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<.< >.> Hmmm I think this would be my first time posting on Gaia Online forums cat_xd Oooo~ Introduction~~ Hi! I'm not new here in Gaia Online, I played a little but stopped and then went back again soooooooooo yeah.... Please take care of me from now on cat_biggrin ~~ ah before I continue, I know you're asking "Eh? Is this a Guy or a Girl? Or...." well~~ to be honest I'm a girl, period. cat_rofl I don't wanna explain~. cat_crying but if you're that curious you can always email me~ cat_mrgreen

Anyhow~ I'm getting a little off-topic here. Back to main topic~ cat_3nodding

Note: I accept criticizes, comments on my grammar. I'm still practicing my English Grammar, so please bear with my mistakes. I update every week or so, depending on my schedule due to college. -Mholic~

Characters: Gongchan, You... characters will be added soon
Description: What would you do if you saw a large package sitting in front of your doorsteps and not knowing what’s inside it? Out of curiosity you were surprise to see what's inside it.

Chapter 1: Pet In A Box
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"Ugh~ Morning already?" you looked at your alarm clock it was 7:30am you wearily search for your cellphone that was hiding under your pillow, you tried to focus on the screen with a blurry vision "....3:30" you slammed your head on your pillow mumbling then you grabbed your alarm clock and throw it outside the window. "Pabo alarm clock, its 3:30am not 7:30am... I don’t know why people make these kinds of clocks"

You rolled over not noticing you were at the edge of your bed “Uff” you fell face first on the carpet. You wobbled a little after standing up, you walked straight towards your bathroom to wash first before heading down the stairs.

"I wanna sleep…" You rubbed your eyes and took out four slices of bread and place it in the toaster, while waiting for the bread to toast you went to your couch and sat lazily.

"Ah! I almost forgot the package should be delivered here by now" you got up and hurriedly grabbed your coat from the clothes hanger due to the weather. As you went outside you saw a large box sitting in front of your porch 'Huh? Wasn’t it supposed to be a small package only?' You came closer to it while examining the whole box and noticed it had holes in it.

'Hmm… maybe they sent it to a wrong person' you saw a small paper hanging loosely on the side of the box but there was nothing written on it.

'Aish maybe I should open it to see if its really is mine...' you got your cutter from your pocket and carefully cut through the tape. After opening it you were shocked by what you just saw.

You stumbled backwards and fell on the snowy path. "W-Why is there a person inside the box?!" You stood up and slowly approached the box, as you came closer and closer, suddenly the person abruptly throws his arm on the side of the box. This made you startle.

You build up your courage to approach it again and open the box. You were shocked to see it was a boy around your age lying there unconsciously "Omo! Are you alright?" you reached out to hold his hand, it’s like holding an ice cube; you can feel him shaking vigorously 'Who could have done this? It’s freezing out here'

You tried to lift him up but you couldn’t, he was too heavy to carry. You tried pushing the box but it didn’t work either. After thinking of a strategy to get him in to the house, you had an idea. You took out your cutter and started cutting. Finally you managed to cut a side and started pulling him out. You managed to get him out of the box and immediately headed to your house.

It took you less than 15minutes to lay him on the couch. 'Fuuu~ that almost drained my energy' you gingerly put your coat on top and tucked him with a blanket to make him warm. You quickly turned the dial on the heater.

You put your palm on his forehead if he's burning or not. 'Well he’s perfectly fine now' you can feel that his temperature is returning to normal. You used your other hand to brush off some hair that was covering his face. You were surprised to see that he has handsome features.

"Ah! I almost forgot about my toast" You were about to walk away when you heard him groaning while his facial expression began to change then forcing his eyes to open, finally his eyes shot open and he abruptly sat up. He slowly observes everything in your house; he turned to look at you with a blank face.

He stood up and started to move closer and closer to you; you on the other hand backed away. "Hey are you okay now?" he ignored your question he still continued to move closer to you like a tiger hunting for its prey.

"What are you doing?!" As you reached to a wall you have no other place run to, you are trapped. As he draws near you, you close your eyes tight, afraid to see what’s going to happen next. You can feel his hot breathe hitting your face that sends shivers down to your spine ‘Omo... This is a bad idea…I let someone like him inside my house!!’ you were trembling in fear you want to scream but suddenly you heard someone sniffing beside your shoulder; you slowly turn your head to see what’s going on.

'Mwo?! What is he doing?!'

He immediately stopped and stared at you with a startled look on his face; He sits like a dog and stares at you with his oh-so-innocent eyes which no one could resist. He titled his head sideways like he’s begging for something.

"W-What do you want from me?" you sheepishly asked.

"I’m not here to hurt you or anything" he said when he looked at you with reassuring eyes.

"Then why are you staring at me like that?" you asked again, shakily.

"Can I be your pet?" he said using a baby talk accent while making the cutest aegyo you ever seen.

Your eyes widened in surprise, you quickly replied "WHAT?!"

A/N: This is almost exact to the one I made last last last last last last last last month. I edited some of my wrong grammar... so embarrassing.... rofl but that's okay it's just the start. In the later chapters you'll see that I'm improving little by little rofl ~~~ please look forward to the next chapter!
i love this so much this is so cute~~ Do you like Gongchan too? He's my all time favorite heart He's so adorable~~ Whens the next chapter out???
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