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❤ "My first thought is that the mysterious guy is the man who wrote Henry's story book.
He exclaims that this possibly isn't the first time him being in StoryBrook.
The type writer made him my first thought as the writer of everything.
They don't know where the book came from. Maybe he has the answers to this. Maybe this is why him and Emma get along well.
Maybe this is why Regina is so worked up over this man.
He might hold something that might CHANGE the story. "
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Okay, So I really want to know what you guys think of the last episode. Honestly I thought it was really sad. I know Rumpelstiltskin is suppose to be a tricky character, but honestly the man deserves to have his love rather than being lied to. I really hate the evil queen. She seems to be planning something big with asking him what his real name is. But I have a feeling things are going to fall apart at the last minute. Cause as they say Good will rise above evil.

Love to hear your opinion

I love this series....and find it hard to wait a whole week for the next episode.....I think the man that came into town is Grimm.....I could be wrong....but I think it's interesting that he's a writer and is so interested in the story book that belongs to Henry.....maybe the book originally belong to him and that's why he took it........I often wondered who wrote the book and how Henry ended up with it...and if he's Grimm.........maybe that why he's able to come to Story brook........that means he's meant to be there......and he too is under the spell....I have to say I was a little disappointed with this weeks episode.......just didn't figure on Gold being Beauty's beast......I thought he would be someone else altogether.........I thought the beast and Rumpelstiltskin were two different characters......so that confused me............however I do love the writers twist on things....I too love Grumpy and can't wait to see how the story of Snow and the 7 dwarfs unfold and I like that they intermingle the stories each week......I hope they drag it out for many seasons....I don't want it to end....... 3nodding
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I freaking loveeeeee Once upon a time! I'm so excited for this sunday! Maybe charming and snow white will finally get together.
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I've fallen out of the deep love I used to have for the show but I still watch it and most of the time I really enjoy it, being a fairy tale hag.

However, one of the moments that still make me laugh was when when they introduced the eighth dwarf. Ya know, 'Stealthy'. To this day I cannot get over how stupid that concept was.
And forgiving a "ninja" dwarf, 'Stealthy'? Doesn't 'Sneaky' sound more like it fits with the others? But other than that, I like the show.
heart I do agree with you guys. I do think the mysterious guy is a writter and he may even be grimm. To have it be grimm would bring an excellent twist to the story.

Honestly I think it was very creative to make rumple the beast, because it add's more character to him. Makes him seem not as evil as he really is. It makes it believable that he has a heart like he once did. It goes along with the fact that there is still some human left in there to want and feel. And the fact that he hold's that cup so dear makes everything even more understandable. But I have a feeling at some point the evil queen and rumple are going to have a face off and someone is going to loose.

I honestly think they may keep the series around for at least one season more, but I doubt they could drag the story out too too far. If they did than it would just get boring. You know it's one of those things were people will start to loose interest and I would like Once Upon A Time to be one of those shows that doesn't seem to take forever for you to figure things out.

I honestly can not wait till the next episode, there are so many things happening that have been going unanswered and the last episode was just one of those episodes. I want to know more about what's gonna happen wtih Bell and what will happen with snow white and the fact that she drank the potion and lost her memory....
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I love Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold
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Rumple is by far my favorite character. I love how he acts more like a catalyst for chaos than anything else, so it's hard to tell if he just wants to take the Queen down by using Emma, or if he just wants to mess with them both for giggles.
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I love this show! I adore Robert Carlyle, especially his role(s) as Rumplestiltskin / Mr. Gold
(I've liked him since I saw Trainspotting but Marilyn Hotchkiss' Ballroom Dancing & Charm School is one of the sweetest movies ever!)

It's a great show! I look forward to each episode.
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I freakin love this show!
and Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin is my fav char!
also, Skin Deep has become my fave episode so far

Although, upon further examination of the episode, I can't help but think that Belle made a very poor decision when she decided to kiss Rumplestiltskin and turn him into an ordinary man

I mean, for one thing she just blindly followed the advice of a strange lady she met on the road. A lady dressed in BLACK even. I mean she just SCREAMED bad guy

And if you think about it, it kind of makes sense that Rumplestiltskin would freak out. After all, look at the person he was before he got these powers. No to mention that it was sort of his choice to become what he is now. If someone tried to take that away from me, I'd get upset too

Granted, it's not totally Belle's fault that she didn't know that, but if it had been me, I'd have found out more about him before making any decisions like trying to take his powers away. And she was SO CLOSE to finding out too! If she had just waited to hear his story, she might have realized that he might get mad

So yeah, Rumplestiltskin may have made a bad move throwing her out, but the decisions Belle was making weren't so rosey either.
Oh yes I really love the show, turns out, Once Upon a time is just one of at least four different adaptions of the Snow White tale currently happening, this year we will see "Grimm's Snow White" (made by the Asylum), "Mirror, Mirror", and "Snow White & the Huntsman".

I think of course the mysterious man could have wrote Henry's book, or it is a ploy like the episode where the Mayor was really just building a playground instead of a new house. As a ploy, turns out, he writes Horror novels or something. For all we know, he could be another fairy tale character perhaps.

My bets could be on L. Frank Baum's "Father Goose", for I do believe for some reason the flying monkies picture did make it in Henry's storybook.
Lol, I do agree that snow white was not making the best decision, but if you think of it this way all she really wanted to do was love him. She wanted to care for him in a way that she knew no one else would. I understand that, and think it was perfectly sweet. I think he may find out about belle at some point and actually go crazy on the witch. I still think he is gonna end up joining the good side in the end because of what the evil witch did to him.

I am really looking forward to snow white and the huntsman. Chris Hemsworth is absolutely delicious, although I do not agree with the role casting of Kristin Stewart to play snow white. They could have casted that so much better. She doesn't fit the role and I don't think she is going to do a good job.

I honestly can not wait for the next episode. I have such a hard time waiting for the next Sunday for this to play. I get more and more excited with every plot twist. I don't know what is going to happen but I look forward to finding out.
Hey, so I finally managed to watch this week's once upon a time. And I was shocked that the author was taking the book to Purify it and try and help break the curse. I think something big is going to happen soon. I can almost feel it, and I think quiet a few answers are going to be answered in the next couple of episodes.

Let me know what you think about the author and about what is going on with charming and snow... smile I look forward to hear from others about the characters that they like and the thoughts on the story. smile
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I love Once Upon a Time. I had a lot of theories revolving around the new guy. I think he's free to come and go since Emma is changing everything in Story Brook, remember the clock towers clock never moved, then it finally did. Emma is changing everything and breaking the spell slowly.

I love Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin and I hate Regina/Evil Queen and James... He shouldn't have lied to Mary or his ex/current wife
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I love this show.
I really don't like Henry that much. While I know that Regina is evil, it does explain why Henry is very mean to her, and why he doesn't seem to appreciate that she is a mother to him, and such. While, yes she is evil, but idk that just got on my nerves, because it makes Henry seem ungrateful.
Love Once Upon a Time, but it always makes me so mad.

First of all. Really Regina. Really?! Regina and Rumpelstiltskin are up in everyone's business and yeah they are supposed to, but still. REALLY REGINA?! Just ugh. I can't even get over the Beauty and the Beast episode. Just gonna lock her up in a psych ward!

And I really don't like Charming at all. After what happened in the last episode I was just sitting there shaking my head. He is just a jerk.

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