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I write on FF.net under the name Yaoi Goddess Kome. biggrin
My stuff isn't all that great. redface I only write yaoi and I've only written Gundam Wing and Demon Diary fics so far.

I'm DOREMIdan at FF.Net. I write a rather wide range of fics, though I believe the majority there are Gundam Wing. I'm working on a massive Fushigi Yuugi fan fic, but I just haven't had time to type it up. Sigh.
Ah, my author page. My fanfics (especially that one on the bottom done in '01) are mainly random and crap, except for the newest of my fics: Sickness. There was also that other untitled one, but I gotta revamp that stuff. So if you're interested, drop by. I'd appreciate it. MoMo-ChAn1 This right here is it.
twisted twisted Hey, has anyone heard of Seto-Hiei012 on ff.n? twisted twisted
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Dapper Phantom

I'm Cersi-13 at FF.net 3nodding I guess I'm alright (don't want to downtrod myself to badly you know wink ) I've written some angst, working on some comedy and some drama 3nodding So far all Yu-Gi-Oh! fics, yaoi/shonen ai implied in some cases, and as for that comedy bit, it's in process and a fanfiction for Chobits (However does not relate to the characters in the anime/manga, but goes around in that universe) Take a peek if you like 3nodding

That's me!

I do Harry Potter, Rurouni Kenshin, Yugioh, and Yu Yu Hakusho! Anyone mind reading and leaving a review!
Has anyone even heard of IcyPanther?
Not to brag, but I'm pretty popular in Draco/Hermione fics and for all of you YYH ppl, any read Black Tears (under angst with Hiei)? I wrote it! ^^
I'm on Fanfiction.net too. I only have one story right now and it's not even done... xp Too many projects, moving for work, working... I'll make sure to finish it though. Name there is the same as here, if you wanna read it.
My alias on ff.net is Akage Koi.
I mostly write YYh stories, but sometimes I do Inuyasha, and I have one Saiyuki one that is far from being finished. sweatdrop

So far, my best Fanfic is one about Hiei called Forbidden Child of Flame.


If you wnat to chekc out any of my stories, then click that link above please. ^^
twisted twisted Forbidden Child Of Flame??? Hey, I've read that!!!! You rock! twisted twisted
Wow, lot of writers here. Well, I've been writing fanfiction for almost a year. I like FF.net because of the wide variety of fics it has, and because the feedback comes in so quickly (The Dark Lord of the Fluff needs his daily review fix, DANGIT!). I have several fics in progress, but have only posted one so far.

Nicholas Bledsoe's FF.net Page

I mostly read and write Evangelion Fanfics, especially Asuka/Shinji fics, but I'll read anything in the WAFF (Warm And Fuzzy Feeling) category, and have been branching into other subjects.

I am also writing a sequel to one of my friend's DBZ fanfics which she added on as the next chapter (2 more to go!)

Mashed, Mangled, and Mall(ed) by a Princess
I write on Fanfiction.net too...I have so many ideas but I haven't really posted anything since I can't think of any good titles... sweatdrop But I'm gonna put something up...as soon as I think up of a title... sweatdrop
I love being a fanfiction.net author. I've been posting there for like four years. My authors name is Vegeta's Lil Princess. I am currently working on an epic called The Legend of Bra and 17 and posted the prologue to Hell's Captive.

My name on ff.net is Sakadora. (Hey, just like on here! Whoa!)

I'm in the middle of writing my first fanfic, for Yu-Yu Hakusho.

hi hi. i mostly write yugioh, but i got a couple others posted too. i've writing for i think three years now. i go under magic-reeni there too.

Profile: http://www.fanfiction.net/profile.php?userid=239775

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