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How come you stopped writing? Your readers miss you! crying
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I only read the first post, but I have to say that your style reminds me quite a lot of "My Immortal", did you get stylistic inspiration from that fic?
Also, how many chapters do you plan to write for this fic? Or will it be like those TV series that can go on forever?
Good luck with your writing, seems like your readers want more of it.

I read the first page more carefully. If you still haven't read "My Immortal" then look it up, it's quite famous wink
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I like the idea of your story plot, but unfortunately the way you write is unbearable to me.Good luck with the rest of your fan-fiction.
How come you stopped writing? Your readers miss you! crying

ther was so me men peopl that kept flamming my sory on fanfction dot net
also i am more strict christina now... and i wonders if i shuld right storeys that are nt very christina... may be its ok cuz its pretend, i dunno, ia m coflicted? wut do u think???

THOGH if u wanna see my new storeys go to this link u can red my stroy about hemione gragner becoming a christian!!!

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Best darn tootin' thing I've seen all month. You win the award for most likely to become Tara Gilesbie's closest alcolyte.

If you are a troll, then good sir, GTFO. Totally a rip-off of My Immortal. Go do a more original piece.

I'm gonna make a mule soon. And then I'll do this.
I'm fairly saddened that this garnered so much attention while other stories in this forum are ignored.
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Congratulations on becoming a very successful troll! You must be happy!

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