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Oh yeah so you can see it here my link for my prifile and stuff ^^: http://www.fanfiction.net/profile.php?userid=122689

Enjoy ^^
I love thinking up fics in my head, but when they get out onto paper, there's generally big blank spots... In the process from mind to writing the middle usually disappears.. sweatdrop
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I agree with Kuyaga, but for me it's because I'm a very visula person, and when I'm writing things get lost because I'm thinking more of the plots and less of the setting. smile
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lmao! I ussualy think stories up ina kinda spur of the moment thing! ^^ its really fun to do! Im visual too! But i have a GINOURMOUS Imagination! So I don't really have a problem with ideas, lol! It's getting up off my a** and writing the fic into my computer I need to improve on ^^

Usually i think up a really great idea for a fic, and it dances around in my head for a while but getting written completely messes it up. like my first tamora pierce fic, I have a great ending-middleish thing, but I can't for the love of my figure out how to connect it with the beginning! crying sweatdrop xp
I post at that site under the pen name IcePrincess777. I write mostly JTHM or Invader Zim stuff, though my most well known fic is Attack of the Killer Songfics. That reminds me, I need to update that.
I go by the same name on FF.net I've only got InuYasha stuff at the moment. I really have to write something else...
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I'm also at fanfiction.net

I mainly like writing Resident Evil fanfics

you can read them here: http://www.fanfiction.net/~ClaireRedfield4

If you like RE you should read Shattered Hearts heart
You mean some people aren't on fanfiction.net? My penname is PillBoxHat. I only have one fanfiction, but with seven chapters so far, I'm content with it.
yesh...well, i have a fanfiction.net account and i only have two stories
one for excel [which ish half-a** done]
and Serial Experiments Lain which ish the most kick-booty story ive ever written!!! so...ph34r 1t....for some reason everytime i write aSE: Lain fanfic the writing just comes naturally cuz i really feel in touch with that series ya kno? anybody else have a series like that eh?
Ooo, ooo!! I'm on Fanfiction.net too, but there's only horrid old stuff there, except my story "Of Mages and Pickpockets", which is new and horrid. It's not complete yet because I did it for National Novel Writer's Month. The goal of NaNo was to write 50,000 words in 30 days. That's 1667 words a day, 139 words an hour (based upon 30 12-hour days of writing), 12,500 words a week, or 6250 words per weekend. In other words... the current version of OMAP isn't all that great, although people keep telling me it is... maybe it's just me? *shrug*

But yeah, so I'm on FF.net. Link ==>Tsuki Shizuka Yuuki
Random question for all you fanfiction.net-ers. Is it worth it to post fics there? sweatdrop
I'm on Fanfiction.net! My pen name is Dante Gemini, and I've written 7 fan fictions thus far, mostly Inuyasha. Please click below and read and review my stories if you get the chance!

Dante Gemini's FanFic Profile
Haven't been on FF.net very long and only have one story posted so far but...


I'm generally a Sonic the Hedgehog writer, though since I've only just gotten back into writing recently, I'll probably branch out once I've gotten back into the swing of things. ^^
Fanfiction.Net, eh?


I'm known for being a Sonic the Hedgehog/Shadow the Hedgehog writer - have been since the sixth grade - and I've been writing for...about nine - ten years now (currently twenty years old - in college).

Um...<_< Yes. Hi. heart

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