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Interesting Prophet

Hello, this is based off my roleplay Earth’s Darkest Hours. Unlike the roleplay, this fanfiction is set twenty years after the end of the Avengers and X-Men movies and will mainly focus around the next generation.

I am always looking for ways to improve my writing so constructive criticism is always accepted. Please feel free to leave your constructive criticism as a comment in the thread, that way I'll be sure to see it. I hope everyone enjoys reading the fanfiction :]

~ Angelic Cheetah

p.s: below are some Cannon Character Links (or CCL for short) pertaining to some of the cannon characters that some people might not know of or know very little about.

Cannon Character Links:

* Kristoff Vernard
* Scott Lang
* Cassandra Lang
* Kate Bishop
* Tanya Sealy
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Interesting Prophet

Complications of Life

Chapter One:

“Roy?” whispered a groggy and blurry eyed blond haired young man from the top bunk of the bunk bed against the far wall of the room. He’d been awakened by the door to the bed room squeaking as it opened and closed. Blinking a bit his eyes focused enough in the dark room to recognize that it was indeed his identical twin that had come silently into the room. If it hadn’t been for the squeaky door, he probably wouldn’t have noticed older brother’s entrance. “What time is it?”

“Go back to sleep Austin,” Roy whispered, carefully placing his shoulder bag down. His whisper was slightly strained as if he was trying to hide something from his twin. “I believe it’s around four in the morning.” Roy kept his back towards the bunk bed as he spoke. He knelt down and moved the shoulder bag so that his body was blocking it from his twin’s line of sight. Opening the shoulder bag he retrieved several thick envelopes before closing it and shoving the bag under the dresser he was in front of.

“Four? And you’re just getting back now?” Austin asked incredulously, throwing back his blankets and hopped out of bed. He landed with a soft thud of his bare feet on the carpeted floor boards. “What’s that you’re trying to hide?” Austin practically demanded as went quickly over to his twin, but kept his voice to a whisper. With his long strides, Austin stood at his twin’s side in a matter of seconds and snatched one of three envelopes out of Roy’s hands. Roy had been trying to place the envelopes inside the top draw of the dresser.

“Give it back!” Roy hissed as he dropped the other two envelopes into the already full draw. He turned to snatch the envelope back, but Austin danced out of his reach. Roy glared venomously at his younger brother. He was irritated and tired as it was and didn’t want to deal with his brother’s antics at this moment. “I’m not joking. Give it back.”

As Austin held it in his grip he knew what was in the envelope, but his hopeful expression faded into disappointment as he glanced at its contents: a thick stack of hundred dollar bills. “You’re gambling again?” He’d hoped that that part in Roy’s life had been over and done with as had the rest of their family. “How long?”

“The matter doesn’t concern you.” Roy snapped marching over and hastily grabbing the envelope out of his twin’s hand. “Now drop it.”

“The hell it doesn’t concern me.” Austin hissed mirroring his brother’s glare with his own. Roy turned away and began to walk back across the room to the dresser. Austin was on his heels in a matter of seconds. He reached out to grab hold of his twin’s left arm, only for Roy to immediately recoil with a pained expression sprawled across his face. Surprised Austin let go and watched as Roy’s left arm hung slightly elongated and limp at his twin’s side. Roy’s right hand still held the thick envelope, but a bit tighter now. “You’re arm is broken. Who broke it?”

Silently Roy turned to fully cross the room and drop the thick envelope into the top draw along side the other thick envelopes, which lined the draw and closed it. He stood there a moment before walking back over to Austin. “It was nothing I couldn’t handle.” He said in a casual tone like they were discussing the weather. “Just some sore losers accusing me of cheating during the game.” Roy leaned his left arm against the metal frame of the bunk bed and a sickening pop sounded as his shoulder popped back into place. “It’s not as bad as it sounds.”

“How bad is it then?” Austin demanded his voice rising slightly, “You’re gambling. How bad is it?”

“Austin, can we please talk tomorrow? I have to get some sleep.” Roy said as he sat down on his bed and slipped his shoes off his feet. He didn’t bother discarding any other clothing as he lay down on the bottom bunk. “I promise we will talk to…” Roy trailed off since he drifted off mid sentence.

Austin stared at his sleeping twin a moment before easily climbing back into the top bunk. He would have to tell their dad and step-mother about this at some point. He knew they would be livid that Roy was gambling again. “Roy, you are an idiot.”


“Have you told the ‘rent’s yet?” Roy asked as he glanced at over at Austin, who sat in the front passenger seat of the ninety six mustang. They were driving from their family’s house in Brooklyn to Winchester County to pick up their younger sister from her boarding school: Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. It was their sister’s last day before summer vacation. Usually their father would have driven out to get her, but Roy had volunteered to get her instead.

“No, not yet, but I will.” Austin replied staring out the window, watching the scenery slowly pass. They’d started out early enough, but it seemed that there had been some accident farther up ahead. It resulted in them being stuck in a traffic jam for the time being. “They’re going to kill you when they find out.”

“I realize that.” Roy muttered returning his eyes back to the road before him. They were moving slightly quicker now, which he hoped was a good sign. A heavy silence settled between them as neither one was too happy with the other right now. The traffic jam rolled slowly, but steadily forwards as the minutes passed. After twenty minutes of sitting in silence, Roy reached over and turned on one of the local radio stations. However almost instantly Austin had reached over and shut it off to Roy’s dismay.

“Why can’t we listen to the radio?” Roy inquired breaking the silence.

“Why can’t you stop gambling?” Austin countered changing the subject altogether.

“I believe I’ve that explained before.” Roy retorted focusing on the road and cars around him. They were passing the scene of the accident now, but neither young man seemed to notice or rather care at the moment.

Austin rolled his eyes, “You want a thrill? Go sky diving or, better yet, join SHIELD like me.”

“I am not joining SHIELD. I will not be a government dog.” Roy snapped now wishing he’d left Austin behind at the house. “If you remember, another reason was that it’s stress relieving.”

“Alright then, you want stress relief? Go train instead of wasting all your time and money.”

“I don’t I have–”

“That’s a load of crap and you know it.” Austin stated cutting Roy off mid-sentence. “If you have time to gamble then you have time to train.”

“Whatever.” Roy sighed knowing it wasn’t the best retort to end the conversation. He’d heard all the reasons and things he could do instead of gambling before, three years before to be exact. It was when he and Austin were seniors at their high school.


Nichole smiled to herself as she placed her last article of clothing into her suitcase and zipped it shut. She had spent all morning pulling out the dusty suitcases and filling each one with her belongings. She had no classes today as it was technically the first day of summer vacation and yesterday had been full of special activities and good-byes to her classmates and teachers. She’d see them in about three months, which was when the school break would end. Turning around to glance at her room, her long reddish brown hair fell over her shoulder. As far as she could tell she hadn’t forgotten anything, but if she did, she knew the Head Mistress would mail it to her.

“Oh Nick, you haven’t left yet?”

Nichole instantly knew the voice and turned to face her friend smiling brightly, “Nope, not yet Scott. My brothers must have run into traffic.”

“There’s always traffic.” Scott said shrugging slightly as he leaned on the door frame. “Maybe they forgot about you.”

“I doubt that.” Nichole replied taking a seat on her bed. The two had hung out occasionally and had a couple classes together. “Roy’s too over protective to forget.”

“Which one is Roy again?”

“He has dark brown hair and Austin has blond hair.”

“Aren’t they supposed to be identical twins?”

“Austin dyes his hair.”

Right, I knew that.”


“Hold it.” Austin ordered as Roy was about to exit the parked car. The rest of the ride to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters had been endured in complete silence between the brothers. Not even the radio had been allowed to be on at any point during the ride as it would only be an excuse to start another argument between them and neither really wanted that. Roy froze with his hand on the door handle of the driver’s side door and waited for his twin to continue. “Last night you said that some sore losers accused you of cheating. I want to know weather or not they were mutants.”

“Yes, last night I played a game of poker with some mutants.” Roy replied opening his door and exiting the car. He had a hunch as to why Austin wanted to know that, but he didn’t put much thought into it right now. Roy had other things to attend to at the moment. Closing the door hard, Roy began walking towards the large school building with Austin following close behind. Up the large cement drive way and marble front steps and through the front door, the two found themselves in the midst’s of mutants of various ages hurrying every which way.

“Good-afternoon boys,” Storm greeted them from the stair case before them and motioned for them to follow her. “Nick has been excitingly awaiting your arrival. Did you hit traffic on your drive here?”

“It’s nice to see you again, Ms. Monroe.” Roy replied as he and Austin caught up with Storm and followed her up the stairs to the second floor.

“We got stuck in a traffic jam, but luckily it didn’t last too long.” Austin stated, answering Storm’s question. “Otherwise it was uneventful.”

“That’s good. Nick has been doing quite well.” Storm said as they past several rooms that were empty of occupants. “She has improved much in controlling her power, though there is much more Nick needs to work on.” They turned a corner and Storm led them down another hall, but stopped in front of a room a couple doors down on the left side of the hall. “Scott” Storm said addressing the boy who was leaning on the door frame, “have you and Nick said your good-byes? Her brother’s are here to pick her up.”

“Oh y-yeah…” Scott said glancing up at the older mutant and moved aside so that the others could enter the room. He turned his gaze back to his friend, “See you after break, Nick.”

“You bet, Scott.” Nick said grinning as she slid off her bed, “Where else am I going to go?”

Scott shrugged, “I’ll be seeing you then.” He turned and walked out of the room without another word, probably to go talk with one of the other students.

“Have a great summer, Nick.” Storm said walking over to her and placed a hand on her shoulders. “And remember to practice what you’ve learned this year over the break.”

“Yes, Ms. Monroe, I will.” Nick replied still grinning. “You don’t have to worry about that.”

“Alright, I’ll leave you in your brother’s capable hands.” Storm replied retracting her hand from Nick’s shoulder and briefly turned her gaze to Austin and Roy to wish them a “Have a safe drive home” before exiting the room as well. She would no doubt help another person find their relative.

“Roy, I’ve missed you!” Nick exclaimed as she rushed over and hugged her eldest brother.

“What about me?” Austin teased as Nick released Roy from the hug. “Didn’t you miss me?”

Of course I did!” Nick giggled and hugged Austin next. “Do you guys miss me?”

“Of course we did,” Austin replied kneeling down so that he was eye-level with Nick. “Dad and Mom missed you too. They’d be here, but they’re both at an important work related meeting.”

“Are these your only two suit cases?” Roy asked having gone over to the bed. He placed one suitcase under his right arm and the other held in his right hand. Usually he’d use his left arm to do such things, but it was a bit sore from last night. “And you didn’t forget anything?”

“Everything I need is in those two bags.” Nick said matter-of-factly glancing over her shoulder.

“Alright, let’s get going then.” Roy said exiting the room followed by Nick and Austin.


“I wish they’d all quit starring.” Claire stated as she, her father and an elderly Hank McCoy were led through the halls of SHIELD’s New York City base. They were to meet with the Head of SHILED to discuss a possible alliance between their two groups. “I can practically feel every pair of eyes burning into us.”

“Well, you could have gone shopping or whatever it is teenage girls do.” Her father retorted, earning a glare from Claire. “You still could.”

“I still don’t see why you’re so against Claire being here, Logan.” Hank said glancing at his friend from the corner of his eye and then addressed the younger mutant. “The staring get’s better once you get used to it, Claire. In fact I’ve hardly noticed it myself.”

“That’s easy for you to say.” Claire retorted and then added in a much lower tone, “Not all of us are giant blue gorillas.”

“If you all will take a seat, Director Fury will be right with you.” The agent that had been their guide said and left the room. She had led them to a conference room with glass walls and a large circle table stationed in the center of the room, which was surrounded with comfy seeming chairs. Hank walked over to the one of the chair’s and sat down in it.

“These are as comfortable as they appear to be.” Hank stated leaning back in his chair, a delighted expression sprawling over his face, while Logan and Claire remained standing. Logan stood with his arms crossed over his chest, while Claire stood with her hands in the pockets of her jacket.

“Anyone else think that the glass wall represents how fragile an alliance will be?” Claire asked no one specific as the door to the room opened behind them.

“How perceptive of you Ms. Howlett,” Fury’s voiced sounded as he walked over to what was apparently the head of the round table. Fury was followed closely by Agent Hill, who stood off to the side when Fury stopped at the head of the table. “It will be like walking on egg shells, but in the long run the alliance will be beneficial for everyone. Don’t you agree Captain Rogers?”

“Yes, Sir, I do.” Steve replied having come into the room a couple seconds after Fury and Hill. “The more allies we have in the event of another extraterrestrial attack the better.”

“After the attack twenty years ago the X-Men offered you our assistance.” Wolverine stated locking eyes with Fury, “The offered was denied.”

“Logan, that’s in the past. It doesn’t matter.” Beast berated from his chair, “What matter’s is that we’re here to discuss the future.”

“Why did you, twenty years later, request a meeting with us? You made it clear then that the X-Men were potential threats.” Wolverine continued like Beast had never spoken in the first place. “Why now do you want an alliance?”

“There has always been great opposition against mutants,” Fury replied calmly, “However with the return of the Mutant Registration Act my superiors are now more willing to accept your offer.”

“Typical egotistical politicians,” Claire said an irritated edge to her calm voice. “That bill never should have been reinstated. Mutants shouldn’t be forced to reveal themselves.”

“I agree,” Beast replied, “No good will come of it. Sometimes I wonder if the politicians have forgotten the incident brought upon by the Cure.”

“Trust me, Mr. McCoy, no one has forgotten Magneto’s Brotherhood.” Fury replied before returning his gaze back to Logan, “However, back to the matter at hand, will you or will you not align yourselves with us.”

“Ms. Monroe, Logan and I have discussed the matter thoroughly,” Beast began drawing everyone’s attention back to him. “As you may know Mr. and Mrs. Rogers daughter is a student of ours. She is a very bright and inquisitive child with great potential.”

“Excuse me, Mr. McCoy, but what does our daughter have to do with this?” Agent Hill asked quite confused by the elderly mutant’s direction of the conversation.

“Ms. Monroe would like to know, if we decline your offer would we loose her?”

“No,” Steve replied shaking his head slightly and exchanging a quick look with his wife, “Nichole will still receive her education at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, weather you choose to accept or decline Director Fury’s offer.”

“Oh good,” Beast replied smiling before going into a sudden coughing fit. He took a white handkerchief from his pocket and held it over his mouth. Claire went over to sit next to him in one of the empty chairs and placed a hand on his shoulder. It lasted only a minute, but one side of the handkerchief was already stained with a bit of red.

“Do you need a doctor, Mr. McCoy?” Fury inquired ready to send for a medic if need be.

“No thank you, Director. I apologize for the interruption.” Beast replied stuffing the blood stained handkerchief back into his pocket. “Now, where was I…?”

“Mr. Rogers just assured us Nick would continue to go to the school.” Claire gently reminded him as she removed her hand from his shoulder. “Even we declined their offer.”

“Ah yes, thank you Claire,” Beast said nodding slightly before continuing, “Ms. Monroe, Logan and I have discussed the matter thoroughly over the past several days. We have come to the conclusion to accept your offer one condition.”

“And what is that condition, Mr. McCoy?”

“That the Cure is used” it was Logan instead of Beast who’d responded, “only as a last resort against any mutants.”
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Except for a couple grammatical errors, well done! I can't wait to read more! biggrin
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I love it! When does Austin get to shoot the guys that broke his brothers arm?
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Interesting Prophet

@ Apple: Probably somewhere in Chapter 2, though it's still in the planning stages.
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If you ever wonder about how to write as Austin my idea for his perosnality is chris evans as johny storm in the fantastic four movie. Comepletly carefree but if he needs to can act serious
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Interesting Prophet

Complications of Life

Chapter Two:

“Listen Avalon, just because some of the kids say’s something insulting doesn’t mean you push them down a flight of stairs.”

“But they wouldn’t quit it.” Avalon pouted and pulled her hand out of her elder adoptive brother’s hand so that she could cross her arms over her chest. They were on their way to Grand Central Station to catch a train back up to Winchester County. “Besides they shoved me first, Theo.”

Theo sighed placing a firm hand on his adoptive sister’s shoulder. It was not only meant to be a comforting gesture, but also so a protective one. This way he could keep track of her in the busy & crowded New York City sidewalks and streets. “Ava, then that’s when you inform a teacher about it. I’m sure you wouldn’t have been sent to the principles office on the last day of school if you had done that.”

Avalon shook her head, “No, the teachers are all racist. They didn’t do anything before and they wouldn’t have done anything about it this time either.”

“What do you mean ‘racist’?”

“They’re all against mutants.” Avalon muttered, “They all know my big brother’s a mutant. The other kid wouldn’t stop insulting you. I had to do something.”

Theo stopped walking suddenly and pulled Avalon into a hug, “Avalon, I want you to promise me that you won’t do that again, no matter what the other kid does or says.” His tone was low and grim as he spoke to her. As much as he liked that Avalon had tried to defend him, he didn’t want her getting hurt because of him.

“He deserved it though!” Avalon protested, “And I don’t regret it either.”

“Avalon,” Theo began saying firmly, in an no nonsense way, “It doesn’t matter if he deserved it. Violence isn’t going to solve anything. It’ll make it worse.”

“Fine!” Avalon sighed “I promise, Theo.”

“Great, now let’s continue on to Grand Central. Our train leaves in thirty minutes.” Theo said releasing his sister from the hug and took hold of one of her hands as they once more began to walk. “I told Ms. Monroe I’d be back by this evening.”

“Are you sure Ms. Monroe doesn’t mind you living at the school?” Avalon asked, “If she did you could always come back home.”

Theo chuckled, giving Avalon a sympathetic smile, “I live at the school because I coach the swim team and I substitute teach. I know it can get lonely at home, Ava, but I can’t live at home forever.”

“You could get an apartment.”
“I can’t afford to do that at the moment, Ava.”

“Doesn’t she mind that I’m staying there until mama and papa get back from their missions?”

“No one at Xavier’s School for the Gifted minds, Ava.” Theo added mentally: And if they did no one’s told me. “Besides, there will be other kids for you to play with there, while I work.” He stated referring to the various orphaned, runaway and other mutant children that also lived at the estate/school.

“Nick won’t be there,” Avalon sighed glumly knowing that her best friend was probably already on her own way home with Roy and Austin.

“Like I said, there will be other kids there for you to play with.”


“Cory, are you positive that this is alright?” Nora asked as she fiddled with the strap of her shoulder bag. She currently sat on Cory’s bed, while her friend finished up packing for their all expenses paid relaxing weekend.

Cory sighed as she zipped up her own suit case, which was on the bed adjacent to Nora. “For the thousandth time yes, yes my mom doesn’t mind if you come along on our Spa weekend. In fact, it was your mother that asked in the first place.”

“Yes, but what if I accidently change –”

“You worry too much, Nora, which is exactly why I’m glad you’re coming along this time.” Cory replied cutting her friend off with an encouraging smile. She knew how nervous her friend was about the condition she’d inherited from Bruce Banner and was determined to help her temporarily forget about that for the weekend. “Besides, Hulkette hasn’t come out for nearly a month, which is an accomplishment in it’s self. This spa weekend will only be relaxing. No stress aloud. Period.”

“You’re right, Cory, this’ll be a fun and relaxing weekend. I-I shouldn’t worry,” Nora said meeting her friends gaze. She knew her friend was just trying to help her relax, but she was constantly worried about her condition getting the better of her. “So, what will your father and TJ do while they have the house to themselves?”

Cory shrugged, “Well, right now dad and TJ are playing some war video game. I think its part of the Call of Duty series.”

“They’ll play video games all weekend?” Nora asked disbelieving that could happen. “That can’t be healthy.”

“I doubt, with mom gone, that dad will get any work done at all anyways, even with JARVIS’s help.” Cory retorted as her cell buzz in the back pocket of the blue skinny jeans she was wearing. Taking it out she read the text and quickly typed a reply before pushing it back into the back pocket. “Mom says she’s waiting for us downstairs.”


Superstar, where are you from? How’s it going?
I know you got a clue what you’re doing.
You can play brand new to all the other chicks out here.
But I know what you are, what you are, baby.

Damon’s cell phone was going off while he was pouring pancake batter onto the hot skillet. It was the ringtone he’d downloaded and assigned to his cousin: Pietro II Maximoff. Using his spade tipped tail, Damon plucked the cell from his pocket, and pressed the accept button before using his tail to hold it to his ear. “What’s up, Piety?” he continued to carefully cook breakfast as he chatted with his cousin over the phone.

“Are we still hanging out tomorrow night?”

“Yes, I already told you I would.” Damon replied flipping the pancakes over so that the tops were now a nice golden brown.

“You aren’t doing anything with your boyfriend?”

“Theo understands, Piety.” Damon sighed, “Besides, he’s going to have his hands full with Avalon.”

“Just checking, since you canceled on us yesterday night.”

“Theo surprised me with tickets to a showing of the Hunger Games.” Damon reminded his cousin. It was after all one of Damon’s favorite movies. How could he have turned Theo down? Damon slid the pancakes one by off the skillet and onto the waiting plate next to the stove.

“Yeah, whatever,”

“By the way, I heard you got into a fight at the club last night.”

“The human deserved the broken arm. He was cheating me and Dorian at poker. The moron thought he was so clever too.”

“Did this moron have a name Piety?” Damon asked taking the plate of pancakes over to the table and began to serve the two others who sat around the long table: Wanda and Kurt. Fights at the Hell Fire Club weren’t an uncommon thing, but this one had nearly wrecked the poker room of the joint. Therefore news of the fight had spread like wildfire around the mutant community, which meant his parents weren’t too surprised it had come up in the cell phone conversation.

“He goes by the codename of Pan, you know, like the Greek goat-god,”

“Interesting,” Damon said and could hear Grace in the background telling Pietro II to get off the phone so Piety would pay attention to her and Keira.

“I was just confirming plans with Damon, Grace.”

Damon chuckled, “Where are you and your girlfriend anyways?” he teased his cousin about his relationship with Grace. They weren’t actually an item, but it was pretty obvious that they should be together.

“For the millionth time, she’s not my girlfriend. We’re just friends.”

“Right, sure she is and you are where?” Damon asked finally serving himself and sat in his seat, still holding the cell with his tail.

“I got dragged along shop–Hey!”

“I got it!”

“Toss it here!”

His cousin Keira’s voice had exclaimed after the sounds of a small struggle before it was Grace’s voice telling her to toss it over to her. Next was the sound of air before a small clatter of the cell actually hitting the floor of wherever the three were currently. In the background he could hear the sort of announcement one would hear in a department store. Damon just laughed because he could actually imagine how this sort of thing could happen to Pietro II.

“Junior’s busy right now Damon. He’ll call you back later.”

“Okay Grace,” Damon said grinning as he pressed the end call button.

“Vhat vas so funny Damon?” Kurt asked looking over at his son curiously as he pour syrup over his two pancakes.

“And how is your cousin and his lady friend?” Wanda added as she cut up her own pancakes. Damon gladly explained that Keira and Grace had started playing keep away with Pietro II’s cell because he wasn’t paying attention to them while they shopped anymore.


“That the Cure is used” it was Logan instead of Beast who’d responded, “only as a last resort against any mutants.”

“Is that your only condition?” Agent Fury inquired after a small silence enveloped the room. He knew he couldn’t guarantee that the cure wouldn’t be used against mutants, especially if the council chose to step in again, but Fury also knew that the X-men would be powerful allies against any further threats from outer space.

“Yes, lad, it is.” Beast stated. “Do we have an accord or not?”

“SHILED accepts your terms and conditions Mr. Howlett, Mr. McCoy. Now, if you’ll excuse me,” Fury replied and turned to Hill then, “Has Agent Spencer returned from his mission yet?”

“Yes, sir,” Hill replied a couple seconds later, “About three hours ago.”

“Find him.” Fury stated as he began to walk towards the exit of the glass room. “He is to escort our new friends out of the building.”

“Understood, sir,” Hill said following behind Fury.

“Rogers, stay here with our guests until Agent Spencer arrives.” Fury said before exiting the glass room, Agent Hill on his heels.

“Yes, sir,”

“Are your boys picking Nick up today, lad?” Beast asked trying to strike up conversation until their guide showed up.

“Yes, Roy and Austin volunteered to pick up their sister today.” Steve replied, “They should be on their way back anytime now.”

“She’s a good lass,” Beast continued on, “A little mischievous at times, but good.”


“She and my youngest, Scott” Logan began taking a cigar out of his pocket along with a book of matches “get into trouble sometimes.”

“It’s never anything major, Mr. Rogers.” Claire interjected at the confused expression sprawling across Steve’s expression. She then walked over to her father and snatched the lit cigar out of his mouth, “No smoking in a government building.” She motioned to the no smoking sign out in the hall way before handing it back to him. Logan rolled his eyes and put the cigar out of on the palm of his hand.

“The incidents are nothing serious and completely harmless, be assured,” Beast stated, “That is why we haven’t notified you and Mrs. Rogers about them.”

“Nonetheless, Mr. McCoy, the next time an incident occurs I would appreciate it if you would alert my wife and I of the incidents.”

“You have our word, Mr. Rogers.”
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Interesting Prophet

Complications of Life

Chapter Three:

One week earlier–

Roy was kneeling before a certain grave in the foggy Bronx, New York cemetery: Woodlawn. The tombstone read: Cassandra “Cassie” Eleanor Lang; Beloved daughter and girlfriend, 2014-2032. Before the tombstone, he’d placed a beautiful bouquet of white lilies. Those had been her favorite type of flowers while Cassandra had been alive and Roy would never forget.

Three times over the past year Roy Rogers would come here and place such a bouquet before the tombstone: her birthday, the anniversary of their first date & the anniversary of her death. Today was the fist anniversary of Cassie’s death. Tears were in his eyes as he knelt there in the damp grass, just staring at the tombstone lost in his thoughts, which led Roy to not even notice the limo pull up not too far away and an old friend step out of it.

A young man with curly brown hair and blue eyes strode up to stand just behind Roy. He wore a 1920’s styled suit complete with a hat and a walking stick; topped with the head of a shinigami, which he carried under his right arm. His left hand held a single white lily, while the other he gently placed on Roy’s shoulder. “It seems that we had the same idea, my old friend.”

Roy jumped at the sudden hand on his shoulder and the voice that accompanied it, though he’d know that Latverian accent anywhere, “Kris!” Roy exclaimed truly surprised at his old friend’s reappearance. He hadn’t seen or heard from him in exactly one year, since Cassie’s funeral to be exact. He whipped away his tears with the back of his hand and moved aside so that Kristoff Von Doom could kneel and place the additional white lily beside the bouquet that was already there. “How have you been?”

“About as well as you have been since Cassie’s death,” Kristoff replied as he stayed kneeling next to Roy, “You’ve come here a few times since our girl’s death. Thank you, for still being so good to her.”

“I assume you’ve talked with Mr. Lang then?” Roy asked, though he knew his friend could have easily found that out through other means. “How could I not do any less for Cassie? I loved her then & I love her even more now that she’s gone.”

“I did stop by to see Scott. We had a long chat.” Kristoff explained briefly, “You know that I loved her just as much as you did, Rogers. If could have sparred the time before now, I’d have a white lily delivered here everyday of the week.” He said as both he and Roy stood up from the damp grass, “Unfortunately, I did not have the time or money to spare until now. I am Latveria’s King, after all. Though it was not entirely the affairs of my kingdom that has preoccupied my time, I must confess.” Glancing sideways at Roy he continued, “I have been conferring with a Count Nefaria. Have you heard of him?”

Roy nodded, “He’s an Italian aristocrat, who is the current kingpin of Los Angeles and has connections to the organized crime group Maggia. He also has a collection of superhuman abilities at his disposal, which he has demonstrated during several battles not only with the Avengers, but also the X-men. It has also been confirmed that Nefaria has died several times, but he always seems to find a way to come back again.” At the amused expression on Kristoff’s face, he shrugged and added, “I do on occasion hack into the SHILED computer database when I get board enough, and of course I use my roommate’s or a public computer when I do.”

“I didn’t know you could hack, let alone actual do it successfully, Roy.” Kristoff stated grinning and placed his cane on the ground and placed both hands on it as he leaned into it. “You were forced to stop gambling, so you take up hacking instead?” he was thoroughly amused by this fact and he went no lengths to hide it. “I must know, are you a Black or White hat?”

Roy shook his head, stuffing his hands into the pockets of his jeans, “I’d rather not further discuss this point out in the open.”

Kristoff chuckled, “Alright, I understand. Perhaps we’ll continue this discussion later. Now, back to what I was getting at,” he paused a moment, his expression becoming much more serious as he looked fully at Roy now, “He may have a way for us to revive our girl, our Cassie as well as a way for us to at least injure SHILED by more than just hacking their systems.” At Roy’s conflicted expression Kristoff added, “I want you to join the team I’m putting together.”

“Why are you doing that?” Roy demanded, struggling to keep his voice low as to not draw attention from anyone who might happen to be near by. “If we get caught, you may have diplomatic immunity, but I’d do some real time for it. My parents were angry enough when I was gambling, just imagine how pissed they’d be if I did something like that.”

“For Cassie, this is all for Cassie of course!” Kristoff retorted his grip tightening on the head of his cane, his knuckles almost going totally white and he too was now struggling to keep his own voice down. “My father may have been directly involved in her death, but he was not the one to send her into such a dangerous situation. That was those government dogs, which belong to SHILED.”

“‘Directly involved’? Kris, Dr. Doom was the one to murder Cassie! SHILED may have been the one to send her and her team there, but your own father dealt the deathly blow.” Roy said through gritted teeth and glared at his old friend.

“If SHILED hadn’t sent her there she would have never been killed in the first place. Therefore SHILED must share the blame with my father.” Kristoff countered and continued before Roy could speak again, “We both loved Cassie dearly. I am willing to do anything to make all her murderer’s pay for what role they played in her death. Since she chose you, Roy, I thought you’d be even more willing to make such sacrifices for her.”

“How dare you!” Roy snapped his voice unintentionally rising slightly, “I am more than willing to make my girlfriends murder pay. I’d kill him with my own hands if I could. However, Dr. Doom has been stripped of his diplomatic immunity and sentenced to life in the Vault. He is solely responsible for Cassie’s death and he is paying the price for the act.”

Kristoff sighed disappointedly shaking his head, “I’m sorry you feel that way, Roy, but please do think about my offer. If you ever accept it, you will be a welcome addition to my little group. I shall take my leave then, old friend.” He turned to leave, but stopped to say over his shoulder, “I understand your brother was and is part of her team, Young Avengers, who was also on that same mission. If you join me, I can guarantee that Austin won’t be fatally harmed in the event our teams clash against one another. I also understand that your parents work for SHILED and I have no desire for them to be fatally hurt as well should either of them cross my team’s path.”

“You’re so desperate that you’d sink to blackmail?” Roy inquired bewildered that Kristoff would even consider doing such a thing to his friend.

Kristoff once more shook his head, “No, I’m not blackmailing. We’re friends Roy. I am merely letting you know the positives of joining me. Weather you join or not is still up to you. The invitation will always be open to you no matter when or if you decide to join me, though I can not halt my plans until you decide Roy.”

“If I were to decide, how would I contact you?”

“Merely give my cell a call,” Kristoff said taking out a small rectangle card from his inside suit pocket and let it drop from his hand to the damp manicured grass. “My number is on the card.”

Roy waited and watched until Kristoff had entered the black stretch limo and it began to drive off. Only then did he move to pick up the card with Kristoff’s cell number and name embossed in gold ink in the center of the small card. Roy moved to tear up the card, but hesitated before angrily shoving it into his jeans pocket. Turning back to face Cassie’s grave Roy sighed, “Do you blame Fury for your death, Cassie?”

Silence was his only response and he turned away from the grave. Roy slowly walked back to where he’d parked his ninety-six mustang, his shoulders weighed down even more than usual by his old friend’s offer. He knew he shouldn’t accept it and alert his parents to Kristoff’s plans. Yes, that would be the responsible thing to do…but in his heart Roy knew he wouldn’t report Kristoff to his parents. Still, he hated to admit it, even to himself, but Kristoff’s offer was tempting…

Present Day: A week and a day later–

Roy laid down the bouquet of flowers onto his late girlfriends grave, careful of the several lilies that had been placed there. Today wasn’t one of the three days of the year he usually came and the bouquet wasn’t of lilies. Today the bouquet he’d placed before her grave consisted of the flowers: Aloe, Globe Amaranth, Arbutus, Bird’s-foot Trefoil, Berrirose, red & pink carnations and yellow Roses. Roy had come here because the team Cassie had belonged to, Young Avengers (which Austin was also apart of), had decided to pay her grave a visit and Roy had decided to tag-along.

They had stopped at the florists on the way there so that the flowers where fresh. Each teammate had purchased a single lily, but Roy ordered an unusual bouquet. Austin had questioned Roy about it, knowing that his twin had always insisted on placing only lilies on the grave, but Roy had merely responded with a shrug and a response of: “Once in a while, change is good.” Austin had let it go, but Roy knew his twin was still worried about him.

Roy was the last one to lay his bouquet down before the grave, while the others were already heading back down the small hill to where the cars were parked. He once more just stood there staring at the tombstone as if he was having a mental conversation with it. A year had passed since her death and Roy was no closer to letting go than he was at her funeral. They had been together since his senior year of high school and Roy couldn’t remember loving another girl they way he’d loved her. He still couldn’t imagine being in love with someone other than Cassie. Was this how dad felt after loosing mom? Roy couldn’t help, but wonder as he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Are you alright, Roy?” Austin inquired as his twin looked over his shoulder at him, but as soon as they’re eyes met Austin already knew the answer: his twin still hadn’t moved on. Austin had seen this expression before at Cassie’s funeral. His hand fell from Roy’s shoulder to run through his blond hair, “I miss her too, man. Cassie was an incredible person.”

“I had wanted her to stop being part of the team” Roy began sounding a little bitter as his gaze turning back towards the grave’s headstone, “and I often asked Cassie to, but she loved being apart of Young Avengers.” Roy hadn’t told Austin this before and neither had Cassie. He hadn’t intended to continue, but now the words just came pouring out, “I knew she wouldn’t quite, and I knew it was selfish of me to want her to do so, but I wanted her to be safe from the danger those mission’s put her in. I wanted her to stop before she was killed, before she was too hurt that I couldn’t do anything to save her.” Roy sighed and turned to unintentionally glare at Austin. “You’re team leader–”

“For the hundredth time, there was nothing I could do.” Austin snapped crossing his arms over his chest and matching Roy’s glare with his own. They had been through this many times since Cassie had died on the mission. It was just something that Roy couldn’t get over or rather something Roy was still in denial about. “Cassie acted before I could give an order and even if I had, I doubt she would have listened to it.”

A car horn beeped from the bottom of the hill. The others were getting restless waiting for them to leave their teammates and Roy’s girlfriend’s grave.

“She would have listened.” Even as the words left his mouth, something buried deep in the back of Roy’s mind disagreed. In the back of his mind Roy knew that Austin was right, but it was buried too deep right now for Roy to even acknowledge it’s existence.

“Either way it doesn’t matter, Roy.” Austin retorted tired of going through this same argument for what felt like the hundredth time since Cassie’s death. “The fact is that she’s gone and there’s no way to bring her back or undo what’s happened.”

“Of course it matter’s.” Roy stated firmly as another honk of a horn blared through the air. Roy turned his back to Austin, “Your teams getting impatient. We better go.” Roy started down the hill without another word and towards where he’d parked his own car. Roy had driven his own car instead of carpooling with Austin and the other members of the Young Avengers. Roy never looked to see if Austin had followed him down the hill as he walked past the big van the Young Avengers drove and to his ninety-six mustang.

Once he sat inside the car he slipped the keys in the ignition and locked all the doors incase Austin tried to grab a ride home with him. The ninety-six mustang roared to life and Roy wasted no time in speeding out of the cemetery grounds and away from Cassie’s grave. He drove until he pulled into the parking lot of a McDonalds and parked in the nearest parking spot. Roy however didn’t get out, instead he reached into his pocket and took out the card Kristoff had given him a week earlier. He stared at the card a few minutes before taking out his cell phone and dialing the number that was on the card. The other end had only rung once before he heard Kristoff’s voice.

“Hello Roy, have you made up your mind?”

“How did you know it was me?”

“This is the number for my private line.” Roy heard Kristoff chuckle, “There aren’t very many people who have this number.”

“About your offer from last week…”


“I’ve made a decision.”

“Splendid, let’s meet tomorrow evening to discuss your decision.”

“Could we meet tonight?”

Another chuckle, “Alright, where?”

“Hellfire Club. Nine o’clock sharp.”


Avalon sighs as she idly flips through the pages of one of the books that had been on her summer reading list. She sat on a lawn chair, which was on the sidelines of Xavier’s school for the gifted outdoor pool. Her brother was refereeing a water volleyball match that prohibited the use of powers. Theo had told her that it was a exorcise in the students ability to use self restraint. So far only a couple students had been penalized. On her side of the pool stood her elder brother with a whistle around his neck, while on the other side Claire stood acting as the life guard.

Avalon would have played herself, but apparently her parents had left Theo specific instructions about how she would spend her time here. Getting her summer reading done had been at the top of their parents list of items for her to accomplish, while supervised training in the danger room was close to the end of the list. That was something she didn’t understand. This had apparently translated to Theo that Avalon couldn’t do anything remotely fun related. That is until she reads at least the three books from her summer reading list, which sucked.

School work was the last thing she wanted to do on her first full day of summer vacation. Still, she had to admit, her current book was actually a little bit interesting. It was the first book of the Alex Rider book series: Storm Chaser. As interesting as the book was, it was a reminder that her parents were away on a dangerous mission. Avalon closed the book and waved it like a fan in her direction.

It was in the high seventies, though the humidity made it seem much hotter. Why she had let Theo talk her into reading by the pool instead of the air conditioned inside, Avalon had no idea. She may have been wearing a light blue sun dress, but it didn’t make her feel any cooler. In fact, Theo had told her it would likely keep her cooler than the black outfit she’d wanted to wear originally, but Avalon wasn’t believing that right now.

“Theeeooo!” Avalon wined and her brother glanced in her direction, “It’s too hooottt! I wanna go inside.”

“Do you promise to go straight to your room?” Theo replied doing his best to keep his attention both on the valley ball match and his younger adoptive sister.

“Of course!” Avalon unintentionally snapped as she jumped to her feet, but then corrected herself, “I mean, I promise big brother.”

“Okay, go. I’ll be there to check on you in a little bit.” Theo said, but Avalon was already making her way back towards the mansion. He sighed turning back towards the volley ball game and hoped his sister would stay out of trouble, though he knew that wouldn’t be likely.


Avalon tossed the book onto her bed before flopping down onto it herself and laid there enjoying the air conditioning. This was much better than being outside in that dreadful heat and not being allowed to participate in the water games. Sometimes she disliked how strict both her bother and parents could be even if they weren’t actually around and this was certainly one of those times. “Stupid summer reading list,” Avalon grumbled, “It’s already ruining my summer fun.”

“Then why do it?” Scott’s voice came from her doorway.

Avalon sat up, propping herself up with her elbows so she see her friend. He was leaning against the doorframe with his hands in his pockets. “Well, my parents want me to get my school work done before school starts again, and Theo is making sure I do just that.”

“The way I see it, Avalon, is you’re currently alone and under no supervision from fishboy.” Scott stated a mischievous grin forming on his lips. “Why not have some fun while there’s no one to stop you?”

“And what would you suggest?” Avalon inquired, not sure if she’d actually go along with it. Even if Scott did have a very good point, she knew her brother would be disappointed in her.

“Follow me and I’ll show you.” Scott retorted pushing himself off the doorframe. When Avalon didn’t move from her bed he added, “Remember, you’re parents and brother are ruining your summer vacation.”

Sighing Avalon slid off her bed and walked over to Scott, “Fine, lead the way.”
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Complications of Life

Chapter Four:

“Have a good time at the club tonight.” Theo said and gave his boyfriend only a peck on the lips, while Damon’s tail wrapped around his wrist. They stood in the door way to Avalon’s room, where Theo’s sister was currently sulking. “And tell your cousin not to wreck the place tonight.”

“I’ll do my best, but, you know Pietro, he doesn’t always listen.” Damon replied with a lighthearted shrug and then pouted slightly, “I wish you were coming to the club tonight.”

“You know I want to, but I have to look after Ava, especially after today’s incident.” Theo replied frowning slightly as he glanced behind him at his sister, who was sitting on her bed in a light pink nightgown scowling at them both. “Anyway,” he sighed looking back at Damon, “you better get going before Pietro calls your cell looking for you.”

Superstar, where are you from? How’s it going?
I know you got a clue what you’re doing.
You can play brand new to all the other chicks out here.
But I know what you are, what you are, baby.

“Speak of the devil.” Damon muttered as his cell started going off in his pocket, but he just let it ring. He took Theo’s face in his red furred, three fingered hands and kissed his lips a little more passionately than Theo’s kiss had been before releasing his boyfriend’s head. “See you tomorrow, Theo.” Damon said softly before turning away and hurrying off down the hall with Theo staring after his lithe form grinning.

“You two should really get a room.” Avalon’s voice brought his attention to the matter at hand and moved so he could shut her door. “Or, better yet, just shut the door when you guys wanna make out or whatever.”

“You’re only ten, but in a couple years or so, you might not talk like that Ava.” Theo retorted walking over to go sit at the desk that was in the room. It was strewn with papers he had to go over if he wanted to possibly take the kids on a field trip within the next week.

“As if I will!” Avalon retorted, rolling her eyes at the back of her brother’s head before promptly changing the subject, “Soooo, can I go get some dessert from the kitchen?”

“No, you’re grounded for the time being.” Theo sighed and turned around in his chair so that he was facing Avalon now. “That means: no electronics, no dessert after dinner and no exiting this room unless it’s for food, water or bathroom brakes.” Avalon glared and lay down on her bed, turning on her left side so that her back was facing Theo. Another sigh escaped Theo’s lips as he turned back to his paper work.

“Scott get’s his Danger Room privileges revoked for a week and I get grounded,” Avalon said after a few minutes of silence past between them. “This is so unfair!”

“Scott lives here and his father is headmaster. It’s a fitting punishment.” Theo replied, slightly annoyed by his sister’s unhelpful whining. “Natasha and Clint would agree with me grounding you, Ava.”

“Papa wouldn’t.” Avalon responded instantly, “He would’ve sneaked me some dessert.”

“Well, Natasha and Clint aren’t responsible for you right now.” Theo replied trying hard to keep the irritation out of his voice. “I am solely responsible for your safety at the moment and therefore I can’t have you running amuck in the Danger Room with Scott when neither of you were authorized to do so. Oh, and don’t let me forget to mention how you managed to pick the electronic lock on the Danger Room door.”

“You suck,” Avalon muttered crawling under the blanket on her bed and laying back down with her back towards her elder brother. “…I don’t regret doing what I did.”

“Well then, I’ll ground you for this entire week instead of just the next two days.” Theo stated tired of his sister’s attitude about this entire situation.

“That’s unfair!” Avalon shouted sitting straight up in bed and glaring at him. “Mama and Papa never ground me for an entire week. Besides I already apologized to Ms. Monroe.”

“You just said that you didn’t regret your actions, therefore you really weren’t sorry for disregarding school rules when you apologized to her.” Theo said his voice rising with each word. Annoyance was heavy in his voice and met his sister’s glare with one of his own. “Now the next time your parents are out on a mission, Wolverine and Storm might not allow you to stay here. Next time, you’ll be sent to stay with the Starks or wherever Natasha and Clint decide to put you. Do you really not want to stay where your only other family is?”

“I hate you! I don’t wanna stay here next time.” now Avalon was shouting tearfully at him, “And you’re not family, you’re adopted.”

For a moment Theo’s hands gripped the back of the chair he sat on tightened, his eyes narrowing at Avalon and his lips pressed into a straight line. Seconds passed as they now just stared in angry silence at each other, but then a deep, dark chuckle past through Theo’s throat making Avalon jump slightly. She had never heard Theo laugh like that before nor had she seen the malicious expression that scrawled itself onto his features.

“You hate me? Ha!” Theo said standing and turned around to gather up the papers on the desk. That dark laugh started again for a second or two as he finished up gathering the papers. Theo then silently walked over to the door of Avalon’s door, opened it, but stopped just on the other side of it. Glancing back over his shoulder at her he said, “You have no idea what it truly means to be hated, Ava, and I pray you never find out. Good-night,” Theo shut off the light before closing the door behind him. For a moment Theo just stood there, a rueful smile on his lips. He disliked having to act like a parent around Avalon and would have desired to just be a big brother to her, but with both Natasha and Clint out on missions that wasn’t an option. He sighed as he finally began the walk back to his own room to finish this paper work and possibly have a drink while he was at it.


One year, a week & a day earlier–

Roy had known the dangers of the missions his girlfriend and brother were sent on. He had known that serious or even fatal injuries could be a result after a mission. However being told this fact or reading it on a piece of paper cowered in experiencing it as now as he stood outside her hospital room. Roy had been only a new born when his biological mother, Skye, had died and so had never really experienced loosing someone he loved.

Now, he knew exactly what it felt like. His girlfriend’s injuries had caused internal bleeding which the doctors couldn’t stop. She would die within the next forty eight hours. From where he stood he could see her team was in there as well as Mr. Lang, Cassie’s father. Roy wanted to be with Cassie too, but he was finding it hard to actually take a step into the room. He jumped a little startled as a hand came down to firmly hold his shoulder. Looking up, Roy saw that the hand belonged to his father.

Steve could relate to what his son was likely feeling right now. “You don’t have to go in there if you don’t want to son.”

Roy looked from his father to the room and back to his father. He shook his head, “I have to.” Roy turned back towards the room and walked inside, his father’s hand falling off his shoulder as he did so. As he entered the room he saw most of the Young Avengers team was there and Roy met each of their gazes. Kate left her spot from beside Cassie’s bed and walked quickly over to Roy, wrapping her arms around him in a hug which Roy returned.

“She’s been asking for you.” Kate stated as they released each other. As soon as the team had made it back to New York, Fury had sent Steve to go collect Roy from his college via helicopter as it would have been the fastest way to complete the task.

“I know,” Roy replied staring past Kate and at the bed where Cassie was laying, the upper half of her hospital bed propped up vertically. During the helicopter ride, Steve had broken the news about Cassie to Roy and he still didn’t know quite how to react. “Where’s Austin?”

“Triple S went down to the cafeteria to get a soda,” Kate replied using Austin’s codename…well the short version of his codename. “He feels terrible about this entire thing. Don’t be too hard on him. Now, get over there before I push you over there myself.”

Roy nodded, but his feet didn’t want to move and after a minute Kate gave him a gentle shove in Cassie’s direction. Roy stumbled a bit, but put one foot in front of the other until he stood where Kate had been moments ago. Across from him on the other side of the bed was a sorrowful Mr. Lang, meanwhile Cassie smiled up at her boyfriend.

“It’s so good to see you, Roy.” Cassie said weakly as Roy sat down next to her on the hospital bed.

“You’re going to be okay.” Roy replied, though he knew it wasn’t true and took her hand in his. He wasn’t known for being optimistic, but for the moment he was going to be. There was too much internal bleeding from her injury sustained from Dr. Doom. She had a couple more days at the most to live and that’s if she was lucky. “You’re not going to die.”

“I know I’m in trouble now, my boyfriend’s being optimistic,” Cassie joked, giggling a little and her fingers intertwined themselves with Roy’s. She knew Roy meant well, but she already knew what the doctors were saying. That was why she had wanted to see Roy so badly. Cassie hadn’t wanted to die without seeing him at least one more time. “It’s okay. I know I’m living on borrowed time.”

“No, it’s not okay.” Roy stated his grip on her hand tightening a bit and Cassie frowned. “It’s never going to be okay, Cassie.”

“Dad,” Cassie said looking over at her father, “I want to speak with Roy alone.”

Mr. Lang nodded understandingly, “Of course, Cassie.” He kissed his daughters forehead before standing fully and ushered everyone else out of the room as well.

“I wish I could have seen you graduate from medical school. You’ll be an excellent doctor one day and I was looking forward to possibly being a doctor’s wife.” Roy tried to respond, but she placed a finger against his lips and shushed him. “Let me finish, Roy. I’m sorry for what we’ll never get to experience together now and that is my only regret.”

“I love you, Cassie.” Roy’s voice was shaking slightly as he in leaned in and gently kissed her lips. As the kiss broke tears were now sliding down both their faces.

“I love you too, Roy Rogers.” Cassie whispered as they now hugged each other as if it would be there last time they would be able to do so. And it very well could have been.

Present Day: A year, a week & a day later–

Roy walked through the doors of the Hellfire Club and as usual it was quite busy. He quickly made his way down the large staircase and fearlessly walked into the crowed front room. Ninety five percent of the Hellfire Club’s clientele were mutants, but the last five percent were humans, who were either wealthy or just looking to have a good time. Roy fell under the category of ‘just looking to have a good time’; though today he wasn’t here to gamble. No, tonight he was here to hear out a proposition from an old friend, but if he could get in some gambling tonight he wouldn’t complain. He’d turned his cell off and had even left it at home in order to ensure that his meeting with Kristoff wouldn’t be interrupted, but what he hadn’t counted on was Austin following him to the club.

Carefully, Roy made his way across the crowded room and over the bar. Loud music was blaring from speakers stationed through out the room and every once in a while strobe lights would flash in the dimly lit room, which gave it its nightclub feel. Roy approached the bar and an alcoholic drink was placed down in front of him by the bar tender.

“I didn’t order anything.” Roy stated flatly, eyeing the bartender carefully.

“Relax Pan, it’s from your friend Kristoff.” The bartender replied with a roll of her eyes, “He’s waiting for you in room 113.”

Roy nodded and walked away, leaving the glass on the bar. He once more weaved through the crowded room towards the back staircase, which led to the private rooms one could rent for less than polite activities. However, Kristoff had decided to rent one for their little meeting, no doubt to throw off suspicion from Roy if anyone had followed unknowingly. From somewhere behind him, Roy heard the crash and startled screams of one of the patrons knocking over a tray of drinks. He thought he recognized one of the voices, but Roy didn’t looked back to confirm. It was just nine o’clock now and he wasn’t going to keep Kristoff waiting. Up the back stairs Roy went and straight to room 113. As he reached the door, he noted a dark skinned man in a suit and pair of sun glasses standing guard beside it and Roy knew that he’d come to the correct room. The guard looked at him through the dark sun glasses at his approach and silently opened the door for him.

Entering the room, Roy paused as the door was closed behind him. It was a large room complete with a couple heart shaped love seats towards the front. A canopy bed with a queen sized matrass was stationed in the back of the room, while in the center was a metal pole strategically placed part way between the love seats and queen sized bed. The floor was carpeted a faded pinkish red color, while it was the walls that had wood paneling to them. A Japanese style door separated the room from an adjoining bathroom area. Finally, his gaze settled quizzically on Kristoff, who sat smirking with one leg crossed over the other in one of the heart shaped love seats.

“Judging by your expression, Pan, you haven’t gotten laid by a mutant recently.” Kristoff stated, chuckling slightly and motioned to the adjacent heart shaped love seat. “Please have a seat.”

“Actually,” Roy began shooting a glare at his friend, “I was wondering what you were thinking meeting in one of these rooms with another guy. People might start talking and I have a reputation to up hold.”

“Don’t we all Roy?” Kristoff replied leaning forward in his seat. “Seriously, though, you should be more worried about the mutant I hired to intercept anyone who might be following you.”

“I wasn’t followed,” Roy protested, but Kristoff had already taken out his Samsung galaxy and when he brought turn it around to show Roy, on the screen was footage from a security camera. The footage showed Roy entering the club and the a couple minutes later a blond look-a-like entered. Kristoff turned the phone back towards him a moment before turning it back to Roy. The footage was now paused and magnified so that Roy could clearly see exactly who it was who’d followed.

“We both know who this is.” Kristoff stated his tone a bit icy as he spoke. “The clock is ticking, Roy, and you have a decision to make.”


“Dummkopf!” the black haired girl shouted in German at Austin and glared. Her job had been to intercept anyone who seemed to be following Pan, but getting her cloths soaked with beverages hadn’t been what she’d signed up for. The tray of various drinks were now scattered on the floor and a circle had formed around the two of them for two reasons. One: no one wanted to step in the drinks. And two: they were hoping for a more than a simple argument to break out. “Passen Sie doch auf, Pan!”

“Hey, I’m sorry about that.” Austin apologized, though really he was trying to look past her and the crowd of people to the stair case his twin had been headed towards. The girl (who was still yelling at him in a foreign language) had called him ‘Pan’. It was obviously a nickname of sorts, but he couldn’t be sure if it was the meaning behind it. He spotted Roy just as he entered a room with a guard stationed outside of it, which surprised him a bit. Austin turned his gaze back to the girl in front of him, “Hey, calm down beautiful. If you give me your number, I’ll pay for your dry cleaning.”

“You dye your hair and think it’s safe to show your face in the club tonight?” a blond male asked stepping out of the crowd and coming to stand next to his sister. “You’re more of a Dummkopf than I realized, Pan.”

“I think you got the wrong guy, man.” Austin replied, only half paying attention, “The name’s Austin. I’m supposed to be meeting my brother here.” His gaze turned back to the girl (whose face was either red from anger or embarrassment), “The offer still stands, beautiful.”

“Don’t talk to my sister!” the blond guy snapped, pulling the girl behind him protectively.

“Piety!” the girl pouted and said a little more in that foreign language.

The blond guy, or rather ‘Piety’, seemed to be ignoring her. He was glaring furiously at Austin, not believing a word that was being said. “Oh sure, new hair color, new name and suddenly I’m supposed to forget how you cheated me at cards? I don’t think so Pan!”

“Piety, he’s telling the truth!” the girl said from behind her brother. “I saw Pan come in and talk to Swan Song at the bar. That’s when this Dummkopf ran right into me.”

“Alright,” Piety said after a moment of contemplation, “Stay away from my sister, Austin, or I’ll break your arm like I broke your brother’s.” He grabbed the girl’s hand and tried to pull her away into the crowd with a grumble of “C’mon Keira”.

“Wait, you broke Ro –Pan’s arm?” Austin questioned stopping Piety short and as Piety turned back around Austin had a gun trained on him.

“Go ahead, human. Shoot me.” Piety dared, his grip tightening on his sister hand. He was prepared to activate his mutant ability and those standing behind him quickly darted out of the way, knowing exactly what could happen if they didn’t. Piety smirked and taunted, “When I’m done here, I’m gonna find Pan and break more than his arm fo –”

The rest of his sentence was drowned out by the loud bang of the gun going off, though the bullet hadn’t come close to its intended target. Damon had jumped into the fray a second before Austin had fired the gun, forcing the bullet to fly upwards and no doubt getting lodged into the buildings high ceiling. Having been caught off guard, Damon’s spaded tail now held the gun and he had Austin pinned to the soggy alcohol drenched floor. He also had a rather intricately detailed knife pressed against the side of Austin’s throat. His codename wasn’t ‘Demon’ for nothing. “Here’s some free advice” Damon hissed angrily, “Never attack a mutant in a room full of his own kind.”

“Nightstalker, call off Demon.” Roy stated stepping through the crowd and into the circle. He’d been coming down the stairs when Austin had first pulled out his gun. “He might be an idiot sometimes, but he at least learns from his mistakes.”

“Neither of you are welcome here, Pan.” Piety said, “Now get out before someone gets hurt.”

“That was the plan.” Roy said and Damon retracted his knife and released Austin. Roy went over and offered a hand up, which Austin took. “Let’s go, Triple S.”


“You’re welcome.” Roy stated flatly once they were outside the club. He didn’t look at Austin as he spoke, keeping his gaze in front of him as they walked down the street.

“For what exactly?” Austin asked incredulously.

“Bailing you out of that fight,” Roy said, still not looking at his brother, “Fighting members of one of the most powerful mutant clans never ends well.”

“Nightstalker, or whatever his name is, broke your arm.” Austin stated as if what he’d been trying to do had been obvious, “He needed to be taught a lesson.”

“Damn it Austin!” Roy suddenly shouted and they both stopped walking to face each other. “That’s not why you followed me and you know it! Tell me the truth. Why the hell did you follow me tonight? To stop me from gambling? Is that it?”

“And what if it was?”

“Then it was a pointless endeavor.” Roy snapped, “I didn’t go there to gamble. I went there tonight to meet someone and your little stunt cost me even that stress reliever.”

“Wait, let me get this straight.” Austin stated once again incredulous. His brother wasn’t even over his dead girlfriend and Roy was claiming to be meeting a call girl? It just didn’t make any sense to him after what Austin had witnessed at Cassie’s grave earlier that day. “You went there to meet up with a whore?”

“I wouldn’t go into one of the back rooms, otherwise.” It was Roy’s turn to speak like what he’d done was obvious.

“You’re not even over Cassie. How can even sleep with another girl?”

Roy turned his back to Austin, “We all grieve in different ways.”
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Oops. I accidentally fan-arted:

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It's Roy fondly remembering Cassie (or her ghost, since it's nearly Halloween). I might add the third wheel Kristoff later, or other characters.

Edit: And Keira ordering Piety around while he defends her honor or whatever:

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Anyone, feel free to color. I'm too lazy, and I already blocked in Keira's ever-important purple hair streaks.
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@ Ash: those are awesome drawings! biggrin I especially like the first one. It's just adorable~!
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@ Cheetah: Ee! Thank you! It's my fav, too. >w<
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those are so awesome! I cant stop smiling cause they are so awesome!
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Complications of Life

Chapter Five:

Her hands shook and tears soaked the lined paper which she shoved into a white envelope. On the front of the envelope she wrote the name of her best friend: Pietro II Maximoff. Inside was a note explaining how and why she felt she just needed to try to end it and it was signed: Grace Creed. She left the envelope on her desk and went over to her bed, where one of her late mother’s guns lay loaded and waiting. Since she was old enough, her mother had taught her how to use each one of the guns in the small arsenal her mother had collected.

It had been a week since the death of her mother and Grace was taking it very badly. She’d been very close with her mother ever since she could remember. Her mother had always been there for her unlike her father who wanted virtually nothing to do with her. Grace didn’t even know if he remembered her name at all, let alone cared for her. Still, her father had avenged her mother’s death by killing the human who’d stabbed her several times. It had always been mother and daughter against the world and now her mother was gone. She was gone and Grace felt utterly lost and alone.

She picked up the gun from the bed and made sure the silencer was attached well enough. She didn’t want anyone to hear her suicide until she knew if it actually worked or not. Grace had inherited her father’s healing powers and therefore wasn’t sure she’d actually die this time around. If she failed today, then she’d find another way to kill herself and she’d keep trying until she found a way to do so. One way or another, she’d be with her mother again.

The mouth of the gun felt cold against her skin as she held to her head, point blank to her temple. Her hands no longer shook and her eyes were dried of tears, though they were still red and puffy from her earlier crying. In this moment she felt a sudden calm come over her as she prepared to pull the trigger and find out if she could in fact kill herself. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and pulled the trigger.

For only a brief moment she felt the pain of the bullet piercing her skin and then nothing at all. She didn’t feel her body crumple to the carpeted floor of her room and blood pour out from the bullet whole in the side of her head. Grace never heard the gun clatter to the floor nor did she hear the footsteps coming down the hall and stop at her door a five minutes later.

“Grace?” a male voice asked hesitantly before phasing partly through the door. The boy had been about to speak her name again when he saw her there, lying limply on the floor amidst a pool of blood. For a few seconds he was frozen half phased through the door, staring at Grace in complete horror. “Grace!” he exclaimed rushing over to her body, never even noticing the note addressed to him on his friend’s desk. Pietro II knelt next to his best friend as the bullet was pushed out of Grace’s head and landed on the blood stained carpet with a barely audible thud. Taking that as a good omen Pietro leaned over Grace and began to call her name repeatedly.

Grace’s eye lids fluttered and they slowly opened to see her best friend leaning over her and heard his voice practically shouting her name. She hadn’t wanted him to be the one to find her like this, but she hated even more that her suicide had failed. Tears gather in her eyes and fell instantly, sliding down her cheeks as she stared into her best friends eyes. She could see that he was furious and that she had frightened him, but also that he was relieved to see that she was okay. Physically at least Grace was indeed okay. Mentally was another story. She reached for the gun, but Pietro was quick to grab it and toss it across the room. The tears only came faster after that.

“Leave me alone Pietro.” Grace stated through her sobs as she sat up, her long black hair falling over her shoulder to cover half her face. “Please, just go.”

“No, I’m not going anywhere Grace.” Pietro II promised before pulling her into a hug and held her tightly. Grace’s tears were now wetting his shoulder, but he didn’t care. All he cared about right now was that his best friend was still alive. “I will never leave you alone again.” His cell began ringing in his pocket and with one arm still wrapped around Grace, he took his cell out of his pocket with his free hand and held the cell to his ear, “Mutti Sie besser kommen in.*” he spoke in German as he answered the cell. “…Gnade gerade versucht, sich umzubringen.**”


The loud noise startled Grace from her uneasy slumber. She nearly jumped out of her skin at the sudden noise. It wasn’t until she went to rub her eyes with the back of her hand that she realized that they were wet with tears. Grace frowned, but was glad that Pietro II hadn’t seen her yet this morning. The tears would have only made him worry about her. Though how could she blame him for doing so? He’d witnessed the aftermath of her suicide from when they had both been only thirteen. Had it really only been four years ago? Grace hadn’t dreamed of her attempted suicide in a long time and she briefly wondered why she had. It wasn’t like she had been through any trauma recently. Quickly, she whipped the remaining tears from her eyes as she pulled back her covers and crawled out of bed. She exited her room, clad in her Hello Kitty sleepwear including matching slipper boots.

Grace made her way down the hall and stairs to the ground floor of the two story house the Maximoff family owned. She heard Pietro II say “And this is why Keira shouldn’t drive” as she entered the kitchen. Pietro and his mother were standing by the kitchen window, which had a clear view of the street as well as Pietro Sr. teaching Keira how to drive in the families Toyota.

“Might I remind you, Pietro, it took you three tries to pass your own drivers exam?” Mrs. Katherine “Kitty” Pryde-Maximoff retorted, taking a sip of coffee from the steaming mug in her hands. “Besides, it was Victor’s own fault. He walked into the street without looking first.”

“Victor who?” Grace inquired, though she didn’t really want her suspicions to be confirmed. Victor was her father’s first name and he was one of the last people she really ever wanted to see. Even so, if she concentrated a moment, Grace could smell her father’s scent from outside and hear Pietro Sr. and Victor trading insults towards one another as they spoke. It was no secret Pietro Sr. and Victor didn’t get along at all, which was why usually Grace would have been staying with her Uncle Logan’s family at Xavier’s school, but for the moment she was spending the summer with her best friends family.

“Good-morning, Grace.” Pietro greeted turning to smile at her and then added, “Keira almost hit your father with the car.”

“Good morning dear, it seems your father has come to pay you a visit.” Kitty said smiling warmly at their family’s guest.

“She should’ve hit him. It’s not like it would have hurt him for long.” Grace replied in a tone that whipped the smile right off her best friends face. She turned and retreated back up stairs to the guest room, she was staying in. She quickly changed into a black long sleeved shirt, a pair of faded jeans and her favorite pair of gothic style boots. Grace wasn’t about to face her father in her pajama’s, though she’d rather not face him at all. It had been about one year and one month since she last saw Victor Creed, which wasn’t unusual for him, but even so Grace didn’t want to see her father. She barely knew him as it was and so far Victor seemed to want to keep it like that. Soon there was a knock on her door before Pietro II just phased right through it.

“Hey, if we sneak out now,” Pietro began smiling at her, “you won’t have to speak with him.”

“Yeah, until he follows my scent to wherever we run off to,” Grace retorted solemnly shrugging her shoulders. “He likely first tracked down Uncle Logan, which was in vain since I haven’t been at school for a couple weeks now. That means he either had something he deemed important or for once he really actually wanted to make sure I was still alive.”

“I think our dads just entered the house,” Pietro II said hearing the two men arguing loudly as they came into the house. Still trading insults, but it was as the two men were arguing about how Grace didn’t want to see Victor and therefore Victor should leave. However, that only had Sabertooth more determined to get up stairs to see his daughter, which produced more shouting and arguing from the two men as Pietro still tried to convince the man otherwise. “We’ll be gone before he can open your door.”


“I’m telling you, Grace doesn’t want to see you!” Pietro stated for what felt like hundredth time as he followed Victor up the stairs and down the hall towards the guest room Grace was currently using. “Hell, I don’t even want to see you.”

“Shut it runt,” Sabertooth snarled, “It doesn’t matter what she wants. Grace ain’t stayin’ ‘ere with the likes of–” he broke off midsentence sniffing the air just as they heard the screeching of tires and the family’s car heading off down the road. A deafening furious roar left Victors lips as Keira entered the house.

“Was I not supposed to give Piety the keys?” Keira asked innocently and Victor turned his furious gaze on her as he started towards her. In a heartbeat of a second, Pietro was standing protectively in front his daughter while Sabertooth had barely even made it down the staircase. Kitty stood ready by the door frame that led into the kitchen, incase a fight did indeed occur.

“Don’t even try it, Creed.” Pietro stated matching Creed’s glare fearlessly with one of his own as Victor came down the steps and stepped into the front hall. Victor stood momentarily at the foot of the stairs before starting towards the door. Pietro and Kiera moved out of his path, all the while Pietro’s gaze never left Creed and kept Keira behind him.

Creed chuckled, “Relax, short-round, I ain’t goin’ to kill your girl.”


“I think you’re under estimating my father’s tracking abilities.” Grace stated as they exited the bus they had taken after abandoning the Maximoff family car at a McDonalds back in town. They’d transferred at least once and Pietro II hadn’t told her where he was taking her. Now the sea air filled her lungs and her light brown eyes fell upon a sign: Welcome to Brighton Beach. “The beach? No wonder it took us so long to get here.”

“Figured this would be better than facing your dad,” Pietro II replied shrugging slightly, “Besides, if we don’t take too long we’ll be back on the bus before your dad tracks us to here and on our way someplace else.”

“I suspect we have an hour at most before Sabertooth shows up here.” Grace stated as the wind blew messing up her long black hair a bit.

“Then lets walk along the beach before the next bus comes,” Pietro replied taking his best friend by the hand and led her over to the beach area. “Besides, there are not many people here this early in the summer.”

“Alright, a quick walk before the next bus.” Grace agreed, deciding to just enjoy the moment.

It had been a while since it was just the two of them someplace and not to mention that it been even longer since they walked anywhere holding hands. When they were kids, the gesture had been common place, but as they grew older holding hands had become less and less until it was a rarity among the two. They walked along the beach, holding hands and enjoying each others company. Eventually, the duo came upon a stretch of beach that was deserted save for the group of seals sunning themselves out on a sand bar in the ocean.

“Race you out to that sand bar!” Pietro declared and he took off his leather jacket, shirt, jeans and cowboy boots, which left him clad in only his boxers, and he took off into the ocean. “The waters great, c’mon!”

Grace’s face had flushed a bright red when her best friend suddenly decided to strip and go swimming in the ocean. Though, Pietro II seemed not to notice that at all. As soon as she’d realized what he was doing, Grace had respectfully looked away, but now she looked back as he called out to her. Surely they didn’t have time for such an activity. Sabertooth couldn’t be too far behind them by now, but she had to admit a short swim would be nice since it was a hot day in June. Pietro II was already half way to the sand bar and the seals. Against her better judgment Grace stripped as well down to her under garments and followed after her best friend.

The sea water was a little colder than grace would have liked it to be, but it was bearably at the very least. The waves splashed against her as she slowly walked deeper and deeper into the water. Glancing over at Pietro II, she noted that he had already made it over to the rock where the seals had been sunning themselves. He was sitting on it now, the seals having retreated into the water to cool off, and he was staring at her…in an almost leering way and Grace paused where she was. Though when their gazes met, Pietro II hastily looked away. That was a somewhat unsettling stare, but it also had Grace completely bewildered. Her best friend had never looked at her that way before, though she knew the look quite well. She had often seen it during the school year, when he was flirting with the other female students. Yes, she knew full well Pietro II was a womanizer, but he had never looked at her that way before.

After her moment of contemplation, Grace moved forwards. She was now waist deep in the ocean and didn’t see the point in turning back now. Once it was deep enough, Grace swam the rest of the way to the rock Pietro II was sitting on, while the seals swam near by. Carefully, Grace climbed up to sit next to her best friend, “I think the seals like you, Pietro.”

“What makes you say that?” Pietro asked just as a small seal hopped up onto the rock and climbed into Pietro’s lap, barking a bit, and both Pietro and Grace laughed a little at that, “Point taken,” the small seal stayed on his lap a minute or two longer before hopping back into the water. “If we come here again, we should bring them some fish.”

“I’m not sure we should be feeding the wildlife, but I’m sure the seals wouldn’t mind.” Grace replied, laughing a bit as she turned her gaze to the swimming seals. She knew it was getting late, but she was enjoying this alone time with her best friend and she hoped against hope her father had just given up tracking her down. After her mother’s death and her attempted suicide, in his own way, it was apparent that Sabertooth did care for her and could be overly protective.

Pietro had followed his best friends gaze out to the seals, but had ended up only having eyes for Grace. The two of them had been best friends since they had first met in Kindergarten and Pietro had always been protective of Grace. He couldn’t remember exactly when how he felt about Grace started to change, but Pietro knew the first moment he acknowledged his feelings for Grace: Four years ago after Grace had tried to kill herself. Pietro had never been so terrified of loosing someone he deeply cared for until that moment. Since then he’d do anything in his power to make her smile, but Pietro had never told her his true feelings. He was afraid if Grace didn’t feel the same way and that fact changing the dynamic of their friendship. Still, after seeing Grace like this, Pietro felt that he was finally ready to tell Grace how he really felt about her.

“Grace,” Pietro started drawing Grace’s attention to him. Her light brown eyes met his blue ones and his words momentarily caught in his throat. Pietro smiled and nervously ran a hand through his wet hair, stalling slightly. “There’s something I…I want to tell you.”

“Okay…” Grace said, noting the change in her best friend’s demeanor. Why he was nervous, Grace couldn’t fathom because Pietro was hardly ever nervous. She shifted slightly on the rock they were sitting on. It wasn’t exactly the most comfortable rock to sit on.

“I...love you, Grace.” Pietro said and mentally braced himself for whatever Grace’s reaction was going to be.

Grace’s jaw dropped slightly, shocked at what her best friend had said and she felt her cheeks grow warm. That was one thing she hadn’t expected from the womanizing heartbreaker of the Hellfire Club, but not in a bad way, far from it. A grin was slowly spreading across her lips in accordance to the happiness that was building inside her. However the moment was thrown out to sea when a familiar scent entered her nostrils. Her grin dropped like a led balloon as she turned her head towards the shore line and low and behold Sabertooth was walking down the beach towards them. “He found us,” Grace muttered quietly and, without waiting for a response from Pietro, she slid back into the water.

Pietro waited in anticipation for Grace’s response, watching as she seemed to go from utterly shocked to joyful. He supposed he could take the grin spreading over her lips as a good sign, but suddenly it dove down into a frown as her expression changed once more as glared back towards the shore. He didn’t have to look to know who it was to know why. Obviously they had spent too long here at the beach and her father had tracked them down. “Seems so,” Pietro sighed as Grace wordlessly slid back into the water and swam quickly all the way back out to shore. As soon as Grace reached the shore an argument between Grace and Sabertooth broke out and it was obvious what the argument was about. Sabertooth had always had a strong dislike for his family. Sighing again, Pietro slid into the water and began the swim back to shore as well.


Grace glanced at the clock on her nightstand, instantly frowning. It was almost one in the morning and still she felt wide awake. Sighing she leaned back against the headboard of her bed and stared down at the book she’d been hoping would take her mind off things. The events of the day were still rattling around in her brain, forcing her to stay awake. Usually a good book was the perfect remedy for such a sleepless time, but tonight it seemed to be no use. No matter how hard Grace tried, she couldn’t focus on the book laying on her lap.

The argument with her father earlier had ended with neither of them budging from their opinions, which showed she clearly got her stubbornness from her father side of the family. In the end her father had stalked off again, but Grace had the strangest feeling they would be seeing each other again soon. She wasn’t sure, but she likely felt that way due to the fact her father seemed to hate the Maximoff’s, especially Quicksilver. Sabertooth just couldn’t come up with a legit reason for her not to stay with her best friend’s family, try as he might.

And then there was the words Pietro II had said to her before they were interrupted: I love you. Her cheeks flushed at the mere remembrance of the words leaving her best friends mouth. Ever since they had first met when they had been little kids, Pietro II had always been there for her. Always being her knight in shining armor, especially during her depression four years ago. And Grace knew it had been around then that her feelings towards Pietro II had started to become more intimate. He said he felt the same, but for once she was afraid he was playing a cruel joke on her. Even as she feared it, Grace felt in her heart that Pietro II would never do that to her. To other woman, perhaps he would be so cruel, but not her.

Grace closed her book as she hopped out of bed, clad in her Hello Kitty pajamas, and exited the guest room she was using. Closing her door behind her, Grace hesitated slightly. She knew that Keira’s room was directly to her right and beyond that was Pietro II’s room. Down the hall to her left was a bathroom and linen closet and just beyond that at the far end of the hall was the Master bedroom. Grace waited until her eyes adjusted fully to the darkness of the hallway, before quietly walking down the hall. She could hear Kiera sleeping soundly, but next door Pietro II seemed to be up as well though still lying in bed sleeplessly. Stopping just in front of Peitro II’s door, Grace gently knocked on her best friend’s door.

Grace could hear Pietro II slide out of bed, his feet shuffling along the carpeted bedroom floor until he reached the door. Instead of opening the door, Pietro II’s head phased through the door a mix of shock and joy spreading over his tired features. He clearly hadn’t expected to see her tonight, considering they hadn’t talked since leaving the beach earlier that day. Grace had been too worked up by her father’s appearance to do anything else.

“May I come in?” Grace whispered, shifting her weight nervously from one foot to the other.

“Of course,” Pietro II replied phasing back through the door. A second later his door slowly opened and Grace walked into his room. Grace went over and sat down on his bed, while Pietro II turned on a dim desk lamp before sitting next to grace on his bed. A long silence passed between them before Pietro II asked, “Is everything okay?”

“Yeah,” Grace said staring down at her hands folded neatly in her lap, “everything is just fine.”

“Liar,” Pietro II stated after a moment or two of studying his best friends face, “If this is about what I said at the beach, I’m sorry if I offen –” the rest of his words were jumbled as Grace suddenly place her hand over his mouth.

“Please don’t apologize,” Grace whispered and removed her hand from his mouth only to take his head in her hands and kiss him on the lips. Pietro was so shocked at first that he forgot to even try and kiss back before it ended. Grace was a little breathless as it ended and released his face, “You truly have no idea, how long I’ve wanted to do that.”

“Actually, I think I do.” Pietro II replied smoothly, leaning in and kissing Grace passionately.


"Roy, I hear you told your brother you were meeting a girl instead of me the other week." Kristoff stated smirking. He was sitting on one of the heart shaped love seats in one of the back rooms of the Hellfire Club.

"We'll, I had to tell him something." Roy retorted, "Still, I don't like lying to Austin."

Kristoff chuckled, "Then let’s make this lie a truth. Shall we?" He snapped his fingers and out of the adjoining bathroom area came a tall & beautiful woman, "This is Tanya Sealy. She will play the part of your call-girl from now on."

"It is nice to meet you, Tanya Sealy," Roy said as to be polite, but as his frown indicated, he wasn't happy with this. Tanya would certainly be believable as a call girl in her form fitting sheer onyx halter top, which was trimmed with lime green, shiny onyx miniskirt, also trimmed with lime green and onyx stilettos. Her long black hair tied up into a pony tail, which curled upwards at the end ever so slightly. “I am Roy Rogers.”

"Why old friend, if you hadn't lied, you wouldn't be in this mess." Kristoff chuckled, "Now, I'll leave you two alone so you can get better acquainted with one another." Kristoff stood from the heart shaped seat and as he passed Tanya he whispered very softly into her ear "Be gentle with him". Kristoff then continued over to Roy.

"What did you whisper to her?" Roy inquired having not heard what it was. He wanted to leave as well, not liking this in the least, but his old friend did have a point. If he hadn’t lied, he wouldn’t be in this mess.

"Just not to keep you too long," Kristoff replied, "We don't need your brother to come looking for you again, now do we?"

Roy merely rolled his eyes as Kristoff finally exited the room leaving him alone with Tanya. “I apologize, Miss Sealy, but I don’t think you know what you’re getting into.”

“On the contrary, I know exactly what is going on,” Tanya stated smirking slightly as she walked over to Roy, “I am part of the team Kristoff has put together, just as you are now.” She stood before him now, one hand casually placed on her hip while the other was on Roy’s shoulder. Her lavender scented perfume wafted over him even more so as she leaned in even closer. “It seems you and I will be working closely with one another from now on.”

German Translation:

* Mom you better come in
** Grace just tried to kill herself

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