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Naruto, Inuyasha and Yugioh fanfiction.
My work is pretty pathetic ^^;;
I do both Boy love and Het.
Sometimes slash, sometimes not. ninja
Yada yada yada, no one will read my stuff. gonk

Final Fantasy fics, one crossover(FF7,8,10-2) and one romance between Squall and Rinoa, cause i'm nerdy that way. xd Alot of people give up on the first chapters, hopefully the re-editing of them will keep you going through the story.
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Please Teacher or Onegai Teacher (Onegai Sensei) has been excluded from the anime section. I have no place to put or read the wonderful fanfiction of Kei/Mizuho dome.

Concerned fanfiction.net writer.

I don't really write fanfiction...but I right a lot of fiction. I've been writing a story for a few months now and ive got ...(Oct 4, 2005) 43 pages...If you guys wanna read it...wel I'm also planning on publishing it so...If you do wanna read it then You may email me ^_^ Read my sig...more info in there.
Its name is...well I'm still working on it...but for now...The Destined.

So far, only HP stuff (I'm a Wolfstar obsessive... sweatdrop ) but I hope to do some Nightrunners fics and perhaps even some Mercedes Lackey stuff...

I write mostly The Legend of Zelda fics, but sometimes fics based off the Pokémon games, and very rarely you may see a Digimon fic there
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There are my fanfics.

Wow. I just noticed that I've been on that site for more than a year. O_o I'm getting OLD! xd

Well, if you review my fanfics, please don't hesitate to review~

I write a bunch of crap. Invader ZIM, Inuyasha, YuYu Hakusho, and just overall "BLAH!"

I also write YuGiOh fanfics at times. I had one, but I am revising it cuz the first version sucked. gonk It was called Lost in San Diego and will most likely go by the same title. I also plan on writing a Legend of Dragoon fic of two in the future, and possibly other shaith. X_X

WARNING: Happy Birthday and Let the stupidity commence! are suckeh. Read them at your own risk...
I'm also on ff.net I think it rocks!! My sister has to drag me off the computer 'cause I spend so much time on it!!! You can see my userpage @ http://www.fanfiction.net/~kawaiichiisaikitsune Most of my stories are Naruto and Shaman King some FullMetal Alchemist, One Piece and YYH, hope you read and tell me whatcha think!!! 3nodding
I have an account there, Angela and MiniMix. I spend hours on fanfiction.net, and my Mom has to yell at me for me to move, otherwise I'm catatonic. I've been on there for a year or two, but only posted like seven or so fanfictions. Mostly YuGiOh, a Fruits Basket one, and some YYH. I've read more than I've written on there. And come to think of it, alot of the names I've seen in here, I've read their stuff. O_o Wow. I'm also working on a book, but I can't seem to find the prologue I typed up this morning... sweatdrop
Oh i love fanfiction.net!!

My Profile: www.fanfiction.net/~xxsoulxx

Inuyasha all the way!!!!
Tamasha_Toko here, Sess/Kag fic writer for Inuyasha fics
Hey everybody! I just posted a new fanfic by me on my fanfic account


I would love it if you could read it. Its InuYasha but with a twist xd

Here is the discription thing:

This is a story about Kouga's love for Kagome. Eventually Kouga wins and Kagome falls for him instead of InuYasha. What will InuYasha's reaction be? How will Kouga love Kagome? Will InuYasha kill Kouga and return to Kikyo, leaving Kagome?
Oh, and will it update right away? Because I added the rest of chapter one but it wont update when I view it...

Never mind, I fixed it ^^

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