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I've recently taken to writing fanfics. These are both still on-going (Corpus Verto is nearly finished) with every intention of finishing if there's any interest.

It probably doesn't have to be said, but I don't claim any rights to anything except for the words I wrote. All the characters belong to the CW and Eric Kripke.

Ride the Lightning
This is actually the second fic I've been working on. Jimmy Novak got away from the Winchesters and went back to Pontiac and put his life back together. Four years later, weird crap starts happening and he finds his life spinning out of control as he starts to lose his grip on what he thinks is reality. (AU with Season 7 spoilers)

Corpus Verto
First one. It's a little sloppy, as it ended up going a lot further than I had intended it to (originally started as a drabble, turned into something more)
Sam and Dean wake up to find they've been mind-swapped during what they thought was a routine job. After calling Castiel to help figure it all out and try to fix it, they find that there's more going on than they had thought, and the fate of the world may be at stake. (takes place during season 8, presumably. Canon verse established, some light spoilers if you haven't seen up to at least season 6)