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Some people would pay alot of money for a designer dress but sometimes those clothes come at a higher cost than just being expensive.
Some look just down right ridiculous.
How much would you pay for designer clothes? Not saying everyone is so interested in designer clothing that they would rip their hair out over the new shoe line of Dolce Vita or Dior.
Are some things just too far, even if they are super comfy to wear?

Personally I could see this dress on 'RuPaul's: Drag Race'

Here is an example by designer Gianni Molaro
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Never understood the obsession with designer stuff... I mean, if it looks good and is a good quality, then I will pay a higher price for it. Attaching a label doesn't automatically make a product either of those two things, as that dress proves. I wouldn't pay a single cent for it.
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Fashion show clothing isn't exactly what hits the shelves at high end boutiques.
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I'm a Fashion Design major and the biggest misconception people have is that Runway clothes are actually going to be sold.
Runway clothing is made specifically for the models on the Runway and is really only for showcasing the designer's style. Only about 2% or so of people buy straight from the Runway, and they're the types like oil heiresses.
High End clothing are modified versions of Runway wear, but the dress that you put up would never really be for sale, unless someone offered to buy it.
Designer clothing is specifically made for a persona/target customer. 3.1 Phillip Lim is made for women who want to be designer stylish, comfortable, and have an accentuation of sportiness. But not everyone likes Phillip Lim nor wants to wear it.
That dress is hideous. I am very particular about the female clothing I wear.
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that dress looks like a v****a-eyeball hybrid
So- what we now know about that designer; His mother shouldn't of told him he could be anything he wanted when he grew up
When I've got only twenty dollars in my pocket, I pop some tags.
Labels are stupid.
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I don't like designer things. Higher end things, yes. Designer no.
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Fashion Designers are crap these days.
I think the fashion shows anymore are like 'Face Off' on Syfy. "Lets come up with the most ******** absurd s**t we can and see how many of these morons applaud and call it 'daring and innovative because they're ******** scared to admit it makes cheese curdle.
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Okay, this thread made me lol, a lot. xp

I would kill for this dress. ninja

It is now my God.

Except for CHY10, but that's a given. xp
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That dress....there aren't words to describe how ridiculous it looks
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Just a little idea, look at this dress as you would abstract art, it looks weird as hell and looks like something a baby barfed out but you can't deny that it is art. Meaning this is someones vision and hard work, something important and possibly symbolic enough to them to push them to spend time creating it and risking critique by showcasing it, even if it was for a epic shits and giggles. Just because a piece of art isn't to your tastes doesn't mean you should deny that it is art, even if you can't see how it could ever be considered it. I'm no expert but I think the point to most designer dresses isn't meant for practicality, just like the point to abstract art isn't meant to look real, leave that to realism.

As for if I would buy designer stuff if I could, I really don't know. I'm a complete cheap skate and the only real reason I can think of that would push me enough to spend such a sum of money on designer clothes is if I found an awesome designer to hardcore fan over, and even then I wouldn't ever wear them. I'd most likely chuck it in with the shrine dedicated to the designer I'm drooling over I'm sure I'd have, among the many used tissues I bought off eBay and the photos of them in the shower they hadn't known I had taken. There is one thing that comes to mind that I would buy if I had the spare cash though, such as a top from an Australian line I like that was inspired by Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd, half because I liked the top, half because I like Pink Floyd. Other wise I'm not really that fussy about what I wear considering I wreck things so easily, tis a curse I tell you, a curse!
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it's beautiful...i would pay as much lint i can pull out my pockets
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I demand they pay me for having to look at that hideous thing.

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