I'm not too big of a fan of the Twilight movies, and the books held very little of my interest until I got to Breaking Dawn and all of Bella's attention wasn't on little Edward. I read the books at first to see if I could feel what other people felt, and began to in that book. So I decided to write a little short story about when Bella and the Cullen family move back to Forks after Renesmee, with two more additions to the family. This is also from Edward's point of view, and I tried to add a few more interesting qualities to Bella. I imagined her growing a little more confident in her growth as a vampire. My insight into Edward's head was a very happy journey. I loved seeing Bella in more control of her shield. Enjoy <3 I know I did.

Back To Forks
A short story

My memories of Forks High School were still sharp in my memory. Since Renesmee, though, returning had been the least of my worries. My family and I had stayed in Alaska for one hundred and twenty three years, with Tanya in Denali. This move was both to get away from the suspicions and to settle Bella in, which she was purely happy now. She missed her father and was horribly sad that she didn’t get to attend his funeral about sixty or seventy years ago.

I knew at some point we would have to return. We returned though, with three new additions to the Cullen family, which included: Jacob Black, Renesmee, and Bella. Jacob had transfered for the sake of Nessie, and Bella had become my new wife in the past hundred years. Trying to keep my mind of of Renesmee’s violent death, I focused on Bella as I walked toward the front office. Though Bella had survived Renesmee’s birth, the images of her in so much agony still burned within my memory. Those images would haunt me until the day I died, should Bella be living or not.

“Nessie, remember not to sit too still.” Emmett clued Renesmee in on the exact things we had taught Bella. Bella walked with a new confidence now. She was still my Bella, of course, but much more confident and not so clumsy.

Renesmee was only half-vampire, so I didn’t think this was nessecary for her. She’d never had any trouble acting human before. “Don’t worry.” I told her.

Bella’s beautiful high trill, still just as beautiful as her human voice, chimed in. “Be sure to call me Bella instead of mom. The same applies to your father. Call him Edward. He’s your brother, not your father, Renesmee.”

Ah, Bella was worrying. I took her hand gently, rubbing soothing circles in her cool skin with my thumb.

“Don’t worry, love. She’ll do fine.”

My family walked in a closely knit pack to the office. Renesmee’s eyes--Bella’s human eyes carved into her face-- were wide and nervous. I’d seen that exact same expression in Bella’s eyes from time to time, and the thought made me smile.

I walked into the office, releasing Bella’s hand. I had tuned out the thoughts of my family out of courtesy and privacy, and the thoughts of the new secretary who had replaced Ms. Cope didn’t surprise me in anyway or fashion.

Oh dear. Oh my. How gorgeous. They must be from California..

I plucked the name Ms. Hammond out of her head. She had fluffy brown hair and beady green eyes. I smiled at her, listening to her pulse jump erratically. I could practically feel Renesmee tense behind me. Bella was perfectly as ease, of course. She gave the woman a gentle smile.

“Hello, my name is Edward Cullen, and this is my family; Bella Cullen, Jacob Black, Renesmee Cullen, Emmett and Alice Cullen, and Rosalie and Jasper Hale. We’re new and need our schedules.”

Still fluttery, her shaking hands moved to a stack on her desk. Beside me, I could feel Bella shoving her shield away from herself enough so that I could hear her.

She still amazed me with that. I smiled. Her mind was such a beautiful place for me to be.

Edward? Can you hear me?

She struggled with her shield. I gave her a smile and a barely noticable nod as the secretary scrambled for papers.

Is the cost clear for us to proceed?

I nodded again. She seemed to relax. She almost let her shield fall, but then pushed it back out farther. I smiled.

I forgot to say... I love you.

I held up two fingers to her as to say, “I love you too.”

The woman held up a couple of papers, and I took them gratefully. Bella grabbed my hand and rushed us down the hall.

She paused in front of the bathroom. Before I said a word, she leaned over to hug Renesmee.

“Remember what I told you, Nessie. I love you.” She kissed our daughter on the cheek and then the forehead, and I did the same while I still could.

I had never expected to be able to love Renesmee, or anyone, like I loved Bella. And in truth, I loved Renesmee in a fatherly way. I had never thought much about having children, because it had seemed impossible. For what I had known, it was impossible. Where before, Bella was the only thing I could not live without, Renesmee was part of that as well. A beaming smile lit my face as I smiled at my daughter, adoration filling my heart.

She hugged me, and I tenderly wrapped my arms around her. “Love you, dad.” She murmured.

“I love you too, Nessie.”

“Okay, save the goodbyes. We all love Renesmee. Always have.” Rosalie snorted. Ah, since Renesmee had grown up her tenacity had come back.

Bella and Rosalie had a newfound friendship that still surprised me. Bella smiled gently at Rosalie, hugged her around the shoulders and handed her her schedule.

Graceful little Alice along with Jasper, Emmett, and Jacob all hugged goodbyes. Though Bella was much more confident now days, I knew it was still her first day back. I tried to be encouraging. We had almost all of our classes together, thanks to my father. Carlisle seemed to know.

I grabbed her hand and walked down the hall.

“Edward... do you think she’ll be okay?” Bella chewed on her lip, her beautiful face pinched and worried.

“She’ll be fine, love. Renesmee acts her age.”

“But if someone notices that we’re Cullens, won’t it... won’t it cause trouble? Would we have to leave again?” She didn’t like the talk of leaving. Bella had come to think of Forks as her home since her father passed. She loved to go to Arizona to see her mother’s grave, but seemed closer to her father when it came down to it.

“Bella, your forgetting that it’s been a hundred and twenty years. Granted, it doesn’t seem that long. Everyone we knew is dead. Mike, Angela, Jessica... the only people who could have heard the stories are their great-great grandchildren. But this is all part of the cycle, love. You’ll meet other people.”

She pulled me to a stop a few feet before our first classroom. I could hear the easy thoughts of the children inside.

“But when I saw you and your family, you were really quiet. Don’t we have to act like that?”

I laughed. “Hardly, love. That was a choice, not a demand.”

She frowned. “Oh.”

I let go of her hand, smiled at her, and Bella and I walked into our classroom. I almost laughed. Forever with Bella... would she ever stop making me laugh?

Forever was going to be perfect.