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I don't think it's bad, per-say, but it's not the best, either.
I agree that our bodies are made to have children a lot younger, and we should be, but I think the person needs to be responsible.
It sounds like you were, and that's good.
But a lot of kids DO grow up in unstable drama filled terrible environments because their parents aren't mature enough to raise them.
And it's not some fantastic thing when a girl in high school has to drop out cause she got pregnant.
It's not some beautiful happy miracle.
It's usually because the girl's being kind of retarded.
No offence to you, but where I'm from, that's what it is.
All the teenage pregnancies I know of are because the girl likes to party, smoke, drink, do drugs and have a lot of really unsafe sex.
Then they get all surprised that they're having a kid.
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Your boyfriends condom broke?
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My mom was 16, 18 and 20 respectively when she gave birth to her three first kids. (She had a fourth at 24.) It's gone well for us, 3 of the four of us have entered university.

My dad was two years older, and got a uni degree after we were born too, but their marriage broke apart in the process.
My mom is currently 48 and working on her uni degree.

So yeah it's perfectly possible to be successful as a teen mom smile

Tell the complainers to shove it. You're taking care of your family just fine. Don't get me wrong, being older helps in teaching personal development to your kids, but this factor is not as big as wether you're a good parent in other ways. My mom was a better parent at 16 than my dad is now.
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victor gusta queso
Mostly because when you're seventeen you aren't financially able to care for you child on your own. You finished high school, great. But you can't go to college because you have a baby to look after, which lowers your chances of a well paying career significantly.
That argument makes sense, but if that was something the country would like to see, they could tax income and subsidize education. That way many more could go to college and stuff, get more income and pay more tax.

Evidently that's not something the US prioritizes.
I think people should mind their own business and not talk dirty.
In general, I think teen parents don't deserve their children.

In fact, I think a lot of people don't deserve their children...
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Well, it's been stated several times, but I'll go ahead and say it again. You, as a teenage mother, get dirty looks because there's a common belief that all teenagers are still children who shouldn't be engaging in sexual activity, let alone spouting babies.

Personally, I believe if you're responsible and financially stable (with or without parental aid) enough to raise a child, then you can raise a child if you so choose. There are just as many adults who are unfit to care for a baby as there are teenagers.

But we live in a close-minded society, where teenagers are to blame and adults can do no wrong, unless it winds up on the news. *Shrug*
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I think teenage pregnancy is awful and totally not acceptable in most cases because adolescents usually aren't fit to deal with other people. I'm trying to develop my own sense of self and I feel I can't do that with a child to raise.


Going to agree here. Simple answer.

It really depends on the person.

The reason why "young" birth is so frowned upon is because (not saying you) but a lot of mothers who give birth to children 15-20 don't have the maturity to really take care of a child. They are still in their own world, and have a hard time thinking of other then themselves. Also a younger parent is more apt to yelling at their child and not being able to handle the stresses. Example.

My cousin was 19 when she gave birth, she is not even a year older than me... and she's not nessisarly a bad parent, but she does like to pawn her child off so she can go party and have fun. The child is going to be 3 this year, however she is still in the party me stage. She hasn't even tried potty training yet.

I had my child when I was 21 which is not such a bad age, but still in the lines of the younger parents. My child will be one in two weeks and he speaks 3 word sentances, knows his colors, and some shapes. He can also count to 2. He's very smart, and some of that is to my parenting. we get a babysitter maybe once a month.

It's all about the maturity and the attitude of the parents. Yes, there are more complications with older pregnancy, but also a woman in their 30s usually has a little more wisdom and experience to handle children.

Again however, it's all about the attitude of the parent, some people are just more mature than others and know how to handle children.

I don't think it's a bad thing you gave birth at an early age, as long as you are being the best parent you can be, and that's what being a parent is all about; making sure your child is happy and healthy!
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as long as the child is taken care of then age shouldn't matter. (not saying 14-16 year olds should go out and have children. )
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On a tangent, have you seen Wikipedia's list of pre-teen pregancies (aka. the youngest mothers in the world)?

There are a few happy stories among them. Though mostly it's just kind of depressing--so much child abuse.

That was irrelevant. I do believe you should be allowed to have children when you feel emotionally ready, and that people mature at different ages. So go you, and silly society with it's social norms.
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Do you have a boyfriend? Will your baby grow up in a real family, with a mom and a dad?

Cause I think that's also one of the reasons teenage-moms get dirty looks, they usually don't have a boyfriend or their boyfriend doesn't want to/ isn't ready to take responsibility and be a father. And then most people directly assume the kid will grow up with a single-mom living on welfare and later drop out of high school and start working for a fast-food chain.

But, meh, as long as you can support your baby and don't feel like your life's over now/like you can't fulfill your own dreams, I guess it's fine.
I brought this to extended discussion with an over abundance of frustration.

I'm a teenage mother (17 years old) and constantly get dirty looks from people who don't know me. I am a graduate with good GPA and am working on getting my own business started.

I don't understand where this overly used bias against teenage pregnancy came from. Back in the time of Kingdoms and castles, Shakespeare, and Renaissance, you started having children when you were a "woman" which was the day you started your menstrual cycles.

My mother is an RN with 7 years of college who condones teenage pregnancy (if the teenager of course, is being responsible) because of how well women do giving birth earlier in life than later. The facts are there. It is highly recommended women above mid-twenties and up don't have more children due to the high chances of retardation in a fetus. This is caused because the body is older and can't catch something wrong with an egg that plants itself. When you're young, your body causes a natural humane abortion if there is something wrong. Yet for some reason everywhere it states women between the ages of 20-30 are "in their prime". I was a healthy infant born to my mother when she was 19. She had twins she carried to 3 months that she miscarried at 25, then she had my sister when she was nearly 27. My sister had a terrible speech impediment for nearly 5 years and had to ride the special needs bus until she was 8. Observing women who had children at later ages, they're often more hyper-active offspring.

Source for the bold?

So Extended Discussion, what is your opinion on teenage pregnancy?

It depends on the TYPE of parenting they're doing. If they're responsible, I have no issue with it, its the ones who throw the kid off on mommy and daddy who I want to throttle.

Why is it that I'm a terrible, horrible, unfit parent just because of my age?

If what you said is true, then you aren't. Some people are just idiots.
In today's age, it's completely irresponsible, impulsive, and selfish to have a kid as a teenager.

I'd have to disagree with you. It's not necessarily ANY of those things. Why is it selfish and irresponsible to have a child you are financially supporting and raising YOURSELF while also getting your education?

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