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Racial inequality does exist still, I'm not denying that. But since it's a social construct, and has little to no basis in biological inequality besides coloration, I think it behooves us all to cut a little slack for the individual, and try to get over past experiences when dealing with new people.

You stated that Racial inequality is a social construct and has little to no basis in biology. If you don't care to either defend or revoke that audacious statement we have nothing else to talk about.


Of course there are different traits, but they're complementary because they're determined by the environment, and earth is an essentially balanced ecosystem, if it wasn't we'd all be dead already. And anyway, the difference between one race and another, while extant, is ******** tiny compared to the difference between, like, a north chinese person and a south chinese person, to use a common example.

How is any of this relevant to our conversation? I'm not even rebuking it, I'm just asking.

Read a ******** book about it, I'm not your mother.

Again you refuse to defend your supposition

Are you telling me to read a book about your viewpoint? Because it isn't the subject that I don't understand, its your method of explaining your viewpoint and of refuting my viewpoint that I don't see the reason in.
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I don't get it either... Especially if it's tasteful and accentuates the body.
Don't get me wrong, if you have an inkblot on your leg, and you don't even know what it is and when i ask you give a s**t answer... I'm Going To judge.

But If You Have some cool or meaningful thing... There's No way I'm going to think less of them.

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