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I identify as some sort of pansexual/queer/fluidsexual or something.

See bisexuality implies that there are two genders. But I could date someone who's genitals are unclear, or who has no gender, or a third gender, or two genders. I do not love someone based on their gender but SEXUALITY is about sexual attraction, so the love part is irrelevant. IF someone LOVES regardless of gender, that is panromantic.

I can think someone has nice tits but they identify as a genderqueer person, therefore do not fall under the gender binary.
The difference is "Bi" means two and "Pan" means all.

Bisexuals like guys and girls.

With pansexuality a persons gentiles, gender identity, or gender expression do not factor into your attraction.

Gender, gender identity, romantic attraction, sexual attraction; It's all very confusing. Like someone said, it's on a scale/spectrum. You have to remember that labels are just something we use to help others understand, to the best of our ability, what we experience. There are loads of people who don't fit perfectly into these labels. And just because someone experiences "X" differently than someone else, doesn't mean that they both aren't still "X".

Video on Pansexuality

Video on all the things I just talked about

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