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(so I don't think I am the best writer BUT this is a story I can't seem to get away from. I'm sharing it with the hopes that it will brighten your day. Sorry if there are any spelling errors)

Dream House
(This story has been in my head forever. And yes I know it doesn't even closely follow the book. But it is a dream Dramione, and that's why they call it FANFICTION. It's kinda an AU. Basically all of Harry's s**t is out of the story, some of it has happened, not all. Just keep an open mind. I truly hope you enjoy it.)

Chapter 1: Apologies.
Hermione raced toward the big red train whistling away at platform 9¾. Sure, she could have apparated to Hogsmeade and walked to school. But Dumbledore required the head boy and girl to ride the train. She probably would have ridden it anyways. It hid so many memories behind those windows. She had a feeling that's why Harry and Ron were riding.

Jumping onto the slowly moving Hogwarts Express, Hermione moved aside to give Ron and Harry room to jump on behind her.

"Bloody Hell," Ron wiped his forehead as they all started to move down the train, "I almost had visions of us flying that bloody car again."

Hermione giggled but Harry almost stopped in his tracks from Ron's stupidity, "If we missed the train we could have simply apparated, Ron."

"Oh I know but…er…" Hermione truly let out a laugh, "Alright so I wasn't thinking straight. I just never wanna be late for this train again. Give a bloke a break. Sheeesh"

"Harry," Hermione looked behind her, "I do believe 'sheeesh' was just spoken by an adult."

Harry simply smiled but chose not to say anything. He had learned never to get involved when his two best friends decided to fight. But they rarely fought lately, after the summer life seemed so much simpler to the trio. The defeat of Voldomort left a sense of calmness about them.
After they were all situated in a compartment, Hermione turned towards the door, "Sorry boys, but I have to leave you now."

"Wha?" Ron looked truly shocked. Harry just lowered his eyebrows, waiting for an explanation.

"Head girl…re-mem-ber," sounding out each syllable, she tapped her knuckles softly on Ron's unruly red hair. Really, he's getting to be no better than Harry, Hermione thought to herself. The two always seemed to be shaking their hands in their hair.

Right on cue, Ron shook out his hair.

Hermione laughed, "Really Ronald, you spend more time fixing your appearance than a girl does." Harry couldn't help but laugh in agreement, "Don't worry, I'll see you guys when we get off the train.” The boys waved to her as she slid the door closed and made her way down to the front of the train.

Ron lay out across the one side of the cart, resting his head against his propped up arm, "I think I'm gonna do it."

"What?" Harry looked at his best mate with a fake confused look. He knew right well what Ron meant.

"What do you mean 'What'? Ask Hermione to be my girl. Properly this time. There's no Viktor Krumbly to get in my way either."

Harry gave a chuckled snort and that was the last said on the matter. Hermione would of course say 'yes', so the two friends changed subjects and decided to talk about quittitch tactics.
Hermione passed the prefects' compartment and made it down to the last cart at the front of the train. She opened the door and almost jumped. Sitting on the right side of the cart, staring out the window, was the one person she had been hoping would not come back to Hogwarts this last year.

She sat down and placed the few books she had been carrying to the right of her. He turned his head slowly towards her, clearly attempting to catch her eyes, but they stood fixed upon the wall across from her. She felt something crinkle beneath her. Perplexed she pulled out a piece of paper that she had apparently sat on. It had one word on it: Bogart. No doubt this was the password for her new tower. She stuffed the paper into her bag.

Hermione soon realized there was no getting around it; she would at least have to acknowledge the fact that she was not alone.

"Malfoy," she said, as though the name stung her tongue.

"Granger," he answered, in a strange tone that she did not know how to decipher. It was not harsh, by any means, but it was not kind either. No matter the tone, hearing the word ‘Granger’ escape from his lips was much more preferable than ‘Mudblood’ to Hermione. She crossed her arms in a closed-off manor, attempting to show him she had no interest in any other type of conversation.

"How's your family?" he asked. Hermione snapped her head and looked into his eyes. Surely he was mocking her. But she could not break her stare. Those eyes, deep glistening silver. They were as she had never seen them before; open and bright somehow, perhaps a hint of blue. Still, she could not help but react in the manor she did.

"Since when did you start caring about muggles?" She had meant to scream it but the words only came out harsh. If her arms had not already been crossed she would have placed them so again.

His eyes shrank and he looked away. She continued to stare at him for some time. When she realized he had no intention of answering her she opened the thickest book from her small pile and held it close to her face so that she could not see any part of the young man sitting across from her.

How is your family? Had he really meant it? Hermione's thought process took off. Okay let's just think logically here. Malfoy would never say anything like that unless he had the intention of making fun of me later. Then why had he remained silent after her remark? Surely he would have known that I would call his bluff. Unless, of course…he wasn't bluffing…and he truly was concerned about my family's well being. NO! It was impossible.

The train rolled along and Hermione had read three chapters of her Advanced Charms for the Accomplished Student by the time their trip was half over. Along her readings she discovered a charm that caused one's mouth to be tied shut, and she was looking forward to using it on Ron.

All Malfoy had done was sit there with his chin resting in his right palm and his eyes watching out the window, as though fixed on something outside.

Without moving his head or eyes he stated quite plainly, "A long time ago."

Hermione looked up at him, lowering her book ever so slightly, "Excuse me."

He turned his head to face her, but his eyes seemed lost, "You asked me when I had started to care about muggles and I answered."

Hermione almost had to replay the scene in her mind. He had never cared about her much less any other muggle. She opened her mouth to argue but he saw it coming and interrupted her.

"Is it so hard for you to believe?"

She paused, lowered her book to her lap, then answered, "Well…yes." She looked away, and then back again.

He cocked his head. Hermione wanted to address the situation as calmly as possible but her voice betrayed her intentions.

"You... Malfoy... You've called me cruel, horrible names since the day I met you, you've not only made my life a living nightmare, but my friends as well, your father-"

"Do not!" he had almost stood up in his anger. Hermione was even shocked by his tone—considering how this calm conversation had originally started. He ran his fingers through his hair, as though to settle himself. Then in a lighter voice he began, "Do not…compare me to my parent."

She actually thought over his words…It's hard not to.

"You can judge me for what I've done, but please to not judge me for who my parents are, for what they have done. That makes you know better than m-- than the person i was." He looked down at his feet.

"The person you were?" Hermione wished she had put her hand over her mouth, she had meant to think that, not speak it.

Their eyes met again. This time a new emotion showed within Malfoy's eyes, something that could only be described as 'hope'.

He smiled. Not a nasty smile. Not a plotting grin. A genuine smile. "Yes Hermione, the person I was."

Hermione dropped her book from her lap. She gave a little gasp and bent to pick it up from the floor. He had never called her by her first name before. Before her hand came even close to the book, Malfoy had graciously picked it up and held it out towards her. She sat up and carefully grasped the books corner, avoiding his fingers, and then slowly slid it from his hand.

She sat as far back against the cushion of the seat as possible, hugging the book tight to her chest. His kindness should have been the biggest shock to her, but for some reason him saying her name seemed more of a surprise.

"I—" he began. Then he slipped slowly from his seat and softly sat down beside her. He tilted his body closer towards her so that the tips of their knees almost touched. "I can't ask you to forgive me. That would be impossible." she looked up. His eyes hid no lies. It was the weirdest feeling to not see deceit in those eyes. "I know I've made all your lives a living hell, but all I can truly say is this; I'm sorry, and I've changed."

Hermione was lost for words. The biggest bully in school had not only apologized to her, but was actually hoping she believed him. All her instincts told her to curse him, slap him across the face, and make him pay for the words he did not mean. But as she held his gaze she started to doubt her instincts. Those pools of silver looked nothing like the eyes of a boy who would bring harm to her or anyone she knew, quite the opposite, they looked…warm.

She shook her head. Snap out of it Hermione, do not fall for his childish games.

Sighing, and assuming his efforts had done him no good, Malfoy moved back to his side of the cart and returned to watching the scenery. Hermione remained clutching her book but did not take her eyes off of him.

After a few minutes Malfoy started to look down at his hands and fiddle with them, "My father," he breathed in deeply, waiting for her to stop him. When she did not he continued, "he always wanted the best for me." he looked up at her a few times, then back at his hands again, "Said I was never good enough. Said I was as useless as a mudblood sometimes." he scoffed and looked out the window, then at his hands once again. He started to rub his arm, "I did it all for him. I was suppose to hate you lot." Hermione set her book down, genuinely listening. Malfoy noticed this and leaned forward, resting his elbows on his kneecaps, but not making eye contact, concentrating on his palms. The back of his outstretched hands lightly grazed the top of Hermione's knees.

In a hushed voice he continued, "He made me become a Death Eater." he rubbed his arm again,

"I half-way made it there anyways. They test you, see."

The train whistled and slowly came to a halt. Malfoy looked into her brown eyes. He could tell…she believed him—even if she wasn't ready to admit it aloud. She believed.

He stood up, grabbing his belongings and slid open the door.

"Malfoy?" she stood.

"Please," he turned around, "call me Draco." And he was gone, leaving Hermione a bundle of questions.
(if you like, then please let me know and i will post more chapters)
I really like this :3

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