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Hello! Heres a little plug for me!

Ashlex_in_pearl on FF.net

I've written quite a few different fanfictions, but, most of them are mostly on hiatus.
The one I've been writing, and totally excited about, has been my Frozen sequel, Darkened.
I hope you will read and enjoy heart Support might help inspire me to continue my other stories.
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I found this page a little late, here's a link to my page.


I've got a whole bucket full of stories in the works, but I've only uploaded three of them - two of them are LOK (Legend of Korra) oneshots and the other is an LOZ (Legend of Zelda) story. It's a GanonxOC pairing, but the story DOES NOT revolve around their relationship. The OC is a legitimate character that I'll probably write more stories for - I even made some art for her. I also have a TDKR story on a long hiatus (like 10 written chapters that are constantly being read over at the moment) that I hope to be able to upload soon since it's one of the main stories I wanna focus on. If you want, go ahead and read.
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this is so awesome so many authors are here!!! xd xd xd

i'm in FFN too., haven't updated some of my stories for awhile now sweatdrop sweatdrop

feel free to read some of my stories i have like 10 stories posted already mostly sailor moon, mai hime and pitch perfect...

Hello everyone~

I only have one fanfic up but hope to write more in the future. I love Fenrich and Valvatorez and there need to be more long term fanfic with the two. There just meant to be together~ I would love if you could drop by and read it. Reviews and flames are welcomed~

Nights of Power, Lust, and Servitude
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Is it just me, or is there no archive for The School for Good and Evil on FanFiction.Net?
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Nevermind. I found it.
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Shameless plug, if anyone wants to read:


That's my FF.net account. I only have like four stories and mostly for Castle. A lot of Caskett fluffs.
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I don't want to do this but I need to do a self promotion.

I have only a single story going on and I feel like it could use some promotion. I say this as it is more or less a practice for a book I am writing. I could get a little more exposure and reviews, that would make me so happy.


There is not and will not have romance. It's basicly L4D3.
I just started writing and posting... I have no confidence in my work but I'd like to learn more from people. My first posted fanfiction in this ff.net is a female x female relationship between Ymir x Christa (Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan). Nothing explicit about it so no worries. XD It's just a story i wrote for a writing challenge. I posted it here in a thread too. SO reviews would be great.

This is the link to the thread.

And this is the link to ff.net.
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Hey there! My pen name is TheGolurker, and I'm currently working on a Pokemon fanfic called All Fired Up! The basics: Battle-happy Trainer Solar (OC) searches out worthy opponents, but soon finds himself caught up in an altogether grander adventure when the Shadow Triad raids his native Kalos Region. Teaming up with Calem and Serena, two of the Heroes of Kalos, as well as N, he travels the region, confronting disaster and strong competition along the way!

There's also a 2nd plot dealing with a mysterious past, which will converge with the main story at some point in a big way. Told in the chapters named "Sidestory".

I don't seem to get very many readers, so reviews and feedback are very much appreciated! Hope you all enjoy it!


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