I think you shouldn't have sex until ur in love with the right person who is good to you and you love with all your heart. That's what i beleave though...it's different for some people. It's just a waste of your precious virginity if you have sex just to do it 'kuz someone tells u to or you judt want to 'kuz you don't fell like waiting.

First of all, learn to spell. Second, there is nothing "special" about Virginity. There is no difference between waiting for someone to truly love you and then to have sex, and to just have sex with a girlfriend of a given time.

For all you know the one that "truly loves" you has a divorce with you down the line and takes half of your money and belongings and ditches the place with your own kid. Animals have/had virginity and they lose it without question, there is nothing "special" about it.