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Names AnImE_iS_lIfE
yeah, dumb name i know
i had a beyblade on there but the comp broke and i lost it.
i now only have one and it's a Tokyo Mew Mew.
i'm working on another one but it's not going well, I've been in a slump...
I'm Keita on fanfiction.net, but I haven't updated or uploaded in a very very long time, so I cringe about what horrible fifth-rate fanfiction is on there. Up there I have just some Tamora Pierce fanfiction... I'm also on fictionpress.net by the same name.

Keita - Fanfiction.net
Hey, anyone here have anything at fanfiction.net? I do, I'm Alden-san (www.fanfiction.net/~aldensan). I write mostly Naruto fanfics, a lot of oneshots. I've been writing fanfics for almost a year now...

Anyone else?

I'm The No Life King Of Denton on fanfiction.net
I only have one fic up right now, an Harry Potter -(highly modified) XMen story called A New Factor.
I'm coyote/spike on Fanfiction.net

My main stories right now are a Harry Potter-Ruroni Kenshin xover, and a Ranma 1/2-Ruroni Kenshin xover.
Deh, I'm Jamfase there too- http://www.fanfiction.net/~jamfase

I do Inu-Yasha, Magic Knight Rayearth, and Angelic Layer stories- I've got one up of each currently. Somebody needs to tell me to get off my butt and start writing again, as ever since I've come to Gaia my updates have gone from bad to worse. sweatdrop
Hey, Haruno-chan, I noticed your have a long list of people on page 2, and it's not really noticable there, so i was thinking, why don't you edit your first post and put them all there?

All so you can link their names by doing, then the name you want to show
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I'm a ff.netter.... fntsywrter86 is my wonderful penname over there...

I write Star Wars mostly... I've only got two works up right now though...
I mostly write Final Fantasy fics.

So far I only have one. My name there is SeeD Selphie
I'm on fanfiction.net too. I have two stories that i am still writing for Harry Potter. I'm Puffy Marshmallow there also.
Click here for profile page...
i'm kuyaga ! i write tamora pierce and sailor moon, and if i had a great idea, i would write hp.

Those who post on FF.net AND Gaia for reviews should look this thread over. (Yes it's mine >.> There's other's opinions on it too though)

I post on FF.net too, but so far I only have one thing up, and it's uhh... not PG-13 sweatdrop So I won't link to it.
Hey yah, I do ff.net. My user name is Jounouchi Kun Joey (Yu-Gi-Oh and X-men Evo fics), and my sister is Prince Tyler Briefs. She thinks she such a big thing in the Lord of the Rings section stare . Anyone ever heard of her?
I do! I'm Quistis-lm. Someone called Cripwalk209 keeps flaming me... stare
~waves at everyone happily~ I'm Cryptic Maia on ff.net. I write mostly DBZ, Inuyasha, and Cowboy Bebop. I currently have 3 stories started and two more in the works. Come check me out sometime.
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Wow so may writers from FF.NET! Lol! Yeah I write there too, Ive been writing there for about 4-5 years (God i feel old now -_-; wink Anyway, I'm the infamous Jade Queen of the Damned ^^ I do all sorts of fan fictions, so far I've done *Deep breath* :

6 Tekken stoires (4 of them Yaoi 2 are Jin/Howarang 2 are Lee/Hwoarang MY made up paring, and I have the only English written fic for this pairing so far, 1 humourous and 1 serious one with Jin/OC ^^).

2 Devil May cry/Sixth sense crossover (1 Yaoi between 24 year old Cole Sear/Dante, the other is a story for a felloe FF.net DMC writer Bustahead)

2 Final Fantasy 7 stories (Also Yaoi, both Cloud/Sephiroth)

1 Outlaw star fic (Yaoi, again Fred/Gene/Jim triangle)

1 Pokemon fic (Soon to be Yaoi with my own OC's)

1 digimon fic (Tai/Matt)

A Kingdon hearts fic (Sora/Riku)

and finnaly my newest story, a Final Fantasy 8 Fic with my fave pairing (Irvine/Squall)

Phew that's a lot! ^^ I try and update them as much as i can, butwith the coursework deadline always on my tail it's hard to keep up with people's demands!


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