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All chapters can be found, bound into a single story, here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2824523/1/ For all those of you that prefer to stay Gaia-safe, Chapter 9 is located on page 247 of this thread!

Summary on FF.N: Kurama doesn't like for others to worry about him. But what happens when he hides something that could be truly dangerous? Or does he even know? Can the Reikai Tentai figure out how to save him? I guess it works pretty well as a summary for here too.

As the summary implied this is a Kurama-based fic, but that doesn't mean the others won't have their parts in it. I try very hard to stick to the original Yu Yu Hakusho storyline by Yoshihiro Togashi-sama, and I've spent plenty of hours checking to make sure that every single detail intertwined correctly to help the story go smoothly.

Well, now that I'm done babbling, a few important facts. I don't do shonen ai, at all, so if you're looking for it you may not want to spend your time on my story, as you will find none.

Also, on FF.N I've categorized this as an Angst/Mystery, and again I believe it holds true.

I really enjoy writing, and I hope that you can enjoy what I have written.


Didn't you notice?

The Reikai Tentai are on a mission to capture a strange demon that has found its way into the Ningenkai. Koenma's guidance: "Actually we don't know anything about this demon, just that he's killed five humans since he arrived. Good luck!"


"Stupid pacifier breath probably sends me out 'cause he enjoys watching me struggle. This is so STUPID!" Yusuke screamed.

Kurama gave him a disapproving look. "Yusuke, we're trying to catch this demon by surprise."

"Well its not like you can blame me or anything, I mean, its Friday and I went to stupid school just to make Kayko happy and then stupid Takenaka gives me a stupid lecture! Now Koenma sends us out on a stupid mission telling us not to stop until we catch a stupid demon!" Yusuke raved.

"I'll ignore that last comment, Detective." Hiei grumbled.

"Oh, sorry guys, guess I got a little carried away."

"Never mind that Yusuke. I believe we have found the demon, you may get your weekend after all."

"No way, seriously? Uh-where?"

Kurama pointed to a small forest clearing that was radiating a dark green light.

"Oh yeah, now its time for the fun part!" Kuwabara said enthusiastically.

The demon was small, probably only three feet tall, its skin the same shade of green as the forest. It sat huddled amongst a pile of bones, all of them clearly human.

"Alright," Yusuke whispered, "Let's get this over with." He pointed his right index finger at the small demon. "SPIRIT GUN!"

To everyone's surprise the small demon did a backflip, avoiding the attack entirely. "Not very good assassins if you can't keep quiet, hm?" It spoke in a high, raspy voice. The demon turned to face them.

Yusuke walked into the clearing, followed by the others. "I was hoping to knock you out cold, bring you back to Spirit world and then head to the arcade, but, hey, who says you have to go by what I say?"

"Cocky little human, you wish to be the first to die?" The demon ran on all fours towards Yusuke, who easily dodged to the right. "Shall this one be first then?" The demon directed itself towards Kuwabara.

"Gah! Thanks a lot Urameshi!" Kuwabara summoned his Spirit Sword and knocked the demon into a tree.

"Wretched human, hiding your abilities!" The demon decided to charge Kurama, who summoned his rose whip and knocked it to the ground, a fresh wound appearing on its shoulder.

"A plant wielder are you?" The demon charged again at Kurama. "Haha! Catch me if you can!"

Kurama swung his rose whip and tangled it loosely around the small demon.

"Yeah! Nice catch Kurama!" called Yusuke.

"Indeed." Mumbled the little demon. It grabbed ahold of the rose whip, "I shall enjoy this!" The demon sent a blast of green sparks at Kurama through the rose whip. Before he could even blink Kurama was enveloped by the sparks, he let out a harsh cry of pain.

"Kurama, let go!" Hiei called.

But Kurama was either unwilling or unable to, for he stood immobilized as the sparks continued to hit him through his whip.

"Kurama!" Yusuke called, charging the small demon.

In a flash Hiei was between the two demons. He cut through the rose whip, halting the attack. Kurama fell forward onto the ground. The small demon was laughing hysterically. Yusuke now stood before him, his Rei Gun charged. "You creep!" The demon continued to laugh, and with a flash of green light it disappeared. "What the-?" Yusuke looked around for a sign of the demon, but it had gone. He cursed and walked over to Hiei and Kuwabara, who were knelt beside an unconscious Kurama.

"How is he?"

"He looks fine." Stated Kuwabara.

No sooner had he spoke than Kurama had opened his eyes.

"Hey Kurama, you okay?" Yusuke asked.

"Yes." Kurama replied, pushing himself into a sitting position. "I'm fine. What happened to the demon?"

"Stupid thing got away. You sure you're alright? It sounded like you were in a lot of pain."

Kurama discarded the remnants of his whip, flexing his right hand to return feeling into it. "Yes, I'm fine now. I suppose it just caught me off guard. Thank you Hiei."


"Whew! Well, let's all go home then, we can go after the little guy again tomorrow."

So the spirit detectives parted ways, agreeing to meet again the next morning.


Yusuke yawned widely, stumbling over his own feet. "Man am I beat!"

"What's the matter Yusuke? Didn't sleep well last night?" Kurama asked.

"Me? Nah, I slept like a log. After I went to bed at three that is."

"Three? Geez Urameshi, what were you doing all night?" Gaped Kuwabara.

"Beating the last level of my new video game."

Kurama sighed, "I was expecting that sort of answer from you Yusuke."

"Yeah, well I did beat it. Hey Kurama, you feeling alright?"

"Yes, I'm feeling fine Yusuke, why do you ask?" Kurama was surprised at his sudden show of concern.

"Ah-I don't know. Just forget it."

Hiei disappeared momentarily, reappearing by a tree twenty yards away. He pulled out his sword as he jumped up into the tree. A squeal was heard before their mission objective fell to the ground.

"Ah! Wretched fools are back again, eh?"

"Nice going Hiei." Yusuke gave him a thumbs up.

"Let's just get this over with Detective."

Yusuke posed for his Spirit Gun. "Alright little beastie, in the name of Spirit World you are under arrest!"

A moment of awkward silence passed before Kuwabara doubled over with laughter.

Kurama sighed, "I think you've been playing too many video games Yusuke."

The demon smirked. "I see, I see. The human wants me to come quietly. I will comply, but only if you can catch me again!"

"No problem." Yusuke ran for the demon.

The small demon avoided Yusuke, and Kuwabara, who had also attempted to catch it, and began running circles around Kurama. "Catch me if you can, catch me if you can!"

"Uh, Hiei?" Yusuke questioned, eyes following the demon. "I think you might have knocked that guy out of that tree just a little too hard."

"Or perhaps it was just insane to begin with."

Kurama stood quietly, analyzing the small demons' movements. After a few more circles the demon broke its path and shot towards Yusuke. Yusuke fired his spirit gun at him. Just before the attack hit, the demon disappeared. Meanwhile Yusuke's spirit gun was headed straight for Kurama. He easily avoided, but while he was jumping the demon reappeared and latched itself onto Kurama's right arm. The creature smiled wickedly and attacked Kurama with the same green sparks as before. His entire body was engulfed in a faint green glow. After a brief resistance a scream escaped his lips.

"Kurama!" Yusuke cried. He powered up his Spirit Gun again, aiming at the small demon, but suddenly froze. The two were hanging in the air, and because the demon was holding on to Kurama...he couldn't be sure he wouldn't hit him.

Hiei's sword flew through the air and pinned the demon to a tree, his sword firmly in its' leg.

Yusuke ran forward and caught Kurama, who was again unconscious. "Hiei, tie that thing up so we can get it back to Spirit World. I'll call Botan."

"What about me Urameshi? Can I help?" Kuwabara asked, his voice concerned.

"You just watch over Kurama."


Botan arrived within minutes. "Yusuke, you didn't explain anything to me, what's the big rush about?"

"Kurama was hurt by that things' attack, and he won't wake up. We need to get him to Genkai's."

Botan was about to voice her concern when Yusuke shot her a 'questions later' look. "Alright Yusuke. I'll need you to come with me, I can't carry Kurama and the demon at the same time."


"The rest of you can go home now."

Hiei immediately disappeared.

"Geez, sometimes I wonder if that guy cares about anyone but himself. Urameshi, call me and tell me how Kurama's doing, you got that?"

"Sure thing Kuwabara. Alright Botan, let's go."

"Right, hold on tight."


That's all for chapter 1. If anyone found this interesting and would like me to continue to post in this thread, please leave a comment.

{I have up to chapter eight of this story written already.}

Or you could visit the story on Fanfiction.net under the username Kuronoko Tsubame, where you'll get a bonus randomness question. stare Yeah...don't ask.

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Didn't you notice?

Chapter 2

Botan prepared to leave after dropping Yusuke and Kurama off at Genkai's.

"Yusuke, I'll come back and check on Kurama as soon as I can."

"Right. Thanks a lot Botan."

"I'll see you soon Yusuke."

"Yeah. Later." Yusuke returned to the room where Kurama lay sleeping. "So Grandma? How is he?"

"I've given him a full exam. He doesn't appear to be injured in any way."

"That's great. I'm gonna go call Kuwabara."


Kurama opened his eyes and for a moment was unsure of where he was.

"Good, you're awake. Hey Dimwit!"

Kurama turned to see Genkai sitting across the room.

"Good grief, I'm just in the other room, you don't have to yell!"

Yusuke walked through a door to Kurama's left. "Hey Kurama, how're you feeling?"

"Answer truthfully." Genkai interjected.

Kurama smiled and sat up in his futon. "A bit tired, but otherwise fine. Yusuke, what happened?"

"You got attacked by that little runt of a demon and you passed out. I was starting to worry about you, you've been out for a while." Yusuke sat down beside him.

"Have I? How long?"

"Just over three hours now."

Kurama's gaze hardened. "Genkai, Yusuke, I thank you for taking care of me, however; I must be leaving now."

"Are you sure you're feeling alright?"

"Yes, Yusuke. Thank you, but I must be going. Kaasan expected me back over an hour ago."

"Well, alright. Hey Kurama, what happened back there anyway?"

"Honestly? I remember you firing your spirit gun, then nothing until I woke up here."

"Well, take it easy okay?"

"I will. Thank you Yusuke, Genkai." he nodded to each in turn.


Kurama returned home to find his mother, as expected, very worried.

"Shuichi. I thought you would be home an hour ago."

"I'm sorry Kaasan. Yusuke insisted I stay until the movie was over, and their phones are out." To his mother, Kurama had been over at Yusuke's watching a movie.

"I'm just glad that you're okay. I was starting to worry about you. Would you like something to eat now Shuichi?"

"No thank you Kaasan. I'm rather tired. I think I'll just head to bed now."

"I see, if you're sure. Goodnight Shuichi."

"Goodnight Kaasan."

Kurama went straight to his room. He was strangely worn out from the days events. He fell onto his bed, not bothering to change clothes, and instantly fell asleep.

A silent black form disappeared from outside his window.


"Minamino residence."

"Oh, Minamino-san, is K-uh-Shuichi home?"

"I'm sorry Yusuke, but Shuichi went out about an hour ago. I'll tell him you called when he returns."

"Thanks a lot. Bye."


That morning after waking up Kurama had decided to take a walk in the park. His mind had wandered to the previous days mission. That demon,he thought, How could I have let it catch me off gaurd a second time? And why can I not remember being attacked? I'll have to visit Spirit World and see what Koenma has found on this demon. It's possible that it has some unusual capabilities. He stopped his train of thought and nealt beside a sadly wilted rosebush. "The city really should take better care of the plants here." He tapped into his spirit energy to revive the plant, but what he recieved was a searing pain throughout his entire body. He felt as if every cell in his body were exploding. He tried vainly to find the source of his pain and block it out, but his attempt only caused him more pain. He vision blurred, the last thing he saw clearly being a dried up rosebud.

Hiei abruptly awoke from his resting place high in a tree. He had felt Kurama's energy rise enourmously and then drop to barely anything. He quickly began his search for the fox. Hiei found Kurama collapsed at the far side of the park. Besides the fact that his spirit energy was nearly nonexistant, and that he was again unconcious, Hiei noticed that his right arm, from shoulder to wrist, was covered in spots of blood. He pulled back Kurama's sleeve and saw numerous cuts increasing in depth from the wrist up. He wrapped Kurama's arm with his scarf to stop the bleeding, which it was doing a lot of, and contacted Yusuke, who he sensed was nearby.

Detective. Get to the park. Now.

Hiei? What's wrong?

Get here. Now.
Hiei left no room for question.

Yusuke arrived a few minutes later and practicly fell over when he saw Kurama lying in the grass.

"Kurama! Hiei, what happened?"

"I don't know. I found him like this just a few minutes ago."

Yusuke knelt down beside Kurama and noticed the scarf wrapped around his arm, then that Hiei was lacking his usual accessory. "What's wrong with his arm?"

Hiei unraveled the scarf to show Yusuke Kurama's mysterious cuts.

"Aargh! I don't understand! Grandma said there was nothing wrong with Kurama!"

Kurama's eyes suddenly fluttered open. "Yusuke? Hiei?" He asked, confused.

"Kurama? What's going on? What happened? Are you okay?" Yusuke barely kept himself from shouting.

Kurama sat himself up and looked at his arm with a mixture of confusion and pain. He sought desperately for an explanation. He remembered that he had gone for a walk in the park, then he saw the rosebush, and then...all he could remember was pain. Nothing else.


It was just like when he had wakened at Genkai's.


It was as though his memory had been wiped.


He couldn't understand what had happened. He tried and tried again but repeatedly drew a blank.


Yusuke had his hands on Kurama's shoulders and was shaking him. Kurama turned his head towards Yusuke, his eyes were distant and confused.

"Kurama, what's wrong? Talk to me, are you okay?"

"Yes...I think."

"What the heck does that mean! What happened?"

Kurama opened his mouth to speak, then closed it as if he couldn't find the words. Finally, "I don't know."

Yusuke was now starting to panic. Kurama still had a dazed look on his face, his eyes staring straight into his, but not seeing.


Hiei's voice rang sharply in Kurama's mind. Kurama gasped, his head snapping towards Hiei, whose face remained impassive. Kurama took a deep breath, regaining his composure. His eyes closed for a long moment.

"I'm sorry, I'm not sure what came over me."

"Forget about that, are you okay?" Yusuke had lowered his voice after seeing Kurama focus.

"I'm fine now. Don't worry about it."

"Kurama, this isn't like you. Maybe you should go and see Genkai."

Kurama removed Hiei's scarf from his arm. "Perhaps I will." And with that Kurama left.

Yusuke looked as though he wasn't completely sure of all that had just happened. He just stood there, watching Kurama leave. A part of him told him he should follow. But another part was a bit more realistic. Kurama wouldn't say any more than he had. Following him would be pointless. Hiei narrowed his eyes, the corners of his mouth tilting into a frown.


Kurama took his time walking home, his mind not really set on anything. When he reached his house he saw a note on the door.


Went to the store for a few items, be back soon.

Love you, Shiori

P.S. Yusuke called while you were out.

Well, he thought, this makes things a bit easier. At least I won't have to try and explain what happened to my arm, not that I know that myself. He went up to his room and got out his first aid kit. The cuts are so deep. He made sure to change into another long-sleeve shirt, as he would have to wear them the next few days or make up some sort of explanation. Suddenly overwhelmed by the desire to sleep he lay on his bed and did just that.

Nice, the fic sound very interesting yet good plot line =3 Do you have any other fic?
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*nods* Sure do! Thanks so much for reading!

I have another YYH fic, titled "A Debt Repaid", posted here on Gaia, you can find it with the Yu Yu Hakusho tag; and then I have a YYH x Inuyasha crossover, also on Gaia.

Or you could go to my FF.N site, where I have a total of five stories. {I have to find an easier way to say this, huh? Oh! I know!}

Kuronoko Tsubame

Whew, that's easier! Lol, that'll link you to my Fanfiction.net profile, which has all five of my stories listed and summarized. This story here {Didn't you notice?} has eight chapters going already on there.

Thanks again for reading, and please excuse all my rambling, I'm just so happy someone wanted to read it! whee whee
It's a really good story, I hope you put the rest up here too though, cause my computer gets weird on FF.net
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If people want to read it, then I would be more then happy too. Here's the next one!

Thanks for reading! And commenting!
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Didn't you notice?

Chapter 3

Somewhere, something was beeping. A consistent, annoying beeping. As hard as he tried he could not drown out the sound. It was becoming louder by the second, each beep reaching a higher pitch. Finally he was forced to open his eyes. Emerald orbs glared angrily at the source of the offending sound; an alarm clock. Kurama unwillingly sat himself up and turned it off. He didn't have it by choice, it had been a present from his mother. If it hadn't it would probably now be lying in a million pieces all scattered around his floor. Alas, it was. He settled for knocking it off of the table it stood on. Kurama yawned and stretched his arms, his mind still foggy from sleep. He fell back onto his bed, his right arm knocking against his bedpost. With a startled yelp he sat up again. Incomplete memories ran through his mind. He had gone out for a walk. There was a rosebush. Yusuke was there. And there was pain...a knock on the door disrupted his thoughts.

"Shuichi? Are you up yet dear?"

"Yes Kaasan, I'm up." Kurama replied tiredly.

His mother opened the door and walked in. "Good morning Shuichi. Are you feeling alright? When I came home yesterday you were sound asleep."

He had slept for that long? That at least explained why his alarm clock had gone off.

"Yes Kaasan, I'm fine. I was just tired yesterday. I'm sorry if I worried you."

"No, it's alright. I'm making breakfast, would you like something to eat?"

He suddenly realized that not only had he not had anything for lunch the previous day, he had skipped dinner as well.

"Yes, I would like that very much."

"Okay then, it'll be ready in a few minutes."

"Thank you Kaasan."

Returning to his previous thoughts Kurama remembered that he had decided to go and see Genkai. He would have to go sometime after breakfast. Yawning again he stood up and moved to his closet to find a new outfit, he was still in his clothes from yesterday. He picked out a dark blue button-up shirt and a random pair of jeans. After taking off his shirt he unraveled the gauze around his arm to examine the cuts. He quirked an eyebrow. The cuts were in an unusually straight line. They seemed to be healing well, though, the herbs he had applied were doing their job. Retrieving a new roll of gauze he rewrapped his arm and finished dressing.

Downstairs his mother had finished cooking and was setting the food on the table. They ate together, exchanging few words. When he had finished and cleaned off his plate Kurama turned to his mother.

"Kaasan, would you mind if I went out for a while?"

"If you would like. Have you finished all of your homework?"

"Yes Kaasan."

"Where are you going to so early?"

"I called Yusuke back yesterday, after I got home. He wanted me to come over to show me a new game he acquired."

"Of course. Have fun Shuichi."

"Thank you."

Sometimes he surprised himself at how quickly he could mold a situation to his advantage. Yusuke had indeed gotten a new game, and would most likely play along. He had suggested Kurama go and see Genkai in the first place after all.

The morning air was cool and crisp. He had just shut the door when it reopened and his mother stood with the phone in her hand.

"Shuichi, Yusuke is on the phone."

With a look of both surprise and aggravation Kurama accepted the call. He and his Mother returned to the house, his mother now cleaning the dishes.


"Hey, Kurama, its Yusuke."

"Yes, hello Yusuke."

"I really hate to tell you this but Koenma wants us to do another mission for him. I swear he plans these things out for us."

Knowing that to avoid the mission would raise unwanted questions he accepted.

"Right. Where are we supposed to meet?"

"Botan's going to meet me over at my house with the details. So I guess that means we're meeting here."

"Alright. I'll be over in a few minutes."

"Right. Hey, Kurama, how're you feeling?"

That question was really starting to get old.

"I'm fine Yusuke. I'll see you in a few minutes."

"Yeah, see ya. Oh, by the way, could you find Hiei? I don't know where he disappears to when we're not on missions."

"Yes, I'll look for him."

"Great, bye."

Once again Kurama stepped out into the crisp morning air. He was pretty sure Hiei would be somewhere in the park. He was about to start walking when a voice startled him.

"Your awareness is so low I could have killed you a hundred times over by now."

Kurama turned to see Hiei jumping out of the tree in his yard. He was annoyed. Not so much because Hiei had startled him, though he hated to admit that to himself, but because he guessed that Hiei had not just arrived.

"So I assume you heard?"

It was a question with no real point. If Hiei had been outside his house, he knew about the mission. Without waiting for any kind of response Kurama started walking towards Yusuke's house. Hiei fell in stride. They walked in silence, mostly because Kurama didn't feel like talking. Hiei had been right, he hadn't been paying attention. He hadn't even sensed Hiei's energy; something that had never happened before. Kurama suddenly stopped midstride when he noticed Hiei looking at him out of the corner of his eye.


Hiei said nothing, not even changing his expression. After a minute of this Kurama continued walking. They arrived at Yusuke's a few minutes later. Kurama knocked, and was about to try again when Yusuke opened the door. He held one hand to the back of his head as if he had been injured.

"Oh, hey, come on in."

"Are you alright Yusuke?"

"Huh?" He removed his hand. "Yeah, I guess. It's just that I have a crazy blue-haired lady claiming to be death swinging an oar at me." He glared over at Botan who was sitting on a couch.

"Well it served you right! I can't believe you would watch those kind of shows when you have Kayko!"

Yusuke groaned and rubbed his head again. "I already told you, I was just flipping through the channels! Nobody ever believes me!"

Kuwabara was sitting on the floor laughing. Yusuke had only been flipping through the channels, but he was enjoying watching him get beat up so much that he failed to mention it.

Kurama didn't feel like playing around. "Botan? What is the new mission?"

"Well at least someone tries to stick to business. It's really just an investigation. We've detected a large amount of demon energy coming from an abandoned part of the city. We don't know of any demons that have gotten into the Ningenkai, but its possible that something slipped through. Koenma wants you to check it out."

"And if there is some crazy demon hiding there?" Yusuke asked.

"He wants you to bring it to Spirit world for questioning."

"Right, typical catch-the-bad-guy-thing, eh?"

"If that's what you want to call it. Anyway, you should head out immidiately. Good luck!" Botan left through the window, astride her oar.


The abandoned part of the city Botan had told them about turned out to be an abandoned factory complex. It looked as though it had been uninhabited for years. The forest that surrounded the factory and had once supplied it with fuel had overtaken every building that still stood. Vines wrapped in and around the crumbling walls. One of the larger buildings had a tree growing out through the roof.

"Geez, I guess if you had to pick an abandoned place of some kind this would work pretty well." Yusuke muttered, in awe at the sight of it.

Kurama stifled a yawn, but not well.

"Hey Kurama, you okay?" Kuwabara asked.

"Yes, I'm fine, why?"

"You just look tired, that's all."

"I didn't sleep very well last night."

Hiei scoffed. This just increased Kurama's suspicion. Hiei had obviously been keeping an eye on him.

"Oh, okay." Kuwabara let the subject drop. He did not know of the incident at the park.

A figure suddenly appeared, crouching calmly atop what was left of the roof of a building. It was a demon. Tall with dark tan, almost copper skin. He had a tail about four and a half feet long, and was showing off his power as he slowly swung it back and forth. Due to his unique coloration he was almost completely camoflauged, he was even wearing a loose green fighting gi. What made him stand out was his icy blue hair. It fell to just above his shoulders, each strand glittering as it caught bits of sunlight.

Yusuke noticed him first. He whipped around and fell into a fighting position. Kuwabara and Kurama tensed, not wanting to reveal their weapons until it was necessary. Hiei clipped his sword just an inch out of its sheath. He could tell that this demon was powerful, even though his aura appeared weak at the moment. A staredown followed.

The demon made no attempt to move. He just watched them with intense violet eyes, his tail still whipping back and forth slowly. One pointed ear twitched the slightest bit when Yusuke shuffled his feet.

Yusuke relaxed a bit after the demon hadn't decided to make the first move. "So, you're the one who has been giving off the powerful aura are you?"

He cocked an eyebow. "And if I am?" His voice was deep, almost seductive, and he had a hint of superiority in his tone.

Yusuke tried to look authorative. "You need to come with us."

Hiei caught the slightest smirk on the demons face. "I have business to attend to. I do not wish to waste time."

"Yeah, well that's exactly what we want to know. What are you doing here?"

"You wish to know?"

"Uh, yeah."

"I am plotting the deaths of two people, a brother and sister, and four more if I am not left alone to do so."

Hiei's katana slipped a bit more out of its sheath. He gave a sideways glance to Yusuke. Yusuke smiled in return. "Oh, well if that's what you're planning did you really think we could just leave you alone?"

"If you value your lives."

Yusuke shivered as the demon let out his hidden power. A crackling blue aura surrounded him, burning the trees it connected with. "You had the great honor of recieving my warning. Do you wish to deny it?"

Kuwabara gulped. This demon was dangerous. But what he feared was the fact that it was obviously still holding back.

Yusuke posed for his spirit gun. "Yeah, we do. Spirit Gun!"

The blast completely tore off the roof of the building, but it had not connected with anything else. The demon appeared behind Yusuke, standing at its full height, about seven feet. Before Yusuke was able to turn around it sent a blast of its energy so large that the entire group was sent flying. Yusuke crashed roughly into what was left of the building he had fired at. Kuwabara was out of sight. Hiei had managed to catch himself on the branches of a tree. He hadn't even seen him move before they were attacked, his speed was incredible. Kurama's landing had not been so elegant. He was at the base of a tree not far from the one Hiei was in, his clothes torn in several places from the blast, and he was now sporting quite a few new cuts. He was up in an instant, prepared for another assault.


Well, that was fun. And yes, I intentionally left you off in the middle of a battle. cool I'm so mean.

Oh, the demon in this chapter is one of my own personal characters from a story I created. No stealing. Anyone interested in his name, just ask. I might say it next chapter. Or not. I hate those cocky bad guys who go and introduce themselves like they are superior. Too arrogant.
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Wow, look at that poll. Kurama's beating everyone by a landslide! Yay Kurama! heart heart heart
oh oh! please hurry and post the next... i wanna know what happens next
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oh oh! please hurry and post the next... i wanna know what happens next

4laugh Yay! Thank you so much for reading my story! Just for you, I'm posting the next chapter!
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Didn't you notice?

Chapter 4

Yusuke gingerly pulled himself out of the rubble. "Ow.." He looked around and saw Hiei and Kurama were not too far from him. He couldn't see Kuwabara.

"Hey! You guys okay?"

Kurama cast a quick glance to show that he had heard, and continued looking around for something. Yusuke was on his guard now. The demon was a lot stronger that he had expected. And not to mention it moved faster than Hiei. A dark chuckle brought all three boys attention to the demon, who stood over an unconscious Kuwabara.

"Amazing how frail the human body is, isn't it?"

"Get away from him you creep!" Yusuke yelled, powering up for another spirit gun.

"Careful, now. You're friend really will die if you try that again."

Yusuke froze. Suddenly his eyes lit up.

"Is that so? Well, what if I decide to try anyway?" Yusuke looked over to Hiei and Kurama, who both nodded. "Spirit Gun!"

The demon easily sidestepped Yusuke's attack and jumped down to where Kuwabara was, only to receive a decent sized gash in his right leg. Kuwabara had been awake for some time, and had made a silent plan with Yusuke. He now stood with his Spirit Sword in hand.

"Better think twice before messing with us!" Kuwabara brandished his sword proudly.

"Is that right? I should fear for my life now?" The demon laughed darkly.

Kuwabara readied himself for another attack. "Come and get me you big creep!"

"It would be rude of me to deny you such a request."

Kurama's eyes widened. "Kuwabara! Move!"

Kuwabara barely had time to register the warning before he was blasted with an electric blue ball of energy. He was sent flying into another building. Hiei and Kurama joined Yusuke to surround the demon.

"Give up and we may decide not to kill you." Yusuke said through clenched teeth.

The demon looked to Yusuke, Hiei, and Kurama in turn. He seemed to be analyzing them. He spent a good deal of time on Hiei. "Tell me small one, do you possess great power?"

Hiei glared at him.

The demon laughed. "I sense that you do. Why would you, a powerful demon of the Makai, protect these worthless beings?"

Hiei brought out his sword. He glanced at Yusuke and Kurama, smirked, and charged his foe. The demon, however; truly was faster than him. The moment he moved the demon was lost from sight. Hiei cursed and tried to relocate the demon.

Hiei was just able to avoid a kick that the demon had aimed at his head. He slashed at the unprotected flesh. The demon dodged again.

"I know that you possess more talent than that. Come at me!" The demon stood his ground as Hiei charged once more. In what seemed to be a gesture of defense the demon brought up his right hand. As Hiei's katana ripped through the thick clothing of the demon he was shot with a volley of crystal spires.

Yusuke and Kurama tensed as they saw the spires being shot at their team mate.

"Too slow." Hiei's voice came from a tree above the demon. He had removed his cloak and used it as a decoy. The cloak had been pierced, and Hiei remained unharmed.

The demon however, was not standing as he had been. He was charging now at Yusuke, almost as if this had been his plan from the start. Yusuke had not expected a surprise assault. He raised his arms in a defensive manor, hoping to escape the worst of his future injuries.

Kurama had not been fooled as easily. He waited to see which one of them the demon would go after. As it chose Yusuke to be its victim Kurama pulled a seed from his hair, snapping it into his whip. The damage was done.

The demon halted his assault on Yusuke as Kurama released a cry of pure anguish. The other tentai looked on in surprise as Kurama fell to his knees, trembling violently.

"Kura--!" Yusuke's concern was cut short as the demon resumed his attack. Sharp claws pierced his shoulder, holding a vice-like grip. The demons strength proved to match his speed, he picked Yusuke up as if he were a child's doll and threw him at Kurama, watching with glee as the two fighters connected. Kurama released another cry as he was pushed to the ground. Nothing remained of his rose whip but a small seed that lay by his side.

Hiei decided that the most important thing he could do at the moment would be to take down the demon. Whatever was wrong with Kurama, he couldn't help him until this other matter was solved. While the demon was laughing at the pain he had inflicted Hiei aimed for the cloth he had managed to tear during their last encounter. This time his sword met with tender flesh. The demon snarled and pulled back.

"You have disrupted my entertainment." He paid no attention to his now bleeding chest. Besides his snarl at receiving the blow he had not shown any sign that he was even injured. In fact, Hiei thought, he had not seemed to mind when his leg was cut by Kuwabara either.

Yusuke quickly sat himself up so that he could look at Kurama. The kitsune had no visible wounds, though that made sense as he had not been the one attacked. The look on his face suggested otherwise. Kurama's face was twisted in pain, his eyes squeezed shut. His body was still trembling, his breath quick and short. Yusuke could only assume from some sort of pain.

"Kurama." He tried coaxing his friend into some sort of response. Kurama gave no indication that he was even aware of Yusuke's presence. Yusuke placed a hand on his shoulder, hoping to make himself known to his friend. Kurama's body tensed with the sudden contact. "Kurama, what's wrong?" Yusuke asked somewhat urgently. Hiei and the other demon were locked in a fierce combat, and Hiei appeared to be on the losing side.

Hiei gasped as the demons claws raked across his chest. The wounds were not deep, but the demons anger seemed to make him even more powerful. Hiei was hardly able to block the string of attacks being fired at him. The demon used energy blasts, punches, kicks, at one point he even attacked using his tail. After being thrown aside by his last attack, another powerful swing of his tail, Hiei removed the bandages wrapped around his right arm. He led the demon away from where Yusuke and Kurama were.

"What? Have you given up small one?" The demon taunted.

Hiei turned on his opponent after he was a safe distance away. "Hardly. Jao ensatsu Kokuryu-ha!" The black dragon flew towards his foe, eagerly seeking a kill.

An instant before coming into contact with the dragons fangs the demon teleported. Hiei grudgingly called back the dragon. The demon was still nowhere to be seen. Cursing, Hiei returned to Kurama.

Yusuke was softly shaking the kitsune's shoulder, but receiving no response. He was beginning to worry. After collapsing for no apparent reason the fox seemed to be lost in a solitary world of pain, nothing he did electing a response. Yusuke turned to Hiei as he approached.

"Hiei, go find Kuwabara, we need to get Kurama to Genkai's."

Hiei nodded, leaving to find Kuwabara, who was unconscious but otherwise mostly unharmed.


Kurama lay on a futon at Genkai's. Yusuke, Hiei, Kuwabara, Genkai and Botan sat around him. Yusuke's shoulder had been bandaged, Hiei had been cared for, and now they awaited some sort of response from Genkai.

"It appears..." She started. Everyone leaned forward.

"It appears that something is attacking Kurama's spirit energy."


Okay, I'm not the best with battles, so I really hope that was okay.
the battle seen was good! i wanna know whats attacking kurama crying its a awesome story!!!
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the battle seen was good! i wanna know whats attacking kurama crying its a awesome story!!!

Thank you so much! I've only ever done one other like it, so the input is greatly appreciated.

Also, so long as you're willing to read it I'll keep posting what I have. Here's the next chapter for you, and when you're finished I'd be more than happy to post chapter 6. I have through chapter eight finished.
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Didn't you notice?

Chapter 5

"It appears..." Genkai started. Everyone leaned forward.

"It appears that something is attacking Kurama's spirit energy."

Yusuke blinked slowly, attempting to register what was just said. No good.


Kuwabara nodded beside him. "Yeah, I don't get it, how can something be attacking his spirit energy? I mean, is that even possible?"

Genkai gave him a fierce stare. "Of course it's possible, it's happening to Kurama."

Hiei's face was grave, and if anyone besides Genkai knew the significance of this, it was him. Botan and Kuwabara were still very puzzled.

Yusuke lowered his gaze, attempting to piece this all together. "Okay, let's just start from the beginning. This is the, erm, fourth time that Kurama has passed out this week. The first two times were when he was fighting that little runty demon. Woah, wait a second, that's it! Whatever this is, whatever is happening to him, it was brought on by that little green demon! That's where it all started, remember? We knew that Kurama got attacked, but we couldn't find anything wrong with him. That's because he wasn't actually injured, it was a different type of attack..."

Botan interrupted in a small voice. "Yusuke, what about what you were saying before?"

"Oh, yeah. Well, like I said, the first two times were from that little demon, the third was when Hiei and I found him in the park, and the fourth time was today. In the park..well..erm...I'm not sure what Kurama was doing there, but my point is-"

"There was a rosebush." Hiei put in.

Botan looked at him quizzically. "What?"

"I found him right in front of a wilted rosebush in the park. He must have tried using his energy to revive it."

"Perfect Hiei! Now we know that too. As for the fourth time, I saw it. Kurama was trying to use his rose whip. Just after he tried he passed out again. So now we know for sure that Grandma was right. We know that the problem is his energy."

"Okay, so we figured that the little green demon did something to Kurama that's draining his spirit energy, right? So now what?" Kuwabara asked.

Genkai and Hiei had the same sad expression on their faces. Yusuke looked at them both, trying to figure them out. Suddenly it dawned on him. He spoke gravely, the truth had finally hit him. "When this...thing..whatever it is that's attacking Kurama's spirit energy...when it's done...It's going to keep attacking him until we figure out how to stop it. But...if we can't...when you run out of spirit energy, you tap into..." His voice wavered and he fell silent.

Genkai nodded solemnly, finishing Yusuke's sentence. "Life energy."

"That's why..." Yusuke nearly whispered. "He's been so tired lately...he's..."

"Whatever it is that's attacking Kurama's spirit energy..." Genkai stated. "Is killing him."


Sorry it was so short, it was the best spot to leave off, and it set up for longer chapters as well. If you don't like where this is going, you may not want to stick around for the next chapter, it get's worse. I'm sorry Kurama, I'm so mean! crying

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