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People constantly argue this very passionately, and I have difficulty showing them that you can be racist against ANY group. In fact, I was arguing with a UNIVERSITY student who was studying women's rights and civil rights and that sort of s**t as a major. And he was acting like because he goes to uni, he's right and I'm wrong. But he argued that you can't be racist against white people. I think that is automatically a racist statement, and I can't believe he used his schooling to try to cover his a**. Really pissed me off.

I sort of agree with the Uni kid based upon well.... World history?

Generally Whites have the upper hand.
Racism is not about the "upper hand". Racism is ANY time that you oppress someone based on their race. So basically saying "Whites can't be victims of racism!" is racist, via erasure.
Which hardly ever happens on the White end of the road.
Uh, no, just by saying that' you're being racist. "White people are immune to racism!" is racist as to saying "Men are immune to sexism!" Hence this thread. An oppressed majority (people of color, women) does not suddenly wipe out the existence of an oppressed minority (white people, men). Let's also be clear. Sexism is rampant in both directions, via gender roles. And racism is rampant in both directions, via racial expectations.


No matter how hard I try, I just can't see the "white/men have been the oppressors therefore we can't be racist/sexist" towards them argument. Especially since white is just a blanket term, which covers Irish and Jewish people and so on who have all been oppressed anyway.

Yes, it's very rare for a white person to experience racism. I'm sure minorities deal with it a LOT more. But that doesn't make it okay to be racist/sexist towards anyone. Ever.
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What would blow people's minds would be to find out that someone who is White could even be racist to someone else who is White.

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