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Bring back the Inquisitions. Let them repent or receive capital punishment. wahmbulance

No need for that, Torquemada. As I pointed out, these scumbags are in the end common gangsters, they just use lawsuits the way guys like Bugs Moran and Al Capone used tommy gun toting hoods. Let the secular law handle them the way hoods deserve to get handled.

Besides, inquisitor, you still have Micheal Voriss to pursue, do you not?

Tru dat good memory mai kitteh!
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Being a christian, i do not judge them. Only god can judge them. But they are not a Church. A church is a loving community who spreads the word of god in NEVER a hateful manner such as they do. I fear for them and pray for them because one day they are going to take it too far.
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This takes me back to a few years ago when I went to Comic-Con. They were protesting, and its true all they can use is meaningless slander, and insults. But its a bit funny too, since no one really cared except for a specific group of people, while security guards and police were separating both of them. And the guests were taunting them, and things like that. They're just a group of money grubbers, that's really all. Best just to not take them seriously.
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Their bread and butter tactic is to incite people to say or do something that they can then turn around and sue them for. The best tactic to counter this that I have seen so far is the one used by the patriot riders at the funerals the WBC pickets, they encircle them with their backs to them and rev their motorbikes and play really patriotic songs really loud and hold up large flags so that nobody can see or hear them.

They do not react to the WBC in any way or even acknowledge that they are there apart from blocking them off so that nobody can see or hear them.
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They're dicks.
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If I met them, I'd tell them I am friends with gays. Then as they argue. I go "well, I'm glad y'all have opinions. Just keep it to yourself and. I hope God has mercy. Bye." And just walk away.
Yeah I've heard of that church and have watched the Youtube videos on it before.
I think it's just down right crazy. It's just so shocking and almost unbelievable at times.
They live for spreading hatred and wishing death upon people. I mean, how is that god? How can they believe in god and yet focus all their energy and time on hatred and presenting themselves in such an offensive nature.

It's down right disgusting and every member of that church is ******** crazy.
******** them. All they do is feed the hate that this nation does not need right now. burning_eyes
Simply put as many have said WBC is a cult- they are defined as a cult if you research the definition. It is believers such as this that pose a threat to the religious world, and actually create the cynicism that surrounds religion.

To put it bluntly even the KKK has renounced any association with the WBC.

As someone else has stated they are publicly renowned. They make money by suing people, especially during their protests. I have stood on the opposite side of them in many a protest- they are not many but they are annoying, but they are peaceful protestors and that is one of the most common lawsuits they win- when the protests turn violent... (and its normally not on their side)

Long story short- ignore them- they have no true say or power
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WBC, and similar groups, are terrible representations of faith and brilliant representations of how horrible people can really be.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brother_Jed <a one-man WBC.

edit:: That being said, I firmly stand with the Supreme Court. They're bad people, but they have every right to be.
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I love those guys. They are so outspoken and extreme that they are never taken as anything but a bunch of idiots... Now if the rest of the worlds religions, and governments can do the same we can all realize it's a bunch of bull and be done with them all.
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Pssft, I was crazy before it was cool. talk2hand

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