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Hey all im back (again, jeez arn't you guys board of me yet? lmao!) wow it sems the collection of writers here, is getting bigger and bigger! lol im slow with updates recently because my laptop has broken down. crying it sucks! but hey Im updating eventually YAY FOR ME ^^
I'm on FFNet, as Mountain Blue.

My most popular fics are 48 Hours and Counting (212 reviews) and its sequel.

But I also like writing WeiƟ Kreuz and Final Fantasy.
Carma Fox
...I can't stand Mary Sues! It makes it more misreable to navigate through the genre to find a decent fic. Especially in the Yu Yu Hakusho fandom.
Oh, and can't forget the CYOA -and/or- You/<insert cannon character> fad. (Quite a few are probably meant to be self-inserts)

Lol, even in my small fandom there are Mary Sues...thankfully, I've only ever read one that fit the bill, so it's all right. Not like the hundreds that are in huge fandoms like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. wink
They're everywhere! ninja
On FF.net, I'm Krylancelo!
I mostly write anime related fics, like MKR, Orphen, lots of them.
I've done like two FF crossovers, and I have about 40 fics on various things up!
I hope you look me up, tell me if you from Gaia if you do!
Hey Ruby I really love your Rikku outfit! It's cute, how'd you do that?
well, most of u guys are writers...i used to be one...but then i got lazy and just started reading everyone elses sweatdrop ....lol.... so now i'm more of a critic mrgreen
me too...LOTR and HP ff for me!
me pen name


I do yu-gi-oh and yu yu hakusho
I'm Chugi Moto! ^___^ I really need to update, too... -___-' I do Yugioh, Yugioh-Pokemon crossovers, my insane Harvest Moon parody... and one Inuyasha. sweatdrop I forgot how many stories I have... eh heh...
HeyI can't believe how many of you are fanfic writers iI go under loveispaindeathisbliss my names a play on words all I writ is love stories. I'm still kind of new I only have two stories and two poems; so far my most populor is New Day New Life an Inuyasha fic with a bit of Yu Yu hakusho
Hey all. I'm under the penname D'Artagnan on fanfiction.net.

My profile: http://www.fanfiction.net/~dartagnan

I write mainly Zelda fanfiction, but I occasionally write Final Fantasy and Lord of the Rings fics as well.
I'm maixwolfblossom form Fanfiction.net, my best ranked fic is on the category Card Captor Sakura with 300+ reviews (Wonderful Journey) and in second with 280+ reviews..Wish Upon a Falling Star...I've never expected to see a forum post for ff.net...this is soooooooooo koooool! blaugh

Fanfiction.net Profile

I mostly write in CCS but I am thinking of moving on to other categories...soon...heheheh
http://www.fanfiction.net/~sakurakoyume <-- hee, my profile.

^^ i'm Sakurako Yume. I haven't had much time to finish a lot of my fanfics, considering my studies and some problems i've been having wif my comp, but i try... ^^;; i basically write anything that comes to mind, but i'm especially fond of writing KH stuff.
Hey, I'm Emerald Dragon08
mostly i write Harry Potter and Yu-gi-oh fics.
i'm on fanfiction
though i mainly do lord of the rings themes
especially hobbits
mmmm hobbits

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