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Hey, anyone here have anything at fanfiction.net? I do, I'm Alden-san (www.fanfiction.net/~aldensan). I write mostly Naruto fanfics, a lot of oneshots. I've been writing fanfics for almost a year now...

Anyone else?

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Forgive me for stealing your post. xd But in the future, all discussion about fanfiction.net must be made in this sticky. Thank you for your time.


It's a pleasure to meet you.

Profile: http://www.fanfiction.net/profile.php?userid=313530

I mostly write Beyblade. Because I really like the character concepts.
Beyblade writer, eh? I've never had much use for that anime, but I think it's cause I've only seen one or two eps...
hey yo
I write mainly Tamora Pierce Fanfics please read
PLEASE well tell me what you think
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*raises hand* I've been on ffn for years now...good site, if a little disfunctional at times. ^^

FF name: Kon Gyousano
Hey, anyone here have anything at fanfiction.net? I do, I'm Alden-san (www.fanfiction.net/~aldensan). I write mostly Naruto fanfics, a lot of oneshots. I've been writing fanfics for almost a year now...

Anyone else?
ya, I'm Craftuser there
Yep, I'm there.

I'm at www.fanfiction.net/~famiradamaris
I have been writing stories for about a year. I have 3 posted there. 2 are one shots. I am going to post more when life doesn't call on me to do things. My SN there is Mystic Flowre Floating.
I'm on Fanfiction.net @ http://www.fanfiction.net/~pheonixarisen

I write mostly Beyblade stuff ^_^ There's alot of one-shots that are still paper and ink that I'm too lazy to go and type. I'm also working on a new, longer, angsty story that won't be up untill I've got the whole thing completely written, typed and edited. xd I'm one of those people who can't write a story chapter by chapter; I write bits and peices untill I can assemble them together and edit them thouroughly (gah if that's how you spell it sweatdrop )

Please go R&R! ^_^
I'm on Fanfiction.net @ http://fanfiction.net/~meitian

Been writing fics for, oh, four years now, but just started posting them this winter. I like humor and turning cliches on their heads. A lot.

I write for Garth Nix, Harry Potter and Tamora Pierce right now, but I've got another HP fic lined up (Hufflepuff students yay!) and an LOTR one, too. Probably a lot more Sabriel stuff, and maybe some Discworld someday, too.
I'm on fanfiction.net too! I write Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Harry Potter, and other fanfiction there: click here!

If you like Kingdom Hearts, please read my Kairi Beloved fanfic and The Master of Prunes. Thank you!
Oh yes, I've been a member for a while...don't have many up though sweatdrop
I have one "His Dark Materials", one "Sabriel" and one extraordinary "Harry Potter" in the works that I just can't wait to post!!!
My user name there is also "Lady Silvertongue"
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I like Gaia better in regards to posting up stories, but I'm terradi when I venture onto fanfiction or fictionpress.

I just started posting up an R.A. Salvatore fanfic based on his series with Drizzt both here and there. I've tried a couple of others but usually I like doing original stuff better. whee Couldn't resist trying my hand at this once though.
Coolies, fanfiction sub-forum Yay!!

I'm there as Childsnake biggrin


I write pokemon and read Zelda and pokemon. But latly i've been leaning towards, fictionpress.net sweatdrop

This is good introducing one another. The person of this first post should make it into a big list of all members on fanfic.
My stories are at Fanfiction.net @ http://www.fanfiction.net/~kagomesama

I write Inuyasha and Harry Potter mainly. However, I will post my best works here at Gaia, too smile I have already posted one smile .

I also write original stuff, but I feel a bit worried of posting it online where everybody can read it: I was told publishers and agents don't like it. In addition, my fanfictions have been plagiarized so many times that now I'm scared that posting my original stories would mean having them plagiarized, too. I normally participate to private workshops, such as Critters or Zoetrope, but I wouldn't like to post my story in a public forum.

As much as I like you, guys sad it's not your fault if there are crappy people who browse the web around sad

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