Greetings, fellow Gaians,

    Recently, there have been a number of concerns brought to our attention regarding the increased level of activity by Gaia staff in this forum. We realize that there are often perceived lulls in staff activity, when it seems days or even weeks pass by without a single word from anyone on staff - but we assure you that is not the case.

    Our team of Moderators and Administrators are working diligently on handling all of the reports submitted by members in this and all other areas of Gaia. As we have more staff members to work diligently on the report queues, we will be resolving all reports more more quickly and efficiently.

    We value the concerns of the community, that's why the volume of moderation on forums or individuals are solely based on reports we receive from members like you. For the areas which are receiving more of our attention, it's a result of more reports being written.

    Thank you to everyone who has used the reporting system to flag material that violates the Terms of Service. We look forward to working with you on your reports.

    A few reminders for everyone:
    • Warnings will be issued for Terms of Service (ToS) violations.
    • A ban will be issued for anyone who has been warned repeatedly for ToS violations.
    • Pointing fingers at any individual member or staff member [also known as "namedropping"] is not allowed.
    • All Terms of Service violations will be handled by warning and/or placing a ban as appropriate.
      • Any members who are encouraging others to violate the ToS (whether it be inside a ToS violating thread or not) may also be warned/banned appropriately. Encouraging another user to break the ToS is a violation in and of itself.

    Thank you in advance for your understanding.

    The Administrative Team