“You’re late.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry…I had a little trouble on the way.”

As far as I knew, the Akaustki had been defeated years ago; that’s probably why I was just standing there in shock, still trying to figure out how in the world this guy had just captured me.

I remember standing in a field, beating up a tree as training when I noticed the red and black coat floating above me on some kind of a weird looking bird thing. Our fight hadn’t lasted long. I had seen him early using my byakugan, and shot him out of the sky using my ice element jutsu…and then nothing. I was already captured and trailing behind the londe man. Nothing was making any sense right now, especially the way the guy who was speaking now looked.

“Deidara, you were told no more hostages…”

“Sasori I ran out of clay. Why do you think I’m walking, hmmm?”

“The others wont be happy.”

“I don’t care…I want her. Hmmm?” What exactly did he mean be that?

The weird guy moved to the side…all I saw was a old cave, but after the blonde man…Deidara…did a bunch a hand symbols, the cave began to change. It was an old run down and rusted complex. They must have cloaked it. I followed him in it, tied to him with a string a chakra. The doorway opened up into a large common room, with a lot of other people (or at least I think they were people)in it. They were all staring at us, at me.

“We don’t have room for new members Deidara…I thought we made that clear…” Wasn’t that Itachi? “If you plan on her living she’ll have to stay in your room.” Heh…wonderful.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way…Hmmm?” He yanked on the string and I was pulled forward, harshly. Ow. The sleety smile that spread on Itachi’s face as he heard this news, really creeped me out. I was pulled through hallway after hallway. A bunch of long minutes later I was thrown onto a bed. His bed. I still didn’t understand anything that was going on.

“Will you please stop looking so scared already?” What? Did I look scared. Dang it, I had a right to be scared. One minute I’m at home with a tree, and the next I’m…where ever the hell I am and missing some memory.

“Excuse me?” He looked at me rudely. “You just randomly swoop in and bring me here with a bunch of killing thingies, and you don’t expect me to be scared?”

“You were supposed to just act normal.” I was sitting on his bed and string at him while he stood.

“How do you even know what my normal is? I don’t understand anything!” He dropped his coat from his arms…Oh s**t...

“Just…shut up and go to bed…hmmm?” What? The lights went out and I felt the bed springs move beside me. After a while, the strings dissolved on my hands. I didn’t understand anything and was scared out of my wits, but I was going to give into sleep soon. EEP. His arm draped around me.

“I feel like I already know you. I’ve been watching you for so long now. You’ll come to love me too. You’ll have too…or they’ll...no I wouldn’t let that happen. I never thought I’d actually do it…hmmm?” WHAT!? He must think I’m already asleep. Holy Crap I have a stalker.

“You’ve been watching me? But I would have seen you.”

“Why do you have to be awake?”

“Could you maybe just explain what the hell is going on here?” I didn’t want to make the killer person mad at me.

“Okay…it’s simple Hmmm? I…saw you a few months ago, and something about you made me stop and watch for a while. I’ve been doing that for a whie. And I hid myself pretty well…hmmm”

“Huuh! Those shadows…and the face in the water!” He was watching me? Those things were him? Oh man that’s weird

“I don’t know how your not tired…we were fighting all day. Be quiet and sleep please…hmmm?” We were fighting all day? Why the heck don’t I remember that?”

“NO we weren’t!”

“I knocked you out…you don’t remember…Now go to bed or I’ll rape you…hmmm?” HELP! He sounded completely tired and out of it. I don’t think he meant that, but it was still really creepy. HE actually sounded cute…so tired that way. Ha, at least I know I put up a decent fight…I think?

I soon fell asleep wondering about my parents and friends, and trying to figure out just who this guy lying beside me was. I woke up to him shaking me roughly.

“Come on…get up it’s time to go, and put this on.” He threw a kimono at me. “Get dressed, hmmm.”

“I’m not gonna change with you standing right there…watching me.” As if that was new to him now. He huffed and turned around. When I was dressed he led me back to the common room place and through another hall. All the big bad, I can kill you with a twitch of my finger , guys were having breakfast…all together…in a kitchen… Sasori was fliping pancakes… This really isn’t how I imagined the Akaustki.

Deidara sat me down right in front of Itachi while he went to get us something to eat. Itachi wouldn’t stop staring at me…and his eyes kinda freaked me out. I moved me long dark hair to cover my face, and distort his view.

“What’s your name.” Dang…my master skills at avoiding creepy people was obviously not working. Say something …

“U…Umi Hyuuga…” I kept my head down, actually wanting Deidara to come back.

“You’re very pretty Umi”

“TH…thanks…” My cheeks were burning as he reached out and touched my face. His hands were so cold. I jumped as a plate of food was dropped in front of me. Itachi didn’t move. Breakfast, bedrooms…the Akaustki was really…normal.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing Itachi…hmmm?” Deidara sat down , very close, beside me. Itachi’s finger finally trailed away from my now tingling face. As he did this, he turned to look at Deidara.

“I was only welcoming Umi…seeings how you failed to introduce her yesterday, I took the honor of introducing myself.”

“I think you’re done now…I believe we came late…hmmm?”

“Yes, you did. You don’t take on all the traits of a Hyuuga Umi. And it is my understanding that you were taking from the hidden mist village…” Oh, I guess I should explain…

“My father was of the Hyuuga clan…but he fell in love with a woman from the hidden mist. My mother is from Haku’s clan…”

“So you have Byakugan and the ice element?”


“I could help you…to train…” I do need the training.

“Uh, sure?” Deidara didn’t look very happy at what I said.

“I’ll find you later then.” He smirked widely while standing up. Did he just wink a Deidara? What is going on here?

“What was that Umi…hmmm?” ARG!

“What was what!? I am so confused. I should be at home right now, with my mother and father and my friends! But you know what? I’m sitting right here with you…I’m not fighting, I’m not yelling at you, I’m not trying to run away…”

“And why is that, hmmm?” Now he was smiling.

“I…”uh…think brain think…”Well I’m surrounded by killers and from what you said that if I didn’’t stay they would…”

“That’s not what I said…Hmmm? I said you’d have to love me…and that, isn’t your real answer, hmmm?” Dangit…

“Other than that…I don’t know.” He didn’t seem to like my answer.


“Now move your arm this way…” Itachi was holding my waist with one hand and extending his other arm the length of my to show me the right stance. “That’s right…” His hands seemed to lenger a pretty good while. His face was very close to mine. I felt his breath on my neck.

We were outside of the cave/old building thingy. Like he said he would, Itachi was helping me with my ice element. He was showing me different stances…but he was getting a little too close. It’s not like I could just pull away, what if he got mad at me…just looking into his eyes could kill me.

“ITACHI!” Itachi was still holding my waist, his breath still hot on my neck. He didn’t move at all as Deidara was yelling at him.

“What?!” His voice was harsh as he turned his head, his hands still in place.

“What are you doing with my girl? Hmmm?!” His girl? Well I guess I did kind of belong to hi at this point…He did randomly steal me…

“Heh…I don’t believe women belong to anyone. Especially when they’re forced into it.” Itachi licked my cheek and evaporated into nothing. He friggin licked ME! I cringed.

“What the hell were you doing UMI? Hmmm?”

“So gross. Just because I’m here doesn’t mean I shouldn’t let myself got. I do still need to train. Or do you want your girl to get all fa and flabby? I like my curves.” I pouted. I was trying to get him to stop being mad at me. Trying to please everyone was hard.

When the day was finally over I still had no idea where I was going. For a while Deidara showed me around…but it didn’t really matter because everything just looked the same to me. After we all had dinner, Deidara led me back to…our room. I went to sit on the bed and held one of my fingers, twisting it…

“Why do you do that, hmmm?”

“Do what?” I was still twisting my finger around.

“…That thing with your fingers, hmmm? You do that a lot.” Oh.

“I…do that when I’m nervous.” I gave a half hearted smile. Was he still mad at me for the Itachi thing? It’s not like I did anything.

“You know you don’t have anything to be nervous about, hmmm? Unlike some people, I couldn’t hurt you… You don’t have to do everything I say because your afraid of me, hmmm?” I guess he didn’t want me to be scared of him. Does he really think that I would stay if I weren’t so afraid? Oh, that’s righ…I don’t even know where we are or how I got here. Dang.

“Okay…” I averted my eyes and continued to twist my finger. He came to sit beside me on his…our…bed.

“You don’t trust me…that’s fine, hmmm? But tell me, hmmm; did you…like it when Itachi licked you.” I cringed at just the thought of it. What was Deidara thinking. I held in laughter. He thought I liked Itachi. Ew.

“No! He disgusts me.” Deidara smiled at what I said, and leaned in closer to me. He lightly set one finger on my cheek bone and traced it. It tickled…and I liked it. At the end of my cheek he began to rub small circles on my skin, then he pressed his lips to me cheek and left them there for a few seconds. When he pulled away, I turned my head and looked at him with big, wondering eyes.

“Now, did you like when I kissed you…hmmm?” I let my eyes drop, feeling face color.

“Maybe…” I whispered softly. I did though. I mean he was a killer, and a tough guy…but he said he wouldn’t let anyone hurt me…he even said he loved me. I looked back up at him as he started to speak.

“Well, that’s better than you being disgusted I guess, hmmm?” His eyes were glowing brilliantly. Deidara cautiously moved my brown bangs out of my face and kissed my forehead. “Let me know when you decide.”

That night he put his arm around me again…but he knew I was awake. I gasped lowly when he did this. I wasn’t expecting it at all.

“If you don’t want me to, I wont, hmmm?” I hoped he was talking about holding me.

“No, it’s alright. It…makes me feel safe; reminds me of home.” A murderer made me feel safe. Wow I’ve turned into a loon. I felt him hold me tighter now.

That was the best night I had had here so far. With each day that passed Itachi’s remarks became more out there…and Deidara was blowing up a lot more. I was playing along with Itachi though. I knew now that Dei wouldn’t hurt me…but that didn’t mean anything with Itachi. He murdered his whole family and his best friend… I knew I wouldn’t be safe If I didn’t … But I have to admit, I did like the attention Itachi gave me. It didn’t matter who was around, he would still hug me…he even kissed me once. That was the day Deidara stopped talking to me…

I didn’t understand it at all. I couldn’t take it anymore. Deidara had become my only friend here and not having him to talk to was driving me crazy. He said it himself…that we wer friends…after I told him maybe for a second time. I had had enough. I barely made it back to our room today. Without him there to show me where to go I was lost. I burst into our room, knowing he was already there.

“DEIDARA! I don’t understand you! If you were just going to be cold and mean to me, why the HELL did you bring me HERE?” Oh crap…

“Would you mind turning around…HMMM?!” He was obviously mad at what I had said…and naked. Heh…guess I should have knocked. He started talking after he was dressed. “I thought I made everything very clear. I know Itachi and he doesn’t love you, Hmmm? Not like I do. I told you that the first night you were here, hmmm? It makes me sick to see him flirting with you. I know what he’s after from you…and I hate him for it.” Oh. I though…but you said…I thought we were friends now. I feel like such an idiot for not seeing it before. I felt horrible. I walked up to were he was and hugged him, but he wouldn’t hug me back… After a few minutes like that I pulled away, tears starting to form in my eyes. He wont even hug me now. I really screwed up. He just turned and left out of the room, telling me to stay safe.

That’s what I was doing now; staying safe. Ice was scattered in front of me. I was upset and let everything out by working with my ice element. He had been gone for hours now. Ah, why was I such an idiot?!

That’s when he walked in on me and the ice. He looked at what I was doing and looked a little confused at first. Then his face got angry again.

“You call that art?! Heh, That’s not art, hmmm?” He looks completely disgusted. “Now this, this is art.” What? I was confused again. I seem to be lik that a lot lately.

“I don’t…” His lips crashed into mine and we moved together; each moment better than the last. His lips were so soft, and his kisses rough. I was perfect. He begged for entrance…and as I took a breath his tongue fought his way in. When we both pulled away, he concluded what I didn’t understand.

“Now that is ar, hmmm? Us together…now that’s an explosion!”