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I think my heart is breaking inside. I am a huge shipper of Klaine... THEY CAN'T BE OVER.... Ryan Murphy Y U DO THIS TO OUR FANDOM?! I am freaking out inside. I really don't want it to be over. This was the last thing I could have ever wanted from season 4. If this really is the end... I don't know how I can continue watching Glee. </3
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Also my Brittana feels are all over the place crying crying crying crying crying
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I died inside. crying
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It's also a shitty way to end the couple, I mean it feels so OOC of Blaine to do that. I just hope that they can work through their difficulties and both come out better people ((and hopefully hopefully a better couple)) because of it.
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and when the flashback in "The Scientist" happened...just...I need a moment. crying
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That was probably the saddest episode yet. I cried almost the whole episode. crying crying
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All the ways they ended the couples were ooc, and crappy.
Granted I was only sad about Klaine and Brittana, but still.
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I think they will get back together, they have to!
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When Blaine got all sad at the end of "Hopelessly Devoted to You" I felt like dying. It just hurt me to see him so broken. I know that Blaine was the one to cheat, and I completely agree that it was wrong. I just feel bad in general for him, because he will continue to beat himself up over the whole situation and all. In my opinion, I think Blaine should have another chance; I know that having someone betray you cannot be forgiven overnight, that's understandable. I hope Kurt will start talking to Blaine again and hopefully they can work everything out.
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It was perfect in one way, destroy all the fandoms and leave room for new ones. Oh and the hope of them all getting back together so you watch every episode as they are aired.
Blaine got handed to him what he deserves. Kurt was in the same position, and Blaine smashed his heart on the rocks. Not cool man. Not cool. As much as I love Blaine, Kurt is my man! I adore him, so when he was crying at the end of his song I wanted to punch him. He should be giving Kurt space and then maybe they can try and work things out.
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My Klaine feels hurt me, Everytime I see a scene with them together I cry. They just burst.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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Just keep watching, my friends.

I felt like crying when Klaine ended. I would just watch their first kiss scene on youtube forever. But, Kurt was kind of ignoring Blaine only talking about himself.

But, just keep watching. Just keep going.

SPOILER. wahmbulance wahmbulance wahmbulance

The Christmas episode, they sing a song while ice skating and Blain reveals that he is going to be applying to NYADA, which Kurt just got into. SOOOOO. Maybe if there is a season five (which I so desperately hope there is), they'll get back together when they are both at NYADA.
Ryan just keeps screwing us over with Klaine, Brittana, and Faberry. crying
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But...but I read that when Kurt goes to NYADA he gets a new love interest..

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