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Let's talk about Juggalos.

It's 22 years since Insane Clown Posse released their first album. I had never heard of a Juggalo until I saw someone on Gaia a couple of years ago receiving an avalanche of abuse from all and sundry for proclaiming to be one. Having investigated it more I am now enormously fond of Juggalos and their subculture.

Juggalos are the focus of relentless abuse online...even now twenty two years later. Why is that?

I am not interested in empty mudslinging. If you want to post about how much you hate Juggalos - or if you are a Juggalo/lette feeling murderously defensive - that's fine, but you had all better remember where you are (ED) and bring some actual information to the debate to back yourself up.

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I can't think of much to really contribute, because aside from mild amusement and barely present tolerance, I don't really think about them at all.
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I wasn't alive that many decades ago.
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Wait - Juggalos still exist?

Huh. I had no idea.
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Arcoon Effox
Wait - Juggalos still exist?

Huh. I had no idea.

If they didn't exist then we wouldn't be hearing about them.

And trust me, they still exist.
******** magnets, how do they work?!
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I live real close to Detroit, so I experience Juggalos on your more than average basis, and basically, some of them do some really dumbass s**t and poisons the well for all of them. And I mean really dumbassed s**t. I don't know if that picture going around of a Juggalo causing their baby's death by letting them play with a loaded gun and then talking about it on Faceboo is a hoax or not, but there were those idiots that beat up some gay kids and my brother's girlfriend is a shining example of how to be trash humanity.

When you have a bunch of loud idiots in your group, it's easy to get judged, and frankly, ICP fans have more than their fair share of loud idiots.
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Magical Girl

inb4 BWA Kapland comes in valiantly defending his kind.

(sorry BWA)
ICP fans tend to be violent, stupid, racist, classist, abelist, and a slew of other bad things. They get together in big groups just to do stupid s**t. What kind of culture is that? Hey guys, lets all go meet in a field with clown makeup on and play with knives! I don't think so.
HMS Thunder Child
inb4 BWA comes in valiantly defending his kind.

Because of the mentality that clowns are supposed to be laughed at for being fat clumsy stupid poor and getting into trouble or getting hurt for everyone's entertainment.

But also it might be because people are very afraid of different people or ideas still of course. Literally everything different gets abuse. Bronies, gays, nerds used to, minorities, atheists, and people who behave differently, as a social defense mechanism people learned to attack the person verbally via their own curiosity to learn more, then the general unspoken rule there is if it cannot justify itself, then its not good. But because of herd mentality, that first attack leads to more attacks, which leads to little reputation wise.
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I've never abused a Juggalo, I'm just not sure what the hell they're supposed to be.
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Hah, what a joke, bunch of posers shouting "woop-ty whoop whoop" too each-other like they are hot s**t. I don't think they realize that they are a joke to the entire nation.

"Yeah we are hard-core"
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[ Insert name Here ]

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That was deep s**t yo

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