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Hello! My name is Rose and this thread here is for all of my Drabble a Day entries! Let me give you a low down on how this will work and how it does work.

1) Wait...what the hell is Drabble a Day?

Drabble a Day is just that. You, the writer, write a drabble (which is technically about a 100 words but can range between 100 and 400 words before it becomes a mini story) each day for 1 year. For me, that means from March 26, 2012 to March 26, 2013, I will write a drabble for each day.

2) So how does it work?

You, the writer, can do this one of three ways. You can have a pairing or character for each day (or even a mix like me), or you can have a prompt for each day, or you can do a mix of characters and prompts. I have pairings with prompts myself but then again, I love a good prompt. As long as it's one to two words only.

So, I have about 5 or 6 weeks of prompts to post here. So give me a moment and I'll be all caught up and you won't see this bumped until I get a review. Or until I post the next set. Whatever comes first.

Week 1: March 26, 2012 to March 30, 2012

Drabble 1: March 26, 2012
Pairing: Aya/Brad
Title: Seeing Myself

Gazing at his reflection, Ran reached out and stroked over the mirror, violet eyes dark as he frowned. He could see his sister in his face. He didn’t want to see his sister afraid that his lover saw her in him.

They had been dating for only such a short amount of time and his sweet sister was in a coma, a complication of a facial surgery to fix some imaginary problem. Or so they had told him. He didn’t believe them. He thought that they had purposely messed up with her surgery, made it so that she couldn’t wake.

Gazing over at his lover, Ran tried to smile at Brad, who just frowned and reached out to tug him close.

“I don’t see her in you, Ran. You’re you my little lover,” Brad breathed into Rans ear, feeling the red head go limp in his arms, clinging to him. “Want me to call the lawyers and specialists?”

“Yeah, I do,” Ran breathed, gazing at the mirror again and this time, only seeing himself.

Drabble 2: March 27, 2012
Pairing: Charlie/Harry
Title: Kissing Over Food

Shoving a bit of hair back out of his face, Charlie smirked as he watched Harry move around the Burrows kitchen, looking so natural it was scary. Molly cooed happily and pulled long, black locks out of the young mans way before leaving Harry to cook whatever he was cooking.

Shaking his head, Charlie stood and moved to stand near the stove, watching long fingers chop and transfer vegetables.

“What are you making?” Charlie asked in curiosity.

“Stew,” Harry replied, Charlie looking over his shoulder. The younger male turned his head, accidentally brushing their lips together, causing a blush to spread over tanned cheeks. “Charlie…”

“I think…the stew can wait, yeah?” Charlie asked, pulling Harry closer to him, dipping his head for a proper kiss, giving into urges long building since he had met the Boy Who Lived all those years ago.

Drabble 3: March 28, 2012
Pairing: Sesshomaru/Inuyasha
Title: Beads of my Past

Staring out over the forest, sitting on a cliff as he tilted his head back to catch the wind in his hair, Inuyasha smiled softly to himself as he dropped another bead over the edge. The hunt for Naraku and the jewel was finally over, after so long fighting against the mad hanyou. Friends had been lost, mostly allies who had gathered after hearing of the fights against him, but the main group had walked away alive, if not disturbed by the darkness that had touched them during that time of their lives.

Sango and Miroku had finally gotten their acts together, getting married in a small ceremony lead by Kaede, and moved to Sangos village where other hunters had started to gather once more. It was doing well and had created many a truce between youkai and human.

Shippo stilled lived with him and was growing up into a fine kitsune, a fellow kitsune helping him train his powers.

Kagome had gone back to her time after the Shikon jewel had been purified and placed in Midoricos cave. She hadn’t been back but Inuyasha felt that it was for the best. She wasn’t made for their time, and she wasn’t made to love a hanyou, much less anyone else not from her time.

Sesshomaru was still caring for young Rin and still followed around by Jaken, who was often punted by Inuyasha.

Inuyasha himself had fallen for his elder half brother, mating with the man and was happy with his small family. He had forgiven Sesshomaru his past transgressions as his brother had forgiven their father for falling in love with another woman and creating his mate.

Naraku was gone, everyone was happy and life was good. Inuyasha smiled again and let the last bead of his past fall over the edge of the cliff.

Drabble 4: March 29, 2012
Pairing: Aya/Farfarello
Title: Cave In

Staring at each other, Aya tapped his fingers against the bolder that he was using as a seat as Farfarello gazed back at him, vague smirk on his lips. Narrowing his eyes, Aya swiped blood red hair covered in dust out of violet eyes and crossed his arms as he contemplated homicide.

They had ended up in the same cave in after the so called client of Swartz had blown things sky high, to paranoid for his own good. That meant that their team mates were outside of the rubble and he was stuck with the insane Irish man who had a thing against God.

“Was that a tattoo I saw on your back?” Farfarello asked, Aya glaring before huffing. “It looked like an upside down cross. Why would you have that?”

“My lover, that’s why. Shove it before I decide to create a new blood splatter,” Aya snarled before looking over to where the client, Weiss’ target, laid, blood spread over the wall.

“So strange to have such a thing on your back,” Farfarello drawled. He fell quiet once more, a smile dancing on his lips as the rubble that blocked them from their team mates fell away. “I don’t think I’ll tell them about that. Such a desecration of the sign of Jesus is so lovely.”

Drabble 5: March 30, 2012
Pairing: Harry/Bill
Title: Loving eyes

He had to laugh as Bill was taken down by little Elizabeth, the little girl looking more and more like her father with every day that passed, the large man laughing just as much.

Fluer had left Bill and her daughter when the sweet child had been 3, unable to withstand the fact that her husband was more wolfish then they had thought. It was a mutual split, or so they said, but to Harry, he didn’t understand why the woman would want to leave such a beautiful child behind.

But to him, he had lucked out. After Ginny, he had never thought he would find love. But he supposed he had found love in the right Weasley, he and Bill having met soon after his own split with the youngest. Moving over to his step daughter, a child he considered his own, and his fiancé, he reached down and hauled the giggling 6 year old into his arms and tickled her as Bill sat up on his elbows and watched.

His love for his child and his mate shined brightly as green met blue and smiles spread further.
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Week 2: March 31 to April 6

Drabble 6: March 31, 2012
Pairing: Kouga/Inuyasha
Claimed by: OokamiJudge
Title: Leave Them Surprised

“Hey, mutt, what’s with the formal kimono?” Kouga drawled, eyeing Inuyasha, getting a dry look as the hanyou tugged at the sleeves of the pale peach colored kimono.

“It’s not a formal kimono, wolf. And if you can’t tell that it’s not, then you’re sorely lacking in knowledge,” he drawled, sweeping his hair back down his spine, shaking his head with a glare. “It’s a basic, every day kimono. One that Sesshomaru got me. He likes me in it.”

“Wait…Sesshomaru…Lord of the Western Lands…gave you what looks to be a very expensive kimono? Why?” Kouga asked, Inuyasha smiling sweetly as he shrugged and waved a hand.

“He gave it to me because he likes seeing me in kimonos. Especially ones that he can take off easily enough. My mate is odd like that,” he hummed, walking away, leaving Kouga standing in his spot, mouth fallen open as he stared after the hanyou.

“Mate?” Kouga squeaked, getting a soft laugh from Inuyasha as he went to meet with the rest of his family.

Drabble 7: April 1
Pairing: Aya/Schuldig
Claimed by: laurose
Title: Dirty Little Enjoyment

He was his darkness, his living Guilt.

He was his tainted kitten with a katana that dripped with blood.

They were from two different worlds. Ran was from a world of high class and lessons that would turn him into a ruthless business mogul if his world hadn’t turned upside down. It had forced him to become tainted with the evil of the world. Schuldig was a street rat stolen from his world and made into a perfect little slave who had turned on the ones holding his leash.

They didn’t care about their pasts, or their futures. They didn’t care what their team mates would think about their relationship in the long run. They couldn’t care. They doubted that their hearts and souls had enough in them to do so.

They were each others dark enjoyment; never dirty, never a secret, just pure enjoyment.

Drabble 8: April 2, 2012
Pairing: Neville/Harry
Claimed by: Fidicen
Title: Healing

Chuckling quietly, Neville stretched his arms upwards as Harry once more trounced Viktor Krum in a round of poker. They were finally relaxing, taking the chance to heal from the Tri-Wizard Tournament, the loss of Cedric Diggory and the return of the Dark Lord Voldemort in Russia having been invited by Krum, having gotten to know them during the time at Hogwarts.

They had run to Russia the moment they had taken cared of a few things, including getting Harry officially emancipated and free from any controlling influence.

The truth about Voldemorts return was a heavily kept secret, Harrys decision to do so, only the three of them knowing about it. His friend didn’t trust the Wizarding world with such information, didn’t trust them not to turn on him in their denial So they were waiting for the truth to come out as they stayed safe in Russia.

“You’re thinking hard,” Harry hummed as he sat next to Neville, pressing against him. Nevill hummed lowly and reached up to run his fingers through Harrys hair.

“Just thinking about Voldy-Moldie and our world,” Neville drawled, getting a chuckle. “If we could, I would say we should leave it, but knowing how it runs, everyone would come after us in the long run,” he continued.

“True, true,” Harry sighed, hugging him around his waist. “Think your grandmother would be willing to help us hide and really learn about the Wizarding world?”

“Possibly. We could floo call her, ask her to fill out the paperwork if she’s willing. But where would we stay?” Neville asked, rubbing at the back of Harrys week.

“I have a property nearby that would work. Move all of the books and important things there, open it up, get some tutors and learn,” Harry stated, getting a smile.

“I trust that it’s heavily warded,” Neville drawled.

“Of course.”

“Good. Let me call Gran.”

Drabble 9: April 3, 2012
Pairing: Miroku/Sesshomaru
Title: Thank you

“So, Sesshomaru-san, what brings you here?” Miroku asked as he looked up at the imposing figure of his fiancés half brother.

“I come bearing something that may interest you,” Sesshomaru replied, voice smooth and rich. “I have come to understand that you wish to marry my brother.”

“Yes, I do,” Miroku said warily, grasping his staff as the daiyoukai reached into a kimono and pulled out a dark wooden box and held it out with a raised eyebrow.

“I’m not going to attack you, monk. I may not have been the best alpha to him but I am going to try to make it up to him,” Sesshomaru stated, sitting down. Miroku had to admit that the youkai was good looking, especially since he got his arm back. “My father would have ripped me into pieces long ago for the way I have treated him.

“These are marriage bracelets. You place them on your other halves wrist under the full moon and exchange vows. They will not come off until one of you die. I warn you now, you’ll want to mate the moment Naraku is dead. Do not leave my brother to hurt again,” he said, handing the box to Miroku.

Opening it up, Mirokus eyebrows raised upwards into his hair line at the delicate white gold bracelets. On the inside of each one were their names, looking as if they had been burned in by a claw instead of anything else.

“Sesshomaru-san,” he breathed looking up only to blink at the fact that his fiancés older brother wasn’t there any more. Smiling, he closed the box and tucked it away into his robes. “Thank you.”
Drabble 10: April 4, 2012
Pairing: Nagi/Yohji
Title: Interesting

Staring at each other was interesting to say the least. Nagi could feel his eyebrow twitch as his lips tugged downwards into a scowl as his supposed enemy just smirked around his cigarette. Waving a hand before his face, the young telepath waved away the smoke and scowled even more.

“Must you smoke?” he asked, trying to sound polite.

“Yep,” Yohji drawled, chuckling at the snarl that he got. “Calm down. Your group will be here soon, no worries,” he said, Nagi pouting and going limp in his bonds.

“I hate you all. Capturing me while I was distracted,” he muttered, blushing at the chuckle from Yohji.

“Yeah, Aya-kun has a nice a**, doesn’t he? Especially in those pants of his,” Yohji drawled, making Nagi moan and drop his head back.

“Oh don’t remind me. I can’t afford to get hard,” he whined, once more getting a chuckle.

Drabble 11: April 5, 2012
Pairing: Fred/Teddy
Title: Full Moon Adventures

He had fun watching one Theodore Lupin, otherwise known as Teddy, on the full moon. The kid was one of two things: so hyper he nearly flew without the use of a broom, or he slugged his way through the night and the following day, gazing at everyone with giant puppy like eyes. Either way was fun for Fred to watch even as he kicked back in the chair.

“Teddy, man, you don’t need sugar. It’s the full moon,” Fred chuckled, shaking his head with a smile on his lips. The young Lupin pouted unhappily and gazed longingly at the sugar quill that his babysitter was nibbling on. “You’re high enough on energy at the moment kid. How about I make us some of those steaks, along with those potato cakes you seem to love?” he asked, standing up after stashing the quill away in a special pouch.

“Yay!” Teddy cried out, throwing his hands up before rushing from the room and heading straight for the kitchen, Fred following after with a chuckle. Oh yes, he had fun watching little Teddy, especially on the day and night of the full moon.

Drabble 12: April 6, 2012
Pairing: Kouga, Shippo
Title: Happiness

Eyeing the young fox who was doing something with some braided string, Kouga raised his eyebrows in surprise when the strings themselves went stiff and hard.

“So you really don’t mind the fact that Inuyasha and Sesshomaru are together?” he asked for what seemed like the hundredth time. Shippo just looked up from the stiff string and gave him a dull look.

“As I said before, I don’t really care. They make each other insanely happy and Inuyasha has a lover who is protective of him,” Shippo stated, making the string go limp and than stiff.

“But...but what aobut Kagome? I thought that Inuyasha was insanely in love with her,” Kouga stuttered, sending the nearly teenaged fox bursting into laughter.

“Oh, but that is funny,” Shippo sniffed, shaking his head. “She treated him like a pet with those damn beads around his neck. At first he may have cared for her, but now? Not even possible.”

“I see,” Kouga hummed, sitting down to rub at his head, frowning.

“Look, Kouga-san, she was polite to you, but the rest of us saw her for who she was. She was not a nice girl in the end,” Shippo stated, standing up and brushing off his pants and putting away the string. “Get over the fact that Inuyasha was a hidden heir and lord, and that he’s now mating with a demon who could make you his b***h. Be happy that Inuyasha, who has had a life filled with pain, has found happiness.”

Watching Shippo head away, Kouga had to agree with the young fox, surprising himself. It seemed as if he had much to think about.
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Week 3: April 7 to April 19

Drabble 13: April 7, 2012
Pairing: Schuldig, Omi
Title: Silent

The leader of the kitties was adorable, no matter what he was doing, such as hacking someones computer. He was all big eyes and soft hair, but he was also very deadly under his adorable exterior, always thinking, always analyzing.

Schuldig tried to stay away from Omis rather spastic and infuriating mind, not wanting to gain another headache. As amusing as it would be to mess with the youngest kitten mentally, Schuldig knew that Ayas threat to remove his nuts with a rusty spoon should he do so.

“You’re staring at me rather hard, Schuldig-san,” Omi drawled as he pulled his sleeves up, exposing the bruises that ringed his wrist.

“What the hell do you chibis get up to in your bedroom?” Schuldig asked, eyeing the bruises with a curious look.

“Nothing that you and Aya-kun don’t get up to. We just happen to be younger,” Omi drawled, turning back to his computer and leaving Schuldig to mutter about corrupted chibis and Farfarello being pleased about that.

Drabble 14: April 8, 2012
Pairing: Hermione/Sirius
Title: Bookish Idiots

“I hope you know that I consider you a dimwitted fool for doing this,” Hermione drawled as she watched Sirius run around the Black library, muttering about finding a particular book. “Can’t you just call for it?” she asked, sighing and rubbing her nose with a moan.

“No, not really because I don’t remember the damn books name,” Sirius replied as he climbed up a ladder, pulling out a thick tome and glancing over the back before flipping it open. Groaning, he shoved it back on the shelf as Hermione shook her head and moved to a shelf. Reaching up, she pulled down another book and waved it with a raised eyebrow.

“Is this the book you were looking for, you idiot?” she asked, Sirius taking the book before squealing happily and hugging it with a smile.

“Yes, perfect! Thank you, Hermione. Now I can teach Harry how to become an animagus,” he said brightly before running out of the room, leaving her to shake her head with a groan.

“Harrys god father is an idiot,” she muttered to herself, pulling down a history book before sitting in her favorite chair to read and try to forget that she lived with an idiot for a lover.

Drabble 15: April 9, 2012
Pairing: Naraku, Inuyasha
Title: Slimy

It was said that evil was a dark thing, leaving you feeling disgusted, slimy all over.

But as Inuyasha gazed at Naraku, he could only see the one thing that made the hanyou turned full youkai dark. The thick hair that fell down his back was that darkness, full, rich. Black. Dark. But he didn’t feel dark, he felt evil. It was thick and left an aftertaste on his tongue.

They had been fighting against Naraku for the last four years, everyone feeling the strain of the near constant fighting. Sango had dropped back to attend to a wound along with Miroku. Kagome was using hastily made arrows to attack Naraku and her bow to attack any of the flying bugs that were sent at her.

Even Inuyasha was looking messy himself; his hair was colored with his blood and others, mud and sweat. Sending a barrage at Naraku, he moaned as the evil youkai left, snickering as he did so.

Falling onto his a**, Inuyasha let his body shiver in exhaustion, gold eyes falling shut.

“Are you okay, Inuyasha?” Shippo asked, gingerly picking his way across the battlefield. Inuyasha nodded his head as his sword turned back into its smaller form. Slipping it into its sheath, he moaned and used it to prop his tired body up. “That is one dark youkai,” the young fox said, stroking Inuyashas silver hair.

“He’s not dark. He’s just evil, Shippo, so big difference,” Inuyasha sighed, eyes closing as he tried to get back up off the ground.

Drabble 16: April 10, 2012
Pairing: Ken, Schuldig
Title: Mean, Puddy Tat

“Here kitty, kitty, kitty, come to me,” Schuldig cooed, eyes bright with mischief as he brought his gun up.

“Yeah, so not happening,” Ken replied, voice bouncing around the warehouse that they had ended up in. Schuldig narrowed his eyes and tilted his head to the side, orange locks falling into green eyes.

“Aw, but I just want to play. I don’t want to hurt you,” he drawled, moving around a pile of boxes.

“Right. What if I don’t wanna play with you?” Ken asked, finding a perch to rest on, watching Schuldig closely. “You don’t play nice with others after all.”

“Aww, I’m hurt,” the telepath drawled, getting a snicker from the younger man. Ken shifted on his perch before, quite literally, pouncing on the other male, catching him off guard and nicking his arm with a bunduk claw. “Ow! Mean p***y cat!” Schuldig yelped, dancing away and looking at the wound.

Ken took the chance to escape, as per Ayas orders that came from his ear set, leaving Schuldig to complain about the blood that was staining his suit.

“******** p***y cat has claws,” Schuldig snorted, going to meet the rest of his team and to get his cut tended to.

Drabble 17: April 11, 2012
Pairing: Ginny, Draco
Title: Misunderstandings

Staring at Draco, Ginny had to snort and cross her arms as she rocked back and forth on her feet. Draco returned the look, gray eyes bored as he played with his wand. The two continued to stare before the younger of them ran her eyes and down over Dracos body.

“I don’t really see what’s so amazing about you. Your body is to hard to be really pleasurable,” Ginny sneered at him. “No soft curves. No sweetness to really ********.”

“First, eww on the thought of girl parts. Disgusting,” Draco snorted, running a hand through mussed, blond hair. “Second of all, there is a sweet tightness to ********, just not a woman’s part. As it is, you also have the wrong Slytherin who is ******** your pretty little Harry Potter. And yes, I said ********, not being ******** by.”

“What!?” Ginny screeched, making Draco chuckle as Harry and Blaise come around the corner looking smug with each other.

“He’s right, Ginny. Blaise is happily ******** me,” Harry mused as the three left the youngest Weasley behind, gapping after them.

Drabble 18: April 12, 2012
Pairing: Kouga, Miroku
Title: Sweetness in my Memory

Standing before a simple grave near Sesshomarus castle, Kouga ran his eyes over the name that sat on the stone that marked it. Prayer beads hung from the top of the stone while a beautifully crafted staff was embedded in the stone. Sighing, the wolf prince ruffled his loose hair and turned to look at the castle, eyes finding Inuyasha who was sitting under a tree, head tilted back and eyes closed, looking at peace.

Kouga knew that it was a rare sight for his friend.

Shaking his head, he turned back to the stone and stroked over the carved name. “Miroku.” It rolled off ones tongue so easily. So freely even when it was tinged with the sadness that came from the knowledge that the man had died to soon, leaving behind a heart broken hanyou who still mourned his loss.

Shaking his head and turning away from the grave, he headed down towards Inuyasha as he pushed the memories of how it had all gone down. One last of revenge from Naraku, one last act of evil from a dying Youkai who just didn’t know when to give up. But it was looking as if Inuyasha was finally moving on, nearly 20 years after Mirokus death and Narakus destruction.

“Hey, let’s get lunch,” Kouga called out to Inuyasha, gold eyes opening and turning to him as pink lips twitched upwards and a gently chuckle escaped.

“Yes, lets. Raizen-san will be here for dinner and I don’t want you to be dealing with a growling stomach during the entire greetings,” Inuyasha teased his friend, getting a protest.

Drabble 19: April 13, 2012
Pairing: Ken/Brad
Title: Catch the Kitty!

“What is it with you guys and hunting me down?” Ken whined as he ducked into a room, slamming the door and diving behind the desk, hiding behind it.

“Because you’re just so interesting,” Crawford snorted as he opened the door and followed after the young Weiss, looking around, closing the door after him. “So why don’t you just come on out and let me have my way with you?”

“You guys are so damn perverted!” Ken complained, shaking his head and pouting and glaring over the desk with a sneer. “You and Schuldig both! I’m telling ya I ain’t coming anywhere near you.”

“Aww, but I just want to see how tight your pretty little a** is,” Crawford purred, dark eyes flashing as a leer spread over his lips. The man put his gun into its holster before he drew off his jacket. Ken just whimpered and smiled uneasily, holding a hand to his ear piece.

“Can someone come save me from the horny seer please?” he whined, dodging around the desk as Crawford lunged for him. The moment that Aya slammed through, Ken was out the door, leaving behind a trussed up Oracle, looking quite unhappy and leaving the red head confused as he followed his partner.
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Week 4: April 14 to April 20

Drabble 20: April 14, 2012
Pairing: Blaise/Harry
Title: Slytherins Amusement

“You are enjoying her discomfort way to much,” Harry drawled, getting a smug look from his boyfriend as they sat at the Gryffindor table, Ginny Weasley glaring at them from down several seats.

“I can’t help that she is upset that you’re such a bottom and have a thing for Slytherins,” Blaise drawled, taking a bite of his eggs as Harry rolled his eyes.

“You just have to find amusement in everything that you do, including driving another one of my fan girls up a damn wall about never being able to touch me, especially since she kept being told that I would marry some lucky witch that looked like my mum,” Harry returned, a smile his answer. “Like I would marry someone who looks like my mother. I’m not that into incest thank you.”

“And thank Merlin for that, otherwise I would never have been able to get your sweet company on that first date. And then your sweet body into my bed,” Blaise purred into one ear, making Harry shiver and blush. Pushing at his lovers chest, Harry turned to his own breakfast, knowing that his lover got amusement in all things, including making him blush and need in the middle of breakfast right before Potions.

Drabble 21: April 15, 2012
Pairing: Sesshomaru, Inuyasha
Title: Connected

Walking down the hall to Inuyashas room, Sesshomaru paused just inside of the door as he watched his younger brother put away the prayer beads of his long gone fiancé.

“Inuyasha,” Sesshomaru called, drawing gold eyes towards him, Inuyasha ppushing a silver lock back into its place.

“Sesshomaru-san, I thought you would be with Youko-san,” Inuyasha greeted, closing the box that held the prayer beads and bonding bracelets of his past. Sesshomaru just walked over and smoothed a hand over his brothers hair, smiling gently at him.

“not on this day, Inuyasha. It has been nearly 50 years since you lost Miroku-san and I have always been here during that anniversary,” Seeshomaru soothed, getting a sweet smile from the younger inu. “Tell me about your date with Michah.”

“It was a date. Nothing spectacular. I think I had more fun with that one general at the last meeting ball,” Inuyasha snorted as he swept his hair into a bun. “Why is it these guys all think I’m an idiot? Because I’m not, especially after you got don with me.”

“Because they don’t always see you as my brother and heir. Now, gather your things and we’ll start our date.”

Drabble 22: April 16, 2012
Pairing: Schuldig, Farfarello
Title: Playing With a Kitty

“Why are you and Crawford teasing the brown kitty? Why not the red kitten or the youngest of them?” Schuldig looked up from his contemplation of his overly large brandy glass, wondering just what Farfarello was on about.

“What do you mean, my dear Farfarello?” he finally asked. The silver head lifted from where he was methodically sharpening his various knives with a whetstone.

“Why are you going after Ken instead of say Aya-kun or Omi?” Farfarello restated, gold eye glittering as he stared at the German, green eyes gazing back at him.

“The red kitty would likely gut us than actually play with us, Farfie my friend. Omi would poison us with one of those darts of his. Ken plays with us, even though he did tie up Crawford,” Schuldig drawled, swirling his brandy around in his glass. Farfarello raised an eyebrow and snickered lowly as he shook his head.

“You’re both nuts. Even more so than normal,” he finally said, Schuldig making a noise of disagreement. “I have a feeling you two are going to make him do more then just hog tie one of you next time.” With that said, he stood up, collecting his knives and sharpening kit and left, leaving his teammate to his pouting.

Drabble 23: April 17, 2012
Pairing: Ryan
Title: Unwanted

He felt ignored and belittled, unwanted. He was amazed at how much it hurt when before it hadn’t mattered how others felt about him. But since he had joined the Miami lab, it was as if all they could do was compare him to the late Timothy Speedle.

Taking a deep breath to calm himself, Ryan idly played with his graduating glass, eye reading over the words that had been etched into the crystal, smiling softly. He had received it on the day he had graduated from college with his degrees; ready to start his new career as a CSI tech for the Miami Dade lab. But he figured that he came in to soon after Speeds death sometimes, especially when they all thought that they knew who he was and what he wanted.

But they didn’t, not really. Granted, he had made mistakes, but they all had, and none of those mistakes had been held over their heads. But his were as constant reminders of what he had done and what they perceived he had done. So far, only one person in the damn lab had taken the time to get to know him, and Alexx now wanted to baby him to death.

Reaching up, he stroked the pads of his fingers over the gauze on his eye. Sitting back, he put the glass back into its holding box and curled his legs up next to his side. Alexx walked up on his blind side and placed a cup of water and his pills down on the side table.

“Here, baby. You take your pills and get some sleep, alright?” she soothed, getting a smile from him.

“Yeah, I will, Alexx, not a worry,” he promised. Once she had left for work, he mused htat at the moment, he wasn’t feeling all that alone and unwanted.

Drabble 24: April 18, 2012
Pairing: Shippo, Naraku
Title: Impressions

He could still hear the almost insane laughter of the hanyou that had nearly destroyed them all in his dreams. Shippo could still smell the miasma that had surrounded Naraku like a wet blanket, smothering everything around them with its stench. He still gagged from that particular sensory memory, even after so many years.

Shaking his head, Shippo smoothed his hair back into a low ponytail and gazed at his reflection in his mirror, eyes dark with his thoughts.

He had never truly thought that Naraku had left such an impression on his mind, but he supposed he needed to really rethink that possibility.

Looking to the ring that had once sat on Mirokus staff, he had to smile sadly at it as he remembered the man who had made such an impression on him. Reaching out, he played with it gently as he felt the old anger at Naraku well up in his heart before dying again.

“Naraku is dead, the past is the past and I need to focus on the present and the future,” Shippo stated, a familiar chuckle sounding behind him.

“No truer words have been spoken, Shippo-kun. Come on, Sesshomaru-san is waiting for us,” Inuyasha said, reaching out to fix a wrinkle on the foxes kimono. Smiling, Shippo nodded happily and followed after his caretaker and friend, leaving behind the impression that Naraku had made on him all those years ago.

Drabble 25: April 19, 2012
Pairing: Yusuke
Title: My Promise

Staring at his hands, fingers delicately tipped in claws and markings trailing around his wrist, down the middle of his hands before wrapping around his middle finger, he could remember the moment he had seen them appear the first time. He could remember the awe at having seen them, knowing he had created a child with his mate, his lover. His all too human Kazuma.

Looking up from his contemplation of his claws, eh gazed at the tomb that held his lovers body safe behind solid wards and stone that would never break, no matter what happened. Licking his lips, Yusuke sighed and remembered that he had promised Kazuma that he would stay strong for their child. The very promise that was almost done, coming to an end, his dear child already with her second child and just about ready to take his place as ruler and protector of their land.

Hearing a soft footstep behind him, Yusuke turned and smiled at his daughter who looked so much like him but with her fathers coloring. What a surprise that had been, to see such a beautiful baby girl, the first ever amongst the Tousin. His little miracle.

“Dad, come inside. We need your help with the crib again,” she told him. Chuckling, he stood to follow after his daughter before he stopped and turned to gaze at the tomb once more.

“Soon, Kazuma, very soon I will be with you again,” he promised before following after their child, hair swinging.

Drabble 26: April 20, 2012
Pairing: Aya, Brad
Title: Rubble

“I did not see this happening,” Crawford drawled, getting a snort from his trapped companion.

“I’m surprised that you didn’t see it coming,” Aya stated as he snapped a light stick, shaking it hard to get the light started. Crawford just glared at the bored looking assassin as he sat down on a piece of wall.

“My abilities, as amazing as it would seem to you, does miss things on occasion, Aya-san,” he stated as he took a seat on a bit of rubble. “And it missed the bomb our employer had laid apparently.”

“Don’t you do any research about the people you work for?” Aya asked, cocking an eyebrow at the Seer. “He likes bombs and he’s killed some of his past bodyguards because they didn’t get out of the way fast enough for his tastes,” he told Crawford, leaning against the on wall that was still intact.

“So, bomb happy nut job,” Crawford muttered, watching as Aya pulled out a cigarette and a lighter, lighting the cigarette with a bored look. “And when did you start smoking?”

“When I was 16. It’s rare I do smoke now, but this seems like a good occasion,” Aya replied, Brad finally hearing the snarking, bickering going on outside of their rubble prison. Taking one of the cigarettes from the offered pack and he sat back and enjoyed the quiet that would soon be broken by their teams.
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Week 5: April 21 to April 27 (Last one until Friday!)

Drabble 27: April 21, 2012
Pairing: Miroku, Sesshomaru
Title: Respecting a Memory

He had to admit that he respected t he human monk that had held his younger brothers heart. Miroku had been dieing, eaten from the inside by his wind tunnel, just like his father and grandfather, striving to destroy Naraku to not only save himself but everyone on the Earth. He had lived to see his wind tunnel closed, but one last attack by the dying Kagura had left him dying once more.

Sesshomaru could still see the silent tears that slid from gold eyes and hear the quiet pleading for him to stay alive as they desperately tried to stop the wound from bleeding.

Taking a moment to breath deeply, he gazed down at the sleeping Inuyasha before standing from where he had been watching over his younger brother and left the bedroom. Walking outside, he paused before the headstone that protected the only human he had ever truly respected. Crossing his arms, he had to smile, just a tiny bit, as he remembered how Miroku had been wary of him whenever they had talked with each other about the monks future mating with Inuyasha. He had been unafraid, nor had he groveled in respect like so many others.

It had been nice, a second change in his life that had helped him mend his relationship with Inuyasha and to help him see his fathers point of view. Now he just wished on occasion that he could rip Kagura apart, piece by piece for hurting Inuyasha in such a way.

Drabble 28: April 22, 2012
Pairing: Nagi, Omi
Title: Chibi Talks

“So, why did you guys lie about your ages?” Nagi asked as he stared at his computer screen that held the information of his new teammates.

“We didn’t lie about our ages,” Omi replied, turning in his chair to look at Nagi. “Ran-kun lied about his age and for good reasons,” he continued, wrinkling his nose a tusing Ran instead of Aya to refer to his red headed teammate after so long.

“So, why does your ages not match what you told us,” Nagi asked, turning his computer around to show Omi, “by a year at least?”

“Because we lied about our birthdays, Nagi-kun. By a month at the minimum,” Omi chirped, Nagi giving him a dry look. “Ran-kun is still the same age as we told you, he just hasn’t had his birthday yet, which still makes him younger then me.”

“So mean,” Nagi pouted, eyes dark as he gazed at his fellow hacker and assassin.

“At least we didn’t lie about our ages like you guys did. Ran-kun is still the youngest, barely from my own research,” Omi stated, turning back to his computer to continue his work as Nagi shook his head with a smile.

”Brad-san is going to have fun with all of this,” he snorted.

Drabble 29: April 23, 2012
Pairing: George, Kingsley
Title: Filling the Silence

They had known each other during the war, both of them working with the Order and on occasion doing missions together. They hadn’t been close, but they had been close enough to become close friends over time.

George had to admit that Kingsley was amazingly smart despite the fact that he rarely talked. The large man knew things that most barely knew existed, much less wanted to learn about. But he did know about it and enjoyed learning about it. The twins had learned quiet a lot just by listening to his advice.

“You’re thinking rather hard there, George,” Kingsley drawled from behind the young male. George turned around and smiled at the tall black man as he waved his wine glass.

“Just enjoying the peace my friend. To many bloody people for a supposedly small wedding,” George drawled as he leant against the railing of the balcony. Kingsley joined him and swirled his beer bottle as they gazed back at the reception that was going on.

They didn’t have to talk with one another to fill in the silence, didn’t feel uncomfortable with each other. They were really good friends after all and good friends didn’t have to worry about filling the silence.

Drabble 30: April 24, 2012
Pairing: Shippo, Kouga
Title: Puppy

“So, Kouga, why don’t you just ask for the chance to court Inuyasha?” Shippo asked, flipping a page in his book as Kouga looked away from watching Inuyasha as he walked through the garden.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Kouga sniffed, looking insulted. Shippo placed a book mark between the pages that he was working on reading and gave the wolf youkai a knowing look.

“You’ve been following Inuyasha around like a puppy for the last 20 years, Kouga. You’ve been coming to visit whenever you have been able to, usually when the pack doesn’t need you,” Shippo pointed out, watching a very light dusting of pink appear on Kougas nose.

“He still mourns Miroku though,” Kouga stated, raising an eyebrow at the snort from the young fox.

“He mourns the loss of a loved one, just like he mourns his mother,” the fox said, standing up to brush off his pants. The teen looked to his friend and smiled. “Inuyasha won’t say no if you ask for permission to court him. He’d welcome it actually. I don’t think he’s gone out with someone beyond you in the last few months.”

“Yeah? But what about Sesshomaru-sama?” Kouga asked, Shippo smirking at him.

“Good luck with him,” the young fox cooed before he left, leaving Kouga groaning.

Drabble 31: April 25, 2012
Pairing: Ken, Yohji
Title: Something New

“Yohji, I’m going to kill you if you don’t shut up,” Ken growled as he jabbed another flower into the arrangement that he was creating. Yohji just chuckled as he continued to count the drawer down.

“Ah, come on, Ken-Ken. You have to admit that it’s amusing that both Mastermind and Oracle are after you at the same time,” he snickered, dodging the wad of paper thrown at his head. Placing the money into a zippered pouch and dropping it into the safe before closing it with a foot, he turned to his co-worker. “Who would have thought that they would want you, especially since you tend to go up against Berserker.”

“I’m so close to making this team a three man group,” Ken warned, eyes narrowed at his teammate before wrapping a ribbon around the neck of the vase. “It’s not amusing! I had to hog tie Crawford tog et away from the man. He had ever intention of pinning me to a damn desk, right then and there!” he complained.

“Maybe getting laid would do you some good there, Ken,” Yohji drawled, tapping his fingers on the counter. Ken sniffed as he put the arrangement away into the refridgerator.

“If I’m getting laid, I’m not going to ******** over a desk the first time,” he drawled. “I prefer beds, lots of time and access to toys on occasion.” With that said, he left his teammate behind to watch with appraising eyes.

Drabble 32: April 26, 2012
Pairing: Remus, Dean
Title: Knowing

Taking a long drag off of his cigarette, Dean gazed at the headstone before him, feeling the scar that ran over his chest pull. Running a hand over his head, feeling it prickle at his hand, before sighing lowly again, smoke blowing out of his mouth.

“Ah, Remus, my friend and hero, what a world we now live in,” Dean draowled, flicking the ash off of his cigarette. “If you had only lived to see how life has changed in so many ways.”

Since the end of the war, Harry, Ron and Hermione had all worked to change the old laws, fixing what had been broken. They had also fixed the classes at Hogwarts, making it easier for the Muggleborns to integrated into Wizarding society. Magics long outlawed were once more welcomed, filling the world around them with a throb that they all felt. So called dark creatures once more walked free and amongst people, the old prejudices dying fast.

“Your books make some good money and your story is being written,” Dean continued, smiling sadly. “Teddy is getting everything that the sales make, which is good for him in the long run.” Finishing off his cigarette, he dropped it down and snuffed it out before standing up, mind filled with past moons as he gazed upwards.

“So many if onlys,” he said as he left the grave stone of Remus.

Drabble 33: April 27, 2012
Pairing: Miroku, Shippo
Title: A Little Chat

“So, why are you waiting to give them to Inuyasha?” Shippo asked as he crawled into Mirokus lap. “Are you waiting to keel over or something?”

“Shush child,” Miroku chuckled, opening the box that held the bonding bracelets within it, smiling at the simplistic beauty of them. “If I had my way, we would already be bonded but I can understand where Inuyasha is coming from,” he mused, stroking over the bracelets.

“What do you mean?” Shippo asked, eyes looking up at him with curious eyes.

”Well, when a youkai mates, their souls, their very beings are intertwined with their mates. When their mates die, they tend to follow if they don’t’ have a child to ground them,” Miroku said, smiling at the fox as he let him look at them. “With Naraku still out there, it’s very dangerous to do that. There is every chance I will die before Naraku dies, so I don’t want him to go through that kind of pain, and he doesn’t want me to go through that pain,” he explained.

“I hope you two do mate though. You make him happy,” Shippo chirped, enjoying the ruffling that he got.

“So do I, Shippo-kun, so do I. Hopefully the Gods will smile down on us and allow us to mate in a Naraku free world,” Miroku said, Shippo nodding his he ad hard as he watched him put the bracelets away. “Come on. Let’s head back before Inuyasha breaks down and outright kills Kagome finally.”

“Yeah, let’s.”
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Gambino Gaian

You have a lot of odd pairings. I only really recognised the Harry Potter drabbles, but they were pretty good considering that many of them are pairing that not many want to write about. Maybe you should go back to these one day and make some of them into full stories?

A few nitpicks:

Drabble 11:
This one had me confused. First I thought you meant Fred II, George's son. Then you said he was Teddy's babysitter? However, Teddy is the oldest of the NextGen kids, as he was born in the end of the last book. I think you mean that George (the Twin Who Lived, the one-eared Weasley) who was babysitting Teddy.

Drabble 20:
Err... Ginny is never described as looking like Lily in canon, at least as far as I can remember. Having red hair (and mind you, not even the same shade of red hair) does not in any way mean that you look like someone and it is certainly not enough to warrant worry for incest. My parents both have brown hair. Does that mean that I have incestuous thoughts if I lust for someone with brown hair? No, it doesn't. A lot of people have red hair, usually we identify each other by facial structure rather than hair colour.

Other than that I don't really have anything to remark on. Some of them read a bit wonky and the structure could be more polished, but the shorter you write the harder it is to get it right and drabble-a-day challenges doesn't leave much time to polish the writing and show it at its best.

Good luck with the writing!
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You have a lot of odd pairings. I only really recognised the Harry Potter drabbles, but they were pretty good considering that many of them are pairing that not many want to write about. Maybe you should go back to these one day and make some of them into full stories?

A few nitpicks:

Drabble 11:
This one had me confused. First I thought you meant Fred II, George's son. Then you said he was Teddy's babysitter? However, Teddy is the oldest of the NextGen kids, as he was born in the end of the last book. I think you mean that George (the Twin Who Lived, the one-eared Weasley) who was babysitting Teddy.

Drabble 20:
Err... Ginny is never described as looking like Lily in canon, at least as far as I can remember. Having red hair (and mind you, not even the same shade of red hair) does not in any way mean that you look like someone and it is certainly not enough to warrant worry for incest. My parents both have brown hair. Does that mean that I have incestuous thoughts if I lust for someone with brown hair? No, it doesn't. A lot of people have red hair, usually we identify each other by facial structure rather than hair colour.

Other than that I don't really have anything to remark on. Some of them read a bit wonky and the structure could be more polished, but the shorter you write the harder it is to get it right and drabble-a-day challenges doesn't leave much time to polish the writing and show it at its best.

Good luck with the writing!

Let me go through your comment in order so I don't miss anything. smile

The Inuyasha ones, for the most part, are a part of a larger world that I am working on currently. That story is an Inuyasha/Miroku story and will be a two story series. Any of the others, depends on the pairing and what I'm thinking when I write it.

Now, Drabble 11. I meant the first Fred. It's Au. I didn't have time to write explanations when I posted these due to the fact that I was exhausted at the time. I usually mean the pairings that I have stated.

Drabble 20: I was reading a lot of stories with Ginny being compared to Lily Potter. I'm poking fun at it. Not meant to be taken seriously. Smile and snicker as I do, hun. smile Trust me.

As it is, this is pure practice to write on the fly. My other things are usually better, mostly my full stories. Which I should be working on. >> *goes to do that*

Ah! Before I forget, is there any pairings that you would be interested in seeing? I'm somewhere in December with my pairings, but I could use more. I have many fandoms I write in as you've seen. And this is just a small sampling of said fandoms.
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AN: Hey, real fast, for those who have read this:
A) No, I don't really edit these. Why? Because I don't have as much time as I want. If you read the "Post Your Progress" thread in the main area, you can see why.

B) I could use more pairings. I'm on December 11, 2012 and need to get to March 13, 2012. So, PM or review here and request. But I do like reviews. biggrin

That's it.

Week 6:

Drabble 34: April 28, 2012
Pairing: Omi, Schuldig
Title: Why Me?

Licking his lips, Schuldig tugged at the ropes that held him down to the chair. Pouting once again, he glared at the oblivious Omi, who was typing away on the keyboard, adding to his headache. He dared not try to take over the kitten with the pain that was working its way through his skull.

“Are you sure you don’t want any aspirin?” Omi asked as he slid the flash drives into his pockets, done with the computer.

“No, no. Crawford has specialized medicine for me. Regular aspirin screws with me,” Schuldig drawled, letting his head rest on the back of the chair. “Did you have to smack me in the head with such a thick book?” he asked, sending a glare towards a thick tome that laid innocently on the floor.

“Stop glaring at the book. It was the only other item beyond the computer that was within reach,” Omi stated as he checked Schuldigs binds before walking around to stand before the German. “Now, your co-workers are coming…”

“Teammates, kitty-chan,” Schuldig purred, Omi rolling blue eyes.

“Teammates then. Either way they’re heading this way according to Abyssian. They have to detour for a moment since your boss is once more hogtied, this time by Aya-kun,” Omi told him as he opened a window. “So, see you guys around. Oh, and Schuldig-san?”

“Yes?” Schuldig asked, turning his head to look at Omi.

Omi smirked as he cocked an eyebrow. “Ken-kun likes books, mysteries mostly.” With that, he disappeared out of the window.

Drabble 35: April 29, 2012
Pairing: Seamus, Twins
Title: Spiced Cider

“Is it done?” Fred asked, peeking over Seamus’ shoulder as the Irish man stirred something in a pot.

“Not yet,” Seamus drawled as he picked up a bowl and dumped a fine brown powder into it.

“Why not?” George asked, looking over the mans other shoulder.

“Because it takes time to make this, George,” Seamus stated, continuing to stir. The red headed twins continued to watch as he stirred, added and watched it boil gently. “Hand me that cinnamon stick would you?” he asked, Fred doing so with a curious look. “The powdered cinnamon is all well and good, but a stick works better to add flavor and color.”

“So we see,” the twins hummed as they watched the liquid turn a rich brown even as Seamus added a few more apple slices, the others long dissolved or blended into the drink.

“Give over the rum there, George,” Seamus said, dousing the fire from under the pot with a flick of his wand and a smile. George handed over a small bottle of spiced rum, watching as their friend slowly started to add the rum, stirring steadily. The fragrant scent of spiced apple cider filled the air as the three smiled happily.

As they poured the spiked apple cider, the snow fell down outside in giant white flakes. A perfect day for cider.

Drabble 36: April 30, 2012
Pairing: Inuyasha, Naraku
Title: Hopes

Walking through the halls of his family castle, Inuyasha played with the rings that sat on Mirokus staff. His brother had finally been able to get the staff and other items of his now dead fiancé from Sango after nearly 2 years of trying. It made him smile as he headed for the granite workers work shop, the workers waiting for one of the string of beads and the staff.

“Soon, he will have a marker. Very soon,” Inuyasha sighed softly. Once he had dropped off the string of beads and the staff, minus two of the rings, he headed back to his room, sitting down on his bed as he played with the rings.

A regret that had bothered him for the last two years crept into his mind, making Inuyasha scowl as his fingers ran over the metal of the rings. “If I only had another chance to kill that son of a b***h and his wind slut, I would enjoy ripping them apart,” he growled, shoving a bit of hair back, eyes flaring in anger.

Taking a deep breath, he let his eyes close as he imagined all of the ways he would rip apart the crazed human turned hanyou. Opening his eyes once more, he stood once more and moved to place one ring into an ornate box that held his and his Mirokus bonding bracelets.

“I wonder if Naraku is rotting in hell,” he mused as he walked down the hall towards Shippos room. The thought brought out a chuckle, pausing in the hall to gaze out of the window there before shaking his head. “I can only hope he is being pulled apart by Hells creatures every day. Poetic justice for all that he did, for all of the lives that he destroyed so easily,” he sighed.

Shaking his head once more, he continued to Shippos room to give him the second ring from Mirokus staff. It was time to forget the stain of Narakus touch and to finally mourn those that they had lost due to the b*****d. It was high time to do just that.

Drabble 37: May 1, 2012
Pairing: Koenma, Yusuke
Title: Wonder

Sitting in his chair, his body that of a young adult instead of a toddler like so many times, Yusuke had to admit that Koenma looked better then any other time they had met before.

The young God was talking about some demon that had escaped from the Makai and needed to be either taken out or dragged back to where it came from. Pretty much the same s**t that he had done before.

Shaking his head, Yusuke yawned as brown eyes watched with bored detachment. He was used to the favors that Koenma asked for, even after so long after their supposed disassociation after he became a demon. Then again, Yusuke asked for the occasional favor, so he supposed he could help the poor God.

“Koenma,” Yusuke drawled, eyes dancing with amusement, “I’ve done this before, remember? I can do this in my sleep. The idiot went through my personal rift on top of that so I was going to go after him.”

“Then why haven’t you, Yusuke?” Koenma asked in return, voice drawled as the Mazoku stood up and stretched slowly.

“Because I had to find someone to watch the lands while I was off. I have people to think about,” Yusuke pointed out as he walked away, pausing at the door and looking over his shoulder, “just like you do.”

”I hate when you’re right,” Koenma muttered, watching the other leave and idly wondered when their relationship as boss and detective had changed to something more.

Drabble 38: May 2, 2012
Pairing: Jyuushiro/Byakuya
Title: Time Alone

“Is there a reason why you’re playing with my hair?” Byakuya asked as he gazed at the silver haired man next to him, getting a bright smile.

“I find your hair rather interesting. How do you get it to sit in these so well?” Jyuushiro asked curiously, tapping the hair ornaments with a smile.

“Training. Lots and lots of training,” was the deadpan answer as Byakuya turned back to his work. Feeling Jyuushiro continue to play with his hair, he sighed and allowed his fellow Taicho do so with a roll of eyes. Long fingers slid through the block locks, slowly drawing him away from his work and towards the welcoming lap that allowed his head to rest in it.

“Tired?” Jyuushiro asked, getting a hum of agreement from the younger man. “Then rest,” he chuckled, watching Byakuya curl up slightly and sigh softly in pleasure as he fell into a light doze. He had to marvel that no matter what age Byakuya was, he was still so young, so sweet when it was them. It was a nice fact that he took advantage of every chance he could.

“You’re finding me cute again, aren’t you?” Byakuya asked sleepily, dark eyes opening as Jyuushiro removed the hair ornaments and placed them aside to continue playing with the long hair.

“Yes, I am. Do you have a problem with that?” Jyuushiro asked, smiling brightly. Byakuya just snorted and went back to curling close to his lover and nuzzling into the soft lap.

Drabble 39: May 3, 2012
Pairing: Kisame, Naruto
Requested by: Fadedlullabyes
Title: Annoying Blond!

“Fishy-chan,” Naruto purred, smirking at the glare he got from Kisame. Settling back in his bonds, he crossed his legs, the ropes tightening before relaxing once more and tipped his head. “So, Fishy-chan, why are you standing guard over me? Usually it’s one of the others,” he said, getting another glare.

“You annoyed them all to the point where they’ve threatened to kill Pein and throw his body off a cliff,” Kisame stated, giving Naruto a third glare before crossing his arms and looking away in what the fox suspiciously thought was a pout.

“Aww, they don’t wanna play with me no more?” Naruto asked, pouting up at the large man, getting a growl before laughing lowly and sitting straight, pulling his legs up to sit cross legged. “And I really didn’t do anything at all.”

Kisame snorted and shook his head. “Bullshit. You sang It’s a Small World when Itachi-san watched you, repeatedly. He still twitches and tries to kill what ever is playing any bars of that song by the way,” Kisame stated, turning around with a flare of his coat. Naruto just looked up at him with a smile. “Sasori is still paranoid about his puppets by the way and won’t go near a fire any more and refuses to walk into a room with one on top of that. And I have no idea what you did to Hiden but he refuses to come out of his damn room!”

“What? When Itachi-san came around, he never talked so I had to fill in the silence. And it’s not my fault puppets creep me out and I told him about the time that I set one on fire on accident when a person surprised me with it. As for Hiden…let’s say me and him had a talk about torture,” Naruto stated, still looking innocently up at the other nin. Kisame balked slightly, paling into a sky blue as he scuttled away. “Of course…I could always talk about my love of sushi next…”

Not three hours later, Naruto was being dumped in front of the gates of Kohona, smiling like the cat that got the cream, the bird and the fish.

Drabble 40: May 4, 2012
Pairing: Aya, Omi
Requested by: Laurose
Title: Flirting for the First Time

Staring at Aya from around the flower arrangement that he was holding, Omi felt his eyebrows raise as the red head flushed and bent further over the flowers that he was setting into a bouquet on some simple paper. The guy standing near him and blatantly flirting with him was a surprise, even more so when Aya just shot him wary looks instead of tossing him out on his ear.

Then again, Aya was a teenager, was indeed the right age to be flirted with and to flirt back, but he never did. He did what he was doing just then and blushing, sending who ever was flirting with him wary, if not appreciative glances. It was kinda cute to Omi and he was glad that he had the afternoon shift with Aya instead of Yohji who would just be an idiot and tease the poor male into throwing something at his head before hiding.

Shaking his head, Omi handed over the arrangement with a smile and took the customers money before they left. Aya was quick to bring over the bouquet with a nod of his head, red hair swaying lightly and seemingly memorizing the guy who had been flirting with him earlier.

“Thank you, Aya-kun,” Omi said, taking the flowers with a bright smile, getting a quirk of Ayas lips.

“You’re welcome, Omi-kun,” Aya replied in his smooth, sweet voice before he went back to working on the flower arrangements and bouquets as he was flirted with some more. Omi shook his head and went back to his own job, watching his fellow teen learn how to flirt and enjoy being flirted with.

Week 7 Pairings:

abandoned_nr_5448214's avatar

Gambino Gaian

Rose Strailo

Ah! Before I forget, is there any pairings that you would be interested in seeing? I'm somewhere in December with my pairings, but I could use more. I have many fandoms I write in as you've seen. And this is just a small sampling of said fandoms.

Oh! *climbs up in your lap*
Well then I wants something with Snape. Maybe Snape/Sirius (their childish fighting make me laugh) or Snape/Remus/Sirius (which is pretty much murder waiting to happen and overall Remus babysitting the other two in order to postpone said murder if not prevent it all together).
Or Snape/Lily for a dose of hetero. Or Snape/Lily's underwear for laughs - I'm not above humiliation.

Or more Harry/Blaize. I haven't seen that pairing at all before. Only a few scattered Ron/Blaize. I will have to investigate this pairing but it seemed a lot of fun when you wrote it... Golly, I get a surprising amount of hits for this on FF. Mostly weird stuff though. The things you see on the internet...

Thank you for taking requests Strailo-Santa! *steals Seamus' apple cider and runs off*
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Oh! *climbs up in your lap*
Well then I wants something with Snape. Maybe Snape/Sirius (their childish fighting make me laugh) or Snape/Remus/Sirius (which is pretty much murder waiting to happen and overall Remus babysitting the other two in order to postpone said murder if not prevent it all together).
Or Snape/Lily for a dose of hetero. Or Snape/Lily's underwear for laughs - I'm not above humiliation.

Or more Harry/Blaize. I haven't seen that pairing at all before. Only a few scattered Ron/Blaize. I will have to investigate this pairing but it seemed a lot of fun when you wrote it... Golly, I get a surprising amount of hits for this on FF. Mostly weird stuff though. The things you see on the internet...

Thank you for taking requests Strailo-Santa! *steals Seamus' apple cider and runs off*

*squeals and snuggles happily* For making me laugh, you get them all. biggrin


December 12, 2012: Snape/Sirius
December 13, 2012: Snape/Sirius/Remus
December 14, 2012: Snape/Lily
December 15, 2012: Snape - Lily's Panties
December 16, 2012: Harry/Blaise

And be careful when going for the Harry/Blaise fiction. They like making him a girl, even years later. *sighs softly* Blaise is not a females name people! Do your research!


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Drabble a Day Week 7:

Drabble 41: May 5, 2012
Pairing: Kenpachi/Byakuya
Title: Love of Power

Kenpachi loved power. He loved the feel of it as it lashed across his skin as he fought. He loved the way it would curl around those who had it, a tightly coiled snake ready to strike out at any who would dare mess with the person. And power came in so many different flavors, so many different forms. ‘

Ichigos was fiery, hot and flaring everywhere most of the time. But it could be so cold it burned his skin when they sparred, the hollow within the substitute coming out.

Hitsugayas was as cold as his bankai was, snapping and flowing smoothly around him.

Unohanas was smooth and calm, healing those that felt it without really doing much. Just like her.

But Byakuya…Kenpachi was addicted to Byakuyas power; the feel of it, the taste of it. It was absolutely gorgeous, flowing and dancing around the Kukichi clan head just like his Shika did. It was also sharp edged and dangerous to those that the noble hated or disliked.

Kenpachi loved riling Byakuya up, just to feel that sharp edge of his power and to see it flare bright in gray eyes. He was addicted to power, but he was more addicted to Byakuya.

Drabble 42: May 6, 2012
Pairing: Harry, Sanzo
Title: Sweet Child

He had to admit that the young wizard was interesting, walking around the grounds of the temple, humming a soft song about something or another as he worked.

When Harry had first appeared he hadn’t known a lick of their language, but with time and a lot of studying, he had learned, along with how to curse rather colorfully whenever Gojyo decided to be an idiot and flirt with him. Goku loved Harry, worshipped him like an awesome younger brother and Sanzo had to agree with the young God.

Harry was a blessing to them since neither of them cooked very well at the best of times. On top of that, he had created new wards that were a welcomed addiction to the ones that surrounded his temple.

Watching Harry pause next to the flowers, Sanzo pulled out a cigarette and lit it as his charge idly stroked a leaf with a thoughtful frown on his lips. He had a feeling that they would soon be smelling something interesting coming from Harry’s lab, either disgusting or sweet would be the toss up. Sighing as he blew out a stream of smoke, Sanzo shook his head and stood up.

“Harry! Come on, it’s almost time for lunch and I promised we’d go to town for dinner,” he called, green eyes turning towards him as a small smile spread over Harry’s lips.

“Coming, Sanzo,” Harry called back as he plucked the leaf from the plant and ran over to the older man.

Drabble 43: May 7, 2012
Pairing: Joxer, Cupid
Title: Love of Surprises

“So, why are you in a skirt?” The question came from a blond man as he tilted back in a low back chair, balancing on two legs. His wings brushed the ground as he flexed them back and forth, his eyes gazing at a young man that looked much like a woman. Joxer looked up and cocked an eyebrow.

“Do the names Gabrielle and Xena not mean anything to you?” he asked in return as he flipped a piece of parchment over onto a pile before looking down and going over it. Dipping his quill, he scratched something out and made a note in dark red ink that would dry a lighter red. “They are still after me apparently so I’m still stuck in the damn dress. And don’t you say a word, Cupid, or I will have Strife pluck you bald. He owes me for dumping his paperwork on me,” he grouched, pointing his quill at the other.

Cupid just raised his hands in surrender and smiled. “No worries, my friend, now worries.”

“And what are you doing here bugging me? Don’t you have some one to shoot with those arrows you haul around?” Joxer asked, looking back to his papers, once more flipping the parment.

“I’m here until Hephaestus is done with his thing. He’s apparently tossing Mom out on her ear finally. Got tired of her excuses again,” Cupid drawled, shrugging as Joxer looked up.

“Aren’t you also ******** him?” he asked bluntly, smirking as the God of Passionate Love choked and fell back in surprise. “Works every time,” he purred.

Drabble 44: May 8, 2012
Pairing: Hephaestus, Joxer
Title: Love of Surprises 2

“Did you have to make him fall off his chair?” Hephaestus asked as Joxer strolled into his temple, giving the young man a dry look.

“Yes. It’s not my fault that each time I say something observant it takes him surprised,” Joxer stated as he placed down his bags. Smiling at the scarred god as he stood, the human started to unload the parchment and food from the bags, laying them on the desk that had been placed in the temples office.

“Why are you here so early? Usually you are here after lunch, not before or during,” Hephaestus said as he watched his worker and friend in return.

“I saw Xena and Gabrielle in the marketplace as I was getting my lunch,” Joxer said, shaking his head as he held up a fruit. “Apparently they were asking around about me, but no one was telling them anything. Their reputations preceded them.”

“I see. I’ll make sure that the blacksmiths don’t say anything about you working here,” the large man said, frowning heavily.

“I saw a couple just give them looks and grunt at them,” Joxer snickered. “Their ‘not smart enough to talk’ routine.”

Hephaestus smirked and shook his head as he walked over to his chair, falling into it with a heavy thud. “That sounds about right. Still, next time you have to do that, don’t use our relationship as a way to make him fall back, yeah?”

“Fine, take all my fun away.”

Drabble 45: May 9, 2012
Pairing: Ikkaku/Hanatoru
Title: Fluff

Smirking at his little lover as he scowled at his ankle, Ikkaku chuckled and stood up, walking over to him and lifting the tiny leg. “Come on, Hana, you can’t help the fact that you sprained your ankle, so just relax,” he said, massaging the slim ankle.

“But I was hoping to go out this weekend, do some needed shopping,” Hanatoru huffed, looking up at his lover with large doe like eyes. Ikkaku sat down before him and chuckled as he continued with his massage.

“I can do it, no worries. Just write out the list and send me off,” he offered, Hanatoru looking slightly wary about the idea. “Trust me. You can even send the occasional hell butterfly after me to make sure that I’m getting what you need,” he said, getting a soft smile from his lover.

“Fine. Get me some paper and a pen please,” Hanatoru finally relented, holding out his hand towards the other man. Ikkaku smiled brightly and placed Hanas ankle back down before getting up, and grabbing the paper and pen that had been requested.

Once the rather long list had been written out, along with where to get the items, Ikkaku was off, Hana shaking his head and curling up with a book in his hand. He just hoped the bald third seat didn’t come back with to many extra items. He had no idea where they would put the stuff.

Drabble 46: May 10, 2012
Pairing: Itachi, Naruto
Title: Annoying Blonds

“Did you have to traumatize my partner by talking about your love for sushi?” Itachi asked as he stared at Naruto as the blond worked on something near a river. Naruto look up and smirked lightly, flicking a kunai at him. Itachi shifted his head slightly and let it thump into a tree behind him.

“Yes, I had to traumatize him. He was standing there, whining about how I traumatized everyone who had watched over me. It’s not my fault that they couldn’t stand it,” Naruto pouted as he went back to what he was doing, holding up a cloth to look at it before placing it back in the water.

“He won’t come near you now. We have a job we must do and he won’t come near you,” Itachi drawled, eyes flaring with his sharingan. Naruto snorted and shrugged his shoulders.

“It’s not my fault I like raw fish on rice, or wrapped in seaweed. It’s rather good when I can get good fish,” Naruto stated, a smirk curling over his lips as Itachi glared at him from behind his collar. “I wouldn’t want to eat Kisame anyways. At least…not that way,” he continued, standing up as he wrung out the cloth and then snapped it. “I’d rather him be alive and wiggling personally. What about you, Itachi-san? Alive and wiggling, or alive and pinning you somewhere to the surface? I rather like both ideas.”

With that, Naruto bounced off with his wet cloth to dump on Sakuras face for annoying him, leaving Itachi standing there, mind racing with thoughts of Kisame and sex, blush exploding over his face.

Drabble 46: May 11, 2012
Pairing: Kensei/Ichigo
Title: Mourning the Memories

He stood on the roof, gazing up at the sky as he played with his bracelet, red hair blowing in the breeze. Kensei paused and gazed at Ichigo, worried about the young male. After all of what the younger Shinigami had seen, done and lost, he had never been able to mourn the people that he had lost.

Shaking his head, Kensei walked over to stand next to Ichigo, hands tucked into his pockets as they watched the moon rise up over the horizon. Ichigo played with a bit of his long ha ir, brown eyes glazed with thought as he nibbled on his bottom lip.

“You’re thinkin’ hard,” Kensei finally said as the moon continued to crawl up the sky. Brown eyes turned towards him before they blinked a few times.

“Yeah. Remembering a lot actually, mostly my past and my lost world,” Ichigo sighed, turning back to the sky. Kensei reached out and brushed his hand through soft hair in a comforting gesture. “I still can’t believe that they are all really gone. I know Sado has the memories, but sometimes….It’s just not enough.”

“Sometimes you just want the ones that are in your memories,” Kensei replied, getting a soft, sad smile from Ichigo. “I know we’re not the ones you became close to during your first round against Aizen, but we are here for you. All of us, all of the Vizards are here for you.”

“I know,” Ichigo mused, allowing Kensei to draw him close to his body, enjoying the warmth of the strong body. “And I can’t help but thank all of you even as I mourn what I did lose.”

“You can mourn all you want now, Ichigo-kun. You don’t have to worry about that now,” Kensei said lowly as he watched moon shining tears slip down Ichigos cheeks.

“I know, Kensei-kun, I know,” Ichigo replied just as lowly, turning his head to bury his face into Kenseis chest, finally letting go of his heart break.
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Drabble a Day Week 8

Drabble 48: May 12, 2012
Pairing: Gai, Kakashi
Title: Bets and Green Spandex Suits

“Come my friend! Wear the outfit with me!” Gai exclaimed gleefully as Kakashi glared at the green spandex suit in his hands.

“I think not, Gai,” Kakashi drawled, shaking his head and pulling out his usual book as Gai pouted heavily. “I don’t do spandex, not like you.”

“But I do think you would look good in it,” Gai whined, eyes going large misty. Kakashi had to wonder if the man hadn’t learned it off of Naruto when they were working on something or another.

“No, I think not,” the silver haired man stated, shaking his head with a smile under his mask before heading towards the Hokage tower to get his daily mission for he and his students. “Again, I don’t look good in spandex. Why should I try and wear it?”

“I’m sure that you’ll look good in anything that you wear,” Gai said, following after and trying hard to get Kakashi into the spandex suit. Failing to do so, he found Naruto, who just held out his hand and took the money that he owed the younger male. “You were correct about me not getting him into the outfit.”

“Of course I was right. Only you and Lee are nuts enough to wear something that eye searing,” Naruto teased, kissing Gais cheek as he tucked the cash away. “Come on. Let’s get going. Iruka is waiting for us,” he chirped, dragging the larger man off.

Drabble 49: May 13, 2012
Pairing: Gai/Naruto
Title: Amazed at My Lover

Brushing his hand through soft hair, Gai had to smile at the sleepy mummer as a lean body shifted and pressed against his even more. He was surprised at just how loving Naruto was when it was just them. He was calmer, quieter, like Gai himself was, and much more loving.

The man had found himself falling in love with it. He loved just curling up with the younger male while they listened to the house settle around them. Or when it was raining, watch the rain as it ran down the windows and clouded their views of the world outside. He loved cooking with his lover the simple but filling meals that they shared between them and the huge meals that they created for their friends on special occasions.

He loved doing it all because he did it with Naruto. Nuzzling into blond hair, he chuckled at the garbled words that escaped from the full, pink mouth and curled his hand over one lean hip and stroked it just to feel the soft skin under his calloused hand. He marveled at the fact that the skin was unmarred even after so many years but not surprised about it. He knew that Naruto healed quickly and it just made him want to mark the skin with all sorts of dark marks, which didn’t heal quite as fast as any wound created during a fight.

Gai thought that he loved that, just under how much he loved Naruto being himself.

Drabble 50: May 14, 2012
Pairing: Harry, Lily
Title: Goodbyes

Gazing around what was left of the ROR before gazing down at the stone in his hand, turning it around in his finger, he frowned. Licking his lips, he moved around the fallen stone and melted metal that was the room where they had found the last of Voldemorts horcrux nearly six moths ago.

The school had been rebuilt, the students had been returned to continue their education and the magic of the room had been reawakened. Harry had come to the destroyed room to hide away the stone amongst the ruined rubble, knowing that no one would come into the room. At least not for a very long time.

Pausing, he smiled at the ghost of a red haired, green eyed ghost that he knew oh so well as she smiled in return. He knew that she would be gone once the stone was hidden away from even him. Feeling her follow him, he continued to walk further into the room.

Finding the pile he wanted, he used his wand to wave away the melted metal, burned wood and charred stone off of the cracked marble chest. Brushing his hand over the marble, he looked up as his mother placed her hand over his.

“This is right, even if I wish I could keep seeing you,” he sighed as he opened the marble chest. Reaching in, he took Snapes old potions book before dropping the stone in. Closing the lid, he left as Lilys ghost disappeared with a soft smile on her lips.

Drabble 51: May 15, 2012
Pairing: Ken, Aya
Title: Touching His Red

It was amazing at just how red his hair was; a rich blood color that flashed with lighter and darker undertones of color. Ken was drawn to the bright color, wanting to run his fingers through the soft locks and make Aya purr his delight at being touched and lean into it. Yohji often did it, Aya soon smacking him for some comment or another that came from the perverted blond. Omi did it while he was thinking, the older male usually laying out on the couch with his head in Omis lap and dozing.

Ken hadn’t once done it, never having the courage to see how well he would be received or if he would even be allowed to get within 2 feet of the skittish Aya.

But he had finally gathered up enough courage to go over and just slide his finger through soft hair, amazed at just how silky it was, wondering if all of the blood that they ended up covered in helped before shaking away that disturbing thought. Aya sighed softly and leant into the touch, violet eyes gazing up at him with a knowing look as a smile twitched on his lips. Ken just smiled back and continued to play with the red locks, relaxing the both of them as he leant against the back of the couch and Aya went back to his book.

Drabble 52: May 16, 2012
Pairing: John, Xander
Title: Chats About Demons

“So, you work with a demon huh?” Xander asked as he played with his drink, gazing at his friend, getting a shrug.

“You fight them to. We just happen to have a very large Hell demon working for us,” John replied, smiling slightly. “Who was raised by a human to enjoy being around humans and to protect said humans. What about you? You willingly work with a vampire?”

“As Buffy keeps reminding me, a vampire with a soul,” Xander snorted, sipping his iced coffee and shivering at the cold sweetness that hit his mouth. “Angel ain’t so bad. I just love annoying the s**t out of him because I can,” he continued, shrugging with a smirk. “He’s to damn easy to annoy. He doesn’t really like me though since he thinks I enjoy being around Buffy during the day.”

“Do you?” John asked, following the other males’ example and sipping his own drink through the straw that sat in it.

“Not really,” Xander said slowly, swirling the ice around in his drink. John just cocked an eyebrow and gave him a look that told him to continue on with his explanations. “She’s not that bright at the best of times. She gets down right annoying during the day; becomes the blond bimbo that she once was in LA, Joh. And don’t get me on about everything else,” he muttered. John snickered for a few minutes until Xander smirked and asked, “So, tell me, John, all about this big, red demon of yours. Hellboy wasn’t his name?”

Drabble 53: May 17, 2012
Pairing: Miles, Optimus
Title: Meeting His Alien

Staring up at the large mech before him, eyes wide and surprised, Miles shifted on his feet as Optimus knelt down and smiled at the small human that was Samuels friend.

“Hello, you must be Miles Lancester,” Optimus greeted, Miles nodding his head as he rubbed at his head. “I’m sure you know, but I am Optimus Prime,” the mech greeted, reaching out with his hand, offering his finger to shake his hand with. Miles felt oddly dizzy as he shook the finger of the large being before shaking it off and smiling brightly.

“So, you’re the ones who have been keeping Sam busy for so long,” Miles finally said, smiling as Optimus chuckled, a deep, rich sound that reverberated through the large frame.

“I am sorry about that, I really am. I did not mean to draw him away from his life outside of the base so often,” Optimus stated, offering his hand, Miles stepping up onto it, using a large thumb to balance. Standing straight, Prime headed into the main area of the base, Miles listening to the gears turn and other sounds of the metallic body as he moved, fascinated by them.

“It’s fine. I know how Sam is. He’ll find a good balance eventually. It’s just going to take him time to find it,” Miles replied, musing that the first meeting with the mech that he was being held by had gone pretty good so far. Sam was right, Optimus was a really nice alien, despite his size and his history.

Drabble 54: May 18, 2012
Pairing: Kakashi/Iruka
Title: First Dates

Straightening his shirt, Iruka gazed at himself in the mirror with a critical eye, trying not to frown at himself. He had a date, one of the few that he allowed himself while the academy was in session, and it was with a notorious porn reading pervert.

Shaking his head, the scarred teacher pushed the thoughts out of his head as he moved into his living room, picking up his tea cup and drinking down the last of the luke warm tea with a wrinkled nose. He was nervous, he knew that. He didn’t want to end up really liking the man only to end up hurt. He had heard many rumors but didn’t believe most of them. He respected one Kakashi Hatake, but he didn’t know a thing about him.

At least nothing beyond what his very young and rather dense ex-student had told him during their talks about the man.

Shaking his head once more, hair flipping with the movements, he groaned and rubbed at the scar over his nose before looking to the door at the solid knocks on it. Pasting a smile onto his lips, he opened it and smiled up at Kakashi, the smile shifting into a softer one as he took the sake bottle with a bow in the shape of a rose wrapped around it.

Maybe the first date with a pervert wouldn’t be so bad.
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Drabble 50: May 14, 2012
Pairing: Harry, Lily
Title: Goodbyes

But... Harry dropped the stone in the forest where it was unlikely that anyone would find it, except possibly some random acromantula. It is very sweet, extremely so, but the stone would be MUCH safer in the forest, where it would eventually be buried by time, than in a chest that would just stand there waiting to be opened. The fact that Harry found it once before speaks for how likely it is that someone else stumbles over it too.

Either way, stylistically I wonder if maybe you could put up some obvious divider between the drabbles? Something like one of these:
Or whatever, you get the gist. Since I skip drabbles with pairings I'm not familiar with I nearly missed quite a few and had to backtrack. If you just skim the post they all blend in with each other sweatdrop

Regardless, those were some great drabbles. Are you still taking requests? If you are, then can I request Luna meeting her future husband, Rolf Scamander? I know he never showed up in canon so technically it's like asking for an OC, but I like Luna and I like the idea of her falling for a fellow naturalist.
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@artist aryn:

Fanfiction is a lovely thing. It lets me play with things. And it was never really shown just what happened to the stone. I decided to play.

Anyways, yes, you can. I have you down for January 1st, 2013.

Week 9:

Drabble 55: May 19, 2012
Pairing: Abe/Xander
Title: Blue…

“You’re rather blue.” Sitting at the table with the man before him, Xander stared at him, eyes wide as they waited for John to get back from his retrieval of Hellboy.

“Indeed, I am,” Abe chuckled, thin lips pulling into a smile. “You are Johns cousin, yes?”

“Yeah, Apparently my parents were, in a way, disowned from the family so I never really knew about him until someone stuck my DNA profile into the database during my senior year,” Xander replied, shrugging with a smile dancing on his lips as he played with his coffee cup.

“What in the world did you do to have your DNA inputed?” Abe asked, looking curious about that. He had to admit that the blush that spread over Xanders cheeks was rather appealing.

“To the hospital? One of my parents’ drunk friends came after me with a broken beer bottle and got me in my side. In truth? Vampire with said beer bottle. They decided to push for me being removed from my parents’ custody so they put my profile in to find any family and found my cousin,” he said, shrugging. “That was a year ago.”

“How in the world did you and John learn that both of you deal with the supernatural world?” Abe asked, getting a chuckle.

“A vampire decided that we would make good pets and help him raise his status. I had to hurt his ego and dust him in return,” Xander drawled, shrugging with a smile.

“Fascinating,” Abe breathed, black eyes bright with interest as he leant forward.

“Then he shot at the hell hound that came to nibble on one of the vamps leftovers. Made the hound yelp and give him this kicked puppy look,” Xander chuckled as he sat back, John walking into the room, giving his cousin a wary look.

“Are you telling Abe about our first meeting?” John asked. Xander just gave his cousin an innocent look. Sighing, he pointed behind him, “Hellboy will be coming in a few.”

Drabble 56: May 20, 2012
Pairing: Gojyo/Harry
Title: Laundry

He had to admit that it was cute whenever he sent a pouting look his way, trying to glare. Gojyo chuckled as another one was sent at him by the green eyed boy before he growled and turned away from him. Chuckling some more, he shook his head, red hair falling around his face as he sat back in his chair, just wanting to watch as Harry worked on sorting the clothes that had been brought to him.

Harry didn’t trust anyone near his washing machine, even Hakkai even though he trusted the human turned youkai around everything else. Something about Goku and an exploding machine when he had first arrived.

“Come on, Harry, relax a little,” Gojyo called, getting a growl and a bottle of softener tossed at his head, forcing him to catch it so it didn’t hit his head. “Don’t be like that lovely,” he cooed.

“I wouldn’t if you would just put some clothes on, you pervert,” Harry stated, sending another pouting glare at him before hauling his first load towards the laundry room. Gojyo looked down and plucked at his boxers before shrugging.

“I am dressed,” he called, getting a new sound of displeasure, making him smile smugly.

“Boxers is not dressed!” Harry called back, making Gojyo chuckle and light a cigarette as he sat back.

“But I have no other clothes,” he told the young man as he came out to grab his bottle.

“And who’s fault is that?” Harry retorted, making Gojyo pout as he flicked the ash off of his cigarette.

Drabble 57: May 21, 2012
Pairing: Harry/Collin/Dennis
Requested by: bill560682
Title: Picture Album

Gazing at the two brothers as they shifted through several pictures, Harry had to smile at them and shake his head. He watched as they placed several of the pictures into a special album that they were keeping for Harrys young child.

He had come to the brothers with his child after finding his wife in bed with another man to take the time to heal. James had been six months at the time, and he had just turned two, he and Harry having found a wonderful home with the brothers. James had two new doting fathers and Harry had two lovers who had grown up so much from their younger years.

Once Harry had divorced Ginny, he had left the Aurora program and had instead worked on managing his finances; surprised at how many places the Potter family had helped finance. With majority shares in quite a few places, he was quick to put a choke chain on them, forcing some much needed changes. Others, he let be. Properties he owned and were rented had new business in them, most of them being in Knockturn Alley surprisingly enough.

The two brothers, his Collin and Dennis, on the other hand, flourished as photographers. Harry had introduced them to muggle style cameras and after much fiddling, the two had 2 or 3 sets of every type of camera and a computer for their digital shots. Their first collection of photos and stories were to come out soon.

But still, a majority of their pictures were of Harry and James, all of them filling photo albums. Harry had to admit that he didn’t mind having his picture taken as much as he had.

Drabble 58: May 22, 2012
Pairing: Brad, Yohji, Aya
Title: Trapped…Again

Playing with his katana, Aya grunted lowly before sitting down on the ground and glaring at Brad as the man sighed and pulled out a cigarette. Yohji was patting at a wound that he had gotten from the collapse of the abandoned building, the sound of shifting rubble filtering through to them.

“This is getting boring,” Aya finally said as he leant against the still partially up wall. “Brad, why in the world did Nagi take the building down?” he asked, glaring at Crawford, who just gave him a bored look.

“We were unaware of the buildings condemned state,” Crawford stated, getting a dark glare from Aya.

“Unaware? How many times do I have to say to do your research on things? Seriously, you knew that we were going to be fighting in this area,” Aya growled, Crawford snorted and lit his cigarette finally as Yohji looked back and forth between the two men.

“Do this often?” he asked finally, pulling out his own cigarette and adding to the scent of tobacco that wafted around them.

“Much too often,” Aya sighed as he stole Yohjis cigarette, getting a protest. “Deal with it,” he stated, glaring his companion down.

“Fine, fine,” Yohji snorted, pulling out another one as they listened to rubble being moved out of the way so they could get out.

Drabble 59: May 23, 2012
Pairing: Yusuke, Hiei
Title: Waiting

Sitting back, Hiei idly watched as Yusuke moved through a set of complicated katas, his body moving as if disconnected from his mind. The fire demon could see just how deep his newly acquired ally was in his thoughts, knowing that otherwise the teenager would have acknowledged him the moment he was close enough when he landed on Genkais land. Hiei raised an eyebrow at a particularly interesting bending move that the younger male did before wondering just how bendy Yusuke was.

Shaking his thoughts free from that particular line of musing, Hiei settled onto his branch as Yusuke kept moving; jumping, twisting, and throwing punches and kicks. The man was young in so many ways, but older in others, having seen too much of the world and how it ran in his life. Working as a Spirit Detective just added to that knowledge, to that world worn feeling.

But Yusuke was also happiest when he was fighting, taking down some idiot who had crossed his path or some fool who thought he was smart enough to take out the super powered teen. It amused Hiei to see how easily Yusuke took down the humans after his training with Genkai and the mission through the castle to take out a new demon.

It made Hiei’s blood boil in lust, even knowing that he would have to wait, at the very least, another year before he could make a move on the young detective. At the most, he would have to wait 3 years.

He didn’t mind waiting. Or watching as Yusukes so called relationship with the human girl fall apart.

Drabble 60: May 24, 2012
Pairing: Jiraya, Orochimaru
Claimed by: Fadedlullabyes
Title: Times Long Past

He was pained; hurt knowing that his student was going through what he himself had gone through. Jiraya hummed lowly as he gazed into the fire as his thoughts turned to Orochimaru.

His friend had fooled them all into believing he was loyal to their village but had turned on them long before he had left physically. He supposed what hurt the most was the fact that the man hadn’t even talked to him, having never once felt that he could come to him.

When Orochimarus experiments had come out, it had sent a kunai through his heart and made living in the village even more painful, but he had stayed. At least until Minato had died sealing away the Kyuubi. When that happened, he had left behind Kohona, Naruto and all of the memories that haunted him to go hunt down Orochimaru.

Jiraya had been hunting for his friend ever since, feeding what he had found out back to Kohona and the Hokage. He hadn’t found much for so long that he had hoped that Orochimaru had decided that hiding was good. But all of his hopes had been broken the moment he had heard stirrings.

That had been around the time of Team 7’s mission to Wave and when Sasuke had unlocked his sharigan. And now, Naruto was training to drag the Uchiha back by his hair if need be, going through the same pain as he had.

Jiraya looked at the young man as he turned over and curled up under his blanket and smiled softly. He had no doubt that the younger man wouldn’t kick Sasukes a** where he had failed to with Orochimaru.

Drabble 67: May 25, 2012
Pairing: Shikamaru, Asuma
Claimed by: Ane
Title: Boring

Taking a slow drag off of his cigarette, Asuma pulled it away from his mouth and blew out a slow stream of smoke as he tapped off the ash. Shikamaru stood next to him, one of his own cigarettes hanging loosely from his mouth as they watched Ino and Choji practice against each other. They were bored just standing there smoking, but their teammates needed the practice, Shikamaru wasn’t supposed to be standing on his ankle while the bone knitted the rest of the way and Asumas ribs screamed in protest the moment he did so much as stretched.

“This is boring,” Shikamaru snorted, pulling his own cigarette from his mouth and snuffing it on the bottom of his shoe before tossing the butt into the woods.

“I know how you feel,” Asuma chuckled, smirking at his friend and companion before returning his eyes to the two fighting. “But then again, it is better then being stuck in the hospital.”

“Don’t remind me of the hospital please. I keep getting hit on since my mom started playing match maker for me,” Shikamaru groaned, pulling out a fresh white stick of rolled tobacco and stuck it in the corner of his mouth. Lighting it with a cheap lighter, he snorted as the cherry glowed brightly. “It’s annoying now days and I really want to just kill who ever let loose that I’m available.”

“And you’re really not?” Asuma asked, getting a dry look which made him chuckle. “Apparently not.”

“Nope. Not that anyone needs to know. I rather like the treats I get from those who really want me,” Shikamaru chuckled around his cigarette.
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Week 10: May 26 to June 1:

Drabble 62: May 26, 2012
Pairing: Charlie, Xander
Title: Waving? Really?

“Wand waving magic? Really?” Xander asked, looking to the man next to him. The red hair and quick smile had him smiling in return as they stood in front of a dragons’ cage. He had ended up being the one to come since Buffy had wanted to attack the dragons due to her Slayer sense going off and Willow had wanted to learn all about the new type of magic, so had been held back.

Xander, being the last one on the list, was sent and he had met Charlie, who had taken a liking to the blunt younger male.

“Yeah, wand waving magic. What about you guys? You use rituals and the such right?” Charlie asked, patting the nose of a large dragon when it came close to him.

“Yeah. At least Willow does. Magic goes odd around me so I tend not to become a part of it since I sucked so much Hellmouth energies from living there all of my life,” Xander admitted, shrugging with a smile.

“So, how is it that you’re not screwing with the magic and runes here?” Charlie asked, a mischievious smile dancing on Xanders lips.

“I can siphon it off and power certain magics. Willow hasn’t figured out that the stones she uses sometimes came from me,” he admitted, holding up a stone that was glowing brightly before he tucked it away. “I have about 30 of those in my bag. By the time that I’m 50 I’ll have drawn it all out as long as I stay away from Cleveland.” Charlie chuckled lowly and nodded his head.

“Nice,” Charlie chuckled.

“I know, ain’t it?”

Drabble 63: May 27, 2012
Pairing: Charlie/Harry, Bill
Title: Those Rumors

Laying on the couch, Bill moaned lowly and shook his head as Harry stormed through the living room, green eyes flashing brightly. “What happened this time?” he asked as his younger brother walked in after the fuming Harry.

“Reporter jumped us in the middle of our shopping trip,” Charlie shared, crossing his arms and leaning against the door sill. “Asked us about our friendship and then proceeded to ask if he was sleeping with the both of us instead of just me.”

“Ah, bugger,” Bill moaned, covering his eyes with an arm. “What did he do to the poor reporter?”

“He hexed the guy neon pink with ‘I will tell lies all the time’ running across his forehead in neon green. We had to go to The Daily Prophet to chew out the editor, again, to get the idiot demoted,” Charlie snorted, looking into the kitchen watching his lover put things away with angry movements.

“Is he gonna sue this time?” Bill asked, raising an eyebrow at the other man.

“If they publish anything, and I do mean anything, about him or any of his friends that isn’t true or allowed by them, yeah, he will be,” Charlie snorted.

“So I should warn the lawyers then?” Bill asked, his younger brother snorting as he moved to sooth his lover.

Drabble 64: May 28, 2012
Pairing: Harry, Hakkai
Title: Sweet Heart

“Sit down, Hakkai, I can get the tea,” Harry said, smiling and waving the human turned youkai down before disappearing into the kitchen. Hakkai chuckled and sat down on the couch, crossing his legs as he mused about Sanzos newest charge.

They didn’t really know where Harry had come from, but they didn’t really care. Harry was a gentle, sweet and respectful young male, to all of them. Though, the young man tended to chew out Gojyo about his thing for bringing laundry around every time he visited. Hakkai could still remember when his friend had done that the last time they had visited together.

Gojyo had ended up with all of his clothes dumped over his head. Outside of that, Harry was a sweetheart, making him smile at Harry as he brought out the tea pot and cups on a tray, placing it before him.

“Thank you, Harry,” Hakkai said, taking his cup from the young man and getting a smile.

“You’re welcome, Hakkai,” Harry replied, sitting down with his own tea cup, stirring his tea with a spoon. “It is surprising to see you here when Sanzo isn’t here.”

“I decided to come visit you. Since you are alone while Sanzo and Goku are doing whatever they are doing,” Hakkai said, getting another beaming smile.

“they are going to pay their respects to their pasts,” Harry said softly, shrugging one shoulder.

Hakkai once more decided that Harry was a sweetheart as he offered a snack.

Drabble 65: May 29, 2012
Pairing: Greg, Grissom
Title: Obvious

They were sitting together, just relaxing after another long day of working on the cases that came through their labs. Greg’s head was resting on the arm of Grissom’s arm chair as he tried to relax after the day he had dealt with. “Two rapes, three homicides and an officers shooting,” he grumbled, rubbing at his tired eyes. “And when I wasn’t stuck in the lab, I was kneeling, picking hairs off the damn floor.”

“You did want to become a field tech,” Grissom said, smiling as his youngest tech pouted.

“I know, but I wasn’t expecting to have to worry about shedding cops,” Greg groaned, sending a look at his friend and boss. “The guy was leaving hairs all over the damn place. The entire scene was…” he trailed off, sitting up fast, eyes narrowed in thought. “The entire scene was covered in his shed hair.”

Standing up, he was up and running for his lab, the pictures and the tests he wanted still tucked away in an evidence box. Writing down why he was breaking the tape, he pulled out what he wanted and walked into a conference room, finding Grissom already there. Laying out the pictures, he explained his thoughts, getting a small smile and a nod from the older man before they passed on the information to the detective that was working the case.

Once the crooked cop was arrested and the confession had been gotten, they were back in Grissom’s office once more, Greg laying out on the couch, snoring softly as Grissom read a new journal about tarantulas.

Drabble 66: May 30, 2012
Pairing: Kenpachi/Ichigo
Title: Let’s Give It To Him

Licking his lips, removing the stickiness from the sucker from them, Ichigo reclined back on one hand and stuck the sucker back into his mouth. Brown eyes continued to watch as Kenpachi put the 11th Divisions new recruits, through their paces as his lover watched near by. Shaking his head, Ichigo laid back onto the roof once more and settled back, eyes closed, and lips and tongue working over the sucker.

Looking up at the roof with a quick glance, Kenpachi grunted at the sight of a sprawled out Ichigo taking advantage of the shadows and over hang of the room. Dismissing the recruits, he walked over to his beauty obsessed lover and sat down next to him.

“He seems to come around to get away from everyone and use the shade up there,’ Yumichika drawled, getting a low rumble of laughter.

“Only place that gets a good cross breeze, lover. I notice he watches us on occasion, gets this look in his eyes,” Kenpachi said, taking the bottle of water offered to him and draining it quickly.

“He’s lonely, Kenpachi,” Yumichika observed, watching his lover as the man gazed down at him. “Think of it; how much time does he really have to go out and find a solid relationship? He has school, family, friends, training and patrols,” he continued. “He wants what we have but can’t find the right person that would fit into that world.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” Kenpachi rumbled, leaning his elbows on his knees and looked around before smirking at his smaller lover. “So, how about we give him what he wants?” Yumichika chuckled and nodded his head in agreement.

Drabble 67: May 31, 2012
Pairing: Schuldig/Aya
Requested by: laurose
Title: Missing It

His fingers danced down over the slim back, stroking over the porcelain skin as a red head shifted and muscles moved smoothly under the touch. Chuckling, Schuldig pressed a kiss to Ayas shoulder as his arm came to rest over the slim waist that sported bruises. He supposed that he should have been gentler but after nearly three weeks without touching, tasting or hearing Ayas sounds of pleasure, he had to have him.

The man had agreed with him whole heartedly, begging for more and scratching the hell out of his back. The lines pulled and tugged, making him smirk at how Aya must be feeling.

“You seem to be fascinated with the way I look.” Ayas amused voice drew him from his contemplation of the curve of his a**.

“Hello to you to,” Schuldig snickered as violet eyes blinked sleepily at him. “How are you feeling?” he asked.

“Like I’ve been well ******** and could go for more,” Aya stated, a ‘cat got the canary and the cream’ smile spreading over the friction swollen lips. Schulding leered as his c**k gave a twitch in interest.

“Insatiable, aren’t you?” the German telepath teased as he slid a long fingered hand down the lean stomach, dipping it between longer legs.

“You know that,” Aya moaned, eyes slipping shut under the slow, teasing touches. “Three weeks without any sex and a teammate who keeps coming back smelling like sex?”

“So much torture,” Schuldig chuckled, slipping between Aya’s legs, feeling them come up to wrap around his waist and draw him close.

Drabble 68: June 1, 2012
Pairing: Schuldig/Aya, Yohji
Title: Push Up Lizard

“He has a what now?” Schuldig asked as he pushed opened the door to Ayas bedroom, stopping at the sight of the tank on Ayas desk. Inside was several rocks and mini trees along with a heating lamp, a water bowl and semi packed sand on the bottom.

On one flat rock sat a rock with a 4 inch ash brown lizard that was basking under the heating lamp.

“A lizard. He rather liked the little guy when he found him crawling over his katana,” Yohji sighed and smirked at the telepath. “Come on, go up to the tank and say hi,” he chuckled. Schuldig gave him a suspicious look before walking up to the tank and bending over. The lizard looked up before pressing upwards and then laying back down, doing the move again.

Schuldig stood up straight and pointed to the lizard as he turned to Yohji. “Did it just do a push up?”

“Yep. It does it to everyone but Aya when they come near the tank,” Yohji said, shoving blond hair back as he smirked. “I call him a push up lizard.”

“He did it again,” the German complained as the lizard pressed upwards before laying back down a few times.

“Of course he did it again,” Aya snorted as he walked in, a small box of crickets in his hands. “He’s trying to intimidate you. And if you puree his little brains you’re not getting any for a year.”

Schuldig pouted as he watched his lover feed a cricket to his little pet.

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