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Ok, this is my first fanfiction ever, please read, comment, and if you like it please subscribe. Looking forward to all your feedback.
Disclaimer (because they are common): I do not own nor am I affiliated with Pokemon, or any government agencies.

Chapter One: Pokemon Encounter

Donald Echler had just gotten out of his last college class of the quarter at Cal Poly and was walking around downtown San Luis Obispo, California. He rarely did this due to lack of interest and time, but he had nothing planned at home today and, as he had just completed his last final, his free time had increased substantially. He looked at all the small stores that lined the street, entering the few that peeked his interest to browse about. He didn’t buy anything, just looked.

Upon reaching the end of one of the many streets, he decided to start back to his car. After a couple blocks, he noticed a bookstore he had missed before and started for it. Entering, he greeted the person behind the counter and proceeded into the Sci Fi and Fantasy section, his favorite genre of books. They had a surprising selection for their small size, he thought as he browsed about; all his favorite authors and dozens more he had yet to try. But one misplaced book in particular caught his eye. Laid on top of the other books on the top shelf was a Pokemon Diamond and Pearl encyclopedia, listing the newest Pokemon with statistics and brief descriptions. He picked it up and flipped through it for a moment.

Donald was a huge Pokemon fan; he had watched all the series, had all the movies, and played the card and video games. He suddenly stopped on the page describing Palkia. He read the description a few times, then let himself drift into a daydream, his head rolling back as he stared into space. He wondered what the games would be like if they more closely resembled the cartoons. He lamented the fact that walking from one end of a Pokemon region like Kanto to another took roughly 30 minutes in the video games, while such a trek would require weeks, maybe months, in the cartoon. He tried envisioning what the games would be like if it took such a long time to travel from city to city and how that might be accomplished. A couple moments later he breathed deep and came out of his daydream.

Time to be going, he decided. He took the book back to the Video Game Guides section, found the book’s spot, and slipped it between two books. He then headed out of the store, continuing back to his car. Not five steps outside he stopped mid-stride. He felt he was being watched. Following the feeling, he looked up and could barely see something high in the sky. He squinted, trying to see it better.

“Hurt your eyes staring into the sun like that, young man,” an elderly man walking close commented.

The suddenness of the comment startled Donald. The old man chuckled apologetically for startling him. After thanking the old man for his concern and nodding in agreement to the elder’s statement, Donald looked around quickly to see if anyone else were watching him. Confident he had no audience, Donald glimpsed back up into the blue sky. Whatever it was, it was gone, so he continued to his car. When he reached the small parking lot, he unlocked the car and opened the doors to let the car interior cool. He thought about what else he could do before returning home. Finally, he decided to visit Cuesta County Park.

The drive was short, not ten minutes, he estimated. The parking lot was empty except for one other car. In the park, there was a trio of children running around on the castle-shaped playhouse. Their parents played a one on one game of volleyball, turning to check on their children before each serve. Seeing Donald, the mother waved courteously, and he waved back. The father threw his hand in the air with a big smile. Donald returned the motion and the two parents looked again at their children before resuming their game.

Continuing on his way, Donald made his way over to the trail, taking a moment to peer into the water beside the small, white concrete bridge and observe the little fish in the water. After a time, he continued on his way down the now dirt path. Ahead, there was a fork in the path; one branch lead down towards the stream and the other continued higher up on the slope.

He could see a culvert or tunnel of some sort cut out of white concrete into which the stream flowed. Exploring that would be interesting and take up some time, he thought, though he didn’t have the right kind of shoes on and he would hate driving home in wet socks. The trail higher on the slope seemed to end not far from the fork, so Donald headed down to the stream. Wet shoes or no, this option would likely consume the most time. He started down the short path, the slope at one point so steep that his foot slid forward on the loose dirt and he almost lost his balance. He went to the end of the trail and looked for some good, steady stones on which to begin his little adventure.

Before he took his first step, the feeling that he was being watched returned. He looked around, but nobody was there. Reluctantly, he followed the feeling up into the sky. Through the thin canopy, the strange thing was visible. At first, he had to squint to see it, but it gradually became clearer. Whatever it was, it was either getting larger or closer.

The thing finally broke through the leaves and continued down towards the park’s stream. Donald immediately identified it… as the Pokemon Palkia! “Holy crap,” he whispered to himself, gawking in amazement. “It’s Palkia.”

Seconds later, car horns blared from the highway above. Someone had taken notice. Then the excited cries of children rose from above, and the voices of their parents.

The large Pokemon finally landed, one foot on either side of the stream, and it looked deep into Donald’s eyes. He stared back, unsure whether to run or not. After a few seconds, the large Pokemon shifted. It was at that moment Donald realized that Palkia’s arms were folded, like it was holding something.

It slowly unfolded its arms to reveal a baby Eevee resting peacefully in its grasp. The little Eevee was sleeping outstretched at first, but stirred and curled when the light of the sun broke through the trees and hit it. Waking up, it stretched, took one look at Donald and softly called, “Eeev.” Maybe four inches tall and eight inches from nose to tail, it stood in Palkia’s arms and stared at Donald for a moment. Then its ears perked up and it looked toward the park.

Suddenly, the little Eevee started speaking to Palkia in Pokemon language, the larger Pokemon nodding occasionally to what the little Eevee was saying. Finally, the legendary Pokemon knelt down and the baby Eevee hopped out of its arms and ran behind Donald. The young man jumped in surprise and spun to face the little Pokemon. “Wha-What are you doing? Little Eevee…” He cut himself off at the growing sound of running and laughter. The family was coming! He turned around quickly looking for Palkia, but it had vanished. The Eevee, however, was standing between his feet and looking out towards the sound of approaching people.

Not a moment later, the small family burst into view. The little boy led with his two sisters trailing him and the parents taking up the rear, more concerned about falling.
“Did you see that thing in the sky? It came down right around here.” The boy asked Donald excitedly.

“Uh, what thing in the sky?” Donald asked in reply.

“You didn’t see it? How could you not see it? It was huge!”

The youngest of the little girls threw her arms in the air excitedly. “It was this big!”

The boy continued excitedly, “It looked like a big, white T-Rex! And it dived out of the sky right into this park!” He then proceeded to balance himself on the balls of his feet, hunched over and began to roar loudly.

His mother called from the fork, reprimanding him. The father also called to his son and younger daughter from the fork, and offered Donald an apology. The older daughter had stayed up on the higher path and was looking for animals. She called out to her mother that she didn’t see any squirrels. The boy then turned and ran up the path, roaring that the monster had eaten all the squirrels. The Eevee chased the boy halfway towards the fork where the parents stood before returning to Donald.

The father grabbed his son and hoisted him onto his shoulder. Their mother rounded up the two girls, gave an apologetic wave, and started them back up the trail towards the park. The father also apologized for his children, commented on Donald’s cute puppy, and tossed his hand in the air as he turned and went towards the park. Donald again returned the motions, but waited at the end of the path.

After about three minutes, Donald heard a car start and drive away. Then he started back up the path, going carefully up the steep slope. As he crossed the small concrete bridge, the sound of a splash gave him a start. The little Pokemon had jumped into the water and for a moment chased the minnows. Donald watched for a few seconds before continuing out of the park. His feet thudded against the short wooden bridge as he crossed it. Almost out, he told himself. About midway across, the sound of small stones being pushed around rose from below. The Eevee was running across the trickling stream under the bridge.

Finally, he saw the ramp and stairs that led into the parking lot. Behind him, leaves rustled. He turned wryly to see the Eevee lying on the embankment leading up to the parking lot, wet, covered in leaves and smiling at him. Feeling a bit unnerved, Donald proceeded up the ramp, hearing the Eevee rustling in the leaves behind him. Almost gone, he cheered in his mind. But when he was five feet from the car, the baby Eevee darted in front of him and sat down inches in front of the driver side door.

For a moment, Donald simply stared at it. The tiny Pokemon reached up and pawed at the car. Donald shook his head quickly. “No, no way are you coming home with me.”

“Vee?” the little Pokemon replied curiously.

“No. I mean, how will I explain this to my family, huh?”

“Eev.” The baby Pokemon hopped forward and began to rub its head on Donald’s shoe, chanting its name rhythmically.

“No, little Eevee, I can’t,” he said calmly as he stepped backwards. “You’re a Pokemon. You’re just a fictitious… thing, Ok? You can’t exist.”

Now the little Pokemon seemed angry. “Veeee…” Suddenly it rushed forward and began darting about Donald’s feet, snipping at his jeans’ legs and untying his shoe laces, all the while barking “veee!” in short, loud bursts.

Although startled at first, Donald bent down to retie his shoe laces, saying exhaustedly, “Little Eevee…” But the second he touched his shoe laces, the little Pokemon raced up from behind and tackled him in the mouth. Donald cried out in surprise and pain as he jerked upright. The little Pokemon quickly circled around and tackled his upper calf which, combined with the fact that Donald was off balance from the blow to the mouth, sent him to the ground and knocked the air out of him. The next thing he knew, the Pokemon was standing on his chest, the pitch black eyes glaring into his. Donald gasped in spite of himself as the Eevee growled, poised to attack again.

“Ok, ok! Don’t tackle me again!” Donald cried out, holding both arms like a shield in front of his face. “I’ll take you home with me, just calm down, please!?”

“Eev.” The little Pokemon replied and hopped off his chest. He climbed to his feet, brushed himself off and opened the driver side door to his car. The little critter hopped into the car and then into the driver’s seat and sat down. Nervously, Donald pointed to the passenger seat, and the Eevee jumped over into it. The young man climbed into his seat and closed the door. He looked askance at the Eevee watching him before putting on his seatbelt. The baby Pokemon then repositioned itself, sitting up straight with it’s tail shooting out from between its legs. Then it whined sadly, pointing its muzzle towards the passenger seatbelt. Reaching over and buckling the little Pokemon in, he took a moment to determine the sex of his new “friend.”

“So, you’re a girl Eevee.”


“Ok then.” With that, he started the car and made his home without saying another word. This is how Donald met his Pokemon.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Detailed. I see you have no problem with that. Just want to point out:

“Did you see that thing in the sky? It came down right around here.” The boy asked Donald excitedly.

The period after 'here' should be a comma, and the t in 'the' should be lowercased.

“Eev.” The little Pokemon replied and hopped off his chest.

Same as above.

Also, the last line in the chapter is a bit unneccessary.

Might have not gotten all of the errors (if there were any more), but I'm half-asleep. XP

Thanks a million to CTRLing for drawing the picture! <3
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Oh, ya. Darn, that's basic grammar too. Thanks, I was looking for major errors too much.
Its good. 3nodding Eevee and Vaporeon are my favorites! heart Keep adding more to the story. I can't wait to see what happens next.
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Chapter 2: Family Matters

The drive home had been in complete silence; no radio, no talking, no anything. All Donald did on the drive home was think. He thought about how this little Pokemon was going to change his life. More importantly, he thought about how he would break the news to his parents and brother, all who didn’t particularly care about Pokemon. But most importantly, he thought about whether or not he wanted to keep the Pokemon or not. He had always wished that there could be more to the world of Pokemon than what he had experienced in the games. On top of that, Eevee was one of his favorite Pokemon; cute, potentially strong, and multiple forms of evolution. And now, it was real.

His mind meandered through the Pokemon activities he currently had available to him and all their limitations. The more he thought about the limited access the games and clubs provided, the more he longed for an adventure like those in the cartoon series. And the more he longed for such an adventure, the more he liked the little Eevee. Recalling Ash Ketchum’s first experience with Pikachu, and comparing it to his own first experience with this Eevee, Donald decided he would keep her. If his parents accepted her, he would try to make his own Pokemon adventure the best he could with the Eevee. If they rejected her, he would keep her in secret, against their wishes.

Either way, it was decided, he was going to keep her.
As the car pulled into the driveway, the little Pokemon grew excited. After parking, Donald unbuckled himself and the Eevee and got out of the car. He held the door open for her and she hopped out onto the black asphalt. The little Pokemon did laps around his legs as he hurried to the front door, unlocked and opened it. Then she darted through the open portal onto the small patch of tile that lay directly inside the doorway, looked around the room and drew in a deep breath before crying out, “Eeeeevvveeeeee!”

Donald was quick to scold her. And not ten seconds later did his mother appear out of a hallway.
“What was that?” she asked. Then she saw the furry quadruped standing under a decorative table. “Why did you bring a puppy home? We have a cat you know. They’re going to fight.”

In response to being called a dog, the little Eevee stuck her nose in the air and looked away, mumbling under her breath.
“Lot of personality though,” Donald’s mother laughed.

“Um, it’s, I mean, she’s not a dog, mom. Uh, come with me a sec.” With that, he strode into his room and pulled a Pokemon Diamond & Pearl book from a bookcase just beyond the door. He flipped to the page displaying Eevee and handed the book to his mom. The little Pokemon appeared a second later between Donald’s mom’s legs. He quickly scooped her up in his arms and gave a nervous smile as he held her up. Mrs. Echler let the book drop from her hands onto the floor, and she stood there staring at the Pokemon.

“Don’t worry,” Donald said, folding his arms to hold the Eevee firmly against his chest. “She isn’t violent or mean or anything, well, unless you make her mad. But we can break her of that! Please don’t make me get rid of her. It, uh, it’s kind of a dream come true for me.” He looked down at the little Pokemon, and saw that she had dropped her ears down and was holding a sad expression on her face.
“Evee…?” she whimpered softly.

Donald’s mom sighed deeply. “Ok, we’ll see what David says when he gets home. She is kind of cute." She reached out cautiously and petted the Eevee softly on the head. The little Pokemon raised its ears and smiled.

A few hours later, David, Donald’s father, walked through the front door. “Kathy, I’m home.”

Kathy came into the room excitedly with a big smile and her arms outstretched before her. “Welcome home. How was work?”

“Fine except for the couple meetings, which almost bored me to sleep.”

Kathy giggled in response. She always laughed when he told her about how boring meetings were at work. She released him and he put away his briefcase and changed into more casual clothes. Moments later he walked through the kitchen and joined his family in the living room to watch the evening news. David gave little more than a glance at Donald and the Eevee as he made his way to his recliner. “Got a dog now? Had enough of Mittens already?” Reclining in the chair, David grabbed the remote control and turned on the news. Together, the family watched the news.

As soon as the news went off, Kathy hopped up and returned to the kitchen to continue cooking. Mr. Echler turned off the TV and walked out of the room. He knocked loudly on a door. “Time for the family meeting,” he called into his other son’s room through a locked door. He came around the corner just as the sound of an opening door rang out. Donald was already at the dining room table, the Eevee in his lap and the Pokemon book laid face down on the table. Everyone sat down except Kathy, who traditionally went last at the nightly meetings due to cooking.

One by one, each of the four members described their day. David went first, everyone laughing at the dumb jokes he had received via e-mail and fellow office workers. Donald’s younger brother, Andrew, went second. He had spent the entire day on his video games again, although he had some breaks for studying. Then Kathy called from over the counter and went third. Her day consisted of a little exercise in the morning, some TV at noon, long phone conversations, and a nap.

Finally, Donald was on the spot. He spoke briefly about his final exams. Then he described in detail how he had felt he was being watched during his walk around downtown and in the park. As Donald explained his encounter, he showed both David and Andrew the picture of Eevee in the book. The little Pokemon jumped up on the table and copied the pose in the book. They were rather astonished.

“So, the UFO on the news was actually a Pokemon?” David asked, almost convinced.

Donald nodded. “Palkia, to be specific.” He flipped to the page that displayed Palkia and handed it to his father, who stared at it for a moment.

“Let me see it,” Andrew said, reaching across the table. David handed him the book.

“It seems to resemble the thing in the video…” David started calmly.

“Wait,” Andrew cut in. “You mean someone saw this, recorded it, and sent it to the news station?”

“Well, they called it a UFO, but it looked like that for the most part.”

“Andrew,” Donald stood up. “Can you find the video online and let us get a closer look at it?”

Andrew nodded. Pushing away from the table, he got up and the family made its way to his room. He jumped onto the Internet and two minutes later, the video of the UFO was streaming in. He paused the video when the UFO had become most clear. Everyone but Donald gathered around the computer screen and looked back and forth between it and the picture of Palkia in the Pokemon book.

“Omfg,” Andrew declared in shock. “It’s… this Pokemon. Uh, Palkia. It’s not Photoshopped in. It’s real.” He looked up at Donald and the Eevee he held. “And so is that.”

“So, can I keep her?” Donald asked, his voice low.

“Well, what does your mother say?” David asked.

“She said it was ok,” Donald replied. They all looked at Andrew.

“Hey, as long as it doesn’t attack me, I’m fine.”

“Eee!” The little Pokemon beamed a large, open-mouthed smile and let her tongue hang out.

“Alright!” Donald whirled her around in the air and brought her close to hug her tight.

“She needs a name now,” Kathy said calmly with a smile.

Donald went silent for a moment, his eyes searching blankly as he thought. “I guess I’ll name her Eiveen. Yes, I will call her Eiveen. You like that name?” Donald turned the Pokemon around to face him.

“Eee,” the Pokemon replied happily.

“Ok then,” Andrew said casually. “Now that that’s over, is dinner ready? I’m hungry.”

“Yup, lets eat.” Kathy led the entire party into the kitchen and everyone loaded up their plates. Homemade spaghetti and meatballs, served with French Bread and one’s choice of orange juice, milk, or water. Eiveen got a little bit for herself and a little orange juice poured into a saucer. She gobbled it up like she hadn’t eaten in weeks and called out for seconds.

Donald prepared for bed earlier than usual that night. After brushing his teeth, he was stopped by Eiveen at the bathroom door. He knelt down to pet her, and she grabbed the toothbrush by the bristles and called out from between her teeth. Donald understood right away. She wanted her teeth brushed too.

He dug around in the drawers for an old toothbrush, but failed to find any. So he pulled the other toothbrush from the 2-pack, put a little toothpaste on the bristles and lightly brushed Eiveen’s teeth. He showed her how to rinse properly and she gave it a try. But as she shook her head, water shot out of her mouth and sprayed the bathroom and Donald.

When all the water was gone, Eiveen took a quick glance at the mirror and then at Donald and they both burst out laughing. He scooped her up in his arms, kissed her on her snout and put her on his bed after turning out the. The last thing he remembered before drifting off to sleep was Eiveen snuggling up on his chest under the covers.
Dude, nice. Eevee kicks a**. Is Eiveen going to evolve, and if so, into what?
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Ya, she will be evolving a little later in the story. But first I'll be building up the story with some key characters from the cartoon. I don't want to release the specific evolution, as it might be a spoiler, but I'll tell you that no stone is required.
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Chapter 3: Pokemon Challenge

The next morning spelled the beginning of a rough week. Donald woke to the sound of growling. Upon opening his eyes, he saw Eiveen a few inches from his face with an ugly snarl and bared teeth. It was such a shock that he flung himself out of bed and onto the floor. The Eevee laughed, hopped down onto his chest, licked his face, and then bolted out of the room.

Besides waking Donald in the same fashion every morning, she challenged the members of the family to duels multiple times each day. Both David and Kathy simply turned away, determined not to encourage the disruptive behavior. Andrew reacted by sternly reminding the little Pokemon of his condition for Donald keeping her. Donald tried directing her aggression by training her as characters in the cartoon trained Pokemon, but she refused to practice her attacks on make-believe opponents and inanimate objects. Despite the family’s resistance to her challenges, Eiveen was persistent.

The only accepting competitor was Mittens, the family cat. They fought many times each day, and Eiveen quickly became stronger. The fights first shocked the Echler family, but Donald sat and watched one fight and found that it amounted to little more than rough play. He reported his observations at a family meeting, and they all agreed not to intervene. Still, everyone agreed that the play was too rough for any of them.

One evening, while Donald and his parents were watching TV and Andrew was locked in his bedroom, Eiveen walked into the living room and simply sat down in the middle of it. All three paid her attention. Her eyes were closed and she remained silent. After about two minutes, a thin light outlined her figure, and she opened her eyes and threw her head back, letting loose a long scream. Before her, a portal swirled into existence. For a time, nobody moved. Finally, Donald hopped up from the couch he was laying on and approached the portal.

“Donald!” Kathy said alarmed.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be careful. I just want to see if I’m right. I think this leads into the world of Pokemon.”

David sat up quickly in his chair. “The world of Pokemon? Do Eevees have that power?” Apparently, David didn’t understand that Eevee is both singular and plural.

“Not normally, but Palkia does,” Donald replied, his eyes not leaving the portal. “Maybe Eiveen got some of its power when she was with it.” Donald thought he would feel something as he stepped through into portal, but he felt no different than if he had walked through a doorway. On the other side was a fairly dense forest. In a clearing was a large facility. He read the name on a sign out loud. “Pokemon Technical School.” The name was familiar, but he didn’t remember exactly where he had heard it before. He turned back to the portal. He needed to figure this out to know where he was.

Donald stepped back through to find that Andrew had joined his parents, who were both standing now. Eiveen was still where she had been when he walked through the portal.

“Well? Is it the world of Pokemon like you thought?” Kathy asked, anxiety thick in her tone.

Donald nodded and said he had to look something up, but before he even moved he caught sight of the Pokemon book. Instantly he remembered where he had heard the name of the facility. “It’s from the first season of Pokemon!” he thought out loud. Everyone cast worried glances at him. David called a family meeting to order and Donald told everyone what he saw. What he told them next was even more shocking.

“You want to go on an adventure in that place?” Kathy reacted stronger than anyone, leaping from her chair so fast that the backrest slammed into the wall.

“Just for a week or so, to train Eiveen. She needs this! This is what I’ve always wanted out of Pokemon,” Donald defended his request.

His mother sat back down and looked him in the eyes. “You can train her here. Besides, you have the cartoons, the games, and the clubs. That is enough,” she countered.

“No it isn’t. It just doesn’t have the luster it did before I met Eiveen. There is just too little anyone can do with all that. I need something more real! I need to experience the world of Pokemon first hand.” Donald turned towards his father and brother, both of whom had been silent.

Andrew saw his brother’s invitation and jumped in. “Dude, you have to be careful out there. I’ve seen how rough it gets in the cartoon. If you get in over your head, you will be S.O.L.”

“I agree with Andrew,” David commented calmly. “Even though you seem eager to start this ‘adventure’ of yours, are you prepared for it? Do you know what you need to know to take care of yourself? Do you even know what it feels like to do what the characters in the cartoon do?”

Donald dropped his head in spite of himself. It seemed he was not going to have any adventure any time soon. His dad was right, he was unprepared.

“However,” David continued, “as long as you are as prepared as you can be, you should do okay. I bet you know where this… school is, so you should also have an idea of the geography of the surrounding area. Am I correct, Donald?”

“Yes!” came the ecstatic reply.

“Alright, as long as you get prepared the way the characters are, I won’t object to this adventure of yours.”

Andrew nodded in agreement. Kathy, however, still opposed it.
“I will not allow you to endanger yourself in some alternate dimension where no one can save you!” her voice was frantic.

“Mom there are people everywhere in the world of Pokemon, and every one of them is more than willing to jump in and help a stranger than the people I’ve seen around here.”

David and Andrew nodded in unison. They also recognized people’s reluctance to involve themselves in other people’s problems. Kathy snapped at them. “That silly cartoon only follows around one small group of kids!”

“This is true honey,” David said as he pushed away from the table. “But, from what I understand, there are many trainers in that world and almost everyone has Pokemon. Even if they don’t particularly care about other people, much like this Paul character, they will still help out, even if they do give a rude comment about the competence of the person they saved.”

Kathy’s eyes welled up with tears as she slowly lowered her head. In a voice strained with pain, she told Donald to see her before he left. She then proceeded to leave the room, only to be blocked by David, who comforted and assured her that her son would be fine as he escorted her to her bedroom.

After assembling a light travel pack, Donald visited his mom one last time, giving her a big hug and kiss on the cheek. She made him do an inventory check to make sure he was well prepared, and she found that he was. Together they walked to where the portal was and where David, Andrew, and Eiveen waited for him. They made one last round of good-byes before he and Eiveen stepped through the portal. It made a strange sound as it swirled out of existence, closing behind them.

Eiveen listened to the environment and sniffed the air while Donald tried to decide whether to go to the school in front of him or wander about in the forest. What he heard next terrified him.


Donald spun around to find Eiveen challenging a Weedle. He went cold. “No Eiveen! Bad Eevee! Don’t attack the Weedle! You’ll get every Beedrill in the forest after us!”

But she didn’t listen. Instead, she tackled the worm Pokemon and knocked it out. Donald tried to grab her, but she slipped away and charged another Weedle some distance away. He was running after her and yelling orders when a Pokeball smacked into the Weedle’s head and caught it. Eiveen sat down and sighed, clearly disappointed.

Donald finally caught up to her and hastily snatched her up. “Bad Eiveen. Listen to me from now on, you hear?” She replied by crinkling her face and sticking out her tongue.

“Having trouble controlling your Pokemon?” a voice coming from the direction of the school asked. Donald and Eiveen turned to see a small group of well dressed children with smug looks on their faces.

“I just haven’t trained her yet,” Donald replied.

The boy continued speaking. “You don’t seem to have any Pokeballs, but you definitely don’t belong to this school. So why are you here?”

Donald wasn’t sure how to respond. He doubted they would believe he was from another dimension. He had to come up with something quick. “I’m, uh, traveling and this Eevee started following me.” Eiveen shot him a menacing look and he returned it. “I didn’t plan on catching any Pokemon on this trip, and so…”

“And so you don’t have any Pokeballs, is that right?” another kid cut him off. Donald nodded. “Well,” the kid continued as he turned to his classmates, “an Eevee would be a nice addition to the School repertoire, wouldn’t it guys?” They laughed in unison.

Donald didn’t like how this was going. "You’re not getting Eiveen, she’s with me and I won’t give her up.”

“Don’t worry, we don’t steal other people’s Pokemon. Here.” The Tech student tossed Donald a Pokeball. “All you have to do is catch her. But, you will have to battle her first. If you can’t do it, then we’ll have to claim her.”

“But I don’t have any Pokemon to battle her with.”

The boy scoffed. “Well then, you will have to fight her yourself, man versus Pokemon. Besides, the only way for trust to be built between Pokemon and trainer is for the one that catches a Pokemon to also be the one that weakens it. Understand?”

“You’re saying that Eiveen and I can trust each other only if I’m the one that battles and catches her?”

“Well, that is what I just said,” the boy’s arrogance was thick, but Donald ignored it. He had given him a Pokeball, after all.

“Okay, Eiveen!” Donald let the Eevee hop from his arms. “It’s time I caught you! Let’s battle!”

“You can’t battle out here,” the first boy said calmly.

“Why not? Will the Beedrill attack?”

The boy laughed. “There are no Beedrill around here. Those Weedle have just wandered off from the nest. They do that every so often.”

“Then why can’t I battle Eiveen right out here?”

“Because only newbs catch their first Pokemon out in the wild after it had been following them for a while. It has to be on a battlefield. Now, come with us.”

Together the Tech students, Donald, and Eiveen went into one of many small rectangular buildings in the middle of the campus. On the inside was a large rectangle with a Pokeball outline in the middle, all drawn in white paint. Eiveen immediately ran into the middle of the field and started barking at Donald.

Before the challenge began, the first student made a condition on the use of the field: Donald would have to take on some of the responsibilities of the small group, more specifically, some of the cleaning and maintenance duties. He hesitated only for a second before agreeing. Turning around, Donald locked eyes with Eiveen. She radiated unbridled passion; poised and ready to fight, she had an intense smile she could seem to dismiss. The Pokemon’s enthusiasm got Donald pumped, and he charged into battle.

It was apparent that Eiveen was a skilled fighter. She masterfully combined her attacks to land hard hits. Donald, however, had taken a few martial arts classes at the University back in the real world. He had a few tricks of his own. The violent battle went back and forth for five minutes. Towards the end, both of them were bleeding from the mouth, sweating profusely, and bruised in multiple places.

Finally, Donald saw an opening and delivered the final blow. He grabbed the Pokemon out of mid-air and slammed her onto the floor. She immediately jumped up for a counterattack, but he delivered a strong front kick that sent her across the field. As she struggled to pick herself up, Donald threw the Pokeball. After pulling her in, it shook only a few times before the button on the front stopped glowing red, completing the capture.

Donald cheered, grabbed the Pokeball off the floor and posed, happily exclaiming “I caught an Eevee!” Behind him, the Tech students cheered and clapped unemotionally, as if afflicted with flat affect.

“Now,” the first student commanded, “take your Pokemon to the infirmary and start on your chores.” With an enthusiastic salute, Donald got directions and darted out of the room. He spent the remainder of the week working side by side with Eiveen. And she didn’t give him any more trouble.
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Disclaimer: I do not own, nor am I affiliated, with the California Polytechnics State University, The Avenue Cafe, the El Corral Bookstore, Pokemon, Gwen Stefani, her songs, or youtube.com.

Author Note: Sorry for the delay, got wrapped up in some video games sweatdrop

Chapter 4: Setting the Schedule

Donald woke to the sound of growling as he had one week ago. This time, however, he didn’t even open his eyes.
“Stop it, Eiveen,” he said calmly. The growling stopped instantly. “Now go back to sleep.” He heard some shuffling and then felt the Eevee’s furry body snuggle up against his. He gave her a loose hug and smiled.

It had been a week since he left the real world for that of Pokemon, and now he was back home, lying in his own bed. He had returned last night. Eiveen had opened the portal in the living room again, and everyone had been there watching a TV sitcom. His mom had jumped up and squeezed him with a tight hug, his father had offered him a more relaxed hug and patted him on the back, and Andrew had given him a few kind words and a quick hug.

Donald drifted back to sleep. Two hours later he was stirred awake by Eiveen nudging him in the side with her snout. Together, they made the bed, got a bath, and joined the family for breakfast. Everyone was curious about what had transpired over the week. Even Andrew was seated at the table, a rather rare occurrence.

Everyone had the same first question. “I spent the week at the Pokemon Technical School,” Donald answered, “but it was a great experience.”

“What did you do there?” David asked before cramming a spoonful of cereal in his mouth.

“There was a lot of stuff. It was much more intense there than I thought it would have been. First, I had a kickboxing match with Eiveen and formally caught her,” Donald began. Everyone ‘ooh’ed and ‘ah’ed as he told them of his fight with Eiveen. Then he spoke for a while about the Tech students. “I spent the rest of the day cleaning and practically licking my wounds. She can be rough for such a small critter.”

“Eevee,” Eiveen rang up from the floor happily.

“The rest of the week was filled with bouts of cleaning, battling, learning, and taking care of Pokemon. At first I couldn’t attend classes or practices, but after the first two days the administration decided to let me.”

“What did you have to clean?” Andrew asked.

“Well, the Tech students have everything assigned to them for maintaining. I had to help them clean a couple stalls for Ponyta and Rapidash, their battlefield after each battle, and their dorm house. It was really organized and structured.”

Finally, Kathy had her turn. “How did you do in the battles?”

“Oh, okay. Well, at first I got by butt kicked. Around the fifth day, Eiveen decided to take our training seriously and we started doing okay. All of the students there had a lot of experience before we came along.”

After breakfast, Donald went off to Cal Poly to get his books. He parked in the four-story parking structure off Grand Avenue and went into The Avenue café, where the books were stored for pick up. When he came back home, he was greeted by Eiveen. Together, they prepared for the coming quarter. Afterwards, Donald jumped onto youtube and started listening to songs.

Donald found that he and the Eevee had little difference in their taste of music. Disturbed, No Doubt, and Korn’s new hit, Twisted Transistor, were big hits. After an hour of music, the Eevee decided to take a nap, and Donald whipped out his Gameboy DS. After a time, the young man decided to clean his room, occasionally watching Eiveen sleep on the bed, curled up in a ball. The little Pokemon awoke half an hour later and helped him clean. And after they finished, they spent the rest of the night with the family before going to bed.

The next day, Donald called a couple of his friends. He wanted to catch up with them and introduce Eiveen. He wasn’t surprised to find they both knew he had been in the world of Pokemon, as he had been isolated for two weeks, rather uncommon for him. A brief phone discussion led them to decide on doing some Karaoke and going for a hike.

It was decided that his friends would come to his place to meet Eiveen before deciding how to proceed with the schedule. When they arrived, Donald already had a few songs loaded on youtube. Everyone gathered in his room.

“Hi there little fella,” one of them said walking into the room, moving to pet her. “The name is Mark!”

“Eevee,” the Pokemon replied happily, accepting the motion.

“Dude, she is like a Chihuahua-Pomeranian mix,” his other friend said.

Eiveen turned on him and started barking, startling him.

“Dude, she’s aggressive!”

Mark laughed. “I think you still need to introduce yourself, man.”

“Oh ya, sorry. I’m Steven. Do you really understand what I’m saying?”

“Ee,” Eiveen replied.

“Does that mean ‘yes’?” Steven asked Donald.

“As much as I can interpret, ya,” he replied.

Steven wasn’t convinced. In a tone that would be more appropriate for commenting the cuteness of a small animal, he said, “I’m going to put you on a lease! Yes I am, yes…”

He didn’t finish. Eiveen jumped up and tail whipped him across the face.

“Ow, dude. Okay, I’ll buy it. She understands me.” The four of them burst out laughing, the Pokemon rolling around on the bed.

“So,” Donald began, “how did you know I was in the world of Pokemon?”

“Andrew told us,” Mark replied. “So, how are we doing this?”

“Well, I think we should do our karaoke here. My parents are out eating and Andrew probably has his headphones on, so no one will care. And Eiveen has sensitive ears, so if we go to the karaoke bar, it might hurt her ears.”

Both Mark and Steven nodded in agreement and they both loaded a few songs on youtube. Steven couldn’t help but laugh, pointing out that Donald’s Firefox had 10 tabs open on the same website. They spent a little more than an hour doing their in-house karaoke, with everyone, including Eiveen, singing and dancing wildly during every song. Another hour was spent playing a few computer games.

Finally, Eiveen became impatient and started tugging at Donald’s jeans cuffs.

“Okay, okay. Let me get them off and we can go hiking,” Donald said, patting her head. He sent a couple in-game messages and everyone got ready. Each took a couple waters and a small trail mix pack. They randomly selected a spot and took off. Out on the trail, Eiveen and Donald showed Mark and Steven a few combinations they had practiced. Their two friends were awed by her strength and accuracy. A few times, they went off the trail to do some harder hiking and an occasional bit of rock climbing when the opportunity presented itself.

They spent the remainder of the day hiking around. When it began getting dark, they made their way home. The next day was the first day of classes in the Fall quarter at Cal Poly, and Donald was doing Monday and Wednesday classes. He got ready for bed early, brushing his and Eiveen’s teeth and setting the alarm clock. Finally, he went to sleep with the Eevee curled up next to him.

The next morning, the alarm clock woke the two. They made the bed, took their bath, and ate breakfast. But as Donald bid Eiveen farewell, it became apparent that she wanted to go to class with him. At first he was against the idea, but after she ran into his room and brought out her Pokeball, he agreed. On the way, they listened to the local radio stations, changing the channels whenever commercials came on. Eiveen sat the way she had on the day of their meeting, upright with her tail sticking out from between her legs.

As they went, Eiveen played air guitar with her front paws and her tail beat the drums. Donald looked over a couple times to see it, and remembered the little music group that came to the Pokemon Technical School during the week he spent there. The little Eevee had been fascinated by how the guitar and drums combined to make the music so beautiful. Now, she copied what she had witnessed.

After parking, Donald put the Pokeball in his backpack, picked up Eiveen and carried her to class. She looked around and sniffed the air constantly, greeting the other students with a paw in the air as they passed. Most of the students smiled and chuckled at the sight of it, and quite a few young women commented on how cute the “puppy” was.

Donald wasn’t sure how people would respond to the Pokeball pulling Eiveen in, so he tucked in his shirt and let her hide in there. Surprisingly, his instructor had no problem with him having a cute little puppy in class, and Donald decided not to press the fact of her being a Pokemon. During the break, they hit the restroom together and he let her run around to stretch her legs. A few other students asked what she was, but refused to believe that she was a Pokemon. He told them he would bring in some evidence on Wednesday.

After class, they listened to music in the car for a while. Gwen Stefani’s new hit The Sweet Escape was the highlight on their sing-a-long. Then, Eiveen took a nap while Donald read his textbook.

By the time his next class rolled around, Eiveen was still asleep. He nudged her awake and let her use the restroom in some dirt before cracking the windows and heading off to class. The Pokemon stayed in the car, curled up in the passenger side seat, sleeping.

When Donald got out of class, Eiveen was awake and looking out the driver side window. Upon seeing him she started hopping around the car and calling loudly. When he opened the door, she jumped up and licked his face and ran off to do her business in the dirt again. Then she trotted back and they went home.

Tuesday was spent at home with Donald reading chapters in his texts, with breaks to play with Eiveen and watch TV. Sometimes, she would hop up to where he was reading on the bed. The first time, he looked up to see her stretched out and acting like she was holding something, mimicking him. Then she imitated someone reading out loud, speaking, in Pokemon, as she turned her head slowly. He got the hint and invited her onto his back and read out loud for her. It became another pastime for the two, helping the quarter go by that much faster.

The week progressed much the same, Wednesday spent at the University and Thursday and Friday at home studying. The weekend was family time, and Eiveen and Donald played, trained, and often times hung out with Mark and Steven. For the rest of the quarter, this was the pattern of their week that went relatively unchanged.
This is cool and funny, but I'm confused? Is Eivee or whatever her name is real or is it just his imagination? I've always liked the Pokemon games but nothing else. It's so cool. I like it, I think it would be kinda awsome if pokemon were real!
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Eiveen is a real Pokemon in the story. The idea is that the World of Pokemon is a parallel dimension to ours, so a lot of what exists in this world exists there. I remember in one episode from the first series (Indigo Plateau League) that Ash, Brook, and Misty took a trip to Hollywood.

I agree, it would be so cool to have Pokemon in the real world. I would do so much research and try to work with Prof. Oak. What poisons are neurotoxins would be the very first project that I would do if they were real.
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Disclaimer: Names from the series were obtained from www.serebii.net. I am not affiliated with www.serebii.net.

Chapter 5: Training For Two

Towards the end of the quarter, Eiveen began becoming rowdy. Increasingly, she demanded more time out of the car to run around, thus requiring more supervision. Donald started parking on bottom level of the parking structure off Grande Avenue so she could run around on the steep slope that was on one side. She quickly took a liking to a small grouping of trees on the left side of the slope and did laps around them. When Donald watched, Eiveen would offer Donald a cheerful “Ee!” at the bottom of the slope as she rounded to dart back up.

On the day of his last final exam, Donald left Eiveen at home. Upon returning home, he played and trained with her before cleaning his room. Both were eager to return to the world of Pokemon and continue experiencing Pokemon first hand. At the next nightly meeting, Donald expressed his desire to travel in the alternate universe for the couple of weeks before the holiday season. No one presented any objections, as the young man had already fulfilled any possible obligations to the family such as helping to put up the Christmas tree and buying presents for everyone.

That night, Eiveen and Donald put together a light travel pack and watched a few episodes of Pokemon from the first season. Afterwards, Donald talked to the little Pokemon about how much he wanted to meet the characters from the series, and Eiveen shared his enthusiasm. They were so pent up with excitement that they ran out into the cold night and wrestled on the side lawn. After they became exhausted, they trudged inside and took a quick shower, brushed their teeth and went to bed.

The next morning, they followed their normal daily routine until after lunch. It was around two in the afternoon when they bid everyone goodbye and passed through the portal into the world of Pokemon. Donald looked around at the dense forest he found himself in. There were a few Pokemon around, and although the two got into a couple battles, nothing offered a good challenge. Finally, they decided to move and try to find some real competition.

They walked without incident for a time. Finally, the forest became less dense. Out of now where, Donald heard a woman shout, “Stop thief!” Suddenly, a man with a bright red bag ran past him and Eiveen. Eiveen leapt into action, charging the assumed bandit at full speed. Donald followed her lead, running to catch up. The man slide to a stop and pulled out a nasty looking wooden club. Donald knew he needed to get this guy on the ground, and fast. “Use Tail Whip on the back of his legs to knock him down!” Donald commanded. The bandit reared back and took a wide swing at the Eevee, but she dodged and circled around quickly to deliver two hard blows to the bandit’s legs.

He fell backwards, hitting the ground hard. Before the thief could react, Donald kicked the club away. He spun around to command Eiveen to keep the man down. As soon as he turned about, he was tackled to the ground by a large dog with red and black striped fur. He struggled for a moment before hearing the voices of men shouting out orders for him to not resist. Donald looked over to see Eiveen pinned down by another large dog. Then the woman he had before heard appeared and rushed to the downed thief. She helped him up, concerned for his well-being.

After he assured her he had not injuries, the female officer turned on Donald, her tone angry. “What do you think you’re doing interfering in Police business? Don’t you know someone could have been injured?” She turned her gaze to the large dog pinning him to the ground. “Off, Growlithe,” she ordered.

The puppy Pokemon immediately stepped away and one of the other officers pulled Donald to his feet. The woman officer ordered Eiveen returned, and once so, she escorted the young man to the Police facility that now looked so familiar. He was sent into the female officer’s office, where he saw that her name really was Jenny. She was apparently a rather high ranking officer at the K-9 training facility.

Donald didn’t have to wait long. She walked into her office and calmly shut the door before walking behind her desk and sitting down. She looked into his eyes ordered him to explain why he was in the area. However, Eiveen let herself out of her Pokeball before he could start. She hopped up onto the desk and started talking, posing in various positions to accompany her calling. It soon became apparent that she wanted to do some hardcore training with the Police Pokemon. He went along with it.

“Officer Jenny, I would like to train my Eevee alongside the Police Growlithe.”

She shook her head. “That is not possible. Due to safety concerns, public use of the training grounds is strictly prohibited.”

“It’s not for me, ma’am. It’s for my Pokemon, Eiveen. She really wants to train here. There must be some exception or loophole we can use.”

“I’m sorry, but this is how it is. You are not allowed to train at this facility,” she replied sternly.

“Officer,” Donald began, “I recall that there was a member of the public by the name of Ash Ketchum that was allowed use of these grounds.”

She gasped, in spite of herself. “Do you know Ash?”

He shook his head. “No, I’ve only heard about him.”

“Well,” she said, “he was allowed use of the obstacle course once, that that was with me training a Growlithe beside him.”

“Well, Eiveen and I want to take advantage of that same opportunity. We want to train alongside the Police Growlithe.”

“Hmm,” she rubbed her chin, deep in thought. After a moment, she continued. “I wasn’t aware that that incident had become public knowledge.” She leaned over her desk and her eyes cast a suspicious glare at the young man. “How did you come across this information?”

Donald shuddered and looked to Eiveen for any help, but found none. Neither had been aware that Ash’s training with Jenny and her Growlithe had been confidential. Now they were in over their heads. Jenny stood up suddenly, startling the two before her. “Well, explain how you know about Ash’s time here,” she demanded sternly, her pretty face taut. Donald and Eiveen were both speechless. He had little confidence that Jenny would believe that he is from another dimension unless Eiveen opened the portal to the real world. He had even less confidence that he could lie his way out of this situation.

But then, he got an idea. “What would you think if I told you I’m from a parallel universe, one without Pokemon?”

Jenny simply crossed her arms. “Go on,” was all she said. Donald continued to recite for her how he met Eiveen in the park. As he had expected, she seemed unconvinced. She did agree, however, to see the Eevee open a portal after lights out. If she passed into another dimension, she would agree to his training at the facility. It was just as he planned.

He and Eiveen spent the rest of the day apart. Donald was sent to a holding cell where he sat alone. He had no idea where Eiveen was, and he was anxious to know if she was ok. He asked the first officer who passed about the Pokemon, and she told him that his Eevee was resting in her Pokeball. Relieved, Donald laid back on the cot in the cell and drifted into a light slumber.

Donald awoke to the sound of screeching metal as Jenny pulled open the doors. He looked out his window. It was night. She beckoned the young man to follow her and led him outside to the training area. There she presented a Pokeball and released Eiveen. “Ok, teleport us to another dimension,” she ordered, a smirk creasing her face. Donald looked down at Eiveen and gave a nod.

Eiveen closed her eyes and began to focus. After a few minutes, Jenny’s patience began to wane. Just before it was exhausted, however, a thin light developed and outlined the little Eevee. Then she threw back her head and screamed. Before the trio, a portal swirled into existence. Jenny looked on in awe, her mouth open. After a moment, she regained her posture and ordered Donald to return his Pokemon. Once done, she stepped through. She was gone for less than a minute before she returned. “Okay, close the portal.” Donald released Eiveen and she closed the portal. “Well,” she said, “I guess you start your training tomorrow. I’ll lead you to your room. While you are with us, you will be living there. But let me assure you, we take our training very seriously at this facility and we expect you to take your training equally so.”

Donald nodded. “Yes, ma’am. Thank you.” He gave a deep bow to show his respect. Jenny returned it with a slight bow and escorted the two to their room.

The training was grueling, to say the least. The obstacle course from the episode entitled Case of the K-9 Capers had been expanded upon, adding new challenges. Jenny quickly reviewed the course the next morning and let Donald compete with other officers and Growlithe trainees. Eiveen and the young man quickly grew more coordinated and efficient as a team. And towards the middle of the week, the little Eevee almost learned how to use Growl, although she kept Tail Whip instead.

At the beginning of the second week, a van pulled up outside of the training facility during lunch hour. A male officer directed the visitors to the mess hall. Donald, Eiveen, and Jenny were all seated together when four young men walked up and took their seats.

“Good afternoon, Officer Jenny,” one greeted as the visitors sat down. His hair was dyed red and was cut short, with a small tuff resembling fire on the front.

“Good afternoon, Pyro,” she replied courteously. She greeted the other three similarly and introduced them to Donald. “Donald, I’d like you to meet Pyro, Sparky, Rainer, and Mikey. They come every couple months to evaluate the Growlithe and see which ones are ready to evolve into Arcanine.” Rainer’s hair was dyed blue and cut like Pyro’s, with the exception that the tuff was molded to resemble a fin. Sparky’s hair was blonde and stood up as if he was holding a static charge. Mikey’s hair was brown and brushed into large tuffs that resembled the mane of an Eevee.

Donald stood and bowed in greeting before retaking his seat. “It’s nice to meet you. Let me introduce you to my Pokemon, Eiveen.”

The little Eevee looked up from her dish upon hearing her name, only then realizing that she was being introduced. She hopped up in her seat and bowed her head.

“Wow!” Mikey exclaimed. “You’ve got an Eevee too.”

The other three brothers jumped at an opportunity to suggest evolution. “So what do you plan to evolve your Eevee into?” Sparky asked, his eyes aglow.

“It has to be Vaporeon!” Rainer chimed in enthusiastically.

“No way!” Pyro roared. “Go for power with Flareon!” His outburst drew attention from neighboring tables.

“Jolteon’s the most powerful!” Sparky proclaimed, locking eyes with his fire-loving brother.

Jenny put a gloved hand over her mouth and began giggling. “You guys are too much,” she said after one bout of laughter as she moved on to another.

Donald held up his hands, and Eiveen held up her front paws behind him. “Guys. Hey! I’m not evolving Eiveen just yet.”

The three brothers calmed down. “Oh,” Pyro said, a hint of shock in his voice. “Well, you must be waiting to go to Sinnoh then, right? Going to get yourself a Leafeon or Glaceon? You should know that Flareon can take them both down!”

“Mikey,” Jenny chimed in from the side, “Your Eevee has recently evolved, hasn’t it?”

The boy nodded. “Yes. Let me show you.” He stood up and released his Pokemon. What stood before Donald was an Espeon. Mikey continued speaking. “I bet you are waiting for your level of friendship to increase so you can let her evolve into either Espeon or Umbreon, right?”

“Well,” Donald began, “I’m not sure what I want her to evolve into yet. I haven’t given it that much thought.”

“What!” the three older brothers roared together. “Evolution is what Pokemon is all about! How could you not have considered her evolution!”

Donald didn’t miss a beat as he gave his reply. “Well, how do you explain the three legendary birds of the Orange Islands and the three legendary dogs of Johto?”

The three brothers immediately huddled like football players. “Geez, he’s got a point,” Rainer said.

“Indeed,” continued Sparky. “Any one of those would kick our butts.”

“Yes they would… Hey!” Pyro roared as he spun around and pointed a finger at Donald. “Don’t change the subject!”

Mikey and Jenny burst out laughing, along with some officers from the neighboring tables.

Mikey took over the conversation. “Well, when you do evolve her, you just let us know, because I want to battle!”

“Back at ya!” Donald replied, his fist clinched and an enthusiastic smile on his face.

Right after that exchange, Jenny stood up, blew her whistle, and motioned everyone out of the mess hall. Thus she signaled that lunch was over. Outside, Donald talked with the Eevee brothers as they examined and evolved Growlithe into Arcanine. He realized that each one, including Mikey, was veritably a master of Eevee and that he could learn much from them. He approached Officer Jenny with his desire to go with them, and she said there were no issues on her end. After presenting his request to the Eevee brothers, they too accepted, and the five of them left the next day.

On the drive to Stone Town, the Eevee brothers shared stories of their experiences. None had gone into the Pokemon League to obtain badges, but they all attended Pokemon Contests whenever they were close to town. The four brothers were loyal fans to Pokemon Contests, and watched each Contest and Contest Event, such as the Wallace Cup.

When they finally reached Stone Town, the brothers rushed out of the van, speaking enthusiastically that the Pokemon Contest was about to begin. The next few hours were spent watching the Contest, after which the three elder brothers entered into a heated discussion about who would win the next day. As they debated, Mikey took Donald outside and showed him around the town, introducing him to the various Pokemon trainers that had come to learn from the brothers.

Donald and Eiveen learned much from the four brothers, and the Eevee leveled up a few more times. A few more levels, and she would know Quick Attack, Mikey had told Donald. At the end of the week, Donald had to return to the real world. He trusted the four brothers enough to reveal his secret, about him being from another dimension. After he called them away from the other trainers, he had Eiveen open the portal. The brothers were amazed, and like Jenny, stepped through into the real world. This time, however, they entered the Echler house. After they returned, Donald and Eiveen bid farewell and returned to the real world, and the portal closed behind them.
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Disclaimer: I do not own nor am I affiliated with Nintendo, any of it's branches, or Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl

Chapter 6: Showdown in Sinnoh

Donald and Eiveen spent the few remaining days of the month socializing with family and friends. On Christmas day, after the presents had been opened and the wrapping paper, now in shreds due to Eiveen, were thrown away, Donald invited Mark and Steven over to play. After a few games on the computer, they went home to put away their presents. After a few hours with the family Donald and the little Eevee prepared a few binders for his classes next quarter and went to bed.

Over the next couple days, the holiday decorations were put back into storage and the family found spots to put their new possessions. Donald and Andrew had friends over to play the new games and watch the movies they had received. When there was nobody over, Donald played his new Gameboy DS while Eiveen rested on his back, occasionally watching him play. When he tired of his games, he read one of his science fiction books to the little Pokemon. She thoroughly enjoyed the story and would either lay across his lap or on his shoulder when he read to her. He tried to read just one chapter a day, and after each chapter she would jump up, ready to train by whatever means Donald determined.

After the book was finished, Eiveen jumped up and ran around in circles, barking excitedly. When Donald stood up, she jumped up into his arms and licked his face rapidly. He returned the affection with a big hug and kissed her on the cheek. She rubbed her head against his lovingly, and he did the same to her. The next day, the two of them watched the newest episode of Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl. Paul once defeated Ash in a battle, and then criticized the hero for being weak and pathetic. Eiveen leaped out of Donald’s lap and landed in front of the TV. There was a barely visable white steak trailing behind her. She is ready to learn Quick Attack, the young man thought to himself, watching the Pokemon bark furiously at the TV.

“Eiveen, when you’re done cussing out Paul through the TV,” Donald said as he rose from the recliner, “how about some training? I think it’s about time you learned Quick Attack.”

The little Eevee spun around and gave a long call of excitement before running forward and sitting at the young man’s feet. Her tail wagged from side to side at a feverish pace, and the expression on her face displayed her wild desire to master the technique. Eiveen and Donald trained Quick Attack in the sand behind the house for more than three hours. The white streak grew more distinct at an incredible pace.

The next day, Andrew, Kathy, and David went off to run errands, leaving Donald and Eiveen home alone. Donald woke up late and found that Eiveen had gotten up before him. He walked through the kitchen to find her sitting in the middle of the living room. She was staring at the TV with an ugly scowl on her face, the remote control at her feet. Confused, Donald looked at the picture. Frozen on the screen was Paul. He instantly remembered that he forgot to delete the episode from the DVR the previous day.

“Don’t like him much either, huh?” Donald asked.

“Ve,” the Pokemon responded after a moment, her gaze still focused on the picture.

“Well, not much we can do. Come on, let’s get this day going,” Donald said as he turned around and started out.

“EEEEEEEVVEEE!” The little Pokemon roared. Startled, the young man spun around to find Eiveen poised for attack. Her eyes remained locked on the TV. She glanced at Donald before returning her gaze to the screen. Then she started on a tirade, feigning attacks at the television and using her snout to point. He knew right off what she wanted. She desired a battle with Paul, probably more than she wanted to master Quick Attack.

“Ok, let’s make my bed and get a bath and hot meal,” Donald said, trying to hide how worried he was about being attacked. “Then I’ll write a note and we can go take on Paul.”

The little Eevee turned her head just enough for the young man to see the twisted grin that had formed on her face, one that made him shudder. Cautiously, he walked over to the TV and turned it off. Then Eiveen darted out of the room.

An hour later, Donald was writing the note. He had no idea when they would return. He knew his mom wouldn’t approve, but he feared for the family’s safety with Eiveen being how she was.

When he had finished, the little Pokemon opened the portal and they passed into the world of Pokemon. They were near a Pokemon Center. “Come on,” Donald directed her. “Maybe someone there knows where Paul is. He is rather popular, after all.” Just before they reached the doors, Paul walked out of the Center. “Hey, wow, it’s Paul,” Donald thought out loud, both he and Eiveen coming to a halt.

Paul stopped and looked at Donald with a look of annoyance. “Ya, so what.”

Donald smiled. “Your reputation does you little justice.”

“What reputation? Are you referring to my winning streak? How much better I am than most of the losers around here?”

“Not quite,” Donald chuckled.

“Then what,” Paul’s request was stated as more of an order.

“Your way with people.”

Paul scoffed. “Well, then maybe I should show you how I work with my Pokemon!” With that he pulled out a Pokeball and enlarged it. But when he spotted Eiveen, he made it small again and returned it to his belt. “The way you have your Eevee out of its Pokeball reminds me of some other loser. But it’s obvious yours doesn’t have much experience. I won’t waste my time.” Paul turned sharply away and began to walk down the road.

But Eiveen refused to let the insult go unchallenged. She leapt up and ran in front of Paul, blocking his path. He stopped in his tracks. But then a smile crossed his face. “Well isn’t that nice, you wanted to show me your Quick Attack. Too bad you can’t do it right.”

“Vee…” the little Pokemon growled at him.

Donald walked over and scooped up the Eevee. “We aren’t as weak as you think we are. Let us show you. You won’t be disappointed.”

“I’m already disappointed that I’ve let you take up this much of my time!” Paul continued down the road. As soon as he finished his sentence, Eiveen snapped. She roared after Paul and then started barking at him furiously.

Paul spun around and stopped, glaring at Donald. “Why don’t you train that thing? I feel sorry for it, having a trainer it doesn’t respect enough to listen to, or even control itself around. How pathetic.” As he spoke, Eiveen continued on her tirade. He shifted his gaze to the Pokemon. “Shut up!” Then he turned away and continued walking casually.

Eiveen was beside herself now. She struggled in rage, writhing in Donald’s arms. He, however, remained calm throughout the entire encounter. He put his hand over the little Eevee’s snout with an effortless motion and held her mouth closed. She continued to growl and squirm. “Enough of that now,” he ordered softly. “We will pay him back for his insults.” Then his tone hardened. “But only after you regain control of yourself!” The little Pokemon stopped instantly, lowered her ears and relaxed in his arms. He released her mouth and set her down on the road. Then he walked over to a tree to sit in its shadow and called Eiveen over.

She trudged over slowly, her eyes cast down at the ground. Donald was sure she didn’t see a thing in front of her. It took her nearly a minute to walk the short distance to the tree. When she finally arrived, she laid down in arms reach. The young man reached out and petted her softly. “It’s okay. We all get angry and disappoint ourselves sometimes.”

After a couple minutes, Donald picked up the Pokemon and snuggled with her, kissing her on the snout occasionally. For little while it seemed as if she wasn’t going to respond at all. Repeatedly he told her what he had before. “It’s okay. We all get angry and disappoint ourselves sometimes.” Finally, she smiled faintly at him and licked his face. “Good girl,” he said, giving her a big hug. “I love you, Eiveen. Do your best with Paul and don’t let him get you riled up again. Just listen to me and you will do fine. We’ve trained together enough to show him our battling style.”

“Eeee!” she replied joyfully, her spirits lifted. Donald set her down and jumped up. With a wave back at Eiveen, he started down the road in a brisk jog. She sprinted after him, matching his pace when she had caught up.

They didn’t have too great a distance to cover before catching up with Paul. Donald raced a good distance past the antagonist before turning around.

Paul looked up and stopped. “Now what do you want.”

“Eiveen and I came here looking for a battle with you.”

“I already told you. You are weak, and your Eevee is untrained. I don’t care to waste my time.”

“We are here to prove to you our strength. I love Eiveen with all my heart and being. And it is because of our connection that when you and I do battle, I will succeed.”

“Spoken like a true loser. Just like Ash.”

“I will not make the mistakes Ash has made. Fight me! And I will prove to you my worth.”

“Fine,” Paul removed a Pokeball from his belt and enlarged it. “Chimpchar, stand by!” The Pokeball flew through the air and opened.

“Eiveen, you’re up sweetheart,” Donald said. She gave a happy cheer as she jumped in front of her trainer. “Perhaps we should get off the road,” Donald said, his eyes locked with Paul’s. The other gave no more than a nod and the four all walked onto the grass. “Is one on one good with you Paul? Eiveen is all I have, all I need.”

“Fine by me. Go Chimpchar! Ember!” Paul ordered.

“Dodge it with Quick Attack!” Donald commanded. Eiveen tried to dodge, but didn’t have Quick Attack down pat just yet and she was struck by a few small fireballs.

“Dodging with a move you haven’t mastered? Not even Ash would do that. Chimpchar, use Scratch!”

“Use Sand-Attack and follow up with Tackle, Eiveen!” This time Eiveen performed exceptionally. As Paul’s Chimpchar closed in fast, Eiveen let loose a blast of sand that stopped her opponent in its tracks. Then she whirled to gain momentum and attacked the Chimp Pokemon, sending it flying.

“Wow, not too bad,” Paul said underbreath. The battle continued back and forth for little
more than five minutes. Towards the end, both Pokemon were well beaten and exhausted. Both trainers knew the battle was drawing to a close.

“Chimpchar, use Dig!” Paul ordered. The Pokemon went underground.

“Concentrate,” Donald said softly. “When it surfaces, we will finish this battle. Put it in a loop that is impossible to escape, combining Quick Attack and Tail Whip.” Eiveen gave her approval with an audible “Eee.” Finally, the Chimpchar came to the surface under the Eevee. But she was too quick. She dodged and delivered three quick blows that knocked the Chimp Pokemon out of the hole. Paul began shouting orders, but try as it might, his Pokemon’s efforts were futile. Eiveen’s driving attack continued, and Chimpchar could not get out from under the barrage of attacks. It quickly fell, unconscious.

“Pa-the-tic,” Paul said as he returned his Pokemon. Then he turned abruptly and started off.

“Eeee!” Eiveen cried out in joy, jumping into Donald’s arms and licking his face enthusiastically.

“Why are you so happy?” The two turned to see that Paul had turned around and was addressing them. “Just because you beat one of my Pokemon doesn’t prove a thing. Out of all of them, Chimpchar is the most pathetic. And if it doesn’t master Blaze soon, I’m done with it. If I had used any other Pokemon, you would be running to the Pokemon Center right now.” Then he turned around again and started off.

Donald hugged Eiveen again and told her to ignore Paul’s remarks. She happily abliged and licked his face. The two rested under a tree for an hour, allowing Eiveen to regain her strength. Finally, she opened the portal to the real world and the two of them stepped through.
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Chapter 7: Music for the Masses

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the bands Korn, Atreyu, Powerman 5000, Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, Dragonforce, Drowning Pool, or Sixx: A.M., nor do I own any of their songs. Nor am I affiliated with or own the Apple Corporation.

Two days after Eiveen and Donald returned, winter quarter began at Cal Poly. Donald had four classes, all on Tuesdays and Thursday. After a couple of weeks, however, two were cancelled, leaving him with two. These remaining classes were heavily frontloaded, becoming less demanding as the quarter wore on.

As always, Eiveen attended class with him. His instructors were happy to have the cute little critter in their class, so long as she didn’t disturb it. The Eevee understood this condition and usually lay passed out on either Donald’s lap or the overhead’s cart during lecture and activity time. During the mid-class breaks, she and Donald would demonstrate different techniques in the hallway. It was well known now that she was, in fact, a Pokémon.

Both classes had their midterms scheduled for the same day. Donald and Eiveen woke up early and studied hard for the first exam. After taking the first exam, they again hit the books and notes to prepare for the next test. They took a trip to the library after finishing it to see what books were on file that were authored by researchers he’d found in his textbooks. Donald knew that the tedious work in both classes was behind him and that his free time was to increase tenfold. He planned to devote the extra time to his future career. When they returned home, the two spent some time with family and friends. They played, grilled, and called distant relatives. That night, after everyone had gone to bed, Eiveen took Donald outside and opened the portal to the world of Pokémon. When they went through, they found themselves in a small town. In one corner was a large building with a huge backyard, filled with Pokémon. There was a sign in a clearing near the center of the town. The two went up to it and Donald read it out loud.

“Pallet Town: Shades of your journey await.” He turned to Eiveen. “So, why did you bring us here?”

Before she could respond, an explosion erupted in the backyard of the large building. Two men ran out of it and rushed towards the source of the blast, shouting. One had gray hair and donned a lab coat. The other was noticeably younger with black hair and wore a teal T-shirt.

“Eiveen! That is Professor Oak and Tracey! I get to meet my hero, Professor Oak!” He snatched her up off the ground and hugged her tight, giving her a big kiss on the head.

“Veee…” she protested, struggling a little in his arms. When he finally looked at her, she pointed with her snout after the two men.

Donald laughed and then nodded. She hopped out of his arms and they jumped the fence to give pursuit. When they caught up, they saw that there was a bunch of Pokémon having a brawl in a hole. Upon looking closer, Donald saw that an Electrode had created the crater, evidenced by it being unconscious at the bottom. At first, Donald thought that they were angry, but then he saw that the Pokémon seemed to be enjoying it. Professor Oak and Tracey were not, however, and they tried to break up the free-for-all to no avail. Finally, they stepped back out of the pit.

Tracey shook his head in desperation. “It’s no good, Professor. These Pokémon have way too much energy!”

Professor Samuel Oak nodded. “If they continue to destroy the habitat, the entire area will have to be redone.”

“No way, again?”

“Yes. Or else we could lose more Ponyta, Rapidash, Tauros, and Miltank. If only we could get them exhausted, the grass and water Pokémon would have time to repair the land.”

“Eevee,” Eiveen called softly from behind.

“Eevee?” Professor Oak asked, as he and Tracey turned around. Upon spotting Donald, a look of shock crossed the elder’s. “Oh, I’m sorry. I wasn’t expecting anyone today. Are you here for a new Pokémon?”

“Oh no. I just saw the explosion and came to help,” Donald explained.

“That’s awesome!” Tracey said with a smile. “Thanks for the concern.”

“Yes, we thank you,” Professor Oak added. “But I’m afraid there isn’t much we can do. These Pokémon don’t have many alternatives for releasing their excess energy. The problem is that they stop too soon and have energy to spare, leaving them with too much the next day. I’ve been trying to find ways to solve this problem, but no one else has an area of this size set aside for Pokémon to live in, not even Professor Ivy. If this keeps up, the habitat won’t be fit for any type but ground, rock, and steel.” Samuel sighed deeply and laid his face in his hand. With a sad expression he added, “This has been going on for days now, when will it end?”

“They just have too much energy, right? Then all we have to do is find a safe outlet for that energy.”

“Hmm,” the Professor looked up. “What do you have in mind?”

Eiveen answered for Donald by throwing her head back and calling into the air, in what seemed to be singing.

Tracey bent down, his sketchbook and pencil suddenly appearing in his hands. “Just want to make a quick sketch.”

As Eiveen posed and Tracey sketched, Donald presented an idea. “Well, it seems that she wants to do a bit of karaoke. I can provide the machine if you don’t have one. And I have some intense music I can bring that is sure to get them so active that they will end up like that Electrode.”

“Ee!” Eiveen agreed, tilting her head just a bit to look at Donald.

“Hold still please!” Tracey said. “I’m almost done.”

“Electrode?” Professor Oak turned and looked into the mass of Pokémon. “Oh,” he laughed, “that Electrode. Good eyes.” He pondered a moment what Donald was suggesting, and then shrugged. “Well, if it will get them exhausted, I’m all for it.”

“Okay!” Donald said, his fist clinched. “Tracey, finish that sketch fast my friend. Eiveen and I have work to do.”

About an hour later, there was an extension cord running from the lab to a pair of speakers and a karaoke machine. Donald turned his iPod to the first song of a playlist he had created for Eiveen a couple weeks ago.

Professor Oak looked over the set up. “Ok, so this… thing will play music and you will sing along. You think this will release their excess energy?”

“Yes. I know that after Eiveen, my friends, and I get done with my style of Karaoke, we can barely move,” Donald replied. “They will be tired and in no mood to fight or roughhouse or anything.”

“Sounds like a good plan to me, Professor,” Tracey said, checking over everything one last time.

“Okay, if you think it will. I just hope this doesn’t disturb the neighbors too much.”

“Don’t worry, Professor,” Tracey reassured Sam. “Everything will go fine. Oh, and by the way, I called Ms. Ketchum over and she brought some friends for the show.” Behind him stood Ash’s mom and about 10 other people.

“What!” Professor Oak shrieked. “Why did you do that?”

“Well, you remember when you said last week that if anything could be found to stop the Pokémon from going crazy that you would host a town event?”

Professor Oak sighed. “Yes, I do remember saying that. I’ll start cooking. You can go ahead and start, Donald.” He turned and started off towards the large house. The guests called over to him, giving him their thanks. He returned with a passive wave and an uneasy look as he continued walking.

“Okay, just so you know. This is loud, hard music. None of that soft stuff will be found here today!” Donald said.

“Wait!” Tracey said, rushing up with a bag. “Just a few more props for show.” He pulled from the large sack a small guitar and drums set and laid it out before Eiveen. She squealed with excitement. Donald received nothing. Tracey gave Donald a “thumbs up”. “And you’re ready to go.”

“Okay you critters!” Donald roared into the microphone as he pointed at the Pokémon. His voice boomed from the speakers, louder than he had expected. They all stopped and looked up at him. “We are going to have a party! Hit it Eiveen!” The Eevee hit play and the first song began. It was Hold On by the band Korn. They both had heard it at least a dozen times and knew it by heart. Playing the guitar with her paws and the drums with her tail, Eiveen looked like a pro, never missing a beat. Donald worked the small crowd, pointing to the Pokémon at key points in the song and moving with the music.

As soon as the song started, the Pokémon in the crater were entranced. They were jumping around like it was a mash pit. At the end of the first main chorus, they all threw their heads back and roared, imitating Donald as he held the long note. The group of townsfolk enjoyed the song too, to his surprise. Even Professor Oak was standing out there, mixing something in a bowl, bobbing his head. When the song ended, the Pokémon jumped around and cheered for Donald and Eiveen. The people behind the two performers started chanting “more, more, more,” and the Pokémon quickly went along with it. Other Pokémon came out of the bushes and stood on the opposite side of the hole, cheering and chanting as well.

They didn’t have long to wait, as the second song began about 5 seconds after the first ended. It was Becoming the Bull by Atreyu. Again the song was a hit, and the Pokémon partied hard. The next song was When Worlds Collide by Powerman 5000. The song’s first four lines are low energy, a whisper. Donald started with his head lowered and his eyes closed. Then he slowly raised his head as he sang the four initial lines. After that he opened his eyes and began singing directly to the Pokémon, as if encouraging them to stage a coup. At the chorus, he pointed to the Pokémon and pounded his chest, acting out the lyrics.

During the song, Donald noticed that the Pokémon were beginning to tire. They were dancing at a slower pace than before, and their cheering had softened a little. Donald and Eiveen, however, were still going strong. The fourth song started, revealing itself to be Bat Country by Avenged Sevenfold. This time, Eiveen was the star of the show. During the guitar solo, she hopped away from the drums and went up to the edge of the crater. As she played, she made jerky movements, throwing her mane and the tuff of fur on her head about as she had seen guitarists do on music videos. When the solo ended and she withdrew back to the drums to finish the song, the Pokémon cheered and the people of Pallet behind her applauded and whistled for her. At the song’s conclusion, both groups cheered for her. The townspeople were eating now. One of the guests told Professor Oak a joke, causing him to laugh out loud with a mouth full of food. Thus, he began choking and Tracey had to deliver the Heimlich maneuver.

Before the next song began, Donald announced that it would be the last. It was I’m Alive by Disturbed. The rhythmic motion of the song allowed both performers to really act out the song, as if they meant every word, making it the best they had done. When the song ended, Donald and Eiveen were given a standing ovation by the people of Pallet. The Pokémon gave all their remaining energy to cheer loud and hard. They began a chant that seemed to be a call for one more song. The humans caught on and gave it those exact words. Donald looked at Eiveen with an inquisitive look. Her answer was clear. She snatched the guitar off the ground and threw her head back to loose a roar. Donald shouted to the crowds without using the microphone, “You want one more!” Eiveen didn’t wait for a response and hit random on the iPod.

The song that ended the short concert was Through the Fire and Flames by the band Dragonforce. The song was long, and contained two guitar solos. Donald took a less active stance with this one, putting more effort into the lyrics rather than acting it out. Besides that, he was getting tired too. Eiveen, however, was vibrant. She stayed with the drums during the first solo. But when the long one came, she ran up to the edge of the crater and again played the crowd. Again, her fur was thrown all around. When it was over, she quickly retreated back to the drums to finish the song.

The Pokémon cheered as loud as they could, and it was clear that they were exhausted. The people were standing and applauding. Donald and Eiveen took a few bows and spent over an hour getting to know them. Most had to leave to continue their daily tasks and thanked the young man for putting on the show. Professor Oak invited Donald into his lab and they spent a few hours talking about their history with Pokémon. Donald focused on how he had always wanted to be a Pokémon researcher like Samuel Oak. On top of that, he was able to express his most desired project: The categorization of each Pokémon’s poison. Although Donald was disappointed to hear that every Pokémon’s poison had been recorded, including those acquired through the technique Toxic, the two spoke at length about the different kinds of poisons. Agonistic and antagonistic neurotoxins of every sort, corrosive poisons and even poisons that do not exist in the real world were discussed. After a while the Professor said he had to tend to the Pokémon and printed out a copy of the study for Donald to take home.

Donald spent the remainder of the day in the world of Pokémon. Because it was the middle of the night in the real world, he and Eiveen took a nap on a couch in the Lab. Upon awaking he decided to help Tracey and the Professor care for the Pokémon. There was much feeding and washing to do, as well as polishing rock, ground, and steel Pokémon. He took a break every now and then to play with young Pokémon and help them become accustomed to human contact. During one of these breaks he spotted Eiveen playing with some of the other Pokémon, a few of which Tracey identified as Ash’s and Gary’s.

They all went over to Ms. Ketchum’s house for dinner that evening. When they entered, she was on the phone with Ash, and Donald was invited to talk with the hero. He accepted the offer and the two became good friends over the phone. They exchanged stories about their experiences in the World of Pokémon. In the process, Donald updated Ash on how some of his old friends were doing. Ash was particularly stoked to hear that Mikey’s Eevee had evolved. As they concluded their conversation, Donald told of his victory over Paul in Sinnoh. At first Ash was shocked, but shock quickly turned to excitement and he expressed his desire to battle Donald.

After the conversation, everyone ate a big dinner. Halfway through the meal, Professor Oak informed everyone that he had contacted the major researchers in the Johto, Hoemm, and Sinnoh regions. They had been informed about Donald’s ideas and all were eager to get to know him. After everyone had eaten their fill, they all helped Ms. Ketchum with the dishes. Then Donald and Professor Oak went back to the lab to make plans for Donald to visit the other researchers. Once the arrangements had been made, Eiveen opened the portal into the real world. There, it was a little after noon.

Over the second half of the college quarter, Donald and Eiveen entered the world of Pokémon multiple times to meet with Professors Birch, Elm, and Rowan. Birch was the first. It was early in the morning when they met, and after some formal introductions, they went out to Oldale Town to conduct some field research. While gathering data, they got too close to a group of Zigzagoon puppies, requiring Eiveen to fight off the parents. They returned to Littleroot Town a bit before dusk. Donald met and befriended Norman, the Petalburg City Gym leader, and his son Max, when the two came to inquire how the observation went. After hearing that Eiveen had fought off the Zigzagoon, Max and Donald began a side conversation about May, Max’s sister, and how she was fairing in the Johto contests. As Norman and Professor Birch finished their talk, Max invited Donald over to continue their conversation.

While at Norman’s house, Donald spoke with May over the phone, although their coming together was caused by their two Eevees. Donald and Max were sharing stories of their travels across the Pokémon World in the living room when May called. When Norman answered, May’s Eevee jumped up on her shoulder and greeted him. Upon hearing May’s Eevee, Eiveen jumped onto Norman’s shoulder and struck up a side conversation with the other Pokémon. May unintentionally cut it short, however, by asking Norman if he had caught Eiveen. Norman told her that Donald was Eiveen’s trainer and how Donald had met Professor Oak and worked the entire day with Professor Birth outside Oldale Town. May was impressed, and asked to speak with Donald after she had talked with Norman. Together, the two had a short talk about how much personality their Eevees had in common. They too became friends over the phone.

Professor Elm was the next researcher visited. After some lab research was done and a few findings and research ideas discussed, Donald experienced firsthand the long winded and unnecessary speeches this Professor is renown for. Finally, Donald met with Professor Rowan. It was towards the end of the Cal Poly winter quarter and Donald acted as an office assistant as the researcher principled the Pokémon Summer Academy.

Donald was asked if he would break out the Karaoke machine and do a quick performance for the students on the last day of the Summer Academy. The only condition was that the songs could contain no profanity. Donald accepted took half an hour to assemble a playlist. The first song was Step Up by Drowning Pool, although he had to download a clean version to satisfy Professor Rowan. Intoxication by Disturbed was the second song he selected. He concluded with Life is Beautiful by Sixx: A.M.
After he and Eiveen performed, they were given a standing ovation by the instructors and students. Everyone enjoyed Eiveen’s enthusiasm on the guitar and drums. And although Professor Rowan obviously preferred other types of music, he was still impressed with Donald’s accuracy and energy. Donald had to leave immediately after performing to study for finals. Later that week, he aced them.
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emo ish wish pokmon were real

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