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After eating they went to the Elfin Forest in Los Osos. They went in Mark’s car with Steven riding shotgun. As they drove along Los Osos Valley road, Eiveen was glued to the right window, fascinated with the scenery. There was a sandy field covered with shrubbery in front of a background made of small peaks and distant rolling hills. The fields were a wash of shades of tan, orange, and green. The small peaks were brown with grey and white slabs of rock, and the far distant rolling hills were created from brown and orange of the chaparral. She described it as pure natural beauty, and watched it flow by while she leaned against Donald.

They went up on the 17th street entrance. Mark parked and when they all got out, they were faced with a wooden platform much like a pier, only it stood not even a foot above the sandy ground.

“Welcome to the Elfin Forest,” Mark said happily with a broad sweep of his arm in the direction of the forest. It didn’t have towering trees. Instead, it was a field of scrub. “I know, I know,” Mark continued. “Not exactly what you think of when you hear the word ‘forest’. But it’s cool, come on!” He led Steven, Donald, and Eiveen up onto the wooden platform. “This, is the boardwalk. It goes around in a big loop through the forest. It’s the primary path, although there are many dirt trails to follow. We can hit those if you want to step things up.”

He led them up the boardwalk from the road. Their shoes and boots were noisy against the wood, a symphony of thumps. When they reached the main loop, they each took a trail guide pamphlet and started along the path. Mark pointed out every guide number painted on the low railings, and encouraged everyone to read the corresponding notes in the pamphlet.

The loop was roughly a mile long. Eiveen looked around at the surroundings and found them as beautiful up close as they were from a distance. The plants’ leaves made a blanket of green that swept out across the forest. Spotting it were tan and white grasses and the white bark of short oak trees. Many of the plants were the subject of the guide numbers, including poison oak. Every now and then, they passed a person or two and continued after a fleeting interaction usually not consisting of anything more than saying hello. Along the wooden promenade were wood benches, and when she got tired, Eiveen would ask to sit and rest on them and just look out across the scrub for a while.

They walked the loop once before deciding what parts that branched off from it they wanted to explore and look at. Eiveen wanted to head off into some of the sandy trails. So they went into the scrub, off the promenade, following a thin dirt path that was maintained by the occasional post laid in the ground to serve as a step and prevent erosion.

After they were fairly deep into the brush, Mark asked Donald to come up and talk with him. A few turns more, and Mark began to tell a story about how he had seen a mountain lion just around where they were. Donald turned around to check on Eiveen, but she was gone. He stopped in his tracks and looked around for any purple fur. When he didn’t find any he called out her name and got no reply.

Suddenly, they heard something moving in the scrub out off the path. Donald called out her name, but instead of her voice he heard a deep growl. Now he was frantic. Eiveen was missing and there was an aggressive wild animal ready to attack. Mark told them to move slowly back towards the boardwalk, warning them not to run. To calm Donald, Mark told him that Eiveen had gotten tired and was probably sitting on one of the benches.

Whatever was out in the brush suddenly rushed at the three of them, closing the distance by at least ten feet, shaking the scrub violently as it tore through it. Mark panicked and started running up the trail towards the boardwalk, and Steven and Donald followed suit, both gripped with fear as they rushed up the trail.

Again the wild animal rushed them and this time burst through the scrub onto the trail with a mighty roar. Donald cried out as he lost his footing trying to reverse direction. He crawled backwards a couple strokes before he realized that the wild animal was Eiveen. For a second, he didn’t move. Eiveen burst out laughing, as did Mark.
that was as awesome as the time that i mistook a cow for a giant spider in minecraft
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Aww, Eevee is one of my favorite pokemon! whee
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Eevee is my all-time favorite Pokemon. It is great. 3nodding *hugs*
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“Dude, we totally set you up!” Mark laughed, giving Eiveen a low-five. “The look on your face was priceless!”

<You should have seen it as he shrieked when I came bursting out of the shrubs! It was all twisted in horror!> Eiveen said as she nearly died of laughter, collapsing onto her side and beating the ground with her paw.

Donald was shocked and didn’t know what to say. Finally he started laughing too. “That was awesome, I didn’t even hear you move into the brush, Eiveen, good… Oh my god the egg is gone!”

Eiveen shrieked, patted her belly, and felt the egg. <Liar!> She pounced on him and pawed at his face as he laughed at her. Together they giggled and struggled on the trail. Finally she licked his face and stepped away from him. Donald came up behind them and petted her on the back and she rubbed her head lovingly against his side.

Mark then took them to the oak groves that were in the forest. One of them was on a platform that was connected to the boardwalk. An elderly couple was taking pictures of the grove and struck up a quick conversation with them. They talked for a few minutes and found that the couple had taken up photography as a hobby and frequently came to the Elfin Forest for inspiration.

The couple went off and Mark took his companions to western end of the forest. There were two places, Bush Lupine Point and Siena’s View. Both overlooked the body of water called Morro Bay, and both had a clear view of an estuary feeding into the bay. A few boats were on the water, and in the distance they could see Morro Rock.

<Daddy it’s beautiful!> Eiveen declared with twinkling eyes. <Mark, thank you so much!> She reared up on her hind legs and gave him a kiss on the cheek and a big hug.

Mark laughed in spite of himself and hugged her back. “Hey, no problem.”

They sat at either point for a few minutes, taking in the view of the bay. The fishermen cast their lines without catching a fish, and the birds in the scrub played noisily and darted from bush to bush. Donald, Eiveen, Stephen and Mark read the signs and then walked the boardwalk a few more times, reading about and studying the plants marked in the pamphlet. They finally left after spending a few hours in the Elfin Forest.
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Chapter 17: Back at Poly

A few days later, Donald and Eiveen went up to Poly to get books for Donald’s next quarter. The books were stored in a room in the back of the store. As they walked around gathering Donald’s books, Eiveen noticed students dodging her glances. However, she looked without turning her head and watched their expressions. They were bewildered by her, shocked by her unusual appearance. She was only slightly offended and immediately convinced herself that these were mostly new students.

The lines at the checkout lanes were as long and winding as usual. Both Eiveen and Donald were surrounded by whispers from the supposed freshmen. Cheerful and sometimes hopeful greeting came from returning students who had either personally met or heard rumors of the Cal Poly Pokémon. There were endless requests to touch her dome or stroke her fur, mostly from girls. Nobody inquired about the harness she worn, perhaps assuming it to be part of a complex lease.

On the drive home, Eiveen gave Donald the egg so she could play air-guitar and drums. He put it under his shirt between the shoulder and waist straps of the seat belt. They listened to the rock station all the way home, and as Eiveen played her air-instruments, Donald sang along. Then they role-played commercials for added fun.

Donald followed his normal routine of reading the first few chapters of each of his textbooks before the beginning of the quarter. Eiveen took the extra time to spend time with her grandparents, chase Mittens around the house, and train in the backyard. She kept the egg when she wasn’t training or playing with the cat, and when she was, Donald took care of it. It was kept beside him or in his lap as he read. When he finished, Eiveen insisted that his friends come over to see the egg, so Donald set up a game tournament.

Steven and Mark came over on Friday. They were both shown the egg and allowed to touch and hold it. Both Steven and Mark were awestruck, but for different reasons. Steven couldn’t believe the small life that he held in his hands, the egg that contained another little Eevee inside it. Mark was amazed that Eiveen, presumably a warm-blooded animal, had laid an egg. Then he remembered that Eiveen was a Pokémon, a creature from another universe, and reflected back when the Espeon before him was an Eevee.

The next week, classes began. As always, Eiveen went with Donald to class. As had been the case in the bookstore, the students dodged her glances. She noticed it as they approached and passed her on the sidewalks. She felt the stares of those coming up from behind. When she passed a bench, she noticed the students looking up from whatever they were doing.

Things didn’t change when she got indoors. Students sitting on the floor in the halls stared as she passed. Those in classroom with open doors watched her as she passed the portal. She was self-conscious by the time they arrived at their classroom, and almost wanted to be put in her Pokéball. But then some familiar faces came by and talked with them. The students in the room that had simply stared before got up and began asking if they could pet her. Then she didn’t feel so bad after that.

This first instructor had had Donald in another class. However, she didn’t recognize Eiveen as an Espeon. Donald explained that Pokémon evolve, and that the smaller creature she had been familiar with had turned into the purple-furred quadruped sitting next to him. But the instructor had her own test. Eiveen and her had developed a quick routine. Since the previous class was over animal training, it seemed to fit. Eiveen slipped out of the harness and performed the routine perfectly. The woman’s mouth dropped open and hung there for a moment. Then she smiled, petted the Pokémon, welcomed her to the class, and began the lecture. The other instructors allowed Donald to have Eiveen in the classroom without incident, glad to have the rumored Pokémon in their class.

Eiveen made small talk with the instructors before class began. The female one that had known her as an Eevee was intrigued by Eiveen now more than before. She was interested in how Eiveen changed as she grew from an Eevee to an Espeon. Not just physically, but mentally as well. The other instructors talked about an assortment of other things and Eiveen was happy to talk and listen to whatever was on their minds. When Donald told one of his friends in his first class that she chatted with the instructors, the friend laughed and called her the “teacher’s pet.” She was slightly put off by the comment, but found it humorous.
This is a great story I have read it from the beginning recently and really enjoyed it
Keep up the good work

/ ------
Love Eevee heart
And awesome story^^
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Disclaimer (Been a while, hasn't it?) No affiliation with the listed restaurants or anyone else.

Between classes, Donald and Eiveen studied at the library and ate either at Campus Market or The Avenue café. In the library, Eiveen heard whispers as she and Donald passed by. A few times she heard the shutter of a camera and wanted to confront the photographer. But Donald always prevented her from doing so, since stirring up trouble wasn’t bound to help the situation any. She was happy when they sat at one of the booths on the third, fourth, and fifth floors; they provided her with a place to sleep while hiding her from the paparazzi-in-training.

Eiveen enjoyed the same foods Donald did, and usually she ate right off his plate. Outside of the Campus Market they sat at the large circular white-concrete tables. The umbrellas protected them from the sun while allowing the cool breeze to blow through. Eiveen preferred eating at the market for that very reason.

She didn’t care for The Avenue. It was usually packed with students and the lines were long. Donald didn’t mind the wait, but she did. She felt the eyes of numerous students stay with her as the lines moved at a snail’s pace. Although this was offset by the occasional passing rub by students that she knew from class, the eyes were constant. When she sat down at the table, she received less stares and more greetings, for which she was thankful.

Every now and then Donald and Eiveen ate off campus. They both enjoyed walks from campus to Panda Express on Foothill Boulevard. Eiveen was able to stretch her legs and not have to worry about being stared at, at least not for too long. When they wanted something different, they usually had to drive. They both enjoyed the good burger on occasion and Eiveen would practically demand that Donald take her to McDonald’s or Burger King.

Once they went to the Taco Bell in the Madonna Shopping Plaza off of Madonna Road. They both sat outside at the concrete tables and benches. After eating, they relaxed at the small bench between the fast-food joint and the next door Applebee’s. As Donald wrapped himself up in a textbook, Eiveen watched people come and go inside either restaurant and through the small space she occupied. Children were quick to point at her, fascinated with her appearance. They usually wanted to pet her and touch her dome. The parents were reluctant, and she was too at first. But the third child, a little girl, ran up and hugged Eiveen. The parent rushed up to get her daughter and Donald told her it wasn’t a problem. Eiveen licked the girl’s hand and was petted again by the girl, this time with her mother joining in. And then they left. Eiveen began to feel good about looking so different.

Another day, when Donald and Eiveen were eating in The Avenue, a stranger introduced himself as a Genetics Instructor. He had heard about an Espeon on campus, but he had never seen her. He was ecstatic to finally meet her. He wasn’t familiar with Pokémon and had only seen commercials for the franchise on television. When he asked a student about it, he admitted, he was told more than he ever wanted to know. He said he had looked into some of the theories of Pokémon evolution. When he found out about Eevee and the Eevelutions, and that Espeon was one of them, he knew he wanted to meet Eiveen. He shook her paw softly and said that this had made his day.

As the quarter progressed, Eiveen’s relationship with the instructors and student body grew. More old classmates came up and talked with them before heading off to their dorms or classes. She got to know Donald’s professors better and even met the genetics instructor a few times more. On one occasion he was invited to sit down and he told them that he had looked into the Pokémon Deoxys. When Donald inquired about DNA, the instructor was more than happy to give an impromptu lecture about DNA, RNA, chemical bonds, and so forth.

As the new students saw instructors and other students speaking with Eiveen, more and more began to come up and introduce themselves. As Eiveen had suspected, many were Freshmen or transfer students from other campuses. A few of these were from Donald’s classes, but most were from the lines in The Avenue and at Campus Market. It didn’t take long for Donald and Eiveen to get famous on campus with the new students after that.

But Eiveen and Donald’s reputation on campus wasn’t the only thing growing as the quarter progressed. The egg moved more and more in Eiveen’s harness every day. Many times throughout the quarter the egg would start moving as she slept on the overhead projector cart. The flimsy metal sheet that was the lower shelf on which she slept conducted the sound through the room, waking Eiveen up almost every time. This amused the students in class, especially when the instructor commented on it. Although Eiveen regretted disturbing the classes, she couldn’t help but smile and look forward to cuddling the small Pokémon rustling inside the egg.
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All I can say is awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww to that last bit... she's looking forward to being a mommy ^^
Nice work *thumbs up*
this equals true
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*Wow I haven't posted in a LONG time. Sorry about that. I got wrapped up in my senior project and didn't have time to write, proof-read, and work on story concepts. So glad to be back. WOOT!*

Chapter 18: Eevee Union

Donald’s quarter was nearing its end. The egg was shaking more actively with each passing day. Neither Donald nor Eiveen knew how or when the hatching would occur, but they were excited. Sometimes Donald was stricken with insomnia and got ahead in his reading. He was hoping tonight would not be one of those nights. Donald read a little from his textbook to help prepare his mind for sleep. Eiveen was already settled in, nuzzling the egg softly and giving it a lick when it shook a little.

Donald closed his book and put it on his computer desk. He hugged Eiveen and petted the egg softly before pulling the covers over himself. He began drifting to sleep. After a few minutes, his journey to slumber-land was interrupted.

“Espe!” Eiveen cried out excitedly.

Donald spun around quickly and saw the egg moving more than usual.

<Daddy, it started moving like this when you got into bed,> Eiveen smiled.

“Is it time?” he asked her. She nodded and his eyes grew wide with excitement. He hopped out of bed and began to pace, his hands balled into fists that he held just under his chin. “Oh my God! I get to see a Pokémon egg hatch. This is awesome! Will it be like in the cartoon or the games? Is it going to evolve from egg form or shatter the egg?”

Eiveen laughed. <Daddy, your fists are shaking, settle down. I don’t know either but…>. She stopped when the egg emitted a loud crack and a small fissure appeared running from top to bottom on the egg. They both paused and for a moment watched the egg. It had stopped moving. Then a second crack sounded. A third sent a piece of egg flying off. Donald caught it in midair and yelped. He opened his clinched fist to reveal a cut from the shell fragment.

<Daddy be careful,> Eiveen admonished. A fourth crack sent another piece flying, larger than the first. Eiveen glared at it intensely, willing it to stop. Her dome began to glow and the shard of shell was surrounded by a purplish aura and came to a stop in midflight.

“Eiveen,” Donald gasped. “You just learned Psychic.”

She nodded in shock. <Hold out your hand, Daddy,> she requested. When he did, she slammed the shell shard into his hand. “Esp!!” <Sorry, I need practice!> She didn’t have to wait long. The egg cracked a few times more, each crack sending out a piece of the egg. Finally, the egg burst open and the creature inside spilled out onto the bed. Its fur was matted with amniotic fluid, which it began to inadvertently wipe on Donald’s pillow.

“Uh, are we going to give it a bath?” Donald asked, too awestruck to be annoyed.
<I am,> Eiveen replied and began licking the newly hatched Eevee clean. <Kind of tastes like egg yolk if you ask me,> she commented halfway through the bathing.

“TMI, sweetie,” Donald shot back in indifference. She couldn’t help but laugh.

After the baby Eevee’s bath concluded, Donald flipped over his pillow and asked Eiveen to check on the other Egg-watchers. A moment later she reported that their eggs were all moving a lot but they hadn’t hatched. She asked them to be attentive because her egg had just hatched. She also advised them to be cautious of flying egg-shell shards.

“So, is this a boy or a girl?” Donald asked.

<This is a precious little girl!> Eiveen squealed and licked the little Pokémon, who pawed playfully at her mother. Then Donald reached over and offered his hand in the play. Instead of accepting it, the little Eevee brought her paws under her chin and whined meekly. Gently, he and Eiveen coaxed her out of her shyness, and they played with the little Eevee for an hour before she grew tired and settled down. She curled up in the exact spot that the egg had been and fell asleep instantly. Donald and Eiveen both watched her sleep for a time before being taken by sleep themselves.
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Cool story.
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The next day, Eiveen contacted the Egg Watchers again. This time, the eggs either had hatched or were very close to hatching. Eiveen decided that she and Donald would visit the Egg Watchers after their eggs hatched, beginning later in that evening. Eiveen spent the day defending the Eevee against Mittens while Donald studied for his upcoming finals.

When five P.M. came around, they calculated the time in the world of Pokémon to be roughly ten in the morning. Eiveen checked with the Watchers to see if it was a good time for her and Donald to visit. They all agreed that it was. Eiveen talked with Officer Jenny last because Donald wanted to see her first.

They passed through the portal into the world of Pokémon, coming right into the training yard. Their ears were accosted by the sound of a whistle.

“Alright everyone! Line up!” Officer Jenny ordered. “We have visitors, so I am leaving you all in the command of Officer Thomas. My leave shouldn’t take long.” A male officer came over and saluted her. She returned the gesture and spun on her heel to face Donald and Eiveen.

“Hi! How are you? I’m sure you are eager to meet your son,” Officer Jenny said cheerfully. She led them into the main building as she continued speaking. “I’ve let him run around outside from time to time, but mostly he has stayed in my quarters while I’ve been working. He’s really a sweet Eevee, but I have to warn you, he tends to be a bit competitive…” she finished speaking just as she opened the door to her quarters.

The room was very neat and tidy. Her desk was clean; only a small stack of papers, bound by a rubber band and set to one side, occupied the dark wood desktop. The mirror looked brand new. Four small shelves were built into the frame of the mirror on either side. On both sides, two shelves containing items and two were empty. The white laminate tile floor was well swept and devoid of any clutter. Her futon, neatly made, stretched along the wall beside the desk. On the cover was a little Eevee, curled up into a ball, sleeping peacefully.

“Isn’t he just the cutest thing?” Jenny asked with a large smile. “I love my Growlithe, but he is just adorable!”

Donald laughed. “Well, I have to admit. Seeing an Eevee curled up on a bed brings back memories.” He rubbed Eiveen’s back and she rubbed her head against his thigh.

“Okay, time to get up. Rise and shine, little guy. We have very important company for you,” Jenny walked into the room and lightly clapped her hands to a steady beat as she spoke. The Eevee woke up and stretched. Then he sat down on the futon and watched her. “Come on. Meet your mother,” Jenny pointed to Eiveen. The Espeon stepped forward and knelt down.

“Esp, esp,” she said, beckoning the Eevee. Donald knelt down too and made a motion with his hand for the Pokémon to come forward. The Eevee glanced back and forth at the two of them. Then he hopped off the futon and rushed forward, tackling Donald in the gut and sending him to the floor.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing!” Jenny demanded. But the Eevee just stood on Donald’s chest victoriously. Eiveen bent over and picked him up by the collar of his neck and set him down in front of her and began talking to him. Donald picked himself up and stood next to Jenny and watched the exchange. After a few minutes, the Eevee walked over to Donald and pawed his pants leg. Then Donald bent down and picked the Eevee up. The Eevee rubbed his head against Donald’s chest and muttered ruefully, “Ee Eevee.”

“Is he apologizing?” Jenny asked. Eiveen nodded.

“Accepted,” Donald said, and then added, “but that sort of competition is better suited for other Pokémon. We’ll find our own sort.” The Eevee smiled and nodded.

Donald, Eiveen, and Jenny then discussed what to name the baby boy Eevee. After considering his personality, they decided on Chuck. It only seemed right to name him after the Johto region’s Fighting type Gym Leader. The little Eevee approved of the name quickly. Then Eiveen told Jenny that she wanted to gather all of the Egg Watchers together. Her children could all meet each other, as could the Watchers. Jenny said she would make time in her schedule. Eiveen thanked Jenny and licked Chuck one last time before opening the portal to Donald’s room.

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