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Would you strangle a puppy for a million dollars?

Yes 0.35849056603774 35.8% [ 38 ]
No 0.50943396226415 50.9% [ 54 ]
Unsure 0.13207547169811 13.2% [ 14 ]
Total Votes:[ 106 ]
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Desideraht's avatar

Dapper Phantom

As much as I want that money.
I just couldn't do something like that.
1012222345466778575765q's avatar

Beloved Inquisitor

Depends on my situation. If i'm poor and living on the steet-maybe. In any other situation no.
Ryo Tarn's avatar

Tenacious Genius

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No... I'd demand proof of the money; then take it.
Dr Dillinger
Does your answer really change if I said no one would find out about it?


Would you do it if no one knew about it? Some people would say yes. Others would say no.

Don't care if anyone else knows it. I would know it.
Is a mil how much a soul is going for these days?

99% of people would. After all, who would know? And it's probably just going to die anyways. That money could go to a campaign to help starving kids, plus I really need a new car. I'll adopt one from a shelter to guard all my new shiny material things to justify taking this ones life.

I imagine that's how most people's thought process would go.
The Catfish Blues's avatar

Dangerous Lunatic

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No, nor would I strangle any ugly animals either.
Suicidesoldier#1's avatar

Fanatical Zealot

Depends on if the puppy was a bad puppy or not.

I mean if it was evil clearly I'd have no choice in the manner anyways.
I Shall Grant You NoMercy's avatar

7,150 Points
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  • Wall Street 200
Hell yeah I would.
marshmallowcreampie's avatar

Man-Hungry Pirate

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I couldn't do it.
I'd have a free puppy's what I'd have. Snuggle that babum-dog!
i would... twisted
I've never been able to bring myself to hurt an animal - I can use this morning as an example. My cat knocked over a collectors porcelain doll, and I shooed her out of the room and righted it. When I went to go find her, she ambushed me and knocked me over - which made my left wrist completely dislocate (shifted two inches over to the left) and my left patella to shift out of place, plus spraining and pulling several muscles along the right side of my body. It hurt, a lot.

Once I'd fixed my knee and was working on my wrist, I simply got up, threw a comforter over her, and went somewhere else.
Iorveth's avatar

Dapper Streaker

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Absolutely not. No amount of money could make me want to strangle a puppy.
Puppy, probably. However if it was a kitten. I honestly don't think I would do it. crying

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