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So, I finally updated a story that I hadn't updated in a year... Yeah, I'm officially one of those writers. sweatdrop

Not that it's a bad thing to be busy and have a life outside of your writing. I just feel extremely guilty for putting off updating for so long, especially since my hiatus wasn't due to any serious life changes (though there were some hard-hitting changes) or a lack of inspiration. I just... didn't update and I only wrote chapters in bits, which drove me crazy when I finally got around to actually writing the chapters out. And to make matters worse, I started a new fic when I hadn't even updated my ongoing, multi-chapter one.

What's wrong with me? crying
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I'm there as TheRokudaimeHokage.

Mine are all Naruto, but I've got some ideas rolling around in my mind for some other mangas and anime.
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I want to enter some of my previous fan fictions into an anime fan fiction contest, yet none exist. cry

And I don't even know why I can't complete any of my hidden ideas? I feel like when I do write, I produce something that isn't even good enough for public consumption. crying
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Hannah Yeager

I want to enter some of my previous fan fictions into an anime fan fiction contest, yet none exist. cry

And I don't even know why I can't complete any of my hidden ideas? I feel like when I do write, I produce something that isn't even good enough for public consumption. crying

Sadly I don't know of any anime fanfic contests, but as to your second comment I must say that we are our own worst critics. Your writing is probably amazing but you're being hard on yourself. 3nodding
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I'm there as Rowen Inc Rowen Inc

I started writing fanfics for the anime Ronin Warriors and eventually two for YuGiOh, and one for Cardcaptors. At the moment I'm working on a fanfic called Broken Starlight and I would greatly appreciate reviews on how the story is going. If you review my story and you have one you're working on I'd be more than happy to read and review your story as well.

Broken Starlight

I have a Dragon Ball Z Fanfiction and a Naruto Fanfiction.

I update at least once, sometimes twice a month for my DB fic, maybe once every other month with the Naruto one.

The Dragon Ball Fiction

Focused on young Calina, a Saiyan who has lost everything she's ever cared for. This story will follow her developing into one of the most powerful beings in the universe, all while slowly becoming attached to a young Saiyan named Gohan. The story doesn't develop fast, so be patient. Not all great love stories unravel swiftly, some develop strong over time.

My Naruto Fiction's

Hisa is Sunagakure's young prodigy. Without notice, she is sent on a mission to Konohagakure to gain the Hokage's trust, and to eventually assassinate him. Hisa must endure the guilt and confusion that will come when the Chūnin exams arrive and she is forced with a decision; to follow orders and become a hero or to abandon her village and become a rogue shinobi.


The Serenade of The Last Saiyan

Will of Fire

They are not life changing Fan Fics, but they are mine and I do love them.

What I look for in a Fanfiction

Some of the Fandoms I normally look for, but do not limit myself to.

Dragon Ball Z
Kill La Kill
Sailor Moon

What I like

Really passionate fics
Fics that have some depth
Fics that are not one liners
Fics that don't have completely trashed grammar

Things I like LOVE!

GoChi Fanfiction
Gohan and Oc Fanfiction
Fanfiction with Red from Pokemon
Rock Lee Fanfiction
Kankuro Fanfiction
A well written lemon

On Lemons, I know Fanfiction has a policy with these, but people still write them! To be honest I love them, really well written or passionate ones are my favorite, so if you've written one that you'd like to share with me or for me to review on, let me know.

If you have a fic and you want some exposure or for some one to just read your fic, let me know! Everyone writes differently and I enjoy reading what a lot of people put out there.
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Hello! I'm a writer of fanfics (as most of you are) of various sorts;
-Resident Evil
-Teen Titans
-Magic The Gathering

With many more to come, such as Assassin's Creed as top of the list.

I not only write fanfics but I read them as well. Among the above listed I also read fanfics of all kinds, such as Infamous, Transformers, DC Comics, the occasional Tales (Tales of the Abyss, Symphonia, etc) and others.

I'm a lover of action, comedy, adventure and mystery. I'm not really into the romance aspect or anything beyond so I read just the types I've mentioned. I don't mind a little romance, though, but only just the small bit.

But, also.. I'm not just a reader and writer.. I'm also a Beta! I Beta for people on the site every now and then (when my time allows me to assist).

I mostly write general concepts, stories and adventures, nothing too lengthy or too heavily detailed. I jot down stories that come from the mind and become stories of small interest that others enjoy so I'm content.

If anyone is interested in reading any of my stories just let me know. I'd love to get opinions. heart
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        I'm hoping to start to write my fanfiction again. Should I also post it on Gaia with links to FF.net and AO3?

            ✖✖ Sinnto
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