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Who's your favorite Reikai Tentai?

Hiei 0.30809399477807 30.8% [ 236 ]
Kurama 0.45039164490862 45.0% [ 345 ]
Yusuke 0.15404699738903 15.4% [ 118 ]
Kuwabara 0.087467362924282 8.7% [ 67 ]
Total Votes:[ 766 ]
Merry Christmas! Or as we say in my family, "Merry Drunksmas!" Yaaaaayyyyy...

Oh yeah...ughhh..... crying
Actually, the worst is phone interviews, in my opinion. Because not only do you have to have a long, drawn out phone call, IT COULD COMPLETELY CHANGE YOUR LIFE.
(sniffle) Thanks for your support. crying
Yeah, I'm not a fan of phonecalls. But it happens. You can do it, Londyn!
Exactly! gonk
That, and you can't tell what kind of day that person's had. At least if you're talking to them in person, you read the air and tell if you should be talking to someone else. But on the phone, you can't tell. That person could be rude to you or give you false information due to their lack of interest. gonk
Honestly I hate that too. The flow is all messed up, you start stepping on each other's sentences. It sucks.
Hopefully. I've putting off making an appointment because my anxiety's on full-blast when it comes to talking to strangers on the phone. gonk sweatdrop
Yeesh. That doesn't sound good. I'm sure you'll manage to do it, Londyn!
Oh my gosh, you're swamped. gonk
It seems like everyone is these days.
Money's not looking too good this time around. On top of having to get 24 CE credits to renew my license in August, I also have to do this "inkless fingerprinting" thing now, and I only have until the end of January to do it.
Well, Luneburg, Germany in a few weeks. Then I'm going off to Maryland for a job in June. I currently have applications out at Lockheed, the FBI, General Dynamics, Boeing, and a few other places. Just waiting to hear back.
Yay~! So what's next??
And now I am officially done with my undergrad! It's over.
Haha, so true. blaugh
Hahaha, well, the starting salary helps out.

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