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Your Food

A discussion thread

Welcome to my discussion thread! Most people on the internet call me Mouse.
I am 21 and live in Ohio. I am a foodie and I run a small urban farm out of my back yard. I am also an animal welfare activist and am always on the lookout for a way to improve the lives of animals.

I would like this thread to be a place for people to discuss the subject of our food in modern america. I would really like this to be an ongoing topic that anyone can pop in and post at forever.

I am really interested in people's food choices and why they make them, especially from a moral and social standpoint. Personally I feel strongly that humans are omnivores and as such I eat meat. But part of being an animal lover calls for me to want my food to be humanely raised. In addition I want to reduce my impact on the environment. As such I try to source my food from chemical-free, humane, sustainable sources. Around where I live this is hard so I have started raising my own foods, even meats, in my back yard in the most sustainable ways I can.

Please come in to discuss this topic and the ones related to it such as factory farming, animal welfare VS animal rights legislation, organic growing, GMOs... I want to hear what you eat and why and to discuss with you your food choices. And if you have never thought about what you eat that much before, I hope to make you start!
Start by dissolving the FDA and the USDA.

Yeah, because books like "The Jungle" totally support this idea. And its not like we just recently had a revelation that a major fast food chain was utilizing pink slime in its beef products.

Yep, if there is one thing recent memory tells us, its that absolutely nothing can go wrong when you eliminate supervisory agencies.

I am actually more of the opinion that, were it doable, the FDA and USDA, when contemplating regulations, would follow the bro rule: If a bro can't say it, then don't allow it to be put into food.
Oh, yeah, okay. So you expect me to actually trust my government not to put anything in my food that doesn't cause me harm; be it a sedative that damages brain cells just to see if they can take over my mind? I will never EVER trust my government with the power to regulate something as simple as food.

Then I take it you grow your own food?