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Here Is a small sample of a Fanfiction that I was playing with.
I recently got into the idea of writing Lucius/Narcissa & this is what became of it..

The bit of background that you should know is that Lucius is Head Boy and that Narcissa is a prefect. In this Fanfiction, Lucius is in his 7th year (As is Bellatrix) while Narcissa is in her 5th. Lucius is just finishing up with patrolling the Corridors, while Narcissa's shift was done a few hours ago. They've been kind of warming up to each other through Bellatrix, without anyone trying to play matchmaker. At this same time Bellatrix is starting to date Rodolphus, which has given Narcissa and Lucius a bit of unexpected time together to get to know eachother a bit....
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Profitable Prophet

:Lucius walked up to the couch where Narcissa lay, sleeping.
“Narcissa, Narcissa?” He said quietly.
No response. He spoke the gentle words a bit louder. Still no response. It was apparent that Narcissa was not going to wake up to her name being said alone. But he would not shake the girl awake as most would. He knelt before her and softly ran his thumb across her ivory cheek.
“Narcissa?” he repeated.
Her eyes opened slowly, glazed with confusion. Why was Lucius in the girl’s dormitory?
“Lucius, what—“ she cut herself off as she realized the pair were in fact, in the Slytherin common room.
“Yes?” he replied coolly.
Narcissa glanced around to the still empty common room. “What time is it?” she asked.
“Past one.” He responded.
Her eyes grew a bit wider and a frown played across her features. “That’s troubling” she murmured. Lucius’s eyebrow arched. Noticing the eyebrow, Narcissa explained. “I have an essay due at eight on the effects of Knotgrass and Boomslang skin in Polyjuice potions.”
“Why are you barely writing it?” Lucius inquired.
“This has been a busy week, and with prefect duties, I have had almost no time to study…” Narcissa frowned.
“Well, let’s get to work than.” Lucius said as he took a seat on the couch next to Narcissa and began to read what she had already wrote on the parchment.
“Oh, no. I couldn’t ask—“ Narcissa started before Lucius cut her off.
“I will not have one of my prefects staying up to odd hours in the morning! You will need your rest for tomorrow’s rounds.” Lucius said as he gave her a small smile and returned his eyes to the parchment.
“Thank you for your help, Lucius.” She responded softly.
“For you, anything…” he responded, so that only she could hear it, although all the Slytherins were in their respective dorms.
A light pink blush crept across cheeks and she turned her head, causing her hair to fall and hide the tint of pink. She picked up the book that lay beside her and began to scan the pages.
“How many inches do you have to write?” Lucius asked.
“Seven.” Narcissa replied.
“Well, you have about five and three quarters here. You need a little more detail on why the Knotgrass is a catalyst for this particular potion, and if you clarify the small differences in the use of fresh Boomslang as opposed to dried Boomslang, Slughorn will be extremely pleased.” Lucius said, looking up from the parchment.
“Thank you!” Narcissa said, as Lucius handed her the parchment.
Narcissa flipped through a couple pages of her book until she found the page she was looking for. She produced a small “Ah” before she began to write. Her eyed darted from the book to the parchment as her quill produced elaborate lines with each new find. Lucius watched as Narcissa fell deep into the book for answers. She turned her head and let out a small smile at Lucius before returning to the page. She was wise beyond her years, and sometimes all she needed was a point in the right direction. Bellatrix had mentioned it to Lucius one time as they sat in the common room, although he felt nothing special towards her at that time, the words stuck with him. Narcissa handed the parchment to Lucius to review, sticking her quill in her book and shutting it lightly, resting in on her lap beneath her hands. Lucius’s eyes ran over the new words and he smirked as he handed the parchment back to Narcissa.
“Exquisite! It would take most students weeks to produce such a paper.” He responded.
“Thank you again, Lucius!” Narcissa said as she stood up and tucked the materials under her arm.
Lucius stood up and they both made their way to the stairs. “As I said, for you, anything..”
The faint pink blush returned to her cheeks again. “Goodnight than, Lucius.” Narcissa said as they reached the stairs and she began to climb them.
“Goodnight Narcissa.” Lucius replied.
Narcissa stopped on the second step and turned around to face Lucius. Her eyes held many emotions as they met his. “Go ahead.” She said.
“What?” Lucius smirked, slightly confused.
“I can tell you have a question, your eyes are asking it..” Narcissa answered.
“I couldn’t…” Lucius said, his face placid.
Narcissa frowned. “It’s okay, Lucius. Ask the question…..”
Lucius looked to the floor, down the boy’s dormitory and up the girl’s dormitory in a quick sweep before meeting Narcissa’s eyes. A twinge of fear danced in his eyes. “May I……….kiss you goodnight….” He asked softly.
“For you, Anything...” she responded.
Lucius placed his hand gently under Narcissa’s chin and brought their faces together. He brushed his lips lightly against hers. Just a touch of Narcissa made Lucius’ body go numb. It was a weird feeling, but he could get used to it.
“Goodnight Lucius.” She said as she turned and headed back up the stairs.
“Goodnight Narcissa.” He responded, so that only she could hear. He thought he small a faint blush and smile across her face as he watched her enter the dormitory. ‘She really is wise beyond her years…’ Lucius thought as he turned and began to his own Dormitory.
Are you looking for crit?
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acheron beach
Are you looking for crit?

Yeah. Comments and criticism is encouraged.
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I would like to see more of this fic whenever you get around to posting. From an outside prospective, for appearances, I would suggest a double space between paragraphs. Its easier on the eyes and helps with the flow of reading. Story wise, keep it up. I hate the Malfoys, but this seems to peak my interest greatly. Please keep it up.
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Profitable Prophet

Lethal Trinity
I would like to see more of this fic whenever you get around to posting. From an outside prospective, for appearances, I would suggest a double space between paragraphs. Its easier on the eyes and helps with the flow of reading. Story wise, keep it up. I hate the Malfoys, but this seems to peak my interest greatly. Please keep it up.

I posted it in a hurry... Otherwise it would be double spaced...
I'll try to make my posts more like this...

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