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The Adventures of Tintin: The Girl and the Tesseract Machine

A Science Fiction Romance

Written by: FossilQueen1984

Disclaimer: 2,181 words in the last chapter and Jorgen is out for blood! Is he a hired hand for Sakarin, or he is another pawn in the game over who will control the Tesseract Machines? Read on and learn! I still own nothing!

Suggested Soundtrack: Opus 20 from Swan Lake Suite- Tchaikovsky, Solo and the Princess- Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Escape from Naboo- Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, On My Way Home- Enya

Chapter 25: From Whence We Came

While Helene slept to recuperate from her traumatic accident, the Thom(p)sons were interviewing Dalek Caan to get an idea of what happened to Helene during the rescue mission. While this was going on, Haddock and Tintin were making themselves useful running experiments with Calculus and Wolff. They were obviously still shaken about the previous day’s events, but there was work to be done. Besides that, Tintin had finally divulged his suspicions about Wolff to Haddock. Angered by this, Haddock was going to rat him out, but stopped after Helene implored him to stay quiet a little while longer. Just to make sure she was safe, Tintin had Snowy stay with Helene. The news about discovering an alien would raise suspicions, and since the mission to rescue Caan was a covert one, the chances of Sakarin finding out would rise to lethal levels. Ergo, Caan’s cover story was that he was an exiled Russian scientist who was working for MI-6 when his satellite went off course.

Everyone back one base had bought the story, referring to the dying man as “Citizen Khan”. Well, everyone except for Ianto, Jack and Rosamund. They had already contacted Nestor about staying at Marlinspike, and would be ready to leave once the mission.

Back on the rocket, Thomson asked the Dalek how he got to the moon in the first place and what he knew about the Tesseract machines. Just as Caan was about to tell everything he knew, the door to the airlock burst open and in came Wolff and them! Thompson cursed silently under his breath. They had been so close, but Wolff had ruined it all.

Tintin excused himself to check on his wife and Snowy, while Haddock told the gang the grim news. “We were finishing the experiments today, when Wolff suddenly realized we are running out of air! Calm down, Thomsons- we’re not going to die right away, but we are cutting the mission short. Helene needs to go back to Earth for a checkup, and I say the sooner the better.” Turning to Calculus, the esteemed professor explained his reasoning. Not only that, something seemed off about the aura of the crew, at least as far as Calculus could divine.

Back downstairs, Tintin stepped quietly over to the bunk her shared with Helene. Her long, chocolate locks spilled down around her shoulders, her rosy cheeks pale from exhaustion and stress. Lying down next to her, he slid his arms around her and kissed her gently. Snowy glanced over at them. He woofed quietly, “See Tintin? I told you I would protect her.” Jumping down, he walked across the room to Calculus’s bunk, and pawed at the pillow. This revealed a stash of bones, and he gnawed away happily. Helene’s eyes opened slowly, and she blushed. “Hmmm, Augustin- are you back now? I heard you talking earlier. Is it true we’re returning home sooner than expected?” She kissed him back, and he explained how having the extra Dalek aboard was compromising their air supply. He also added that she really needed medical attention.

At they were cuddling, Dalek Caan stepped into the living area to use the lavatory. When he saw Tintin and Helene, a wave of color flashed before his eyes as he sank to the floor in a trance, the vision of the future unfolding before him….

The South American jungle was humid and sticky, when a roar of motors rumbled and zoomed around the Dalek. In the open boot of one, sat Tintin wearing bell bottoms and a serape, a small bandage on his forehead. Next to him sat a very pregnant Helene, her face bruised and sweaty. Squeezing his hand, she gave him a tired smile as he rubbed her belly. Her head rested on his shoulder as Haddock stuck his out the back window as he asked a question. The young couple answered in unison, when Helene let out a pained scream and a burst of water gushed onto the metal floor. Eyes widening in realization, Tintin banged on the back window, while supporting his wife, and said something to Haddock…

Caan shook his head and locked the door once the vision faded. He had been correct about Tintin and Helene having a happy future. True, their marriage would be a happy and supportive one and their children would be healthy, but there would also be danger, sabotage, intrigue and villainy. No need to mention that now.

After he exited, Tintin and Helene were napping and Snowy wandered over to him. “Were you meditating a few minutes ago? It looked like you were in a trance. I didn’t know Daleks were religious,” the fox terrier commented. Caan grinned at the canine, “We don’t meditate, and I saw the future. When you spend time in Death’s realm for a long time, as I have, you gain some sort of foresight.” Snowy barked in surprise, Cann could understand him!

The next day, everyone took part in dismantling the tank and other scientific equipment. Even Helene joined in, and once they had finished, Tintin led her in an awkward looking, but utterly romantic. Haddock serenaded them by singing, “We’ll be dancing by the light of the Earth…”
Of course, Thompson and Thomson got lost exploring, so Sec, Caan, Calculus and Haddock ha to go out and look for them. They packed sandwiches with them to eat along the way as they would not be back in time for lunch. At the kitchen table, Helene was humming Pachelbel’s Canon in D as Tintin assisted her in repairing one of the portable shortwave radios. Snowy was watching them intently. Wolff smiled sadly at the young couple; he couldn’t bring himself to betray them. But, he had to do his job. Glancing over at the 24 hour clock, he commented to them, “Would you look at that, it’s almost time for lunch? Are any of you hungry?” Tintin and Helene looked up, lunch sounded good.

Several minutes passed, and Wolff had not returned with lunch. Standing up, Tintin kissed Helene on the cheek. “I’ll be right back, I promise.” He climbed down into the living area when Helene heard him start to say something, then nothing! Snowy growled, what was going on down there?

Running over to the opening, she was stopped short by a muscular man wearing a monocle. Grinning coldly, he said roughly to her, “I see that you are awake and well. Such a pretty little doll, it’s a shame I have to kill you and your husband.” Helene growled, nobody treated her like a plaything. Taking a salad fork, she lunged at him and ripped his shirt sleeve! Frowning, he attempted to strangle her but she decked him. Holding out his elbow, she tripped and hit her head. Now that she was out cold, Snowy jumped and barked only to be savagely kicked. Carrying her to the living quarters he turned to Wolff, “Come on, tie the girl up. The others should be back soon. In the meantime, I’m going to have some soup. Join me.” Wolff nodded, and after Jorgen had left, Wolff loosely tied Helene’s arms together, and did the same for Tintin.

When Tintin came to, he found his hands loosely tied, Wolff was the spy! It all made sense now, but why was he working with Jorgen? Next to him, Helene was stirring and trying to untie herself. Smiling, he helped her out and the two of them made their way up to the kitchen. Before that though, they heard Jorgen in the lavatory. Wasting no time, Helene grabbed a heavy book as Tintin jumped the traitor and Helene knocked him out. Tying him up and putting him and Wolff in irons in the kitchen area, Helene was about to begin the interrogation when Haddock and the others entered.

“What in billions of blue barnacles happened in here? Gah, who are you and Wolff? You’re the spy! You… you Visigoth executioner, what in God’s good name did you do to my daughter,” he ranted. Wolff blubbered an apology, but Jorgen shouted him down.

“You twit, I was the one to hurt the little doll. She fought back and I had orders to have her killed, at any cost. Tintin being her husband was just the icing in the cake, he cost me my job a year and a half back. When we leave, we all die, there isn’t enough oxygen for us all,” he pontificated coldly.

Calculus wept, “Why Wolff, why?” Wolff explained that he had gambling debts to pay, and he had ditched the man he owed. Jorgen blackmailed him into selling the rocket’s information along with the mission specs to the Bourdians. The Thom(p)sons put the men under arrest, and the rocket left the moon.

Contact with Earth was reestablished, and Baxter was enraged about the major security breach. He said that they would be waiting to take them into custody. As the trip continued, everyone slept. During the lull, Wolff pulled out a piece of paper, wrote a note and threw himself from the air lock. Reaching for him was a pale girl in a grey spacesuit bearing an ankh. She told him,” Through your death, you have redeemed yourself. However, you will not be going to the Holy City.”

“Limbo then, Lady Death?” She nodded, and Wolff soon found himself in a lovely field outside an old fashioned castle, with a melancholy mood surrounding the place. He was in Limbo, where the virtuous pagans and truly reformed criminals went to spend Eternity.

When everyone woke up, Helene found the note. Gathering around, Haddock began to intone;
“Dear all, Please forgive me for what I have done. I do not want anyone to suffer because of me. I have left so there will be enough oxygen for you. F. Wolff”

Helene wiped her eyes, and did Tintin. Thompson shook his head and remarked that Wolff was a coward, committing suicide rather than face trial. Haddock glared at him, “Wolff is a hero. Don’t you ever say anything bad about him again.” Both officers gulped and agreed. As the X-FLR 6 rocket got closer to Earth, Tintin and Helene were left to contact Earth. After making contact and announcing Wolff’s suicide, the room began to swim. Sinking to the floor, Tintin and Helene kissed passionately as they passed out in each other’s arms. Snowy, who was shoved into a cabinet, began whining loudly as the rocket landed.

Back at the launch site, Barrowman and Sec watched anxiously as the rocket landed. “There’s been no contact, bring oxygen to bring them back,” Baxter ordered as troops broke down the door. His eyes fell on the entangled couple, a tragic modern day Romeo and Juliet. Hooking Helene up to the oxygen machine first, she came to within 30 seconds as did Tintin.

“Augustin, we did it! We went to the moon and survived,” she cheered as Tintin embraced her. Just then, they heard Snowy howling. Pulling him out, the terrier whimpered and Helene held him as they were escorted towards an ambulance. Calculus was waiting for them, as were the Thom(p)sons. Snowy barked happily but winced when Calculus shook his paw.

“Poor Snowy, your leg’s broken,” Helene said to Tintin. Tintin nodded, “Jorgen must have done that while we were out cold.” Haddock ran up to them, happy to be safe and sound. “I’m pretty good with animals. Hold still Snowy, this might hurt. EASY! Barnacles, jumpy terrier, aren’t you? Definitely broken,” Haddock announced.

The medics were more than happy to bandage the dig up, and forty five minutes later they were back on base, relaying there story to Baxter and the base’s official press corp. Caan and Sec were off-stage, discussing what had happened.

“I’m just glad that you are safe, Caan. Now, what were you going to tell Haddock and them about the Tesseract Machines?” Caan nodded, “I was going to tell them what I know, but it isn’t much.” Rosamund called to them and they all sat down in an empty conference room.

“Now that we are all assembled, I can finally tell you about the Tesseract Machines. An ancient subspecies of Time Lords called the Anunaki built them as a way to teleport goods from one area to another. The Tesseract Machines could also be used to implode massive areas of land, causing widespread destruction and chaos. There are four of them scattered in continental Europe and England. The main computer needed four keys, one containing key information about each one, to control them all. That is all I learned from Sakarin’s diaries, before he used a teleporter to strand me on the moon. He burned them afterwards, the diaries.”

Everyone exchanged glances, there were four Tesseract Machines but Helene’s necklace was the key to controlling all of them. Where was the master control? Helene was about to ask about it when Caan croaked… “Land of Fire and Ice…” and keeled over onto the floor. A sharp shadow flitted away unseen by the group, and back into the holding cell.

Taking of the heavy helmet, Jorgen groaned. These stealth assassin missions were starting to confuse him, what did his employer want with that necklace, and why the Robert Frost poem? He was a stupid American; no self-respecting European would read American trash. “Whoever you are, kill the girl yourself. This is a stupid waste of my time. You are reading too much Asimov-” A bullet sliced through his skull, as a gun solidified is his hands along with powder residue consistent with a suicide.

Far away from everyone else, Deidrich Sakarin paced the floor of his flat and muttered darkly, “So, Rosamund, Harkness and Ianto have entered the fray. I must admit, the game has not gone the way a predicted. However, the game is in your court Helene. I will bide my time. Soon, I will have control over all of Europe, and you, my dear little doll, will break along with your tin soldier and little stuffed dog. All of you will burn for your treachery.”
EEEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE this story sooo much! smile heart Can't wait to find out what Helene's kids are named! smile heart

Jean: Aaaawww!! I love kids!!!! I want one~... Don't you Scott?

Scott: redface wha-what?? *gulps* um, yeah.... I love kids... can't wait to find out what they're called..?

Jean: *smiles and hugs his arm*

Scott: *phew* I have to agree with Rogue on this, this story is VERY well written and entertaining. smile Like when they were talking about the Egyptian cotton? LOVED it! XD

Kurt: Ja, me too!

Scott and Jean: KURT!???! When did you get here???? *Jean lets go of Scott's arm*

Kurt: *shakes his head and smiles* I vas here zhe whole time! So don't try to act like you two veren't doing anyzhing! *wiggles his finger at them*

Scott and Jean: redface redface

Kurt: Vell, I don't know about you two, but I personally liked zhe part vere Helene met Cann and zhey vere talking. It made me smile vhen he vas telling her about her future. smile

Rogue: *pretending to be Melody* I like YOU Kurt!

Kurt: *jumps and blushes, turns to Rogue* ROGUE! DON'T DO ZHAT!!! redface


Scott: She got you that time Kurt!

Kurt: *pouts*

REAL Melody: *puts her hand on his shoulder and whispers something inaudible to everyone else in Kurt's ear, nibbles on his ear*

Kurt: *turns from blue to almost scarlet* MELODY! Don't say stuff like zhat!!

Melody: *chuckles seductively and walks away, Kurt watching her the whole time*

Kurt: *gulps* Um... I, I gotta go guys, see you around! *bounds after Melody*

All: redface redface redface

Rogue: Well that was weird...

Scott: Agreed.

All: BYE!!! KEEP ON WRITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The Adventures of Tintin: The Girl and the Tesseract Machine

A Science Fiction Romance

Disclaimer: Well, would you look at that? 2 reviews for my quasi-sequel “My Husband’s Clothes” and just on the first chapter alone. Here is chapter 26 and I still own nothing, except for Helene and Rosamund. All other characters belong to Gorges Remi, Russell T Davies, Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, BBC, BBC America and 20th Century Fox. I am just using them for this story. On with the chapter.

Suggested Soundtrack: Doctor Who theme- Murray Gold, Trains and Winter Rains- Enya, Princess Leia’s Theme- John Williams, Pachelbel’s Canon in D

Chapter 26: Regeneration of Torchwood Europa

The NATO base was in a tizzy as Tintin and Helene sat down to breakfast a week after their return. Thomson said to them, “Have you two heard the news? Jorgen was found dead in his cell this morning. Apparently, he committed suicide after his trial was scheduled. Isn’t that deuced odd?” Thompson sat down next to him and replied that is was strange that he committed suicide, after all Jorgen had been the one to assault Helene during Caan’s rescue mission. Caan had been murdered after telling about them about the tesseract machines. He surmised, “To by precise, this is mysterious.”

Helene shook her head, “It wasn’t suicide. Think about it, no ordinary bullet can get through multiplex, he would have had to have used Torchwood tech. I think Sakarin has committed yet another murder.” Tintin nodded in agreement, at this rate they would all wind up dead. Haddock walked over to them and announced they were all catching the next train to Belgium.

Saying their goodbyes, Baxter saw them all off safely on the Orient Express towards Antwerp. As it was a 13 hour trip, everybody got assigned to a different private cabin. Tintin, Helene and Snowy would be in one by themselves, Haddock and Rosamund were staying with Calculus, the Thom(p)sons and Sec had the cabin between the couples, while Ianto and Jack had the cabin at the end of the corridor.

As soon as the train pulled away from the station, Snowy stared at the window. “Good bye Syldavia! God’s speed, Dalek Caan,” he whispered before curling up to sleep. Lying in Augustin’s arms, Helene told him she was happy to be going home. Pulling her close, Tintin leaned in to properly kiss her. They had been too busy during the lunar expedition to snog to high heaven, but now in the privacy of their cabin they could. Helene returned his kiss, and pulled down the privacy curtain. Kissing her neck, Helene sighed contentedly and Tintin ran his hands up under her shirt and unhooked her bra.

Feeling the bra slip down her dress, Helene paled and all blood ran south. Tintin broke off the kiss, and stroked her hair. Helene smiled gently, before tugging him closer. “You do know that Ianto and Jack are already well ahead of us, in fact Jack is probably riding Ianto-” Helene didn’t a chance to finish her comment as Tintin was lying her down on the seat, hips grinding into hers. Helene didn’t a chance to finish her comment as Tintin was lying her down on the seat, hips grinding into hers and nipping at her newly exposed breasts. Her face went scarlet as she tugged as his shirt, letting out breathy sensual moans as he nipped at her neck and collarbone.

To hell with dignity
, Tintin thought as his hands snaked their way to his wife’s bare back, we’re married and I’m taking her virginity before that b*****d Sakarin lays a finger on her. Sliding a hand underneath her skirt, Helene moaned when she realized where they were headed. She didn’t care either, she was married to the man she loved. She wanted this, and so did he. Kissing Tintin passionately, he knew she approved and Tintin proceeded to make love to Helene.

After everything was said and done, Tintin was still atop his bride, nestled in his arms and sound asleep. He smiled, she was beautiful like this. Reaching for his trench, he draped it over them as they fell asleep.

Meanwhile, in the very last cabin a naked Ianto and Jack were lounging in their cabin. Glancing down at his buff boyfriend, Jack kissed the top of Ianto’s head, “Dear Ianto, damn! Best sex I have had in a very long time. My dear love, what would you like to do now?” Ianto blushed and ran his fingers along Harkness’s six pack abs. Kissing his lover; Ianto ran his tongue along the skin. Jack grinned; it was good to be back with Ianto.

By the time the train reached Belgium, Tintin and Helene were holding hands and comfortable next to each other while Ianto and Jack were kissing every five minutes. Haddock whispered to Rosamund, “I guess we know what went on with those two.” Rosamund nodded, “Which two, the kids or Jack and Ianto?” Haddock stared at her, “Of course I meant Jack and Ianto. You don’t think the children…Barnacles! Well, it’s about time.” He laughed quietly; love was truly a many splendored thing.

As they arrived back at Marlinspike Hall, Jack commented, “Well, here we all are. Home again, home again.” Ianto nodded and replied that Marlinspike Hall was more breathtaking than it seemed in his memory. Helene smiled, “Well, that’s because we are all home now. Welcome, everyone to Marlinspike Hall.”

At the front door, Nestor greeted everyone. When he saw Ianto and Jack, he frowned, “Oh dear, those two are back. Shall I put you two in a room farther from the rest? I seem to remember an incident when…” Ianto’s face flushed, there had been too many times in the past. What was he talking about?

So was everyone else, when Haddock explained, “It was like this. It was in the middle of another November thunderstorm, and Rosamund was abed with a mild case of the measles. Anyway, Helene was barely a month old and crying for a bottle. Since nobody was up, or so I thought, I went into the nursery to get Helene her bottle. You were expecting your mum, and did you ever give me the sharpest look I have ever seen on an infant. To make a long story short, I got lost looking for the kitchen and I was hoping Calculus would still be up. So there we are, wandering the halls of Marlinspike, me looking to get back to bed, and Helene sound asleep. Pretty soon, I hear a loud groaning from behind on of the doors. I thought Cuthbert had gotten stuck inside one of his contraptions, and lo and behold I see Ianto Jones in the buff. On top of him was Jack Harkness. They were both pissed, so I beat a hasty retreat but not before lecturing them about the nuisance of waking the baby! Well, Harkness shouts back and before you know Rosamund and Nestor are awake, and Nestor took one look at the two of you, ordered you to put some clothes one before fainting.”

Ianto apologized and said they would try to keep it down. Now appeased, the butler showed them to their rooms before bidding everyone good night.

The next morning, Haddock and Rosamund asked Tintin and Helene to write a short news story about the reopening of Torchwood Europa. Helene frowned, “Why on Earth would we do that? Isn’t this the sort of thing that Sakarin would expect us to do?” Tintin had to agree with his wife with this one. Rosamund agreed that it was risky, but by standing together they had the best chance of finding out where the master control was. Besides, Torchwood Europa could be shown off as a Belgian think tank as cover for their more covert missions. This sounded like a good idea, so Augustin and Helene obliged the older woman’s wish.

Of course, with the opening would be an open house and ball. Haddock and Rosamund wasted no time getting everything ready, and three weeks later on the fourth of September, Torchwood Europa had its open house. The guest list was extensive, friends of Haddock and Calculus along with Brussels’ upper echelons. Tintin and Helene spent the entire evening in each other’s arms on the dance floor. Even Lady Death made an appearance, leading a disguised Sec onto the dance floor. People whispered about the beautiful, if not odd couple on the floor. Haddock thought the Dalek and Reaper made a handsome couple, as did Tintin and Helene. Finally, Jack and Ianto made an appearance. Jack was wearing the military uniform of a high ranking officer and Ianto was wearing a tuxedo. Waltzing with the other couples, they fit right in.

Downing yet another glass of Loch Lomond, Haddock cheered himself, “Here’s to the regeneration of Torchwood Europa. May we be here when others cannot.” Rosamund nudged him, “Come on, Archibald You owe me a dance. Do you want to be shown up by your daughter and son-in-law?”

“Most certainly not, it’s time to show them how the older generation does things,” Haddock grumbled. Standing up, he led Rosamund onto the dance. People clapped and cheered as the couple took their place amongst the other couples on the dance floor. The music swelled, and Haddock gently kissed Rosamund. As the piece ended, everyone cheered for the host and hostess. Helene and Tintin shared smiles; it was about time they kissed in public. Ianto and Jack congratulated them and asked when the wedding was. They didn’t give an answer as the band began playing their next number. They all danced the night away, and when they retired everyone was most happy.

Torchwood Europa has regenerated, and love was in full bloom.
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The Adventures of Tintin: The Girl and the Tesseract Machine

A Science Fiction Romance

Written by: FossilQueen1984

Disclaimer: Happy July everyone. I know it’s been a while since I have updated this story, so here is chapter 27! I still only own Helene and Rosamund. All other characters belong to Gorges Remi, Neil Gaiman, Peter Jackson, Russell T Davies, Steven Spielberg, BBC, BBC America and 20th Century.

Suggested Soundtrack: Sixth Station- Spirited Away, Kodamas- Princess Mononoke,
Force theme- John Williams

Chapter 27: Scavenger Hunting

With four different Tesseract Machines scattered throughout Europe, the real question was where the control mechanism was. Certainly, it could be any of the four but then again, why would Jorgen quote Robert Frost? Tintin thought the quote was a red herring, but with Caan uttering it before dying, there was something to it. Helene had commented that as a child, she had learned that the term ‘the land of fire and ice’ generally referred to Scandinavia with its black, icy forests and the annual Aurora Borealis. Tintin agreed, but this led to the question: which country were Jorgen and Dalek Caan referring to?

Haddock pointed out, “In years past, I’ve sailed the North Sea, and we passed Sweden once chasing down a rogue ship of Ood. Well, Rosamund, Calculus, Harkness, Ianto, Sec and I for that matter. We’ve got four countries that make up Scandinavia proper: Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway.” Rosamund replied that it would be foolhardy to explore all four countries in small squadrons; it would be to Sakarin’s advantage. Then, it clicked!

“That’s it, it’s not on the continent at all, and it’s in Iceland! Think about it, fire and ice, volcanoes and glaciers! If you were an alien race that was fickle about the locals, what better way to destroy everything than by covering everything in lava and ice sheets,” Helene exclaimed. Embracing her, Tintin spun her around in his arms and kissed her, “Snakes Helene, you really are brilliant.”

Rosamund beamed, “She certainly is. By the way, how do you propose we go about doing this? Sakarin will also be searching, and it is very likely we will face an ambush.”
Haddock shook his head, “We can’t turn back, not now. We already have a general idea of what those blasted contraptions are for, but for what purpose Sakarin would want to use them.”

Harkness pointed out Sakarin would have gathered information about them and any scavenger hunting needed to be done together. Now, the real question was where to start? Ianto suggested they try to find the one in England first. Dalek Sec replied that since the one Tintin and Helene found in Russia was located in a gold mine; maybe the one they were looking for was in a mine? This would be dangerous, even as a group. Calculus surmised, “Either way, Sakarin is waiting for us to make a move. I say we split up into small groups. We can cover more ground that way and Sakarin won’t be quite sure. He is expecting us to make a move, Rosamund. The die is cast, and we must take a stand. Helene’s life is at stake.”

Rosamund slowly nodded, “I have dreaded facing Diedrich for many years, but now it is inevitable. Helene is full grown, and as a member of Torchwood Europa, she needs to see this mission through.” She smiled at her daughter, “It’s time for your mission, and this is your quest. Tintin, you and Helene need to go to England with Snowy. Haddock, Sec and I will take Iberia, Harkness, Ianto and Calculus will patrol along our side of the Iron Curtain. With any luck, we will find more information.”

With the plan set in motion, everyone made plans to leave as soon as possible. Of course, Thompson and Thomson insisted on tagging along, but Haddock refused. “This is purely a family affair, and by that I mean it concerns me, Rosamund, Helene and Tintin. Mostly Rosamund and Helene as there is still the question of who Helene’s biological father really is.”

The Thom(p)sons agreed, and stayed in Belgium. After spending the last weeks of September and first week of October planning their courses, Tintin, Helene and Snowy left for English countryside, Haddock, Rosamund and Sec traveled to Barcelona while the others for Berlin.

Once they were in England, Helene, Tintin and Snowy trekked out to the mining towns in the English Midlands to locate the British Tesseract Machine. Interviewing locals under the guise as a travel guide, they were greeted with a mixture of disbelief and scorn. Nobody knew anything, or of they did it was about something else all together. It would be Snowy, of all people, who would find it.

On October 31, Tintin and Helene were picnicking on a sunny glade overlooking abandoned mines from the 1500’s. Helene mused, “It’s really to bad that we didn’t find what we were looking for. Maybe, we should try Wales or Scotland next?” Snowy was sniffing along the ground when he picked up the scent of a badger! Barking excitedly, he took off down the hill followed by Helene and Tintin.

Tearing down the hill, they stopped at the entrance of one of the mines while Snowy flushed out the badger and ran down the grass covered path. “Hey, Snowy where are you going? Come back here,” Tintin shouted after him. Helene followed closely behind, still skittish about entering. Fumbling for a torch, Helene turned it on as they ventured down the sloping path. “I wonder where this leads. Is it me or is it getting warmer in here,” she queried softly. Tintin nodded in agreement, when Snowy barked loudly.

“Look at what I found! Old Roman soldier bones, they are delicious. Oh, and I found this odd supercomputer,” the terrier announced as Tintin and Helene cautiously entered the chamber. Indeed, it was a Tesseract machine!

Tintin laughed, “Wonderful job, Snowy! It’s the Tesseract Machine.” Despite being covered in moss and rust, the machine sat silently as Tintin and Helene examined it for clues. Any inscriptions on it were long worn away, but what remained was a rough map. Taking a photograph, Helene stroked it fondly and activated the self destruct mechanism.
Racing away, all three made it out of the dead mine just as the ground imploded.

Landing on top of Tintin, Helene grinned, “Well, hello there.” Offering him a hand, she helped him up as they made their way back to the car. Tintin asked her, “Back in Russia, there was no map on the Tesseract machine, I wonder if it was a prototype.” Helene shook her head and agreed that it was possible. Driving into town, they telephoned Haddock and Rosamund with the good news. Back in the hotel room, Tintin and Helene took a look at the developed photograph. The dim image showed a large supercomputer situated inside what appeared to be some sort of underground industrial complex. Unlike this Tesseract Machine, this one had a large keyboard and a large tile doorway etched into the wall of a cliff.

“That’s it then, that’s the Master Control,” Helene breathed softly. Tintin nodded and kissed her, all they needed to do now was to wait for the others to join them. Before leaving, Haddock said they would need to meet up somewhere before making the difficult trek north. England was chosen because of it’s proximity to Belgium and the rest of Europe.

Back in the Iberian Peninsula, Haddock, Rosamund and Sec back packed through all of rural Spain trying to find the second Tesseract machine. Near the Mediterranean Sea, they had several promising leads, but these led to dead ends and trouble with the Spanish authorities as Franco was consolidating his power in the region.

Fleeing to Portugal, Haddock and Rosamund spent a few days relaxing and rekindling their romance. Dalek Sec enjoyed the vacation, and while touring Neolithic ruins in a remote fishing village, they stumbled across another Tesseract Machine. It was apparent that the government has stripped it decades before as nothing was there except for frayed electrical wires and scorched machinery. What a bust! Haddock was disappointed about it but Rosamund replied that at least Sakarin hadn’t gotten there first.

Cheered up by this, Haddock told Sec as soon as their holiday was over; they were catching up with the youngsters in England. As November progressed, Haddock asked Rosamund for her hand in marriage, and she said yes. Afterwards, they joined Tintin, Helene and Snowy in England.

Meanwhile on the other side of Europe, Ianto, Jack and Calculus found the remaining two Tesseract machines. One was located in Budapest’s catacombs and was found damaged beyond repair. According to their tour guide, Nazi troops destroyed it before Allied troops liberated the city. The final Tesseract machine was located in Poland, and it had been stripped down and converted into a shrine for the locals.

Now that the scavenger hunt was over, the remaining Torchwood Europa members joined the others in England to celebrate Christmas. Christmas Day was quiet and enjoyed by all. As New Years crept closer, Haddock and Rosamund began discussing their next move. At this time of year, sailing the North Sea was suicide with the lack of sunlight and freezing temperatures. They would have to wait until spring. Then, and only then, could they confront Sakarin and unravel the mysteries behind the Tesseract Machines.

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