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Meredith 0.10416666666667 10.4% [ 5 ]
Christina 0.16666666666667 16.7% [ 8 ]
Derek 0.10416666666667 10.4% [ 5 ]
Callie 0.10416666666667 10.4% [ 5 ]
Arizona 0.083333333333333 8.3% [ 4 ]
Sloan 0.14583333333333 14.6% [ 7 ]
Bailey 0.083333333333333 8.3% [ 4 ]
Lexie 0.0625 6.2% [ 3 ]
April 0.10416666666667 10.4% [ 5 ]
Kurev 0.041666666666667 4.2% [ 2 ]
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Ughhhhh The Season 9 premere was today!!! gonk
And i don't have a tv where im at so i missed it.
I desperatly wanna watch it online but i can't find it.
;n; can anyone help pwease???? emotion_kirakira


The poll wouldn't let me put everyone. :c if your favvy isnt up there feel free to say who it is c:


So i found and watched the premire C: YAY
Ill just hafta wait an extra day to watch on Hulu Plus.
:c Oh well.
If anyone would llike to discuss/fangirl with me over anything Grey's Anatomy
feel free to post in here
or comment me.
or message me~! heart
Srsly guys i will never shut up about it it

help help help :c

Srsly spazzing out because i want to watch it so bad.
I will cry b***h baby tears. ;^;



Ho Hum Pigs Bum

guess there isn't many Grey's anatomy fans on gaia.
:c what a shame.
THeSLuSH's avatar

Sparkly Lunatic

THeSLuSH's avatar

Sparkly Lunatic

~ Yuri Kousaka ~

help help help :c

Forgot to quote ya, see post above.
Thanks so much~
I actually just waited the next day to watch on Hulu sad
and i cried b***h baby tears<3
An Edit was made and now i am running late for work. c:
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Sparkly Phantom

I magically lost interest after the 3rd season.
I magically lost interest after the 3rd season.

but but but it's so good. T^T
Im rewatching the seasons in random order and i still havnt seen 1 or 2 but i will watch them soon. c:
I am a fan^^. Wondering did it not air this week cause they haven't posted it on the network yet and I usually watch it online? Thanks^^

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