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Disclaimer: I am not associated with nor do I own the restaurant Foster's Freeze.
Chapter 8: Musical Evolution

One week separated the university’s winter and spring quarters. Donald decided to stay in the real world for that time. He wasn’t burnt out on the World of Pokémon; he wanted to go back and hike from one spot to another while training Eiveen by battling trainers and wild Pokémon. And he much desired to visit the Professors again and help them with their different projects. But he noticed that he had been neglecting his friends in the real world. He hadn’t interacted with Mark and Steven throughout the entire previous quarter. Even on the day of the midterms, which he spent the latter part of relaxing and socializing, he forgot about them. Never before had he let a quarter pass and he not at least called or sent them a text message. It was time to right this wrong.

On Sunday morning he called both of his friends and invited them over, but they weren’t able to come until the next day. Donald used the extra time to prepare for the spring quarter, cleaning out his binders and putting fresh paper into the rings. Then he and Eiveen had lunch and watched TV with his parents for a couple of hours before heading outside with Eiveen for some training. They practiced her moves at first; pairing Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack, and Sand Attack into different combinations. Then Donald had her work at becoming more agile, having her zigzag back and forth in the sand. The sharp turns were ideal for dodging, and Donald believed that she could also use the maneuvers to position herself in combat. After three hours of training, the two returned to the house and took a shower. After drying, Eiveen took a nap. Donald played his Gameboy DS for a little while and then followed her into dreamland.

The next day, Donald, Eiveen and Steven met at Mark’s house in San Luis Obispo for lunch. Mark offered to drive everyone, noting that it was more fuel efficient for everyone to ride in one car. They ate at Foster’s Freeze in San Luis Obispo, gorging on the Big Boy burgers and washing them down with milkshakes. From there the quartet went to the library. They found a table outside, since the librarian denied Eiveen entry and neither Donald nor his friends cared to press the issue of her true identity.

The table was round and made of a pale white concrete. The seats had the look of a thick arc laid on its side and were made of the same material. Donald talked about his experiences with the four Professors in the World of Pokémon, each in turn. When he talked about how Eiveen played at the crater’s edge in Pallet Town, Steven perked up.

“You mean she went up to the stage front for the solos?” he asked, excitement mirrored in his eyes. Steven loved music and looked like a rocker, long, fine black hair, a long face with soft features, and tall without much visible muscle. He knew how to play acoustic guitar and was practicing the electric one. The only thing he lacked was any accent; he spoke just like Mark and Donald.

Donald nodded. “Yeah, during the guitar solos she would bound up to the front and start playing it like guitarists in music videos.” He imitated Eiveen, holding an air guitar.

“Sweet,” Steven said and turned to face Eiveen. “You must have had fur going everywhere. You know how to party.”

“Ee,” Eiveen smiled up at him.

Donald continued with the story, although he was interrupted within a few minutes again, this time by his other friend.

“Ash’s house?” Mark inquired, his eyes wide in surprise. “Like, the main character of the TV series Ash?” Donald nodded. “And the star of the movies?” Again, the other nodded. “Well was he home?” Mark continued.

“No, but he was on the phone with his mom. She was telling him about the concert. I had a nice chat with Ash though. It was awesome to actually speak with The Ash Ketchum.”

“Oh, I bet,” Mark replied ecstatically. Mark and Donald met at Cal Poly in a Biopsychology class. They had clicked almost immediately. Mark was also a long time fan of Pokémon, although he had let his love of the game wane over the years. The subject of his passion became Microbiology, which was why it was no surprise when Mark interrupted again when Donald got to the conversation with Professor Oak about the Poisons of the Pokémon world. Mark practically demanded the conversation be repeated verbatim, though he settled for reading the study given to Donald by the Professor.

After leaving the library, the four of them went hiking in Morro Bay. It was an easy hike, and they took it slow, talking as they went, Mark and Steven telling Donald what they had been doing over the last two and a half months. For Mark it was school. Steven had been busy too; surfing and learning to play the electric guitar. Then they talked about their plans for the next two and a half months. Steven reported that he was going to practice the electric guitar some more and surf. Then he added that he had been accepted for a job at a music store in downtown San Luis Obispo. He had been working hard to get it and revealed that it was the primary reason he was practicing the Electric guitar.

Donald and Mark talked about the classes they were taking next quarter. Mark could hardly wait for the quarter to begin, since his classes were all in his field. He had spent a few hours in the campus library each day, reading the copies of his classes’ textbooks it had on reserve. Besides begin studious, the only other news was that he had begun an exercise regiment to stay in shape, something he read was recommended to students.

The hike took a couple of hours. Once they returned to the car, the four of them went to Mark’s house for a swim in his pool. Then Donald and Steven went home to wrap up the day.

Over the course of the week, Mark, Steven, and Donald met a few times more. They played computer games and watched movies at Donald’s house, Steven gave Eiveen guitar lessons, and Mark discussed with Donald the different poisons described by the study provided by Professor Oak. On Friday, just after lunch, Donald decided to create a few more playlists. This time however, Eiveen was there to help him. Donald thoroughly enjoyed putting together playlists for the iPod. He tried to let each one tell a story.

It had been that way with the three song playlist he used at Professor Rowan’s Pokémon Summer Academy. The first song gave a warning to the inevitable difficulties and failures that would accompany any Pokémon adventure, contrasting the ego some new trainers would have and the reality they would face. The second was intended to reflect the excitement one would have on their journey and the bond between trainer and Pokémon. The last was meant for those that were unsure about their journey, who were afraid to experience that life, to motivate them to reconsider standing on the sidelines so as not to have a regret on their conscience. Together, they create the short tale of a young, new trainer whose excitement causes him to be headstrong and overconfident, and after many experiences, develops doubt in his abilities as a trainer.

The playlist he played in Pallet Town also tells a story. It begins with the oppression of a desperate people, encouraging those who are subjugated to keep up their morale. The second song represents their uprising, how they find their strength and decide to fight rather than submit. The struggle itself is played out in the third and fourth songs, first the conflict between the two militaries and then the fight to continue the resistance amongst doubts of liberation and failing courage. The tale concludes revealing the freedom the rebels win and their declaration that their independence will not be easily stolen. Though randomly chosen, Through the Fire and Flames sets the stage for a continuance of the story, describing the return of the subjugators and the prolonging fight for independence, and is a song written to inspire its listeners to action, to protect themselves and their hard earned freedom.

It was easygoing at first, Donald sampling songs to create a theme for a playlist, with Eiveen either approving or disapproving. But then Eiveen began trying to suggest songs. She tried singing them to Donald, using her name in an attempt to capture and display the melody and tune of the song she wanted. But Donald didn’t understand and couldn’t capture the melody she offered. Again and again she tried, but to no avail. The stream of failures whittled away at her patience the way a windstorm eroded rock. Finally, she simply lowered her head in frustration and boiled with anger at not being able to communicate with him. But her silent fury quickly turned to sadness. She jumped up onto the bed and trudged to the corner farthest from Donald and began to whimper, crying softly to herself. Tears thudded against the pillow, loud enough for Donald to hear them. At first he didn’t know where it was coming from. But he listened and followed the sound to Eiveen, and then saw a tear fall from her face.

“Eiveen?” he asked, shocked that she was crying. “Why are you crying?”

Eiveen turned just a bit, and Donald saw how the tears had matted down a streak of her fur on both sides of her face, that ran from her eyes to where the tears fell from her face. She turned back instantly and cried harder. Her suffering was audible now, though low. Donald jumped up from his chair and circled around the bed, speaking as he went. “Oh Eiveen, what’s wrong?” There was concern in his voice, the kind that filled a mother’s voice when her child was crying. Donald was halfway around the bed when Eiveen jumped up from her sitting position, raced across the bed and leapt into his arms. He sat on the edge of the bed and cuddled her, nudging her with his nose and kissing her on the top of her head. Speaking gently, patiently, he repeatedly asked her what was wrong. Finally, she muffled her crying with a sniffle and pointed to the computer before burying her head into his chest to continue crying.

Donald hugged her softly. “Oh,” he chuckled to himself. “That must mean so much to you, doesn’t it? To make something with me.”

She looked up through her tears. “E-eee,” she replied.

“Oh, you’re so sweet, Eiveen. I love you so much.” His eyes began to water as he hugged her tight with one arm and stroked her back with the other. “That means a lot to me too, to have you make a playlist with me. It is something to have as our own.” He laid back on the bed and continued rubbing her. Slowly, she grew silent and her tears began to dry. She felt warmth growing strong in her heart, and she felt how much Donald loved her. She laid on his chest and absorbed the feeling. Every time he spoke, she felt the warmth grow. Every time he stroked her fur, the feeling of love for him rang from her heart and resonated throughout her entire body. Finally, she crawled up to his face and began licking him. He laughed and twisted, declaring that her kisses tickled. She nudged his face with her snout, and wished that she could tell him how much she loved him as he could tell her.

Eiveen hopped off of Donald’s chest and pointed to the computer, showing her desire to try to work again. She began singing again, doing her best to capture the tune, but he still didn’t understand and said so as he rubbed her ears, effectively tickling her. She lowered her head. “It’s hopeless!” she thought to herself. But then something inside of her stirred and she began to glow a bright white. Donald rolled away from her in dismay, a look of shock painted across his face.

Eiveen began to change shape. She grew almost three times her height and about that in length. Her fur lost its fluff and her tail became narrow, branching off on one side. Her eyes widened and her mane disappeared. Her front paws shrunk and her front legs tapered down sharply to meet them at their new size. A small dome formed on her forehead. It all happened together and within a few seconds.

Donald watched it all play out before him, saw her evolve. “Wow…” he said, leaving his jaw open to hang. Eiveen looked over at him.

“Espeon,” she said in a soft, high pitch voice. Then the dome on her head began to glow and a voice of a woman invaded Donald’s mind. <Daddy…>

“Dad-daddy?” Donald inquired in shock, not bothering to try to hide it.

<Yes, I will call you daddy from now on. You raised me from a newly hatched Eevee and into an Espeon. I’ve talked with many Pokémon in their universe, and all those raised by humans call those that care for them from infancy their parents. So you, Donald Echler, are my daddy.>

He nodded almost automatically. “But how much have you changed?” he asked, speaking slowly and deliberately. “Pokémon change when they evolve, I heard it from the first season of Pokémon. You won’t treat me like Ash’s Charmeleon and Charizard treated him, will you?”

She shook her head slowly and her voice invaded Donald’s mind again. <No, I evolved because of friendship. Our friendship is strong, and my love for you is powerful enough to cause me to change. I love you, daddy, and I will not bring harm to you.> She took a step forward and Donald became tense. But he quickly realized what he was doing and loosened up, reaching out for her. She came closer and finally let him stroke her head.

“Your fur… it has become so much softer,” he declared as he ran his hand across the short, fine hairs.

“Esp!” she called happily in reply, a beaming smile arcing across her face.

He scooted closer to her and hugged her, and she hugged him back. He ran his fingers through her fur and the locks that hung beneath her ears, marveling at its smooth texture. She drew back and licked his face a few times and then drew forward again to hold him once more. Donald held her for a few moments more before he remembered the rest of the family. Suddenly, his hand stopped on her back. “Eiveen,” he said calmly, speaking her name as a precursor to something profound. He drew back, revealing his face to be lit up like a metropolis at night. “We need to tell the others!” he declared cheerfully.

“Espeon!” she called loudly. She gave him one last lick before leaping off the bed. Donald was right behind her. He threw open the bedroom door and the two rushed around the house like overjoyed children who had awaken to find that Santa Claus had left gifts under the tree. They told Kathy and David, both of whom were watching TV and nearly jumped out of their recliners when they saw the large, purple Pokémon sprint into the living room. Andrew came out of his room to investigate the source of the commotion and was tackled by Eiveen as she rounded the corner after hearing his footsteps.

“Oh my God!” he shrieked as they went down. She clung to him, giving him a tight hug. She licked him under his chin a few times, reasoning that his face wasn’t safe to kiss until he had calmed down, and leapt off. He scrambled to his feet. “What is that thing!” his voice was almost a shout.

“It’s Eiveen!” Donald replied, walking towards his brother hastily. “She evolved!”

“Geez, man,” Andrew huffed. “You scared me half to death. And what did I say about attacking me, huh?” He sighed deeply, relieved to be in no danger. After a moment he looked up. “You look really different.” He took a few steps forward and patted her head. “Oh wow. You are soft!” he declared, with an emphasis on “soft”.

She pulled herself away and went to Kathy and David, letting them feel her fur.

“That is soft,” David said, an emphasis on the “is”, giving her a stroke.

“It feels like velvet,” Kathy added as she rubbed Eiveen’s back.

Before anything else could happen, she looked to Donald and her dome lit up faintly. <Daddy,> it was nearly a whisper in his mind. <Lets go create our playlists.> She turned and licked Kathy’s hand and then darted off through the kitchen towards Donald’s room. Together, they created six new playlists, incorporating songs of genres other than rock and metal, for a full spectrum of music that defined their relationship, both as Pokémon and trainer and father and daughter.
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Going to present chapters in at least two posts from now on. I think it's easier on the reader. Please tell me if you agree or not. Thanks! smile

Chapter 9: A Rescue Performance

Donald laid in bed for almost half an hour after waking Saturday morning, going over Eiveen’s evolution. He glanced down every now and then at the Espeon that had her head and upper body to the shoulders buried beneath his shirt, sleeping peacefully. He wondered how things would change now that she was fully grown.

Finally, she stirred awake and crawled from under his shirt. She shook herself, yawned, and then walked forward to give Donald a big hug. Donald hugged her back and performed their morning rituals. Then the two went to the university campus to pick up Donald’s textbooks for the coming quarter.

They met with the rest of the family at The Girl’s Restaurant in Arroyo Grande for lunch. Following the meal, they all went shopping and then returned home, where everyone did their own thing. Kathy washed her and David’s clothes, Andrew returned to his games, saying something about a raid, David worked to repair PVC pipe that had burst the night before, and Donald and Eiveen trained and later took a nap.

That night, Eiveen took Donald into the World of Pokémon, opening the portal silently. She wanted to show the Professors that she had evolved. They visited each of the four Professors, returning to the real world after each one so they would not have to actually travel the distance. Donald thought they were done after returning from meeting the last Professor, but Eiveen again opened the portal to the world of Pokémon and told him telepathically to get his iPod.

When they stepped into the World of Pokémon, they were greeted by May.

“Oh, thank you for showing up!” she gasped as she ran up. “The entertainers haven’t shown, and nobody knows why. Some coordinators went to look for them, but they came back empty-handed.”

Donald looked at her funny. “How did you know we were coming?” he asked.

<I saw it on the TV at Professor Birch’s house,> Eiveen said telepathically to both May and Donald. <Remember he was watching the Pokémon contests? I thought we could do something for the contest. I contacted May here and told her that you and I could do something, some karaoke or something. It is a perfect way to help and have a great time, while also showing Mickey that I’ve evolved. I’m sure he will want his battle soon.>

Donald thought a second, and then nodded. “Oh, we can have so much fun with this!” He turned to May. “How is it going between you and Drew, if you don’t mind my asking?”

“Me? And Drew? Well, we… hey wait! How do you know that we are hanging out? You’ve got some explaining to do!” She was red-faced, both flustered and angry, but much more the latter.

Donald held his hands in front of him as shields. “You won’t believe me! Honestly, I haven’t been spying.”

Eiveen sighed. <Father please. In our world, Pokémon are not real. The only mentioning of Pokémon are as cartoons, card games, and video games. The series follows Ash mostly, but while you were traveling with him we were able to see a friendly relationship develop between you and Drew.>

“That’s kinda creepy, actually,” May said, pulling back a bit. “And what do you mean by ‘our world?’”

Donald answered this time. “You know about the Pokémon Palkia? It can move between dimensions. That’s how I met Eiveen. She has acquired the ability to move between this universe and mine.”

“Oh, I see,” she said and then asked Donald, “So why do you ask about Drew and I?”

Donald smiled at Eiveen, she returned the smile. “Well, I was thinking that instead of the usual Rock & Roll that we usually do, we could tease you guys a bit.”

May was distraught. She fell to her knees and dropped her head into her hands. “Oh, I knew it!” she whined, her voice high pitched like she was about to cry. She looked up at them, her voice calm but with a hint of worry as she spoke, “Well, just don’t go overboard with it okay?” She smiled softly as she begged.

Donald smiled back. “Okay, we won’t tease you too bad. But before I go, I want to meet Drew and Harley!”

“Not Harley!” May cried.
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(Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with the bands Aerosmith or Barenaked Ladies.)

Donald and Eiveen returned to the real world soon after Drew and Harley agreed to be the subjects of the entertainment. May had taken them into the back area where coordinators waited for their turn on the contest floor. There were many seats and a big screen for watching the contest. Initially, Drew was against the idea of being made fun of, but after May said she had given her okay, Drew stylishly whipped his fingers back through his hair and said he guessed he could handle it. Harley agreed only if he could actually participate out on the contest floor, which Donald immediately agreed to. Donald was then taken to the three judges and Lilian, the Mistress of ceremonies, and told that the entertainment was set to perform two songs back-to-back.

Donald already had the songs selected before he entered his room. He and Eiveen listened to them a couple of times each to make sure they got them right. Then they returned to the World of Pokémon in the back area. Many coordinators watched him step through the portal, though it seemed to be nothing special to them. There was a contest between two coordinators underway and May told him that he was up next. She also said that the stadium had a real electric guitar and a drum set for Eiveen to use. Donald knew then that he and Eiveen would be performing for real. They mentally prepared themselves until the battle on the contest floor ended. They were called out as the equipment was set up.

Lilian was standing on the contest floor, radiant as she announced Donald and Eiveen. “And now, what you’ve all been waiting for: Tonight’s entertainment! Here is Donald and his Espeon, Eiveen, to give you their own version of karaoke!” The crowd exploded into loud cheers.

Donald and Eiveen ran out onto the floor, Eiveen tossed the guitar strap over her shoulder as she pulled her tail around to play the drums. Donald was on the microphone. “Today, a few coordinators will be entertaining you in a different way, by being the subject of our songs. This first one goes out to Harley!” Donald pointed at the big screen that was out on the contest floor, and Harley’s picture lit it up. The coordinator came out of the back and the crowd cheered for him. “The title of this song is Dude (Looks Like A Lady) and is originally sung by Aerosmith. As Donald and Eiveen began playing, Harley released his Ariados and Cacturn and began dancing about while the music played, blowing a kiss to Lilian and a few kisses to the crowd.

After the song ended, cheers and applause rose from the audience. Harley walked up with his Pokémon and told Donald how much fun it was, thanking the singer. Then he offered to bring out May and Drew. Before Donald could respond, Harley was running into the back area to push the couple out.

Donald introduced the next song. “For our next song, we are going a bit deeper into the heart. For two of our favorite coordinators are said to train together a bit too much. This next song, Conventioneers by the group Barenaked Ladies, is for Drew and May!” Again, Donald pointed to the screen, and the mug-shots of the two coordinators appeared just as Harley pushed them out. It was barely audible, but you could hear him say to May, “Have fun, hun!” before he raced to the back area, laughing hysterically.

The song started and for a second, May was petrified. But Drew simply took her hand with a gentle smile and led her to the center of the contest floor. Then he led her in a slow-dance throughout the entire song, the two staring into each other’s eyes, soft smiles on both of their faces. Donald knew Harley had to be tearing his hair out or biting into his costume right about now. When the song ended, Drew leaned forward and whispered something into May’s ear. Then he took a step back, bowed to her and then the crowd and made his way down the hall into the back area. May, red-faced, bowed to the audience and rushed to follow him. Donald and Eiveen took their bows and stepped away from the equipment. Men came from backstage and hauled the guitar and drum set away as Lilian returned to the microphone to announce her approval of the songs and the next coordinators to battle.

In the back area, May was a mixture of emotions. “How could you play that song! I’m so embarrassed!” she was irate. Donald took a step back reflexively and forcefully held back a laugh. Harley was rolling around laughing in one of the aisles. He gave no effort to hide his joy. May put her head in her hands. “Everyone saw that too! Mom and dad, and Max!” She gasped and lifted her head. “Max will never let me hear the end of it.” She whined ‘oh no’ as she hid her face in her hands again.

Drew walked up, glancing at May. “When you said you were going to tease us, you really weren’t kidding. But maybe that was a bit too much.”

“I think it was perfect!” Harley cried out through his laughter. Drew ignored him.

“You’re singing and Eiveen’s playing were very good though. If you ever do something like this again, make sure you don’t go overboard.”

“Actually,” Donald said, “I think you performed very well out there despite the surprise. I’m impressed that you know how to dance, although the coolness with which you accepted the shock is very characteristic of you.”

Drew stylishly whipped his fingers back through his hair again. “Well, a coordinator has to stay in control of the situation on stage. It’s the only way the Pokémon know they can trust their trainer to make the right decision. It should be no surprise.”

The battle on the contest floor ended and Lilian called May and another trainer. “Oh no!” May whined.

“Don’t worry. Just calm down and you’ll do fine,” Drew said in an assuring voice.

Donald held his hand at head level and clinched his fist. “That’s right! Show Max that there is nothing to tease you about. Just take a deep breath and roll with it.”

May took their advice, taking in a deep breath and steadying her mind. Then she nodded and went out to perform.

“Don’t forget, Mommy and Daddy are watching!” Harley called after her and then burst out laughing.

In the battle, May was focused and won easily. In the back area, Harley bit into his shirt. “That little runt…” he growled.

Donald congratulated May as she returned. Then he yawned involuntarily and explained that back in the real world, it was the middle of the night and that it was time for him to go. He hugged May and shook Drew and Harley’s hands. Then Eiveen opened the portal into the real world. They bathed, brushed their teeth, and went to bed.
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Chapter 10: Battle Moves

Both Sunday and Monday passed relatively uneventfully. Sunday afternoon, Eiveen revealed to Donald that she had learned Bite. Monday was spent at the university campus since Donald’s classes were all on Mondays and Wednesdays this quarter. Eiveen and Donald went into the World of Pokémon Monday night around midnight. There it was roughly four in the afternoon.

“Espeon!” Eiveen called outside one of the buildings. Her voice echoed a few times off the buildings in Stone City and ran into the mountains. Mikey opened the door and greeted the two with an excited wave. “Hey guys! I saw you on TV last night; what a show!” He turned to look inside the house and called for his brothers, announcing Donald and Eiveen’s arrival. The three older brothers appeared in the doorway behind their brother.

“Why is she not a Flareon!” Pyro demanded angrily.

“Another Espeon?” Rainer exclaimed in disbelief. His mouth hung open.

“Just one Pin Missile and she’d be down,” Sparky said with a smirk.

“What the…” Donald began in shock. But he was cut off by the laughter that burst forth from the four brothers. They clapped each other on the back and had a round of high-fives. Donald instantly knew that they were teasing him.

Pyro smiled and looked at Eiveen. “It’s great that you finally evolved. Like we say, evolution is what Pokémon is all about!” His three brothers nodded in silent agreement. “So when did she evolve? During battle, right?” Pyro inquired. Donald shook his head.

“It was during an intense swimming race, right?” Rainer asked

“Have you seen her front paws?” Donald exclaimed. Eiveen whacked him on the butt with her tail, sending a loud clap echoing through the town. Then she calmly sat down. He turned to her and shrugged as to say, “What did I say?”

“It was during a lightning storm and she needed the extra weight to tackle you down so you wouldn’t get hit by lightning, right?” Sparky asked.

“Not… so much,” Donald replied.

“It was right after a dramatic and difficult battle that tested your friendship, right?” Mikey asked.

“That’s the closest of all the scenarios, actually. We here making playlists on the computer and we had trouble communicating. She got real upset and, after I comforted her, she evolved.” Mikey nodded his understanding, but his brothers stared blankly. Donald sighed. “Eevee evolves into Espeon and Umbreon by friendship?” he offered sarcastically. “Oh…” the three older brothers said with a single big nod simultaneously.

“We’ve just… never heard it described that way,” Pyro said. Only Donald saw Mikey roll his eyes.

“So, how long ago did she evolve?” Mikey asked.

“Two days ago. We haven’t had much time to train, and she doesn’t have any psychic techniques yet.”

“That’s okay,” Pyro said. “Eevee is a good Pokémon with a good trainer, and its evolutions are that much better!” His three brothers nodded in silent agreement.

“Awesome!” Donald exclaimed. “So, Mikey, you said you wanted to battle me once Eiveen evolved. Are you ready to battle?”

“You bet!” the youngest brother replied. “We aren’t known as the Battling Eevee Brothers for nothing!” He pulled out his Pokéball and threw it into the air. It popped open and a white streak shot to the ground as lightning does from clouds, forming into a male Espeon. Mikey walked up beside the Pokémon. “You ready, Espeon?”

“Esp!” he replied.

Eiveen stood up imposingly and started to rant in Pokémon language. She slapped the ground beneath her with her tail and Mikey’s Espeon jerked his head back as if insulted.

Donald witnessed the exchange and cut her off. “Hey, behave yourself, don’t be rude.”

<Sorry dad.> Eiveen said telepathically, then to Espeon she said verbally, “Espee,” accompanied with a bow.

Eiveen and Espeon poised themselves for battle, as did their trainers. Then Sparky ran in between the Pokémon. “Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!” he said loudly, his hands outstretched to either side of him. “You are not battling this close to the house. Move it to the battlefield before Jolteon Pin Missiles all four of you.”

Mikey nodded and led Donald to where they would battle. Pyro came up behind Sparky and slapped him on the shoulder with approbation. “Looks like you’re learning,” he said with a smile.

The battlefield was practically a hop, skip, and a jump away. It was in the center of town next to a large fountain, although Mikey said that the fountain was oftentimes used as an extension, especially with water-type Pokémon. Both trainers took their positions on opposite sides of the field, standing in the white box outline. The Pokémon were on the field directly before their trainers.

Rainer walked up and held up his hand. “I will be the referee if neither of you mind.” Neither did. A crowd began to form as people, both residents and visiting trainers, were drawn by the sound of the coming battle. “Go!” Rainer started the match.

Donald ordered Eiveen to get close, and she bolted forward with Quick Attack. At the same time, Mikey had Espeon use Hidden Power. White orbs of light formed and gathered before him as Eiveen closed the distance. She was about five feet away when the attack rushed forth. She tried to dodge but was too close; half of the orbs hit home.

She went down hard, thinking that the attack was either very powerful or…
“It’s super-effective against you Eiveen!” Donald yelled from his position. She knew it! Hidden Power’s actual element and attack power are chosen at random when it is learned. For Mikey’s Espeon, this element was either Bug, Ghost, or Dark, and the power is maxed out.

“Quick Attack!” Mikey ordered, and Espeon shot forward. Donald told Eiveen to use Tail Whip. She waited for her opponent to get close and then whipped her tail on the ground as she jumped out of the way, tripping him.

“Use Bite, Eiveen!” She was thinking the same thing, and lunged forward with a gaping mouth. Mikey shouted for Double Team and one male Espeon became seven. The images quickly encircled her.

“Eiveen!” Donald called in alarm. Then he decided to copy Ash from the series. “Use Sand-Attack and combine it with Tail Whip,” Donald commanded. Eiveen obeyed, pressing her tail into the ground and spinning her whole body around. She couldn’t see past the resulting dust cloud, but then again, neither could Espeon. She heard Donald shout for her to listen for Mikey’s Espeon and to use Bite when she had him.

She rested on her hind legs, not quite sitting, and closed her eyes. What she heard was Mikey order another Hidden Power, followed by Donald’s cry for her to move out of the cloud. She darted out and passed two Espeons, using her tail to whip the one she was closest to. It burst and faded upon contact. The six remaining male Espeons rushed forward with no clear pattern as they advanced in wide zigzags and hopped over each other.

“Flank with Quick Attack and attack directly with Hidden Power!” Mikey commanded. Two male Espeons darted forward, one on either side of Eiveen, while the other four were gathering white orbs in front of her.
i realy like it wish they were real i would have bunches!
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Ya, it would be so cool if Pokemon were real. They would be awesome pets and great friends, probably better than dogs, but idk, I don't have one question
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“Use Quick Attack, Tail Whip, and Sand Attack together! Just like we trained, Eiveen!” Donald called out. It was an old combination, but effective nonetheless, at least she hoped. She shot forward with the white streak behind her. Her front paws planted themselves in the ground and she spun around. As she spun, her tail delved into the dirt and the four male Espeons were showered with dust. Three disintegrated along with their orbs, revealing themselves to be images.

The last cried out and brought a paw up to brush sand from his eyes and fired off his attack prematurely as the two flanking Espeons raced in from either side of Eiveen. Eiveen was struck by one orb as she quickly turned to face the real Espeon and leapt forward. The other orbs impacted on the two Double Team images she had moved to avoid, bursting them upon contact.

“Bite!” Donald called with excitement.

“Look out Espeon!” Mikey cried out in warning. But it was too late. Eiveen bit down on Espeon’s neck. “Psychic!” Mikey shouted frantically, but Eiveen dug her teeth in and his Pokémon flinched, causing the attack to fail.

“Drag’em!” Donald instructed, and Eiveen started for the fountain.

“Get loose Espeon!” Mikey shouted. The Pokémon struggled, flailing his paws and tail. He managed to trip Eiveen and her grip loosened enough for him to pull away. Mikey ordered him to Quick Attack away, and Donald ordered her to pursue using the same technique. Unfortunately for Mikey, Eiveen was faster than Espeon. On Donald’s order she used Bite again, this time catching the other Pokémon’s leg. Espeon lurched back in pain and cried out.

Eiveen was commanded to use Quick Attack and she moved to finish the battle. Aiming for the Dome on Espeon’s head, she opened her maw and shot forward like a bullet to hit her mark. It was a critical hit, her shoulders colliding with his fragile, red tinted orb with high velocity. Espeon fell forward silently and hit the ground hard. There were swirls in place of his eyes.

Rainer thrust his arm into the air as he declared boldly, “Espeon is unable to battle! Donald and Eiveen win it!” With the battle officially over, the crowd applauded and began to disperse. Mikey ran over to Espeon and laid his hands on his Pokemon in a comforting manner. The male Espeon strained to open his eyes and blinked a few times before replying in a weak voice, “E-eesp…”
“It’s okay, Espeon,” Mikey said. “You had a good battle. Take a rest.” He pulled out the Pokéball and returned him. Mikey turned to Donald. “You’re a great trainer Donald, and you work well with her.”

“Thanks,” Donald said, accepting the complement. “We train hard everyday, and Eiveen never takes a day off. She goes out every morning to beat her body into shape.”

Mikey laughed. “Well, that would explain why she won once she got in close; Espeon and I have been focusing on increasing our special attack, to the neglect of his physical body, I’m sorry to report.”

<You can say that again,> Eiveen said telepathically. The four brothers gasped when they heard her voice. Upon seeing their response, Eiveen became anxious and cautiously set herself low to the ground.

“Uh, lets finish this conversation inside,” Donald said when he noticed Eiveen’s guarded stance. “It doesn’t seem like Eiveen is too comfortable with the public setting anymore.” The brothers agreed and led Donald and Eiveen inside their house. There he explained how he was from another dimension, mentioning Palkia and the dimension-traversing abilities it brings to the World of Pokémon.

“So, Eiveen, what were you saying about Espeon before we went off on this tangent?” Mikey asked, a kind expression on his face.

<I was saying I noticed how strong his Special Attack is; that Hidden Power really hurt. I bet it would’ve been a one-shot battle if the whole attack hit me.>

“You hear that Mikey?” Pyro asked cheerfully. “Your work is paying off!”

“That’s right,” Rainer said. “How about you train with us from now on?”

“Wow, you mean it?” Mikey exclaimed.

“We sure do,” Sparky said, making the invitation unanimous amongst the three older brothers.

“My brothers are the best,” Mikey said and then turned to Donald. “Once Espeon and I get stronger, we are going to enter the Indigo Plateau Pokémon League, and definitely compete in contests.”

“Sweet!” Donald said. “Hey, how about Eiveen and I show you how we train?”

“You mean it?” Mikey was overjoyed. The four Battling Eevee Brothers followed Donald and Eiveen out and released their Pokémon. Then Eiveen demonstrated her training regimen. The four brothers’ Eeveelutions tried to copy it, but it was clear that they all had been concentrating too much on their Special Attack. The four brothers smiled sheepishly. Donald thought it to be a sweat drop moment.

Donald and Eiveen bowed respectfully and thanked the brothers. He explained that in the real world, it was the middle of the night. Then Eiveen opened the portal and she and her trainer stepped through. They brushed their teeth, showered, and hit the sack.
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Chapter 11: Quirks of Eiveen

The next morning Donald found Eiveen snoring quietly beside him with her head on the other pillow of his queen-sized bed. He reached over and petted her head. Upon being petted, she yawned and stretched and put her head on his belly. She paused and let him pet her again. Then she moved to lay herself directly on him.

Then she moved forward to bring her face up to his. Her front paws reached around and squeezed him in a powerful hug. Her tail wrapped loosely around his lower leg, and the branch of her tail clasped around his ankle. Then she nuzzled him and licked his face real hard, so hard in fact that she outlined his teeth through his cheeks.

“Ow,” Donald complained.

“Espee,” she replied quietly. She continued to nuzzle him for a moment, making a sound that he could swear was purring. Finally, she uncoiled her tail from his leg and released his ankle. She stretched and hopped out of bed and walked out of the room, beckoning him to the shower. He hastily made the bed and snatched up his towel. Eiveen didn’t like to wait for a shower; the last time he made her wait was Sunday, and she had paid him back by demonstrating her Bite attack.

Eiveen was sitting in the tub when Donald walked into the bathroom. He tossed his towel up on the towel rack and turned on the water. He let it pour from the spout as it heated, and then pulled the diverter. Warm water erupted from the showerhead and soaked into her velvety fur. Donald noticed Eiveen’s dome glowing faintly. He thought, <you haven’t learned another attack, have you?&gt;

<Nah,> she responded telepathically. <I didn’t wait long enough.>

In the shower, Eiveen held the shampoo bottle in the branch of her tail. She poured a line of shampoo down her back and worked it into a lather with her tail and front paws. When she was a bubbly white, she said to Donald, “Esp.” He understood it as “move” and turned to let the spray of the showerhead chase the lather from Eiveen’s fur. He rinsed himself clean and turned off the water. He had just dried his upper body when Eiveen playfully bumped him into the cold wall of the shower. His back stung with the sudden cold.

“Gah!” he gasped. Eiveen laughed and shook herself dry, drenching him again. She laughed again as she hopped out, flicking her wet tail at him to send a large blob of water into his hair. She heard him call after her in admonishment. She went into the kitchen to find something for breakfast and then into the living room to watch TV.

After Donald dried himself, again, and was clothed, he came out and poured himself a bowl of cereal. He joined Eiveen in the living room. She wasn’t actually watching anything, but rather surfing from one show to another every time a commercial came on. Donald quickly finished the cereal and gulped down the remaining milk. Then he put his bowl and spoon in the dishwasher and headed off to study.

Eiveen turned off the TV and chased after him, eager to get some playtime in before his study session. There was a book already on the bed as she trumped into the room loudly. Donald turned casually at the sound of her entering. She leapt forward, both knocking him down and hugging him. He fell backwards onto the bed, barely missing the book. She held his arms at his sides as she wrapped her tail around his leg and made the purring sound as she nudged his chest with her head. She released him a moment later and licked his face.

<I’ll let you study, daddy. I’ll go chat with grandma.> she said.

“Just don’t let her catch you calling her that. I’ll be in here for a couple of hours, studying. Then we can train some after lunch,” he replied. She hopped off of the bed and walked out of the room, closing the door with her tail, leaving Donald to study.
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Eiveen walked into the living room and saw Kathy sitting in her recliner, reading a book. She walked up to Kathy and called softly to get her attention. Kathy took a moment before looking up.

“Good morning, Eiveen. Where’s Donald?” she asked.

<Good morning. He is studying at the moment. What are you reading? >

“Oh, just a book a friend lent me,” Kathy said, “She said there is a movie being made based on this book. She is confident the movie will be a disaster and that the film industry will rip apart the plot and put unnecessary sex scenes in places where the book becomes ‘boring.’ I’m not sure if she’s right or not, though. She likes to compare movies to the books. It gives her something to talk about with her friends after they see the movie. It’s actually kind of funny, because she gets all worked up.”

<Did you just start reading it? >

“Yes, and it seems interesting.”

<Mind if I listen, you know, telepathically? >

“Not at all,” Kathy replied.

<Can I hop up in your lap? >

“Um, no. I think you’re a bit too big now.”

<Okay,> Eiveen said and laid down at Kathy’s feet. Kathy read for about an hour. When she looked up, Eiveen was asleep. She pushed the foot rest into the recliner, patted the sleeping Pokémon on the head, and left the room.

It was about two hours later when Eiveen finally woke up. She glanced around quickly to see if Donald was around but found no sign of him. She connected with him telepathically and listened to his thoughts. He was reviewing his notes from class.

<Hi daddy,> She said.

<Hi Eiveen,> Donald replied telepathically. <I thought you would have come to get me by now.>

<I fell asleep,> Eiveen replied. <Are you ready for lunch? I’m starving.>

<Sure, I think I’ve studied enough for the moment.>

Eiveen ended the connection and stood up to stretch her legs. She heard footsteps in the kitchen and saw Kathy come around the corner. Eiveen looked at her for a couple of seconds and then quickly poised herself to pounce. The sudden motion gave Kathy a start. “Ack! Eiveen! Don’t jump on me!” Kathy moved behind the sofa.

<I wouldn’t really do it,> Eiveen said, pouting.

“Well,” Kathy said irritated. “If you don’t intend to, don’t act like you’re going to.”

Eiveen bowed. <Yes ma’am.>

A new set of footsteps sounded in the kitchen and Donald came into view. “Hi mom, hey Eiveen. What do you want for lunch?” he asked.

“Hi sweetie,” Kathy returned the greeting.

Eiveen waited for Donald to walk into the living. Then she quickly poised herself again. Donald, like Kathy, became defensive. He moved his feet shoulder width apart, bent his knees slightly, and put his hands before him as a shield. <I want…> she paused, giving suspense to the moment. She made her eyes look maddened. <Human!> She lunged forward, biting onto Donald’s shirt. Her front paws went over his shoulders and she pretended to try pulling him down. She laughed and started wrestling with him.

They wrestled for a couple of minutes. Then Eiveen used her strength to pull Donald roughly to the ground, landing on his belly, almost knocking the wind out of him. She leaned forward and licked his face a few times. <I want Beef Stew,> she answered finally.

“We’re out,” he replied slyly. “Try again.”

“Peeooon,” she replied audibly in what sounded like a hiss.

“Did… you just hiss?” Donald and Kathy asked simultaneously.

<I guess I’ve been spending too much time with Mittens,> she replied. <Can you make me a sandwich? >

“Just have leftovers,” Kathy cut in.

“I’m good for that,” Donald agreed.

“Esp!” Eiveen accepted.

The two ate lunch in the living room as they watched TV. Then they went out and trained for a couple of hours. That was followed by a walk around the block as a cool down. After returning home, Eiveen took another bath. When she got out, Donald was watching TV as he lay on the living room couch. She raced in from the kitchen and leapt over the armrest.

“Ow!” he cried out as she dived into him. “Don’t do that, it hurts.”

She sunk into him, hugging him softly and gently tucking her snout beneath his chin. <Sorry daddy, I couldn’t resist the opportunity.>

They watched about an hour of television, muting the TV during commercials. Eiveen quizzed Donald from lectures she’d been awake to hear and let him explain concepts to her, as ways to find which ones needed more studying. Then Donald returned to his room and opened another textbook. Eiveen laid on his back and followed along telepathically until she got bored and went to watch Andrew play his video games.

Later they ate dinner, watched TV with David and Kathy, and went to bed.

The next morning Eiveen managed to pull herself out of bed and go to classes with Donald. She slept through the first one in the hallway outside of the classroom. Then there was an hour for lunch before the next class. They ate at the on-campus café.
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A young guy caught sight of Eiveen as she was sitting in one of the chairs with her legs outstretched, her back against the backrest, and her tail between her legs. He walked up and said, “Dude, that is an awesome trick to teach your dog!”

Both Donald and Eiveen looked up at him. A group of people who heard him also looked up and started snickering, knowing that the guy called Eiveen a dog. “Peon,” Eiveen growled quietly to herself.

“She’s not a dog, she’s a Pokémon,” Donald replied.

“What?” The freshman declared. “Pokémon aren’t real, just cartoon and game characters.”

Now Eiveen glared and growled at him. Donald reached across the table and grabbed her arm. “Hey, chill,” he warned. She huffed and turned back to her food, nibbling as if she’d lost her appetite.

“Whoa, is ‘dog’ your attack word or something?” the freshman took a cautious step back as he spoke. “You train it as an attack dog?”

Eiveen’s dome began to glow. <Daddy, can I explain things to him, please? Before I bite him,> she asked irritated, a strong emphasis on please.

<No you cannot,> Donald thought back. <You remember how Mikey and his brothers reacted.> She chomped hard into a piece of meat in reply. The sound of her teeth tearing through it was telling of her anger.

One of the guys from the other group called over to the freshman. “Dude, she’s not a dog, look at her.” News of Eiveen had spread like wildfire on the first two days of the current quarter. Everyone suspected that she was a Pokémon when she was an Eevee. Now that she had evolved, almost everyone was sure that it was true.

The freshman took a good look at her and freaked out. “Oh god!” He practically jumped backwards. Luckily, nobody was behind him in the crowded lunchroom. The group of students burst out laughing, imitating him. “Over reacting, aren’t you?” Donald asked, a hint of sarcasm present in his voice.

“Yeah man,” the guy at the other table added. “Calm down.”

The freshman walked away hastily, glancing over his shoulder a few times nervously.

Eiveen’s dome glowed as she vented her anger to Donald. <Look at me, stupid human! I have purple fur, a branched tail, tiny front paws, and a dome on my head!> Donald starting laughing to himself as she continued. <I don’t go ‘bark bark’ I go ‘Espeon.” <As you can perfectly see, I’m not some dog!> She looked up at Donald. <Sorry, Dad. I just wish these newbs would learn the difference.>

<Damn, sweetie,> Donald thought as he smiled. <You might need to get used to it. The university gets new students every quarter.>

<Yeah, well… I guess I’ll learn to deal with it,> she replied. <I just wish they’d call me something other than a dog. I hate being called a dog. Dogs are too domestic; I’m wild. I’ve been in Pokémon battles and could probably take on a couple of gyms by myself.> Donald reached across the small, white table and patted her forearm.

He heard one of the guys at the other table say it was time for class. Donald motioned for Eiveen to finish up. He knelt and gave her a hug and kiss on her dome. “Espee,” she replied cheerfully. They headed off to his last two classes. The first instructor had had Donald and Eiveen in another of her classes and was happy to have her back. The other was shocked to see the famous Pokémon walk into class. He petted her head and asked her not to distract from the lecture too much. Eiveen nodded and laid at Donald’s feet during the lectures and in the corner during activities. After class they went home and hung out with the family until it was time for bed.
Okay, I think it is safe to say that you have a vivid imagination. I love the part in the begining where it sounded so much like your family to begin with. Like you completly got poor Daniel down. And your mother, that bit cracked me up.^^

Anyways, send me a message when you get this and finish the card reading. I so want to see what you get.
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Chapter 12: “Call For Family”

It was a bit before finals week when Eiveen’s behavior began to change towards Donald. She instantly decreased how rough she was when they played together and she conversed less and less each day. It seemed as if her tail was always wrapped around his leg or clamped around his ankle. She wanted to go with him everywhere, persistently pursuing him more than voicing the desire. However, she seemed distracted much of the time. She didn’t converse much; she would just be there with her tail around his leg, as if in a trance.

Finally, one night as they were settling into bed, Donald decided to inquire of her recent behavior. She stretched out next to him under the covers with her back to him, wrapped her tail around his leg and laid her head on his shoulder. Her eyes closed and she began drifting off to sleep, but Donald nudged her awake.

“Esp…” she said flatly.

“Hey, what’s up? You’ve been acting out-of-it for a week now.”

She lifted her head and stretched. Then she returned her head to his shoulder. As she closed her eyes again, her dome began to glow. <I’ve got this weird feeling. I’ve been thinking about other Eeveelutions. I feel like I should be with them. Something in me is stirring slowly.> She curled into a loose, furry ball. She held the position for a few seconds and then grunted as she stretched out to lay flat on her belly. <It’s uncomfortable, daddy. I need to go into the world of Pokémon and figure out what is wrong. I don’t think I’m sick, but I know I need something there, something with another Eeveelution. I think I need to mate.>

“Mate?!” Donald exclaimed. “I, uh… ok. I think I know who can help us.”

Eiveen thrust herself forward. “Esp!” she cried out and licked his lips.

Donald turned his head sharply away from her. “Gah! Eiveen!”

“Espeon!” she cried out again and licked his cheek in a near frenzy. She hugged him tight as she licked his face and purred. Her voice entered his mind with a powerful force. <Thank you daddy! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for understanding!>

Donald burst out laughing when he heard her in his mind. He hugged her back. “Okay, okay!” he cried out joyfully. “Come on, get off me. We need to hit the Pokémon world already. We can go to Ecruteak City and talk with the Kimono Girls there. They might know someone.”

Eiveen eventually pulled herself off of him and sat on the edge of the bed. She breathed deeply, steadying herself. It took well over a minute. Finally, she raised her head and opened the portal. Then Donald thought aloud, “Hey, we could just go see Mikey.”

“Peon!” Eiveen vociferated, and then added telepathically, <way too awkward.> Donald simply shrugged.
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great story.

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