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Nothing annoys me more then the idea of consent being withdrawn after the fact.
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The war on men seems as obvious as Tom and Jerry...

Tom, being the middle man, gets screwed constantly while Jerry is praised for rising up, and I forgot the dog's name, but I see him the upper class, if he is messed with, he checks whoever dares, and puts them back in their place...

Anyway, a good guy will get hated on, but not attacked... Or be attacked in a jealous way... Which I don't see as an attack.

Personally, anyone lower than that probably doesn't even matter to women because they want the best. Girls may get objectified everywhere... But guys are too... A stronger looking guy will have to put out as much work as he appears capable of. Or face criticism. The same when challenged, or asked for a favor because of his appearance.

If you've seen dress coded in certain fields of work, you'll see the strict sexualization that pretty much makes it impossible to distinguish any male as a female, yet allows women to portray as men by their own will. Mt airy is a prime example of this...

Honestly, every case of rape I have ever had expressed to me appeared as a violation of trust. Drunk at a party, someone came over, a family member, I told my boyfriend no... I don't see a desire of power in any of that... Just shitty entitlement issues.

I think the biggest problem is that women don't have expectations, and the ones they had are being torn away. I mean yeah, girls are "supposed" to be pretty or polite or whatever... But when girls don't want to talk, they're mean. Guys are supposed to be self sufficient and strong, emotionless things who aim to please and take girl's s**t with ease. Pretty much a smooth ride for women as guys soar under and over their emotions to keep them level.

I'm not a girl, so I'm not talking about abortion unless I got involved... If I were involved, I'd want the child, and I'd at least hope there was an alternative to having my partner act like a host.

Guys lose the war by culture... So I can't really fight for a cause that never existed... Guys always had to take what they wanted, unless they were what women wanted... And in literature... A girl in general is what a man should want, and if not any girl, the treatment that only a woman could dare give.

Though, girls don't really represent any of that, and I can't blame them... Aside from the patriarch male, guys don't really have the chivalry either... Though... Chivalry probably was right for its time, especially if female attention is as bad as it is now... Catching a female's eye was probably a sign of interest.

Girls want to be considered girly by being themselves... Men should also be allowed to be manly without being manly. Because if it wasn't that simple, No one would care so much.

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