himself, satisfied with his choice in her engagement ring. He moved her hand slightly, watching the sapphire and diamonds glimmer softly in the moonlight. He then wrapped one of his strong arms around Sophie’s waist, pulling her closer, and the other one he slid under her pillow, so he could sleep by Sophie’s side. His eye lids grew heavy and he tightened his hold on Sophie, knowing that this would be the most restful sleep he will ever have.
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I have to say I actually liked your story most people ruin fanfiction by over doing it but yours was very nice Good Job!
I have to say I actually liked your story most people ruin fanfiction by over doing it but yours was very nice Good Job!
Thank you so much!

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